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obscene vintage ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

8 Massively Inappropriate Vintage Commercials

I was overweight and looked terrible, but aids help me lose 46 pounds. the AIDS diet plan helped me lose 28 pounds. aids helps control your appetite so you lose weight. yet aids let you taste, chew and enjoy, and the appetite suppressant age is not a stimulant. ate helped me to lose 18 pounds and it doesn't contain anything to make me nervous. question: why take diet pills when you can enjoy aids? aids, else you lose weight without making you jittery. you've got your sunrise. you caught a prize. you you're making your Johnson pardoned nights, summer whites, you, your friends and your Johnson leaves the tails, water trails. you, your kids and your Johnson. Saturday nights, distant lights. do your girl in your Johnson. you and your Johnson a way of life were over 50 years. I've tried fad diets, powders, pills. still my weights been up and down like a yo-yo until the AIDS plan taught me how to take off weight and help keep it off. aids may taste like a candy but AIDS contains one of the most effective appetite suppressants you can buy and there's no stimulant in aids that could make you nervous. with AIDS I ate less, so the weight came off to help keep it off. when I sometimes want things loaded with calories, aids helps put me in control. let the aids plan teach you how to take off weight and help keep it off. peanut butter- who wants to clean? and de Bono's, I'll do it. my gift. you want to do it? just when you see what I've got: it's the Wunder boner, the Wunder boner mod. you laugh. now just watch, he just assemble the Wunder boners stainless steel rods like this. take the fish, find the top of the spine, sliding through the ring on the Wunder boner and [Music] whoa, the Wunder boner. my wife would like that introducing the Wunder boner, the amazing new fishing tool that makes deboning fish, agrees. the Wunder boners unique design removes the bones from trout, char and white fish. simply connect the appropriate size stainless steel rods, start the spine through the ring and push the fish through. it's that easy. and the Wunder boner comes with a polyethylene storage case that doubles as a base and a cutting board. why go through the hassle of deboning a fish the old-fashioned way when the Wunder boner makes deboning fish this easy? well, I make the Wunder boners- old women buddy used to that- order your Wunder boner. now call 1-800. three, one, zero, three, zero, three, nine and receive the amazing wonder boner for just 1995. the Wunder boner comes complete with three stainless steel rod tops and two extension rods and will be bonefish up to 3 pounds. the Wunder boner is the perfect gift for your fishing friends and your favorite chef. in fact, every tackle box in every kitchen should have the Wunder boner. call 1-800. three one zero, three, zero, three, nine and order your Wunder boner for only 19.95. one eight hundred three, one zero, three, zero, three, nine. call now. [Applause]. [Music]. hey, your work hard, don't they funny? yeah, I hate to see them work so hard. yeah, me too. and let's go around back where we can't see him. she wouldn't do something, Fred. okay, how about taking that? hey, I got a better idea. let's take a Winston break, dad. hey, Winston is the one filter cigarette that delivers flavored 20 times of pack. Winston's got that filter friend. Alfred Luther bloom makes the big age difference and only Winston has it up front where it counts. here. I headed to pure white filters. Winston packs rich tobacco, specially selected and specially processed for good flavor. and Flintstone has been brought to you by Winston. America's best selling, best tasting builders. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] please give us a pound or we'll have to pull the trigger. [Music]. my weights been up and down like a yo-yo. I tried fad diets, powders, pills. then I discovered the aids diet plan, which helped me lose weight and keep it off. aids are tasty caramels for dieters. AIDS contains one of the most effective appetite suppressants you can buy, and aids contains no stimulant. so why don't you let aids help you lose weight and keep it off? aids helps you stay the way you want to be. hey, thanks for watching. if you're not all this retro goodness, be sure to subscribe. [Music].

