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Old Chicago Coffee: Your Perfect Dropshipping Solution

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- James Goss introduces himself and his YouTube channel, Escape the Neon, which documents his journey as an entrepreneur.

Deep Dives into Businesses:

- James discusses his commercial restoration company, kettle corn company, and dropship coffee company.

- He explains the hurdles he faced and where he is now in each business.

Coffee Company:

- James talks about how he started selling brewed coffee at farmers markets alongside his popcorn.

- He invested in equipment, researched coffee suppliers, and decided on private labeling.

- He realized that selling brewed coffee was too labor-intensive and pivoted to selling bags of coffee through dropshipping.

- He chose a niche market that he was somewhat familiar with, but didn't want to grow a brand he wasn't passionate about.

Offshoot of Coffee Company:

- James started an offshoot of his coffee company that focuses on the energy drink market.

- He found a low-cost way to start a private label energy drink and plans to sell it alongside his coffee.

- James encourages viewers to start their own businesses and pivot if necessary.

- He emphasizes the importance of just getting started and learning along the way.

6 Private Label Coffee Dropship Suppliers

In today's video, Eartha is going to cover six private label coffee dropship suppliers to help you start your own coffee business. Private label means labeling someone else's coffee beans with your own brand. These suppliers also handle order fulfillment, making it easy to get started. However, each supplier has different requirements and fees.

Eartha introduces the topic of private label coffee dropship suppliers.

Private Label Coffee Dropship Suppliers:

1. Temecula Coffee Roasters: They make it easy to get started with private label and drop shipping. You design your own labels and select your coffee from their 40 varieties. No minimum orders or monthly fees.

2. Aroma Ridge: They offer wholesale pricing and eight different colors and three different sizes of bags. Non-refundable startup cost of $100 and a service charge of $3.25 per order.

3. Old Chicago Coffee Company: They have a $35 setup fee but no drop shipping fees. Monthly fee of $10 to private label and drop ship with them.

4. Drip Shipper: An app for Shopify that makes it easy to private label and sell coffee. $25 monthly fee. Check user reviews before considering.

5. Blessed Bean Coffee: They do not require you to create your own roast. They provide bags in various sizes and will print your labels for you.

6. Seattle Gourmet Coffee: They do not offer bags or labels. Contact them for more information.

Eartha hopes that these six private label coffee dropship suppliers have provided options to start your own coffee business. She also invites viewers to subscribe and like her channel for more content on selling coffee.

starting a private label dropshipping coffee company! part 1 [Escaping the Neon]

Hey guys, it's James from Escaping the Neon. Today, I'm starting a dropshipping coffee company and I want to share my experience with you.


- I'm trying to grow out of my 9 to 5 with side hustles

- Dropshipping coffee company

- Private labeler who roasts on demand

- Giving out free coffee to influencers in my niche

- Hoping to do affiliate marketing with influencers


- $150 dropshipping fee

- $50 for logo creation on Upwork

- $100 for 9 different labels for 27 different variations

- $300 to set up LLC

- $25/month for insurance

- $400 for giving out free coffee

Domain Name:

- Bought domain name on GoDaddy for $150 for 3 years

- Buying domain names may increase in price if not purchased immediately


- Came up with names for the 9 different flavors

- Labels being made by someone else for more custom look

- Dropshipping directly from labeler's facility

- Dealing with marketing and finding customers

Starting a dropshipping coffee company is relatively easy and doesn't require much inventory space or product handling. The fees and costs may vary depending on the individual's needs and wants. However, the potential for growth and profit is there. I will continue to update you guys on my progress and hopefully inspire others to take on their own side hustles. Thanks for watching!

Private Label Coffee Dropshipping - What I Discovered

- Discussing how to private label and dropship coffee

- Coffee is a popular niche with potential for profit

- Outlining the process and suppliers to consider

The Dropship Model:

- Locating suppliers with desired products

- Putting products into online store

- Buying from supplier when product sells

- Supplier ships item directly to customer

- Profit is difference between what customer is charged and what supplier charges

Things to Consider:

- Coffee roasters must be located

- Some require creation of own roast

- Setup fees may be required

- Drop shipping fees can eat into profit margins

- Wholesale pricing should be offered

- Private labeling may require creation and shipping of own labels

- Minimum order requirements may exist

- Images and descriptions may be copyrighted

How to Open Your Store:

