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old spice print ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

The Ad Campaign That Saved Old Spice - Cheddar Examines

Unmistakably masculine, Just for man: Roman Man, Mens, Man, Man. Hello ladies, This is one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever and there is a key reason why We can attribute its success not to the content, but instead to the audience they target. Look at your man now. back to me now. back at your man, now back to me. Sadly he isn't me, but if he stopped using lady scented body wash and switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he's me, The man your man could smell like. a campaign was a big risk for Old Spice, the biggest shift in their marketing history. In a surprising move, the company targeted women to sell a product for men. Early American Old Spice was founded in 1937 and their first demographic was women. The founder, William Lightfoot Schultz, was inspired by his mother's potpourri. Demand for men's fragrances was low because body odor was long considered by many as a sign of masculinity. But throughout the early 20th century, companies realized that they were not reaching 50 percent of potential customers and began marketing to men, without much success. Advertisers got their break with the effects of the depression in the 1930s. Men lost their jobs, their pride and the sense of masculinity. Deodorant companies offered a way to get it back, Old Spice was on the forefront. In 1938, Schultz launched Old Spice for men. But how did they define their form of masculinity? Sailing. They decorated their packaging with historically formidable ships like Graham's, Turk and Friendship. During World War II, Schultz transformed his factory into a military production facility. Old Spice aftershave then became the scent of choice for American soldiers abroad, Therefore globally defining the scent of a masculine man. With the advent of television, Old Spice was able to more directly link their scent to the concept of manliness. Why there so many single men use Old Spice aftershave lotion? Well, let's see, There's Julie and Karen and Peggy Joel. Into the 1970s they doubled down. There's no question about it. Men who wear Old Spice really understand what girls like, Girls like it. Is there a better reason to wear Old Spice? Subtle huh, But this worked. In the 1990, Old Spice sold to Procter and Gamble for $300 million. Despite new ownership, Old Spice marketing was more or less the same as it had been for the previous 40 years. They had a legacy on their side and a consistent older consumer base, but they were struggling to reach the younger demographic. With the new millennial consumer, this struggle became a nightmare. Here's a new deodorant called Axe spray. like this to stay fresh all day. Axe Body Spray turned to the men's grooming market upside down. They successfully sold to the coveted 15-25 demographic with edgy commercials depicting Axe coated regular guys getting the girl. It's the same formula Old Spice used for decades, but amplified. Old Spice just couldn't shake their old school reputation and it only got worse for Old Spice. Soon the men's grooming market was crowded with competitors like Dove for Men, Nivea Men, Suave Men. Following Axe's success, these once gender neutral brands attacked the newly profitable male market. Old Spice tried to keep up and released a largely unsuccessful swagger campaign. Old Spice was falling further out of favor. They had to rebrand. so they looked to the big guns. Wieden and Kennedy is an American advertising agency responsible for some of the most memorable marketing campaigns in recent memory. Wieden and Kennedy's an iconic agency. They really stayed independent when a lot of agencies were getting sucked up. It was reflected in the kind of creative work that you see in this campaign. With the help of Wieden and Kennedy, Old Spice decided to do a 360 rebranding. and the older a brand is, the harder it is to change consumers perceptions. To shake that perception, Old Spice really had to step out on a limb. This is classically almost impossible to take- something that's perceived as a product for my grandparents- dated, not current, not interesting- But the advantage is that frees you because you really don't have anything to lose at that point. Luckily, Wieden and Kennedy had a plan. P&G's own research had uncovered a surprising statistik: Sixty percent of men's body washes were actually purchased by women. They had their new target consumer. They needed to find a sexy, confident, hyper-masculine, but maybe most importantly, funny lead character. They found that in Isaiah Mustafa. They picked somebody who's very relatable, funny, intelligent and they played off of the stereotypes of a pro-football player. and he wasn't that at all. He was actually engaging and easy to relate to. They had their audience. they had their man. Now all they had to do was implement it. The Super Bowl is the Mecca for advertisers. Unilever announced it would be launching a big campaign for Dove Men in care body wash for the Super Bowl. in February, Old Spice decided to directly challenge that campaign, but without airing a TV commercial. Instead of spending money on the Super Bowl itself, Old Spice surrounded it, and to do that they looked to the still young, sleeping giants- Social media. They targeted millennials, where millennials lives. "The man your man could smell like" first appeared on YouTube and Facebook a few days before the big game, and it worked. On day one, the videos were seen 5.9 million times on YouTube. that's more than Obama's victory speech after 24 hours. On day two, Old Spice had eight out of the top 11 most popular videos on the entire Internet. On day three, the campaign hit 20 million views. In one month, Old Spice became the number one all time most viewed brand on YouTube. The campaign was a cultural phenomenon and Mustafa was the face. He was everywhere doing interviews on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Oprah and Sports Center. But for Old Spice, this virality needed to pay off. What's the use if it didn't get these millions of viewers to actually purchase the product By May 2010,? Old Spice sales were up 60 percent By July, a 125 percent- an all time high for the brand. They were the number one brand for men's body wash. Old Spice took a big risk and, with help from W and K, its risk paid off. It completely reinvigorated its brand and came out looking 50 years younger In the process. unearthed, previously untapped market. Today they're still marketing men's body wash to female consumers. In the summer of 2018, Old Spice launched its She Nose Best campaign which showcases the influence women have on guys important life decisions, and it looks like this one's working too. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and please like and subscribe.