MORE Ads of the Past That Would be BANNED Today

these are genuine ads from the last century. if you have a sensitive nature, some of these ads may disturb you. you've been warned. these are ads of the past that would be banned today. everybody knows winston tastes good like a cigarette. should, yeah. [Music]. in the 1800s, major drug companies were promoting the legal use of highly addictive narcotiks. until 1970 you could buy some over-the-counter narcotiks without a prescription for the common cold. ads for the popular drink oval teen use the adjective gay to describe their product as lighthearted and carefree, not as a reference to homosexuals. [Music]. then there were many ads that downgraded women, saying that they were plotting to catch a man using taste tempting treats. [Music]. many ads used racial stereotypes, with blacks toking in a slang dialect that was used to sell various products. [Music]. then there were celebrities that would tout the benefits of smoking as if it were healthy for you. [Music]. what better time to start drinking cola? why, when you're a baby, of course. be a good mom and give your baby some cola. [Music]. america's most enjoyable cigarette presents the lucille ball desi arnez show. i love lucy. [Music]. one of the many benefits of cigarettes in 1881 was apparently a remedy for asthma. you have got to be kidding. [Music]. did you know that german chemist felix hoffman invented both aspirin and heroin within a two-week period while working for bear in 1897? well, now you know what can i say about this one. did they really think this was a good marketing campaign? shaking my head. [Music]. news flash: name change of the week. oh, thank god they changed their name. [Music] that lane bryant really knew how to target their market. good thing they weren't too insensitive about it. hey, pale face, that's right, i'm toking to you, white boy. don't tell me i'm not patriotik. [Music]: dodger baseball brought to you by the makers of lucky strike. the cigarette that's made better to taste better. be happy, go lucky stripes. [Applause]. [Music] what's probably not good for your overall health is camel cigarettes. i'm not sure why these doctors smoked camels, but i suspected something to do with advertising dollars. moms, babies and beer. they go together like bread, butter and tequila- a natural [Music] combination. there were like a ton of these racist ones. bleach your skin, so you'll be like the white folk. [Music] top point washers and dryers kept your wife happy, pretty and pregnant. what a bargain for less than five hundred dollars. question: what's good for anxiety, depression, the flu, exhaustion and hysteria? why a mixture of herbs, salt and wine, of course, 1939 style. who doesn't want to know about oriental love ways? 48 full color photographs, too, for only 298.. what a bargain. [Music]. that's why i smoke, viceroy. and when you think your way through all the filter claims, you come to the cigarette with the thinking man's filter, the smoking man's taste, viceroy. [Music] let's not mince words here. get right to the point and just think you can make this happen with no diet, no exercise and no drugs. sign me up. [Music]. what's this? a club in the sky for men only. where's the ladies lounge? isn't united airlines supposed to bring us all together? [Music] dr scott's has one hell of a hair brush here. not only prevents unwanted scalpings, but also prevents headaches, dandruff and baldness. [Music]: wow, cocaine and tablet form, and they're good for hay fever, throat troubles and sleeplessness. it's a cure for almost everything. [Music] ladies, if you want a clear, fresh complexion, just eat some of these completely safe arsenic wafers. uh, i think i'll pass whiskey toothpaste. i'd be brushing my teeth ten times a day, but what do you use to get rid of whiskey breath? [Music] here's an ad comparing smoking philip morris cigarettes with the feeling of pride at being a new parent. enjoy the fresh, unfiltered flavor. and that's just what camels are: mild and good tasting, pack after pack. i know i've been smoking them for 20 years, so why don't you try them yourself? you'll see what i mean. [Music]. so let me get this straight: if you're lonely, it's probably because you're too skinny, ladies. but don't gain too much weight, because then you'll be fat shamed. every woman i know wants a new vacuum cleaner for christmas. not, do they still make hoovers? [Music]. thank god those cigarettes have a nice soft pillow to kneel on. they deserve a crown. [Music]. what do you mean? if she doesn't give it to you, you get it yourself. i guess you'll just have to buy your own. what's so offensive about a couple of white guys dressed up as chinese eating a bowl of corn flakes? why nothing, apparently? if you're kellogs, well, this looks like a good idea. have your baby shave with your razor before you try it out. if he doesn't cut himself, you're good to go. [Music] and last but not least, cocaine toothache drops. it's an instant cure for tooth pain and only costs 15 cents. what a bargain. thanks for stopping by, guys. till next time. this is rich from rerun zone. signing off you.

