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Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Earn $1500 By Watching Ads Online 2022 (Work From Home Jobs)

[Music]. hey guys, in this video, i will show you how to make money online by watching ads. we will look at various ways to make money online by watching them, and yes, it is possible. nowadays, it appears that you can make money by doing anything. so if you're looking for a simpler way to cash out money day by day, then this is the video for you. but before we dive more into that, welcome to our channel, where we teach you how to make money online in the simplest way possible. subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell so that whenever i upload a new video online, you will be the first to know about the strategy. also, hit the like button if you're enjoying this one. now we will look at four different websites where you can earn money simply by watching ads, so please stay tuned to learn more about this brand new strategy. so let's get started with the first website. this one will pay you for clicking and visiting various websites. i do need to explain this one because once you enter this one, you'll notike a paid option, and this website does allow you to pay and get more ads if you do so. but, however, i do not recommend it because there is a free option for clicking on ads. the difference is that different amounts of ads can be clicked on per day. so if you had a gold membership, you'd have a lot more ads to click on and make a lot more money, but then you will have to shell off. i don't believe in putting money into websites in the hopes of finding more ads. instead, click on more ads and reinvest your earnings as soon as you receive them. now that makes perfect sense. this first website works in this manner and is available worldwide. they charge in various way, but we will look into that once we're in there. the website i'm currently viewing on my screen is called advecom. this is how the website appears. when you first visit it, you'll come across a page like this and you will notike that they claim it's a unique platform for earning and advertising, implying that people are coming here to advertise. they pay people to watch their websites, primarily to improvise seo or search engine optimization. you see, the more a website is viewed, the more google recognizes it as a good website and begins promoting and supporting the development of such websites. that's exactly what you will be doing here. they have a very straightforward signup procedure. when you arrive at the home page, simply click sign up, and the next steps will be a registration form, where you will enter your name, email, username, password and re-enter the password again, and then you will be able to see the various payouts and payment options. just to think. to remember, though, there is no paypal here, because perfect money and payer are used instead. you can also finish with bitcoin or litecoin. now, once you've completed all of the information needed, click on. i am not a robot. agree to the attempts and conditions, register your account and then return to the email address you used to sign up here to confirm your account, and you will have completed the process of signing up to this website. to this day, i am yet to see any reviews claiming it's not a legitimate platform, but it's actually just low paying, which you should be aware of. however, the job that you're expected to do here is very simple, as i'm currently inside the dashboard, where we can all see all the earning statistiks right here, and, as you can see, this is my current balance. now you can earn more when you click on more ads using this website. their point of system is known as bad. when you click on it, you can convert it to dollars, so one vap is equal to 0.0005 in us dollars. i recommend that you visit the website to learn more about it and decide whether you want to sign up and make money by watching advertisements before we go any further. if you like this video, give us a huge thumbs up and subscribe to our channel, and if you're enjoying this one, turn on the notification bell to stay up to date with our most recent videos. now going back to this one, i'll show you where you can find more information by scrolling down a little bit, as you can see. they say that publishers and money online may start working right now and be rewarded to publish ads and get paid right away. so you can be paid via bank transfers and other methods. to get started, simply click here to begin. you will then click on publisher- sign up to start the sign up process, which is similar to the one we just completed. alright, so website number two is also available globally and offers a variety of payment options, including paypal. so this is the website i'm currently viewing: starttipscom. when you get to the homepage, you will notike that there are various tabs here. they have a tab for publishers and another tab for advertisers. go to the homepage and click on publishers. if you want to make money by viewing ads on this platform, you must also enter all your information, including your name, birth date and address. before you can start working here, they will need all of that information, as well as your email address and security questions, among other things, but now that you've joined this website, i believe it's quite worthwhile. no login and i'll show you what's available on this website. so i'm in this account dashboard right now, and you can see that i've completed some work. on the left, click on ppc ads here to see the various ads that are available to you with just one click. as you can see, i have a lot that i can click on, and this is how you can make money on this website: by watching ads. moving on to the third website on this video, this one utilizes cryptokurrency. they have their own cryptokurrency token, which you can then exchange for other cryptokoins and cryptokurrencies. you must download and install this plugin into your computer, and you're good to go. all that's left for you to do then is click on ads that appears on your screen, and when it does, you will earn points. permission dot io is the name of this website. as you can see, they believe that data is your most valuable asset, and i couldn't agree more. it's time to put an end to it, and here's a website that will pay you. to start earning money by clicking on advertisements, you must first sign up to the platform, as shown here, and fill out your profile information. so, in terms of the website, safety and other information, i believe it's best if we do some research to see if there is something you'd want to do, because, as you can see, this website will collect information from you and if you're okay with that, you can sign up for this website. i should also point out that their sign up process is extremely detailed. in order to be confirmed to their platform, you will be required to provide your id or other forms of identification, such as your driver's license. they're doing this to ensure your safety on the platform, that you're doing everything correctly and that no one hacks into your account before you sign up for this platform, because they'll need it. check out this platform first and the company behind it, because i think there's something interesting stuff right there. so now to the fourth and final one. this one is quite fascinating and it's one of the platforms where you can earn money by clicking on ads, and it's the current app for ios, as well as the mode earn app for android. as a result, this app was designed primarily for you to earn money by listening to music. there are a lot of radio stations on the platform where you can listen to music all day and earn money. they do have, however, a feature where you can click on to view 30 second ads- i believe it depends on where you are in the world- and, yes, you can earn endpoints that can be converted into cash using this platform's people and cryptokurrency options. now, isn't that amazing? and that's it for this video. i suggest that you go and visit the four websites that we've covered on this video. if you have any recommendations, positive experiences or questions about this one, let me know in the comment section down below if you like this vi.

