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old tv ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

1950s Commercials and Vintage Commercials

you know there are lots of activities going on about this season of the year. one you'll find uppermost in the minds of most high school students, especially toward the end of any week, is football, and the night before the big game there's generally a rally. now you don't want to be late, but before you go, remember you're planning to bring the gang in afterwards. now you've got the idea: put plenty of coke in that refrigerator. ice cold coca-cola will be a mighty welcome sight when you return. you know it's a good idea to keep plenty of coke on ice all the time. coca-cola has a distinctive flavor all its own, a flavor that has never been equal. coca-cola is popular with everyone, which makes it ideal when you're expecting guests. now, that's true whether it's a casual gathering like this one or a planned party. the bright, bracing flavor of coke is always welcome. it's a flavor that has made coca-cola the most asked for soft drink in the world. have a coat back to present ancient chinese pantomime, just for fun of it. jello tonight back to present small chinese thai baby waiting for dessert. chinese mother bling baby jello, famous western delicacy. poor chinese baby, he unable to tell if this jello is claw belly, last belly jelly. orange, lemon, lime, apple, black glass, belly, black jelly or clay jello, come in all ten flavors. poor chinese baby, but chinese mother bling baby. great western invention, spoon. spoon was invented for eating jello baby, fine, this is grape jello. deep, dark, delicious. new flavor, chinese baby, very happy. so an ancient chinese pantomime is pretty good commercial. no, hey, hey, that supply of ritz seams on the prince. no, no, stop darling, don't blow your top. i always keep another box handy, dandy, he knows ritz crackers are richer crisper, and his mouth is full, or he'd help us whisper. only nabisco takes ritz. i'm a spaceman. the moon and sun and all the stars are great big tootsie roll pops. all the kids in the neighborhood say touchy roll pops, a triple good. and do you know why? sure, because one, there's good tasting hard candy outside, and two, there's a delicious center of tootsie roll inside. and three, only two year old pups said fun to eat. that's why they're triple good. and don't forget: tootsie roll pops come in a party pack too. ken pops and has started flavors. there's a game on the back. that's lots of fun to do. all the kids in the neighborhood say touchy-roll pops are triple good, triple good. you'll love tootsie roll pops the prettiest- yes, the prettiest- heads in town are turning to shasta for a hot cream shampoo. when lanolin enriched shasta meets hot water, hundreds of tiny cells explode into hot lantern lather that cleans and lusters hair as it blends with your own natural oils to give you a caressing hot cream shampoo as an extra treat. shasta's lanolin lather is rich enough for a deep scalp treatment. after a vigorous massage, wrap head in hot towel for two minutes before final rinse feels like a 350. hot cream treatment costs only nine cents. hair looks brighter, feels softer and will stay. it's behaving best for days to come when you have a hot cream shampoo with shasta cream shampoo. 50 to 60 years ago people were introduced to peanut butter for the first time. they looked it over carefully. the daring and courageous bought it. well, children loved it, but ma and pa were more critikal. they discovered it had several drawbacks. it became oily and stiky and didn't stay fresh very long. it was rather hard to digest. it didn't taste like peanuts. grownups never became peanut butter fans until 1933 when a new kind of peanut butter started to appear in grocery stores. it looked different, it smelled different, it tasted different. it had practikally nothing in common with the old style product. discover the clean difference. the clean difference in today's smoking with new bel air cigarettes. breathe easy, smoke clean with bel air air, fresh, menthol blend. the clean difference in taste, deep set recessed filter. the clean difference in filter tips. the clean difference in smoking situation. urgent: dirt to the left, dirt to the right, dirt above, dirt below. luckily, you have a secret weapon: new mr clean, he's mean, he hates dirt. you, mr clean, gets rid of grease. you, mr clean, polishes off stains. you, mr clean, rubs out grime. no other kind of cleaner cleans like new mr clean. no liquid powder, detergent, cleanser or soap. nothing. mission completed thanks to your secret weapon. new mr clean, he's mean, he hates dirt. this is the puffy pot at work. listen to it, perk. look at the coffee as it gets darker and stronger. smell the honest coffee. smell, ah, smell it. but will this cup of coffee taste as good as it smells? you bet it will, because it's maxwell house, the coffee that tastes as good as it smells every time. maxwell house coffee tastes as good as it smells every time. if you like to look at good coffee, listen to good coffee, smell good coffee and taste good coffee, brew maxwell house, the coffee that tastes as good as it smells every time. maxwell house is good to the last drop. it tastes as good as it smells every time. maxwell house, this lucky baby, will sleep quietly through the night. yes, no matter how high the temperature goes outdoors, this baby's rca air conditioner will keep his room filled with cool, dry, fresh air and keep that room so comfortable and quiet he'll never need a middle of the night lullaby. yes, quiet is the word for this new 1954 rca air conditioner, as the wonderful heart of cold compressor silently cools the air for you. rca america's finest air conditioner goes quietly about its business of keeping you comfortable. its exclusive hushaby fans silently push the air through the room in a fresh, cool flow. listen how quiet and see how simple this young lady is responsible for the weather in her home. it's his easiest child's play. the rca climate tuner with its cleverly concealed panel has push button controls for choosing the indoor climate she wants. now she's setting the thermostat control for constant, even comfort, and all through the night. that thermostat makes certain of the same cool, gentle room temperature. there's an rca air conditioner to suit any room, one just right for you and for rca service and installation. get one of these rca factory service contracts. then you'll be certain of america's finest service for america's finest air conditioner, the rca air conditioner.