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Vintage Ads That Were Almost Too Sexy for Viewers

it's nearly impossible to look back on the ads from the mid-20th century that often featured egregiously sexist material and think they'd be appropriate today. not only is the world a very different place than then, but the majority of these ads weren't really even that appropriate for their time. let's take a reflective look back in time at some of these outlandishly misogynistik ads from yesteryear. hopefully, if we learn from our mistakes, history won't repeat itself. sometimes the only way to move forward is to look backwards. so let's dive on into these murky waters. show her it's a man's world, 1951.. van husen's men's world ties ran an ad campaign in 1951 where they claimed their products were quote for men only and that their power packed patterns reminded women that they lived in a man's world. and by wearing their ties men could make women so happy that it was. in one print ad featuring these slogans, a woman can be seen in a subservient posture presenting her husband with breakfast in bed. the message was clear: men were the breadwinners and women owed their existence to them. oh yeah, and donning a brand new van husen necktie was the perfect way to assert this message. can you imagine what would happen if this ran today? good thing he kept his head 1960.. mr legg's brand trousers weren't anything special. dress, pant brands were a dime a dozen back in the mid 20th century. to spice up their ad campaign, the advertising gurus at mr legs decided to throw in a little bit of sexist rhetoric in hopes of driving up sales of their mundane clothing line. quote: a display of affection is great, but enough is enough. she couldn't keep her hands off him. always. the little hugs, the pats on the cheek, sly pinches. it could drive a man to the license bureau. read the ad in question. they followed up this nauseating bit by adding that quote: it all began when he wore his first pair of mr legs slacks. but he kept his head. now everything's under control. then came the call to action, with the ad urging prospective customers to quote: try a pair of mr legs and get ready to dig. why must he dig, you ask? well, in the print ad a woman is seen buried up to her neck in sand. the ad instructed consumers to purchase their wares to find out if she had perfect legs. hey, if you're enjoying this video so far, be sure to give it a like and subscribe to facts first, if you haven't already. stay tuned to discover what the secret to wooing a woman's heart really is: blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere. tiplet brand cigars, which were basically black and milds, insisted the way to a woman's heart was by blowing harsh flavored tobacco smoke directly into her face. quote: hit her with tangy tippelette cherry or rich grapey tibalet burgundy or luscious tipplet blueberry. it's wild. read their outrageous print ads. apparently just a puff of that eye stinging smoke blown into a woman's face would make her follow a man wherever he went. broomstik's brand pants. 1960s were not entirely certain what this ad was trying to imply. it indicated, however, that wearing broomstik slacks entitled men to harass half-naked women in a group setting. five men were seen grabbing a woman wearing only her underwear, while the text of the ad urged the reader that if they didn't want to play their way, they should take off their pants and go home. whatever that's supposed to mean, that creepy bit of advertising just seemed like an endorsement of sexual assault. a cigar brings out the caveman and you. 1959. the cigar institute of america ran this utterly unhinged ad. in 1959, the text informed the reader that smoking cigars would somehow tap them into their dormant primal nature. the next line claimed: there's a man-sized feeling of power in smoking a cigar. while those statements on their own weren't partikularly scandalous, the image accompanying them featuring a man in a business suit holding a club while an attractive young woman sat at his feet was partikularly unsettling. it's nice to have a girl around the house, 1960.. mr legg's brand's slacks certainly were consistent with their deplorable ad campaigns. in this perplexing ad, a woman can be seen depicted as some kind of half-human, half-tiger who had been turned into a floor rug. a man stood on top of her pelt with the words it's nice to have a girl around the house plastered below. below that message, which was awful enough, read another block of text that took the whole thing to an entirely new level of flagrant grossness. quote: though she was a tiger lady, our hero didn't have to fire a shot to floor her. the ad went on to gloat that it was the man's mr legs branded pants that made her ready to quote: have him walk all over her. you mean? a woman can open it, 1953.. alcoa aluminum put out this revolting ad back in 1953, but it was offensive even by that era's standards. the ad declared that even a woman could open one of their glass bottles easily without the assistance of a knife, bottle opener, or even her husband. according to the ad, all it took was a dainty grip coupled with an easy two finger twist to open up a bottle of ketchup. so the harder our wife works, the cuter she looks. 