- Popular shopping cart software options include Shopify, WooCommerce, Volusion, and Magento

- Shopify and WooCommerce discussed in detail

- Shopify has monthly fee but is easy to set up

- WooCommerce is free but requires familiarity with WordPress


- Seattle Gourmet Coffee

- Roma Ridge

- Old Chicago Coffee

- Temecula Coffee Roasters

- Each supplier has different requirements and fees

- No specific recommendation given, Google search recommended

Other Coffee Related Items:

- Using Oberlo app for Shopify or Ollie Dropship Woo plugin for WooCommerce to dropship other coffee related items

- No monthly fees with Ollie Dropship Woo plugin

- Private labeling and dropshipping coffee can be profitable

- Careful consideration of suppliers and fees is necessary

- Other coffee related items can also be dropshipped

- Link to blog post and additional resources provided.

Open a Private Label Coffee Store [Basic Flow]

In this video, Eartha discusses the process of opening an online coffee store using private label coffee dropshipping suppliers. She explains the flow chart and provides details on what to keep in mind while working with these suppliers.

Flow Chart:

1. Locate Private Label Coffee Dropshipping Suppliers

- Different requirements

- Some don't provide bags and labels

- Some have drop shipping fees

2. Design Bags and Labels

- Use 99designs or other specialized services

- Branding is important

3. Set Up Store

- Use Shopify, which is user-friendly

- Create pages, text, and add images

4. Marketing

- Utilize free social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest

- Blogging generates free traffic

- Paid advertising options include Facebook ads, Google ads, and running ads on Instagram

5. Other Considerations

- Creating your own roast

- Ordering samples to ensure quality

- Private label coffee dropshippers may charge a fee per bag shipped

- Pricing per bag should be reasonable

Opening an online coffee store using private label coffee dropshipping suppliers requires careful consideration of the different requirements and fees. Creating a brand and marketing through free and paid options is essential to generating traffic. Inquiring about bag and label supply, drop shipping fees, and pricing per bag is also important.

Stay away from these HORRIBLE dropshipping mistakes?

- Hey you, did you waste your money on a drop shipping course?

- In this video, we'll discuss the mistakes that most beginners make in drop shipping.

- My name is TJ Gamble, founder and CEO of Jamerson, an e-commerce agency.

Mistake #1: Drop shipping cheap products from China

- No exclusivity, easy to copy by competitors

- Customer acquisition costs and the importance of building relationships

- Solution: develop your own product or find a manufacturer/distributor in your own geography

Mistake #2: Failing to add value to products

- Importance of adding value to both the product and transaction

- Value to the product: provide information, specifications, benefits

- Value to the transaction: simplify and mitigate risk for the consumer

Mistake #3: Not being authentic

- Importance of building trust with website visitors

- Avoid black hat marketing strategies and be genuine in your story and struggles

- Don't try to appear bigger than you are or post fake reviews/testimonials

- Building a reliable and successful e-commerce business takes time and effort

- Avoid these common mistakes and focus on adding value and building trust with your customers.

Easy Way to Dropship Coffee // Dripshipper App & Shopify

How to Start a Dropshipping Coffee Business Quickly and Easily with Drip Shipper and Shopify

- In this video, we will discuss how to start a dropshipping coffee business quickly and easily using the Shopify app called Drip Shipper.

Pros of using Drip Shipper:

- Integrates with Shopify, a top e-commerce platform

- No need to track down coffee roasters for suppliers

- Uses two quality coffee roasting suppliers located in the US

- Shipping is included in the price

Cons of using Drip Shipper:

- Lack of control over product and shipping

Steps to set up a Drip Shipper account:

1. Create a Shopify store

2. Sign up for a Drip Shipper account

3. Connect your Shopify store and Drip Shipper account

Adding products to your store:

- Choose a label and upload your logo

- Import coffee products from Drip Shipper to your store

- Set your own prices and profit margins

Additional information:

- Drip Shipper offers three different monthly plans, with the basic plan starting at $30 a month and a free trial available

- You can order samples within your Drip Shipper admin area to try the coffee before selling it

- Drip Shipper and Shopify offer automated fulfillment and unlimited orders, with dedicated customer support available

- Starting a dropshipping coffee business has never been easier with Drip Shipper and Shopify

- Consider researching further and making a decision based on your preferences and goals

- Thank you for watching and please like and subscribe for more content.

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