MORE Ads of the Past That Would be BANNED Today

these are genuine ads from the last century. if you have a sensitive nature, some of these ads may disturb you. you've been warned. these are ads of the past that would be banned today. everybody knows winston tastes good like a cigarette. should, yeah. [Music]. in the 1800s, major drug companies were promoting the legal use of highly addictive narcotiks. until 1970 you could buy some over-the-counter narcotiks without a prescription for the common cold. ads for the popular drink oval teen use the adjective gay to describe their product as lighthearted and carefree, not as a reference to homosexuals. [Music]. then there were many ads that downgraded women, saying that they were plotting to catch a man using taste tempting treats. [Music]. many ads used racial stereotypes, with blacks toking in a slang dialect that was used to sell various products. [Music]. then there were celebrities that would tout the benefits of smoking as if it were healthy for you. [Music]. what better time to start drinking cola? why, when you're a baby, of course. be a good mom and give your baby some cola. [Music]. america's most enjoyable cigarette presents the lucille ball desi arnez show. i love lucy. [Music]. one of the many benefits of cigarettes in 1881 was apparently a remedy for asthma. you have got to be kidding. [Music]. did you know that german chemist felix hoffman invented both aspirin and heroin within a two-week period while working for bear in 1897? well, now you know what can i say about this one. did they really think this was a good marketing campaign? shaking my head. [Music]. news flash: name change of the week. oh, thank god they changed their name. [Music] that lane bryant really knew how to target their market. good thing they weren't too insensitive about it. hey, pale face, that's right, i'm toking to you, white boy. don't tell me i'm not patriotik. [Music]: dodger baseball brought to you by the makers of lucky strike. the cigarette that's made better to taste better. be happy, go lucky stripes. [Applause]. [Music] what's probably not good for your overall health is camel cigarettes. i'm not sure why these doctors smoked camels, but i suspected something to do with advertising dollars. moms, babies and beer. they go together like bread, butter and tequila- a natural [Music] combination. there were like a ton of these racist ones. bleach your skin, so you'll be like the white folk. [Music] top point washers and dryers kept your wife happy, pretty and pregnant. what a bargain for less than five hundred dollars. question: what's good for anxiety, depression, the flu, exhaustion and hysteria? why a mixture of herbs, salt and wine, of course, 1939 style. who doesn't want to know about oriental love ways? 48 full color photographs, too, for only 298.. what a bargain. [Music]. that's why i smoke, viceroy. and when you think your way through all the filter claims, you come to the cigarette with the thinking man's filter, the smoking man's taste, viceroy. [Music] let's not mince words here. get right to the point and just think you can make this happen with no diet, no exercise and no drugs. sign me up. [Music]. what's this? a club in the sky for men only. where's the ladies lounge? isn't united airlines supposed to bring us all together? [Music] dr scott's has one hell of a hair brush here. not only prevents unwanted scalpings, but also prevents headaches, dandruff and baldness. [Music]: wow, cocaine and tablet form, and they're good for hay fever, throat troubles and sleeplessness. it's a cure for almost everything. [Music] ladies, if you want a clear, fresh complexion, just eat some of these completely safe arsenic wafers. uh, i think i'll pass whiskey toothpaste. i'd be brushing my teeth ten times a day, but what do you use to get rid of whiskey breath? [Music] here's an ad comparing smoking philip morris cigarettes with the feeling of pride at being a new parent. enjoy the fresh, unfiltered flavor. and that's just what camels are: mild and good tasting, pack after pack. i know i've been smoking them for 20 years, so why don't you try them yourself? you'll see what i mean. [Music]. so let me get this straight: if you're lonely, it's probably because you're too skinny, ladies. but don't gain too much weight, because then you'll be fat shamed. every woman i know wants a new vacuum cleaner for christmas. not, do they still make hoovers? [Music]. thank god those cigarettes have a nice soft pillow to kneel on. they deserve a crown. [Music]. what do you mean? if she doesn't give it to you, you get it yourself. i guess you'll just have to buy your own. what's so offensive about a couple of white guys dressed up as chinese eating a bowl of corn flakes? why nothing, apparently? if you're kellogs, well, this looks like a good idea. have your baby shave with your razor before you try it out. if he doesn't cut himself, you're good to go. [Music] and last but not least, cocaine toothache drops. it's an instant cure for tooth pain and only costs 15 cents. what a bargain. thanks for stopping by, guys. till next time. this is rich from rerun zone. signing off you.