1939, didn't you know? all women exist solely for the amusement of men, right? well, that's at least what this noxious ad for kellogg's pep brand vitamins wanted us to think. the ad featured a comic of a man asking his wife what her secret to looking so amazing was after a hard day of cooking, cleaning and dusting. she of course replied by informing him it was her daily use of pep brand vitamins that kept her looking so marvelous. how to hold a husband? two words, whipped cream. back in the day, supposedly, the best way to keep your husband around was by garnishing his desserts with the spritz of ready whip whipped cream. this ad encouraged wives to impress their husbands by planning a nice dinner featuring his favorite foods, followed up with a serving of pie glorified with ready whip canned whipped cream. finally, women no longer had to slave away over the mixing bowl to prepare the sweet, fluffy stuff for their husbands. with ready whip ready to go in the refrigerator, they held the keys to their man's undying devotion. thank goodness. griffin shoe polish ads- 1950s. the ad guys at griffin micro sheen decided the best way to promote their stain boot polish was with a little help from these hyper-sexualized pin-up girls. because what better way to sell something as mundane as shoe polish than with a little bit of old-fashioned, tried and true sex appeal? these ads ran through the 50s and a few of them that we didn't choose to include in this video were way more x-rated than these ones. congratulations, dear. but 1960s, long before the glory days when jello pudding featured convicted and acquitted sex offender bill cosby pitching their jiggly snacks, they ran these sexist ads that implied a woman's natural place was in the kitchen. one such ad- and there were plenty of them with varying messages- indicated that a woman, even though she was an assistant vice president for some sort of corporation, ought to occupy her time by whipping up a bowl of the pudding of all things, because innocence is sexier than you think. 1975: what could possibly be creepier than sexualizing children to sell beauty products? this ad for love cosmetiks line of body lotions, powders and bath products claimed their goods made women irresistible with that quote: clean baby smell that was grown enough to be sexy. the text of the ad was accompanied by a picture of a young, presumably underage, model clutching a teddy bear, clearly implying that youth was the ultimate holy grail that men should be looking for. want him to be more of a man, try being more of a woman. 1974.. emerald perfume not only made this vomit worthy statement in their ad from 1974, but they also implied they knew what being more of a man or a woman really meant. the ad suggested that being a man used to mean having 16 inch biceps or driving faster than everyone else, but today they declared it meant being strong enough to be gentle for women on the oth.

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Old Commercials That Would Be "Politically Incorrect" Today

[Music] [Applause]. this flat tire needs a man, but when there's no man around, when there's no man around, good year should be. why watch? this new Goodyear double eagle carries its own spare inside life guard, safety, spare tire entire. keeps on going. next time give er a second chance. [Music] [Applause]. the creek is an old Japan. Roderick shot everywhere. but when we get that down to eat they sure didn't miss their favorite tree. great, great tastes. great. wish we had some family. a scary man who heard the kids been casted hands and said I crave keeps me very wide. spun by p4p surprise makes. don't you try this my own way a little cruelly? the most refreshing, much rolled by or family about mother, Japanese, a boy, Japanese girls of package make 2/4 war cost only 20. l just lie. still. we'd rather write real: nice, the great kids are up again to visit other lands. be sure to join them. when they do join. come in some kool-aid - okay, once you tried it for sandwich tonight. why does your Animal House, Erik Estrada and Howard, has beneath the dream girls? hi, every man's fantasy are just 90: Dan Morgan, Fairchild, Linda Carter, Kathie Lee Crosby, Victoria Principal and much, much more. they're the sexiest super ladies on the scene. they're the women who rate of ten later tonight. this is the story of little bull who wanted to sing, but sing in a special way. his ambition was to sing in the bull of the woods quartet. Wow, no, no, you must sing deeper. Richard mold, you see bull of the woods turn back a rich. it smile to and your voice must express: admire mr deeper Ranma, for, ah, I'm sold. a little bull worked and sang and kept singing. his voice got richer and fuller and sweet, as full of awards, chewing tobacco, until that great day when he got his wish. all of the words tear, attackable of the woods here, and a couple of the woods, it's a fact, sir Bobby Taylor, maybe be rich and miles you in the back. oh man, it's good. chewin tobacco, all of the words - in the back or smooth, and they say - wrinkly mom, he's of all. you run your mill with the same kind of skill that's been passed through your vanity. you, you're the kind of a man likes to work with his hands. beechnuts, it's a back of you choose. beach nuts at the back of you, and it's been that way, father and son, for a long time. Beechnut, smoother, moister, more delicious, try, yeah, beech nuts, this Ibaka you choose. face your work hard, don't they, Bonnie? yeah, I hate to see them work so hard. yeah, me too, and let's go around back. well, we can't see him. gee, we ought to do something, Fred. okay, how about taking on that? I got a better idea. let's take a Winston. great dad. hey, Winston is the one filter cigarette that delivers flavored 