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one product dropshipping business runs itself

Published on: February 24 2023 by pipiads

In this Shopify dropshipping video challenge, I hired experts on Fiverr to fully automate one of my brand new Shopify dropshipping websites. The goal was to see if I could make a great profit by just sitting back and hiring different freelancers.

Bullet Points:

- Went to Fiverr to find freelancers for product research, building a Shopify store, making video ads, and running Facebook ads

- Massive giveaway of the whole dropshipping business, worth between $2500-$3000

- Challenge lasted 21 days, with daily updates

- Ordered a gig for product research from a top-rated seller

- Received six winning products with AliExpress URLs, Facebook video ads, and store competitors

- Chose a product with high demand and positive reviews

Overall, hiring experts on Fiverr was a successful way to fully automate my Shopify dropshipping business. By finding a top-rated seller for product research, I was able to receive six winning products with all the necessary components to start selling. With careful consideration and analysis, I chose a product with high demand and positive reviews to ensure success.

How To Build A FREE BRANDED One Product Dropshipping Store With Shopify 2022

Creating a Branded and Professional One Product Shopify Store

In this article, we will discuss step-by-step instructions on how to create a one product Shopify store that looks professional and branded. This tutorial will take around 30 to 50 minutes, and we will cover everything from selecting a product to setting up the Shopify store.


1. Select a Product:

To create a one product Shopify store, you need to have a product in mind. Select a product that has good photography and information to make your life easier. If you do not have a product in mind, you can use websites like pixar.com to get ideas.

2. Check the Product's Reviews:

Before selecting a product, make sure to check its reviews. Choose a product that has good reviews and photography. You can use AliExpress to find your product and check its reviews.

3. Download AliSave:

Download the AliSave chrome extension to download all the product images and videos.

4. Use Exclusive Shopify 14-Day Free Trial:

Use our exclusive Shopify 14-day free trial link to get started with Shopify.

5. Download Recommended Apps:

Download recommended apps from the Shopify app store, such as Auto DS or DS S. Auto DS lets you import products from AliExpress and automatically fulfill every order. DS S is a free alternative to Auto DS.

6. Import Your Product:

Import your product through Auto DS or DS S. Check the drafts section in the Auto DS app to ensure that your product has been imported correctly.

7. Set Up Your Shopify Store:

Go to the Shopify dashboard, select the online store section, and choose the refresh theme. Add the theme and start customizing it to create a branded and professional store.

8. Use Copy and Paste Templates:

Use the copy and paste templates that we provide for privacy policy, terms and conditions, and shipping and delivery.

Creating a branded and professional one product Shopify store is easy if you follow these simple steps. Start by selecting a product with good reviews and photography. Use recommended apps like Auto DS or DS S to import and fulfill your product orders. Customize your Shopify store using the refresh theme, and use our copy and paste templates for essential pages. With these steps, you can create a Shopify store that looks professional and converts well.

Can I Set-Up My Online Business To Run Itself? | Bernadette Doyle

Is it possible to have an online business that runs on its own? This question was asked by Lisa on Bernadette Jiwa's Facebook page. The answer is yes, it is possible, but it all depends on how you set up your business. There are two things to consider when creating an online business that runs on its own: the delivery of the service or product to clients, and the behind-the-scenes tasks that go into running an online business.

Delivery of Service/Product:

To what extent do you need to be involved in delivering the service or product to clients? If your business involves one-on-one coaching or live group coaching, or any level of interaction with clients, it may not be entirely scalable. You will have to be involved to some extent. However, you can factor in the time element into your pricing and overall business model.

Behind-the-Scenes Tasks:

Aside from delivering the service or product, there are tasks that go into running an online business. Customer service emails, payment management, content scheduling, and more. The natural tendency is to do everything yourself, but that creates a business that is not scalable. You need to automate, delegate, and eliminate tasks to create an online business that runs on its own.