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Old Commercials That Would Be "Politically Incorrect" Today

[Music] [Applause]. this flat tire needs a man, but when there's no man around, when there's no man around, good year should be. why watch? this new Goodyear double eagle carries its own spare inside life guard, safety, spare tire entire. keeps on going. next time give er a second chance. [Music] [Applause]. the creek is an old Japan. Roderick shot everywhere. but when we get that down to eat they sure didn't miss their favorite tree. great, great tastes. great. wish we had some family. a scary man who heard the kids been casted hands and said I crave keeps me very wide. spun by p4p surprise makes. don't you try this my own way a little cruelly? the most refreshing, much rolled by or family about mother, Japanese, a boy, Japanese girls of package make 2/4 war cost only 20. l just lie. still. we'd rather write real: nice, the great kids are up again to visit other lands. be sure to join them. when they do join. come in some kool-aid - okay, once you tried it for sandwich tonight. why does your Animal House, Erik Estrada and Howard, has beneath the dream girls? hi, every man's fantasy are just 90: Dan Morgan, Fairchild, Linda Carter, Kathie Lee Crosby, Victoria Principal and much, much more. they're the sexiest super ladies on the scene. they're the women who rate of ten later tonight. this is the story of little bull who wanted to sing, but sing in a special way. his ambition was to sing in the bull of the woods quartet. Wow, no, no, you must sing deeper. Richard mold, you see bull of the woods turn back a rich. it smile to and your voice must express: admire mr deeper Ranma, for, ah, I'm sold. a little bull worked and sang and kept singing. his voice got richer and fuller and sweet, as full of awards, chewing tobacco, until that great day when he got his wish. all of the words tear, attackable of the woods here, and a couple of the woods, it's a fact, sir Bobby Taylor, maybe be rich and miles you in the back. oh man, it's good. chewin tobacco, all of the words - in the back or smooth, and they say - wrinkly mom, he's of all. you run your mill with the same kind of skill that's been passed through your vanity. you, you're the kind of a man likes to work with his hands. beechnuts, it's a back of you choose. beach nuts at the back of you, and it's been that way, father and son, for a long time. Beechnut, smoother, moister, more delicious, try, yeah, beech nuts, this Ibaka you choose. face your work hard, don't they, Bonnie? yeah, I hate to see them work so hard. yeah, me too, and let's go around back. well, we can't see him. gee, we ought to do something, Fred. okay, how about taking on that? I got a better idea. let's take a Winston. great dad. hey, Winston is the one filter cigarette that delivers flavored 20 times of pack. will says: got that coastal plain yell, Fred, don't. the plan makes the big taste difference and only Winston has it up front where it counts. here I headed a pure white filter. Winston packs rich tobacco's, specially selected and specially processed, but good flavor in super smokin. yeah, Barney, Winston tastes good like cigarette. charge the Flintstone have been brought to you by Winston. America's best-selling, best-tasting filtered cigarette. [Music]. I bought the fresh stik, just as you told me. you're absolutely right. it's neat and quick and it goes on dry. it did make me feel cool and sweet, just as you said. I did everything you said, but my boss still hasn't asked me to lunch. unlike some deodorants, fresh doesn't guarantee you'll get ahead in business. all fresh does is keep you fresh. when you think of it, that's quite a lot. Oh No, what's wrong? oh, it's your coffee again. the desk sergeant at the station makes better coffee than this and really sorry, honey, but your coffee tastes terrible. McGregor pre tells me no, what's the matter? I coffee. ed says he gets better coffee at the police station. why not try new instant Folgers? instant Folgers, oh, I said. new instant Folgers, Carol, tastes good as fresh fruit because it's made from fresh Burt's coffee. then they actually turn that fresh brewed coffee