20 times of pack. will says: got that coastal plain yell, Fred, don't. the plan makes the big taste difference and only Winston has it up front where it counts. here I headed a pure white filter. Winston packs rich tobacco's, specially selected and specially processed, but good flavor in super smokin. yeah, Barney, Winston tastes good like cigarette. charge the Flintstone have been brought to you by Winston. America's best-selling, best-tasting filtered cigarette. [Music]. I bought the fresh stik, just as you told me. you're absolutely right. it's neat and quick and it goes on dry. it did make me feel cool and sweet, just as you said. I did everything you said, but my boss still hasn't asked me to lunch. unlike some deodorants, fresh doesn't guarantee you'll get ahead in business. all fresh does is keep you fresh. when you think of it, that's quite a lot. Oh No, what's wrong? oh, it's your coffee again. the desk sergeant at the station makes better coffee than this and really sorry, honey, but your coffee tastes terrible. McGregor pre tells me no, what's the matter? I coffee. ed says he gets better coffee at the police station. why not try new instant Folgers? instant Folgers, oh, I said. new instant Folgers, Carol, tastes good as fresh fruit because it's made from fresh Burt's coffee. then they actually turn that fresh brewed coffee into new instant Folgers. tastes good as fresh, first, because it is fresh fruit. mr McGregor, I'll try it. hey, Sarge, never made coffee like this. new instant Folgers tastes good and fresh fruit. I like it better. try new instant Folgers. tastes good as fresh, perked, because it is morning. sweetie birdie, I'm not a coffee. you have a copy, isn't that wonderful? Oh coffee. [Music]. what a time to run out. and why run out now? all the new giant-sized instant maxwell house, a really big jar of coffee. new giant-sized instant maxwell house gives you cups and cups and cups, dozens of extra cups of the coffee with that warm, being flavored. warm bean flavor, because it's made from coffee beans, still warm from roasting. that's why new instant maxwell house is the freshest tasting coffee yet. so to make sure you've always got plenty of coffee for the man in your house. get the new giant-sized instant maxwell house. you won't have to run out again. your squat is ready for you to lead them. prove with Johnny seven OMA. you charge Bible. Johnny seven, watch out tank. Johnny sevens. cutter on the run. Johnny seven fires both my rival. I was like a tommy gun now as I kept firing pistol. you're one with Johnny seven. no one man on a gun, it's seven guns in one. let's count him one big launcher. two went beyond the gun. three, tank gun firing rifle. Santee bunker gun firing pistol. there's no other gun like it, to be sure. look for Johnny seven OMA. one-man-army by copper. I'm careless, try me, I'll take you. want to change it? you'll never forget. I'll bring you your Dutch. I'll hang up your coat for you and let you watch TV. I'll take them online outside now. the time I finish, you won't even know you've been on an airplane, cause that's exactly what will happen, cuz our can AskMe car wash and hope so. come on down a key and one your cars being washed. there is no Caroline in you out. two and one is here. I heard you want to be frito Bandito, like me. you thought the new machine depandi. no song, let's sing together. you just follow the bouncing Fritos corn instead. I just died. I am between, oh me already, my Christmas markets. I love them, I do. I want princess context, I'll get them from you. I die, I die. oh, I am free toebugs. oh, give me three cusps on tips, he'll, I'll be your friend. be frito Bandito. you must start a film now. boys and girls, you are free to Bandidos, to using the frito Bandito son and you look over crunchy Fritos corn chips. there's nice munch, munch munch about to break those conscience. howdy, right, the name don't be griped. why they call me goofy? I don't know. do we hear it? yes, sir, I'm one of the new funny face drinks from Pillsbury. one of the new funny face ring is what you do? you bore me into a pit here. add water, don't eat sugar, I'm already weak. when you buy me, you can drink all you. what mom won't mind cause? look, mom, I'm Prince whedon, without sugar position, and so are my friends engineering all rootin tootin, raspberries, freckleface strawberry, hi, Chinese Carrie and loudmouth lie, hello, hello, hello. look for us at your store, honey facing from Pillsbury. fanny change, especially where sweet without sugar. so no, should be miss, is the key mm-hmm today. so I have exciting story to tell about beautiful new Ford Mustang car and inside car boy and mother and shopping bag and inside bags Fox, a post, rice krinkles and inside box our posts ice cream cone. Wow, mom boy, oh boy, there's a mustang card side, the rice krinkles holding. no dear, the rice krinkles are inside our Mustang, but there is a Mustang side, the rice krinkles. oh, there is a Mustang inside the rice krinkles, a Mustang just like ours, and so sugary rice krinkles give happy ending to story boy. get Mustang you new to. inside post rice krinkles, collective or convertible, hardtop and fastback raised with your friends. you go ruin room when you get Mustang car-free inside post rice krinkles. I can't type, I don't take dictation, i workshop in pencil, I can't file. my boss calls me indispensable. and Jones, just a minute, will you make a copy of this? naturally, I push the button on the Xerox 914. I make perfect copies of whatever my boss.