A-Level Media - Old Spice print advert - Media Language & Representation

hello and welcome to my easy to understand guide to the old spice print advert you can see here on the screen now. this video is partikularly relevant to you if you are studying ocr a level media studies, as it is one of the current set texts for the advertising topic. this advert will only ever get asked about in relation to media language and representation. so i'm gonna go through both those aspects to do with this advert in this video. if you look at the actual brand name, old spice, it's using quite a kind of serif font, so quite old-fashioned, curly, uh writing style, and this typeface is really good at communicating this idea of traditional um, but also kind of exciting um. it makes it seem kind of exotik and an interesting brand. the word old obviously in spice is this idea of exotikness as well. tradition makes it seem like it's a brand that's been around for a long time as well. so it's mixing this idea of tradition and nostalgia along with this idea of exotikness. the exotik theme is reinforced with the setting obviously. so we've got this kind of bahama style beach setting. you've got kind of it's very tropical and that feels very aspirational and escapist for an audience. you know it makes us feel like it's a really beautiful place to go and if we buy this product somehow, it's going to be like going to an exotik place and that does appeal to quite a lot of audiences. some of the phrasing on the advert adds comedy. so, where it says this fact has not been fact checked, um, it's clearly, you know, making a bit of a joke. it's quite tongue-in-cheek, quite playful, perhaps playing on this idea of, like, fake news and fact checking that's been around in the last few years in partikular online. so, um, you know it's, it's adding a sense of comedy, suggesting that the brand itself does not take itself too seriously and it's quite youthful and fun. there are some images on the video which might act as intertextual references for some audiences. so, for example, there's an imagery that might remind audiences of king kong, there's some imagery that might remind audiences of jaws or poseidon. so there's lots of other pop culture references within the video, within the advert, and these partikular references are all to films or media products that have quite strong- uh, you know- masculine characters, aside of male dominance. uh, you know, in films like king kong and poseidon is quite kind of masculine, powerful, aggressive, strong, um, but also this idea of wildness, you know. so the wildness of the sea, the wildness of king kong. as an animal, you know jaws, a shark, it's like aggressive animals, um, and powerful, um, situations that are dangerous and risky. so, adding this kind of real tone to the advert of, of risk-taking and, and which adds into this theme of kind of exotik, fragrancing, the image of the man has been superimposed onto the volcano, which really adds to this masculine representation. you know, he's powerful, he's dominant, he's at the top of the advert, it makes him seem like he's a very prominent and important person and that ties in with common representations of masculinity. volcanoes themselves are aggressive and volatile and dangerous and explosive. so creating quite traditional representations of masculinity. here he has a very confident facial expression and he's got that direct gaze straight to the audience, looking into the camera, and that's again quite powerful and it represents him as being very kind of, quite cocky and charming, toking directly to us or looking directly at us, which draws in the audience. there are some images of other men in the advert as well. you've got pictures of men fishing for sharks, climbing the masts of boats, so kind of being seen in quite sporty, powerful, risk-taking ways, quite brave and heroic, um, you know, against all the danger fishing for sharks, you know it seems kind of crazy. so, um, you know, representing men in kind of risk-taking and adrenaline-fueled ways which again would appeal to a lot of audiences of men, um, who would like to have this kind of lifestyle or like to imagine that this is what masculinity is all about. the woman on the advert, on the other hand, is in a bikini lying on a beach, clearly very passive, not actually doing anything apart from sunbathing and, because of her bikini, obviously quite revealing. she's therefore sexualized and objectified for a male audience which is quite conventional for adverts, whether it's an older advert or whether it's a more modern advert like this. women are often objectified for those male customers. there are post-colonialist theorists who suggest that black men are sometimes shown as um in a kind of post-colonialist way, ie seen as exotik, different, other foreign, and certainly i guess this advert has got elements of that, this idea of wild or tribal nature, aggressiveness, um, you know, explosiveness and being seen as exotik, and that's a kind of reasonably stereotypical representation of black ethnicity in the media. so if you look at theorists like alvarado or there's- there's lots of other theorists that you can look at for post-colonialism, um, but yeah, very much this idea that, um, you know, people from different ethnic backgrounds, minority ethnic backgrounds, are often seen in this way. that is othered, so you could also look at stuart hall for that. you could also link the representation of this brand- see me- trying to seem exotik and modern and funny. there's a reason they're representing their brand this way and that is because old spice has been around for a long time as a product and it did go through a kind of renovation, um, where advertisers um tried to come up with new ways of representing the product. it was seen as quite an old-fashioned product because it had been around for so long and it was often seen as being aimed at a lot older people, and so they kind of went through a refresh of their brand image a few years ago where they started this partikular type of campaign, using a kind of black man within all of the adverts and representing it in quite an exotik but also quite funny way. um and so, um, you know that's there's a. there's a reason they've done that: to try and make the brand seem a bit different, a bit more youthful, a bit more fun, and perhaps to try and target new audiences. okay, so that was my easy to understand guide to the old spice advert. don't forget to hit subscribe. i'm going to be uploading a lot more videos relevant to both aqa, ocr and educast, gcc and a-level media studies in the next few months, and if there's a partikular video you would like, don't forget to leave a comment below and i'll see what i can do.

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Old Spice - Social Media Case Study