into new instant Folgers. tastes good as fresh, first, because it is fresh fruit. mr McGregor, I'll try it. hey, Sarge, never made coffee like this. new instant Folgers tastes good and fresh fruit. I like it better. try new instant Folgers. tastes good as fresh, perked, because it is morning. sweetie birdie, I'm not a coffee. you have a copy, isn't that wonderful? Oh coffee. [Music]. what a time to run out. and why run out now? all the new giant-sized instant maxwell house, a really big jar of coffee. new giant-sized instant maxwell house gives you cups and cups and cups, dozens of extra cups of the coffee with that warm, being flavored. warm bean flavor, because it's made from coffee beans, still warm from roasting. that's why new instant maxwell house is the freshest tasting coffee yet. so to make sure you've always got plenty of coffee for the man in your house. get the new giant-sized instant maxwell house. you won't have to run out again. your squat is ready for you to lead them. prove with Johnny seven OMA. you charge Bible. Johnny seven, watch out tank. Johnny sevens. cutter on the run. Johnny seven fires both my rival. I was like a tommy gun now as I kept firing pistol. you're one with Johnny seven. no one man on a gun, it's seven guns in one. let's count him one big launcher. two went beyond the gun. three, tank gun firing rifle. Santee bunker gun firing pistol. there's no other gun like it, to be sure. look for Johnny seven OMA. one-man-army by copper. I'm careless, try me, I'll take you. want to change it? you'll never forget. I'll bring you your Dutch. I'll hang up your coat for you and let you watch TV. I'll take them online outside now. the time I finish, you won't even know you've been on an airplane, cause that's exactly what will happen, cuz our can AskMe car wash and hope so. come on down a key and one your cars being washed. there is no Caroline in you out. two and one is here. I heard you want to be frito Bandito, like me. you thought the new machine depandi. no song, let's sing together. you just follow the bouncing Fritos corn instead. I just died. I am between, oh me already, my Christmas markets. I love them, I do. I want princess context, I'll get them from you. I die, I die. oh, I am free toebugs. oh, give me three cusps on tips, he'll, I'll be your friend. be frito Bandito. you must start a film now. boys and girls, you are free to Bandidos, to using the frito Bandito son and you look over crunchy Fritos corn chips. there's nice munch, munch munch about to break those conscience. howdy, right, the name don't be griped. why they call me goofy? I don't know. do we hear it? yes, sir, I'm one of the new funny face drinks from Pillsbury. one of the new funny face ring is what you do? you bore me into a pit here. add water, don't eat sugar, I'm already weak. when you buy me, you can drink all you. what mom won't mind cause? look, mom, I'm Prince whedon, without sugar position, and so are my friends engineering all rootin tootin, raspberries, freckleface strawberry, hi, Chinese Carrie and loudmouth lie, hello, hello, hello. look for us at your store, honey facing from Pillsbury. fanny change, especially where sweet without sugar. so no, should be miss, is the key mm-hmm today. so I have exciting story to tell about beautiful new Ford Mustang car and inside car boy and mother and shopping bag and inside bags Fox, a post, rice krinkles and inside box our posts ice cream cone. Wow, mom boy, oh boy, there's a mustang card side, the rice krinkles holding. no dear, the rice krinkles are inside our Mustang, but there is a Mustang side, the rice krinkles. oh, there is a Mustang inside the rice krinkles, a Mustang just like ours, and so sugary rice krinkles give happy ending to story boy. get Mustang you new to. inside post rice krinkles, collective or convertible, hardtop and fastback raised with your friends. you go ruin room when you get Mustang car-free inside post rice krinkles. I can't type, I don't take dictation, i workshop in pencil, I can't file. my boss calls me indispensable. and Jones, just a minute, will you make a copy of this? naturally, I push the button on the Xerox 914. I make perfect copies of whatever my boss.