10 Shocking Vintage Ads You Have To See To Believe

from an advertisement for cocaine toothpaste drops to an ad showing a baby drinking 7up. join us as we take a look at these ten shocking vintage ads you have to see to believe. in. the 1870's, medical doctors were experimenting with cocaine as an anesthetik. soon after the dental profession, we're using the substance to numb patients gums before tooth extractions. this adverse 'men from the mid-1880s boasted. the cocaine drops painted by the pharmacist Charles E Lloyd and s Dexter Pillsbury were an instantaneous cure for childhood tooth aches. imagine taking a child to the dentist for a toothache today and coming home with a bottle of liquid cocaine. the company also made a product called dr Lada whispered ik celebrated kidney cure - claimed to be a cure for all diseases of the kidneys, liver, bladder and urinary organs. just like the look at the label, growths. tasteless kill tonic was not a weight gain supplement, nor was it a magic potion that could turn people into hideous hybrid pig creatures. it was in fact a preventative for malaria. the tonic made inventor Edward Wiley Grove a millionaire, and by 1890 there were more bottles of Grob tasteless kill tonic sold than bottles of coca-cola. Grove had discovered a way to suspend the very bitter tasting malaria medication Queen in in a liquid, the claim could be tasteless. if this product was still around today, I don't think the ad campaign would be quite as effective. first you need to lose that ultra creepy label, oh, and stop telling customers that your product will make children and adults as sad as pigs. these ads published in magazines between the 1930s and 1960s don't exactly claim their products can make you as fat as a pig, but they're not that far off. back in the mid 1900s it was considered unattractive to be too thin, so these companies developed a product that would be last out today, that actually sold weight gain pills made from a range of things, including ionized yeast and iodine. these pills actually claim they can make you gain 5 pounds of solid flesh in one week or you won't pay a thing, with headings like men wouldn't look at me when I look skinny and if you want to be popular you can't afford to be skinny. teen girls of today would be mortified if they came across and for these pills while flipping through their latest issue of Teen Vogue, this ad from the 1950s with a not-so-subtle attempt by soft drink manufacturers, seven-armed to get babies to drink their product, boasting that they have the youngest customers in the business. the 7up ad read: so pure, so wholesome, you can even give it to babies and feel good about it. the ad also included an ingenious way to get toddlers to drink their milk. pour 7up in it. the ad says: if they'd like to be coached to drink their milk, try this ad. 7 up to the milk in equal parts, pouring the 7up gently into the milk. it's a wholesome combination and it works. make 7up your family drinks. bowel movements can be a tricky subject but used correctly, make for a very compelling ad. apparently. this vintage gem for the drain cleaner, Drano. use that awkward- I just clogged the toilet feeling to successfully sell their products. in this ad the wife can feel her husband's eyes accusing her of jamming the dreams. he'd look at me as if to say: your fault, and it was Suzanne. for Kellogg's all-bran you fear is best-selling tactik. fear of never getting a man. why? because you're constipated, of course, and as a result you sit down after 9:00 by the phone waiting for calls that never come, because your constipation is making me dull and giving you wrinkles. yes, that's right. this ad actually claims that constipation can cause wrinkles. there's no wonder nobody wanted to take you out. this 1931 advertisement for Camel cigarettes used a reassuring image of a doctor to sell its product. the ad claimed that it was the peppery dark found in other cigarettes that made you cough and irritated your throat. luckily, camel had invented a special vacuum cleaning process to cover it of this imaginary dusk. so if you wanted to give you a throw to vacation, you simply needed to smoke a fresh cigarette. they had even toked up the addictive qualities of nicotine by saying: switch to camels with just one day, then leave them if you can. just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the marketing men over at Philip Morris managed to find a way by comparing the gentleness of their cigarette to that of a newborn baby. Philip Morris clearly targeting new mothers with his ad campaign after they'd be forgiven for feeling the pride of a new parent. why? because their cigarettes are born gentle, just like your little bouncing bulk norm. today, it's impossible to imagine how gun