Automate, Delegate, and Eliminate:

Before you automate or delegate tasks, eliminate any that are not adding value to your business or are not essential to its success. Then, start looking at what you can automate using software or tools, and what you can delegate by hiring a virtual assistant. The small shifts you make add up to big changes overall. You do what you can with what you've got where you are.

If it is your heart's desire to have an online business that runs without you, it is possible. However, you need to make the decisions that work for you and create a business model that fits. By considering the delivery of your service or product and the behind-the-scenes tasks, you can create an online business that runs on its own.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

In this video, the goal is to start a brand new Shopify dropshipping business and take it from zero to over $1000 in just one week without using any money. The entire step-by-step process will be walked through and at the end of the video, the exact amount of money the business makes will be shown. The first step is to find a good product to sell and the strategy used is to search for TikTok made me buy it and change the date posted to this month to find relevant winning products that are selling right now. The chosen product is the cordless hair curler, which has high demand and is convenient for females to use. Spocket is used to find a supplier to get the product from and it is priced at $28.30 with shipping times of 7-14 business days. The product will be sold on the store for $59.99 and an upsell of heat protectant spray will be added for $19.99. The Shopify store is built to look like an actual brand and includes a sales timer, high-quality photos, and customer reviews. The After Sell Shopify app is added to the store to increase revenue through post-purchase upsells. The first funnel created is for the heat protectant spray and the upsell product is added. The process is walked through step-by-step and it is shown how to offer customers an upsell offer after they make a purchase.

How To Handle Dropshipping From Multiple Suppliers [Shopify]

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Using Podcast for Brand Building with Todd Cochrane

Welcome to the On Branding podcast, where today's guest is Todd Katherine. Todd is a podcast expert who runs his own show, the Geek News Central Podcast, and also helps other podcasters with advertising, distribution, hosting, and more. He is the CEO of Blabre, a podcast media company.

Why Podcasting is Great for Brand Building:

- Personal connection with audience

- More engaged than other forms of media

- Ability to reach a global audience

- Can target specific regions

- Approach individual podcasters directly for cost-effective advertising

- Advertisements should include a 30-second host read, link in show notes, and a banner ad on website

- Make sure the product/service is relatable to the podcast audience

- Use a unique landing page or promo code to track traffic

- Good offer that can't be found elsewhere is key

Podcasting is a powerful tool for brand building and advertising. With its personal connection and engaged audience, it offers a unique opportunity to reach a global audience and build a following. By approaching individual podcasters directly and including a 30-second host read, link in show notes, and a banner ad on website, businesses can create effective advertisements that drive traffic and build brand recognition.

How To Actually Start A Dropshipping Business (FREE Guide)

Many people have heard about Shopify dropshipping but are unsure of how to get started. There are many online gurus claiming to have all the answers, but it can be overwhelming for newcomers to navigate the space. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to start your very own Shopify business, and it's completely free. We will also introduce an exciting opportunity at the end of the article.

- Shopify dropshipping is a popular business model that promises significant profits.

- Many newcomers are unsure of where to start and overwhelmed by the amount of information available online.

- In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to start a Shopify business for free.

Steps to Start Your Shopify Business:

1. Create a Shopify Store:

- Go to the Shopify website and start a free trial.

- Skip unnecessary steps and select your country.

- Use Zen drop as an app to fulfill orders and automate the process.

2. Choose Products:

- Browse for products that sell well.

- Pick products that solve problems and have a decent markup.

- Edit descriptions and photos to make them look professional.

3. Set up Payment Gateway:

- Connect Shopify with a payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe.

- Set up shipping rates and taxes.

4. Launch Your Store:

- Add your domain name and customize your store's theme.

- Launch your store and start promoting it through social media and other channels.

Starting a Shopify dropshipping business is a great way to generate significant profits. By following these steps, you can launch your own store for free and start making sales. Remember to focus on choosing quality products and making your store look professional. Good luck!

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