old spice practikally invented body wash for men, but as the category has grown, the competition has heated up, with business slowing. old spice body wash was in need of a boost. with women making more than half of all body wash purchases, we decided to target men and their ladies for the very first time. how could we get couples to have a conversation about body wash? how could we get women to stop buying lady scented products for their guys and choose old spice instead? hello ladies, look at your man now back to me now. back at your man, now back to me. sadly, he isn't me, but if he stopped using lady's scented body wash and switched to old spice, he could smell like he's me. look down back up. where are you? you're on a boat with the man your man could smell what's in your hand. back at me. i have it. it's an oyster with two tikets to that thing you love. look again. the tikets are now diamond. anything is possible when your man smells like old spice and not a lady. i'm on a horse. launched online super bowl weekend and on television shortly thereafter. the man your man could smell like quickly became a phenomenon. buzz was fueled with the media buy in targeted environments where couples would be watching together. in the first three months of 2010, the brand captured 75 of all conversations in the category, with over half of this buzz generated by women. suddenly, everyone was toking about the man your man could smell like. yeah, hello, ladies, i'm quran butler. look at your man now. back at me. now back to your boy. now back to me. sadly, he's not as cute as me, but if he stopped using lady sanded body wash i used, he can smell just like me. look down back up. where are you? you're on a boat with the boy your man could smell like what's in your hand. now back at me. [Music]. look again, the laptop is now a celestial sandwich here in the snack zone. anything is possible when your sausage tastes like a sausage that's spicy and not a lady. i'm on a horse- old spice. i tell you, i love that commercial so much i'm about to buy me some old spice. every man in the world wants to smell like our next guest. there are very few commercials that are that special that people really pay attention to. on the heels of this overwhelming success, an encore performance was a no-brainer, but old spice wanted something more engaging. how could the man your man could smell like have a conversation with his fans on a more intimate personal level. you tell me, [Music]. and so the response campaign was born. in two and a half days, a widening kennedy team of creatives, digital strategists, developers and producers filmed 186 video responses to fans and celebrities called from questions on twitter, facebook, reddit and more. these real-time messages were then posted on youtube, sparking a sensation that would become the fastest growing and most popular interactive campaign in history. on youtube, 12755 jdh commented: i love these commercials and i love you, monaco smile, and i've renamed my kingdom elenopia presidential app. point. please excuse me, i have another call. oh hello, dangerous prairie wolf. this voicemail is now diamonds [Music]. on day one, the campaign received 5.9 million youtube views- more than obama's victory speech after 24 hours. on day two, old spice had eight out of the top 11 most popular videos on the web. by day three, the campaign eclipsed 20 million views and one week post launch, the work has been seen more than 40 million times. during this time, the brand's twitter following increased twenty seven hundred percent. facebook fan interaction went up eight hundred percent. traffic to old spice dot com increased three hundred percent and