manufacturers would attempt to sell the benefits that their product the way this one did. from the early 1900's. this ad for Iver Johnson's revolvers reassured its customers that their guns with so safe it was fine to let your daughter play with them in bed. if the ad mentions that their guns are not toys and they shoot straight and kill it, then goes on to mention that you may need one of their guns only once in your lifetime by now, so you'll have it at that time. so basically they're saying it's likely everyone is going to need to kill someone once in their life, so make sure you do it with an idler Johnson's revolver genius. this comic strips dial out of young married woman toking to her mother, suggested that the reason her husband doesn't love her anymore is because she developed middle aged skin. well, of course you're going to get middle aged skin if you're washing dishes all day. right, the solution: switch to Palmolive for their blend of palm and olive oils- nature's finest beauty aids. luckily for this young woman, the crisis- middle aged skin- was averted simply by switching to Palmolive soap. now Bob can finally be proud of his wife again. just when you thought ads couldn't get any more sexist, this gem from the 1950s came along. the ads for chase and Sanborn coffee suggests that any why actually buys coffee that isn't fresh can expect a beating from a caffeine addictive husband when he gets home. take a look at this ridiculous invention, the dimpled machine, created by Isabella Gilbert of Rochester, New York. it's a piece of wire you wear on your face - supposedly create dimples. there's even a photo in the ad, presumably of the inventor or product model wearing the device in public. so if you're a skinny woman with middle aged skin who couldn't afford fat pills or Palmolive soap, maybe you could fashion one of these bad boys out of some old fencing wire. surely, if you're sporting a set of cutest can be dimples, you could finally win the approval of a man there is. just when you thought the crazy inventions and ridiculous advertisements couldn't get any worse, along comes the face gloves recommended by well-known medical and scientific authorities. the face glove, also known as the toilet mask, making pretty big claims, including being able to permanently remove skin impurities, roughness and, yes, even wrinkles. this creepy advertisement from the late 1800 is the stuff of nightmares. the ad claims that if your eyes don't open within 10 days, it's time to buy a box of petits eye cells. if your eyes don't open for 10 days, how do they expect you to buy a jar of I sold? what if you picked up some chilly patients and need that on your eyeballs by mistake? but seriously, if your eyes don't open for 10 days, there might be more important things to do than buying a tender myself, like visiting a doctor, perhaps. well, so that's it for another episode. thank you so much for watching. remember to hit that thumbs up button if you're enjoying our content. also remember to follow us on all our social instagram, twitter, facebook. at flat m for daily antiks, and that's it for me. 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10 Old Ads That Would NEVER Fly Today

selling products is all about grabbing people's attention and hopefully getting their money. that means that companies have to put a lot of thought into their advertising to make sure that it appeals to others. so when we see old ads that seem rather offensive, they were simply just reflecting outdated societal views. stay tuned to see an old poster that we can't believe was once used as an advertisement. before we get started, take a moment to subscribe to the richest and give this video a big thumbs up. now let's get going with ten old ads that wouldn't fly today. the best things in life. remember cellophane? it was invented by a Swiss chemist named Jackie Brandenburger. in 1923, DuPont acquired the us patent rights for cellophane and built the first American manufacturing plant just a year later. from the 1930s all the way to the mid 1980s, DuPont sold cellophane and did all of the advertising for it. but DuPont idea of advertising cellophane was to wrap up babies and children in it to show how great the product was. considering that we now have plenty of warning labels to keep small children out of plastik bags, these ads would certainly not be published today. free fer Chubby's. let's take a moment to consider how far we've come in the world of plus-sized fashion, but back in the mid 20th century being overweight was not only frowned upon, it was almost shameful. in this Lane Bryant ad they were offering free catalogs for Chubby's. yet if you look at the ad closely, the chubby girl in the drawing isn't even that big, and we all know that sizing back then was