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World's Funniest Commercials of All Time | Series-1

and there's your beautiful baby any day now, really, you're eating doritos. he's eating doritos at my ultrasound. do you see what i have to do? i know, give me that. [Music], [Music], [Music]. now, this is the house scammer, and not come over here by the slab cover. oh yeah, matt. [Applause]. [Applause] [Music], [Music], [Music]. the english believe it's a slur on your host's food if you don't clear your plate, whereas the chinese feel you're questioning their generosity if you do. at hsbc, we never underestimate the importance of local knowledge, which is why we have local banks staffed by local people in over 80 countries across the globe. [Music]. [Applause], [Music]. hsbc, the world's local bank. [Music]. bye zazu. condoms- fun, sexy, safe. [Music]. chicken of the sea, low-fat, preservative-free. [Music]. fishing has a fractured fibula. given my own saturday, so i could be able to go home tomorrow, daddy's gonna be so excited. [Music] that killed him. dr palmer, dr barbara palmer, dial 452.

Classic Australian Television Adverts: Food (Part-1)

going on. people can't be wrong to feed the family. you want value plus, like pizza huts. value plus meal deal. any huge family size pizza plus two garlic breads, plus a bottle of pepsi, plus- wait for it- 12 fun-sized mars bars. all for 19.90, delivery or takeaway. it's the value plus meal deal. so hit the phone now for value plus. i'm just mad about caramel. it's afternoon pizza. gum leaves. oh, i'm a smoother kind of koala and all of my friends. they agree. they call me caramelo caramel covered in delicious cadbury dairy milk chocolate. i go with the flow. you'll find it in the desert or on the woodland breeze. it shines upon the wetlands, or high among the trees. it's hiding in the forest. it sparkles in the stream, making sure that things are just the way they ought to be. it's yowie power. now, new from cadbury come milk chocolate yowie. inside every cadbury land yowie, there's a wildlife creature with a fact sheet that tells you all about it. more than 50 animals, insects, birds and fishes to collect. share the magic of yowie power. new from cadbury. right now at hungry jacks you can get a whopper and onion rings for only 2.95. that's valuable. you get a delicious flame grilled whopper and a pack of golden fried onion rings for only 2.95 a whopper and onion rings for only 2.95. but you better hurry, they won't be around for long. yeah, it's such a whopper waffle. when you buy 13 pieces of chicken now, get six drinks absolutely free. or buy six pieces of chicken and take away two drinks for nothing. it's kfc's great free drink topper, which is gonna be quick. you're working through lunch again. yeah, it's carried egg. i know it's my favorite. but what about your breath? not a problem, i've got pk after you eat. have some pk. pk has that clean, fresh taste and a freshness burst that refreshes your breath. 249 and now a special school holiday bonus: your own dragon kite for 50 cents. and at 50 cents this cuts all right: 2: 49.. this is a gobble dog. he comes from doc the potato planet and live solely on fresh potato crisps- crisps with real potato taste. gobbledocks love smiths, especially the new packs with a special seal of freshness that keep smiths even fresher and tasty from now on. best lock up in case of couple dogs. what is it about smith's crinkle-cut potato crisps that make them so irresistible to gobble dogs? the taste, the delicious, tantalizing real potatoes taste. smith's crinkle cut, the only chippies with real potato taste. ask any gobble duck.