old spice became the number one all-time most viewed branded channel on youtube and in the six months since the man your man could smell like first appeared, the campaign has generated more than 1.4 billion impressions for the brand, and that's a lot. without question. the campaign has had a dramatik impact on the bottom line. in the six months since launch, sales of old spice body wash has increased 27 percent from a year ago. in the last three months sales are up 55 and in the past month sales are up 107, cementing old spice is the number one brand of body wash for men. you.

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Old Spice Odor Blocker Ad Analysis

odor blocker body wash is so powerful it can block be over 16 hours. it's so powerful you can turn off the Sun, but then it gets too cold so it makes another Sun. this here's the video presentation with old spots: Auto block a body wash. odor blocker body wash is targeted to males aged 18 to 34 and airs on such television programs such as Adult Swim, Monday Night Raw and the NBA playoffs. old spots of brands been around since 1937, but recently, 1990, they were picked up by the Procter & Gamble Company. this series owner block of Body Wash ads were created by the Portland novices of Weeden Kennedy and to help appeal to their core target- demographic sense of humor- they had hired a tim and eric' of the Tim and Eric awesome show. great job. this is Terry Crews. he's a 6 foot 2, 245-pound NFL linebacker turned actor and he represents the hyper masculine image that they want you to associate with. odor blocker be its frequently cast when Hollywood needs a large, scary black man, a modern example of blaxploitation. Tim and Eric, representing two different worldviews to these commercials, will be you number one: a world in which thousands become substance. selling Terry Crews is the equivalent selling the product. you never see the product in action. they make no claims about how it works and you have no idea what it smells like. according to this world, Terry Crews is the product. his hyper masculinity and intensity represent qualities of the product which consumers can gain through buying the product will view number two, a world that is satisfied with the status quo to make bath soap appeal to a young male demographic this week and visited isn't some purely product. they assure us that the soap is a masculine product. they've given it an active sounding name and it's being pushed by the unquestioning, manly Terry Crews. the angry, intense, muscular and dominant Terry Crews is presented as the ideal man which this worldview supports rather than challenges its analysis time. Old Spice body wash can't block odor for 16 hours. what this one does, dummy, it's super powerful odor blocker. body wash, Old Spice odor blocker, buddy was at 1600, the Bo blackie power, you you sure, smells good in here. that's because this box- sorry, Sabitha, you, you, you. it's conclusion: tom dummy. in the world tim and eric' have created, there is no greater sin than to stray from these worldviews. men must be aggressive, active and dominant, and substance holds no weight compared to style. if one is to view these commercials and accept them without question, then one is also agreeing with their worldviews, which reinforce conformity with stereotypical representations and condemn diversity. it makes for a more unified demographic that is easier to market towards, but at the same time it's telling impressionable young men that the only way to be a good example of their gender is by becoming this unintelligent beefcake muscle mass, devoid of any emotion save for anger, and that's not the world we want to live in.