much smaller than it is now. it kind of makes you wonder exactly how skinny people were back in the day, but it's the free food chubby slogan that really takes the cake. oh, and the fact that Lane Bryant still exists today as a major chain for plus-sized clothing innocence. this next ad is so offensive that we're shocked that it wasn't shut down instantly at this company's marketing session for it. the ad was created for loves baby soft. this was a fragrance that was marketed to preteen girls, who are all at that awkward age where they're stuck between being a child and a full-on teenager. the company was started in 1974 and their advertising campaign was nothing short of shady. considering that making a young girl look older and sexy is a guaranteed way to look like a creeper, we have to wonder what they were thinking with this one. the more you play, this is a type of ad that you know, had the exact sniggering when they created it. sega made a pretty bold move when they release this one, but given that they were marketing to a very specific group of people, they knew that their younger clientele appreciated this kind of humor- the more you play, the harder it gets- definitely did its job at selling Sega products. there were even ads about how you wouldn't go blind from playing the Sega Game Gear too much. they definitely knew what they were doing, but if they tried to pull that kind of stuff today, there would be a lot of backlash. Ovaltine: it seems that if you wanted to wake up gay back in the day, all you needed to do was drink a glass of Ovaltine. well, if you wanted to wake up happy in the morning, that's what you would have done. but times have changed and words don't mean the same thing now that they did back then. this ad would likely not fly today, not because it was necessarily offensive, but the words just don't have the same meaning that they used to. colored-pencils: kids love colored pencils. there's so much competition between companies to create the best pencils out there, but since this product is marketed towards children, the advertising has to be kid-friendly, with lots of colors and cartoon characters- honestly, we're not sure what the Creator is behind this ad- were thinking frito Bandito was a mascot for the Fritos company and they somehow thought that making a Mexican caricature out of him would be acceptable. if you look at the commercials featuring frito Bandito, you can tell that the company had to move away from cultural stereotyping if they wanted to survive. keep her where she belongs. we're at a complete loss of words over this next ad. believe it or not, the ad is for a pair of men's slacks. apparently, because he looked so good in his slacks, the woman was literally willing to turn into a floor rug to let him walk all over her. given that we're living in a world where women have equality and are taking a strong stand against injustike is caused by men, this is an ad that has no place in today's society. even back in its time, when it first came out, this ad must have provoked quite a reaction. doctors do what in today's day and age? we know that nicotine and tobacco aren't good for you, but what many don't realize is that smoking was once a very accepted practike. it was even encouraged by doctors for the longest time. so you can imagine the disdain that patients felt decades later when they were diagnosed with lung related issues that were caused by smoking. this Camel ad is not only misleading, but it has the support of the medical community. can you imagine the damage that this ad probably caused start earlier? we all know that soda is a beverage that kids shouldn't drink. well, most kids drink the soda anyway, but soda companies don't necessarily encourage it. but that wasn't always the case. there is a line of vintage 7up ads that encourage mothers to give their babies 7up. giving kids a sugary soda crosses a line, but giving it to babies is a definite no-no. the company was promoting the soda as something healthy that mothers could feel good about giving to their baby minstrel show. this ad is the perfect example of how far we've come as a society. it's an ad for performer Billy B van, who lived between 1878 and 1950. he was a well-known blackface performer and was a hit in the vaudeville circuit. then had even tried his hand at silent films, but that never worked out for him. today this ad is a good example of what racism was like in America not too long ago. sadly, this ad was viewed as acceptable well into the 20th century. luckily, if it were to come out today, it would be shot down immediately. blackface is just never acceptable. that's all for 10 old ads that wouldn't fly today. what do you think? share your thoughts with us in the comments below. thank you so much for watching.