19 Funny, Weird South Africa Old Tv Adverts..

laughs crying machine. oh, I love it when you fall in. indulge in Wimpy's delicious new range of Premium blimp coffees: [Applause] [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. and now, contestant number seven: makatini: Cadbury's lunch bag with nuts, toasty rice, caramel and wafer, all in Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate. did you see that? Jimmy get through that miles away. that's nothing. watch this duck fets. [Laughter], [Music]. we were walking to the station, me and my friends is Mandisa, all of a sudden we see these things come up in the sky. let's see, make a sound like food, food. and then I look, decide they're pulling up my friends. she was like: yes, yes, the blue ones. I took my holes, I put in my mouth and then it freed my voice so I can speak. nice, don't come in with your food food nonsense, man. now I want those horses very, very holes. free your voice. I was on my way bus for the 200th time when, suddenly, so I raised down the past before strikes to call the fire chief and his truck: all the Liars. hey, man, there's a fire on the teeth. it's at times like these that a man needs a pillow belt. beautiful [Music], please. [Music]. [Music] foreign. [Music]. [Music] [Music], [Music] foreign. [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. [Applause] ER of Springbok supporters. [Applause]. you know what's wrong with South Africa or? you foreigners must all go back to where you came from: you cameronians, Congolese, pakistanis, somalis, ghanaians and Kenyans, and of course you Nigerians and you Europeans. let's not forget all you Indians and Chinese, and even you afrikanas. back to Swaziland for you. so it is everybody foreign s love: diversity. that's why we have introduced two more items: new Perry cluster Twins and delicious thin Shadow and chips. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. thank you. [Music]. when it comes to choosing a cellular network, most people go for Vodacom, iCal. it's mine. going all out is what it's about: giving your best, nothing less. go all the way, go all the way, go all the way. line lager: go all the way, go all the way. and that's let's let the best, nothing less. log it for flavor: golden good all the way, as the best beer should go all the way. go all the way. go all the way like a lion. no than best. thank you. [Applause]. just add hot water and delicious, rich and foamy Nestle hot chocolate takes the out of winter. hey, get up over to those lines. we have a lot to do today. foreign, how do you spell it? pump up your performance. [Music]. come on. [Music], it's not chasing Ford Bantam, the Bucky that helps build the nation. [Music]: yep, cremora, I'll let you put it. that was I, like my camera. now she hides your. cremora, the non-dairy creamer. it tastes a rich and creamy. you'll expect to have it in the refrigerator- refrigerator on top, it's not inside. cremora, the top of the coffee creamer. South Africa: what's your favorite meal and what's your greatest car? South Africa, let's see, that's right place. rugby, sunny skies and Chevrolet, huh, right. well, you sure sound like South Africa to me. yeah, you know that's so good, I think you better tell me again. [Music]. in case you're wondering, this message is brought to you by, briefly, rugby, sunny skies and South Africa's greatest car- they go together [Music]. [Music]: laughs [Music]. [Music] foreign. [Music]. pump up your performance with sasol's super 100.. he's having his lunch break, I kind of. whatever it like now, both teams take this train. cadburys lunch bar, the much more Munch Bar with nuts and toasty rice, caramel and Wafers chocolate. I am McIntyre, from Glasgow. what kind of a maca are you? I'm a makatini. makatini, ah, from Edinburgh, I suppose. no, from maritz Para foreign. [Music]: 475. you sure have grown some kid reckon I'm ready for Chomp now? dad sure, looks like it's something, only, oh, still the same creamy wafer colored with caramel and same chocolate y outside, but look how much bigger. [Applause]. we will just have to grow some more kid. oh, big mouth. check this out, okay, do you hear? that sounds like fun. they're playing the pop crackle snap rap. what a snap. snap. crackle pop, crackle, snap, snap. do it again. Kellogg's Rice Krispies- the fun part of your complete breakfast. hey, Knuckleheads, snap snap, crackle pop, crackle, snap snap. Kellogg's Rice Krispies. it's a snap. scanner. cards from Kellogg's Rice Krispies, past good when you stir. can he call tikets, a trip to Disney World or cash in United? help you go accounts scan and win machines at ster-kinekor Cinemas. it's a snap. [Music]. [Music]. of course there is. have another Mystik and blame it on the bunny foreign. [Music].