Successful Brand Strategy Example (Old Spice Repositioning)

What's up brand builders, Stephen Houraghan here at BrandMasterAcademycom, and in this video i want to show you a brand strategy example from old spice and how this brand with an old man's reputation became the number one brand for men's body wash with just a few simple tweaks. now, if you're new to the channel and you want to build brands that go beyond the visuals and the logo, using strategy, psychology and creative thinking, then you're in the right place. hit that subscribe button and the notification bell. if you want to fast track your results, make sure you grab the pro brand strategy blueprint. it's a free download and the link is in the description. now, allspice was founded in 1934 by a fellow called William Schultz. now they brought their first products from to market in 1937 and their first products were actually women's products. but they followed them up a year later in 1938 with men's products, and that is where they had their outstanding success. they were a staple for about 50 years or so in the men's toiletry category until png acquired them for 300 million dollars in 1990.. now allspice's original positioning is where they got their old man brand tag. now, me personally, I remember coming into contact with the old spice brand through my grandad, and my granddad would put his old spice on before he wheeled himself out of the house and down to the pub on a sunday afternoon. so my association with old spice from an early age was that it was an old man's brand. now, at the time, i was wearing links. so at around about 15 or so I started to wear deodorant. then I started to wear links, or axe as it's known. my poison of choice was links. africa and all of my mates were doing the same. we were all wearing links or some other alternative, but lynx was the go-to. and this was the challenge that old spice had. none of us would ever consider old spice and we all looked at old spice as an old man's brand, and I wouldn't have even bought that for my dad because it was too old for him. so that was the challenge that old spice had. they became an old man's brand and that was the perception that they had in the market. so procter and gamble knew they had a big problem. the writing was on the wall and if they didn't want the brand to go under, if they really wanted to challenge in that category, they needed to change. they needed to change their targeting, they needed to change who they were targeting. they were targeting 40 to, it seemed, 90 year olds, but the market that they needed to target were the teens to 30 year olds. so that's where they needed to focus their efforts. but it wasn't going to be easy to shift the perception of the old spice brand within that category, because that was the perception that they had: that they were an old man's brand. so this really was a big challenge. now that challenge was handed to agency Wyden and Kennedy and they met that challenge head on. they introduced the old spice swagger campaign. that really started to turn heads. they used celebrities and tongue-in-cheek humor to align the brand with funny and cool, which was completely opposite to the messaging and the positioning that the brand previously had. I, Brian Urlacher, challenged thee to an honor duel. a what an honor duel. that was me, Brian Urlacher. then I started using swagger from old spice- who's laughing now? me. now they knew they were onto something here because sales actually quadrupled from that campaign. so they doubled down on that and with a bit of research they started to realize that it was women that actually purchased their products. about 50 of the time. 50 of the purchases were attributed to women. so they created a campaign to speak directly to those women. hello ladies, look at your man now. back to me now. back at your man, now back to me. sadly he isn't me, but if he stopped using lady's scented body wash and switched to old spice, he could smell like he's me. look down back up. where are you? you're on a boat with the man. your man could smell what's in your hand. back at me. I have it. it's an oyster with two tikets to that thing you love. look again, the tikets are now diamonds. anything is possible when your man smells like old spice and not a lady. I'm on a horse now. the influence of the brand personality for this turnaround in perception cannot be understated here. it is that personality, that tone of voice and that language that was used that really changed those perceptions. you had the jester archetype in the driver's seat and from the website copy to the social media engagement, to the ad campaigns themselves, the humor and the wit was just rife and it was coming across on all different touch points. this was the experience of the old spice brand now, and that really did, started to start to change those perceptions in the marketplace that old spice was an old man's brand. from this idea that old spice was a funny and cool brand. now the results from this repositioning strategy were absolutely phenomenal. wieden- kennedy- absolutely knocked this out of the park. of course, you had the viral sensation from their ads, but they also won cannes film festival awards and they were nominated for emmys as well. and on top of that, when you consider that procter gamble actually gave wyden and kennedy a target of hitting a 15 increase in sales within a year, they had managed to increase sales by over 125 percent. now there's an important consideration to be made here when reviewing this brand strategy, reviewing this repositioning strategy. in this campaign, they didn't invest in any product development. they didn't change their product line or introduce new products into the market. this repositioning strategy was all about identifying a new target audience and finding a new way to connect with that target audience. that is it. that is what this repositioning strategy is based on. there was no disruption here. there was no groundbreaking differentiation strategy. it was simply about understanding who these people were and what kind of communication they would respond to and then give them that communication. that is it. so when you're considering a brand that you're building, when you're considering your positioning strategy, do not underestimate the power of knowing who your audience is and what kind of communication they're going to respond to. but when you are ready to position your brand in the market and you want to define your positioning strategy and you want to know the different approaches that you can use, then this video will help you out. until next time, brand like a master and i'll see you in the next video.

Old Spice man - Behind the Scenes

never set properly. buddy fighting video. now, Emma, finish. we have ready and actions. well, this time around, Old Spice is taking you around the world with their fresh collection. be at fiji, a tropical island getaway. they're taking the Alps and then maybe ends up back at home. all in one, hopefully entertaining. take spitting. here we go ready and action. hello knees. where can you go when your man smells like me? close your eyes and I'll show you. do you feel the sand between your toes? I do surprise, learn about them where I play those. sweet Charlotte, you love their fireworks. hugs earn our world upside down. I hope you like what you see. your man is going to press sensible spots. we going. what do you enjoy about being the old spice guy? the ladies: hello Lee, hello Lee. so, ladies, the best part about working on old Spice's: they let us do really good commercials. we love writing humor and Old Spice really does trust us. we have a great relationship with them. isaias helped make it work out. a lot. people want more. Isaiah, are you twittering? I should follow you. the writers, Eric and Craig: they're super guys and I love saying they're. they're funny words. so with the man your man could smell. I get excited like I'll record it and then I'll send it back to him. when you put Tom, our director, into the mix, it just works beautiful. everybody's having such a good time, everybody really likes being around each other that it's just a fun atmosphere, kind of fun in virus. some people ask to ride me, which, depending on which saddle they have- the English or the Western- I don't like the Western. if they have the English I usually agree. we knew this time that we'd be taking isaiah from location to location. a lot of crazy things going on it'll. it'll be a little different. it'll be interesting to see people ask me: can I smell? you is a big one, which is great. the fresh scent collection is all about different places. we get them from a beach in Fiji. roll sound hello names. where can you go when your man smells like me? your every dream, when you think of like island getaway. you know most people say, oh, I'm goofy. g Matterhorn, fra I speaks so that you can smell the freshest in the thin air. what neck deep, deep in the sweet waters of friendship and Trust. of course you prefer to stay in being. that character just allowed me to reach out to a lot, lot more people and just make people laugh. you really never know where I'm going to turn up. that's why you want to pay attention. well, mark, be sitting at your computer, log onto to either Twitter or the facebook page for Old Spice and find out where I'm going to be, and then we'll communicate. we play it up for yourself throughout.