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100% Legit Online Jobs - Post Ads Online

[Música] y online. [Música] rodríguez penín: manía es normal y sí, no y así, y dices: hermanito, cosas i y y bueno y online. en un ejemplo de negocio, 24 el camino bueno online.


hi everyone. it's Me, Jazzy Mac, and let's tok about today's work from home opportunity. but if you are new here, welcome, welcome. it's so nice to meet you and I want to encourage you to go ahead and subscribe, because we do have some exclusive work from home content that is only available to my subscribers, because y'all are loyal and I love y'all, so let's hop right in. we have some awesome, awesome opportunities for Home Depot and, yes, all of these are virtual. all of these are going to be no phones now. some of these are going to be more customer support based roles, and then I have a role that is actually going to be data entry. now we are going to tok about the job description, we'll tok about the salary and, of course, I will be doing the resume demonstration and for those of you that want to have that ready-made resume, it's going to be down in the description box and for those of you that already have the resume bundle subscription, it is already in your library. it's already there for you, and the cheat sheet- interview questions- are already there. so let's hop into the first roll. hold on, I forgot we got to do shout outs. okay, I just got a bunch of good news from some people on my video from yesterday and I need to shout these people out. so, super, super quick. I want to give a shout out to um Mel. she said: I'm starting with discover Financial as an AM inbound customer support on January 17th. thanks to you, omg Mel, I am so proud of you like. this was excellent news and I didn't even know that. so thank you for letting me know that you got the job and you have a start date very soon. the next person we have is bands G that said thank you so much for your your knowledge. you have helped me get hired at Amex. so excited for you. and Tiara said: I want to say thank you so much, um. ever since I found your channel, I've applied and gotten four job offers and interviews back to back. listen, I'm proud of you, Tiara. listen you guys, these resumes work okay. all you have to do is put in the effort. all right, you have to put in the effort. so our first role is going to be a customer experienced analyst role, and I want to go ahead and call out this whole location thing, because I'm going to get questions on it. okay, for this location it says Atlanta, but if you scroll down under work location, it says remote virtual, which means an associate in a remote virtual role typically is not required to work from a designated location to complete their job duties. we refer to this as location independ, then. so no matter where you're located, you can work virtually. okay, I want to emphasize that. so please do not comment saying this is for Atlanta, because I just read where it says this is location independent. okay, so customer experience analysts- what is this? okay? well, I want to point out, um, I want to point out a couple of different things. let's see, I want to bring up this sheet: foreign service analyst- the type of person that's generally going to qualify for jobs like this- are going to be people that work in a call center. if you've ever done tiknical support, you've ever done auditing- maybe you've been a team lead, shift manager, project coordinator, even an office manager, or if you've ever worked in feedback and surveys- and I'm going to show you why- based on their requirements. so a lot of you have this experience, you just don't know it. but it basically says that you're going to assess the associate skills levels based on the brand voice, value and empathy, and determine whether associate behaviors during customer interactions are acceptable for each partikular case, based on the customer's issue and the solution that was offered to the customer and proper system actions. now, that was just a fancy way of saying you're going to either a review phone calls- like you may listen in on phone calls- or you may review the chat queue to make sure that the agents that are assisting customers are, you know, being polite and that they're actually being helpful and they're not keeping customers on hold forever. so it says that you're going to basically have oversight by assessing a minimum number of interactions per agent on a monthly basis. so it could be, you know, a few times a week where you just listen in on a call or where you actually tok to an agent and you say, hey, I listened to your call the other day, you have that customer on hold way too long, or when you were in the chat queue you had them waiting for longer than the 60 seconds that we typically try to get back to people on. so you're basically going to be evaluating other people and and how they interact with customers and if there's like any type of survey or customers satisfaction survey that was filled out and there was like a negative rating, you would be the person that would say: okay, let me go back and look at this customer interaction. let's look at this chat interaction and see, was there anything off or anything rude that was said to make the customer not feel appreciated? so that is going to be the bulk of it. you won't have any direct reports and, again, this is going to be a virtual role. so, going back to my little sheet here, the salary for this position- uh, oops, not that. the salary for this position, based on Glassdoor, was 47 000 to 66 000 a year. this is going to depend on your experience and, uh, your geographical location. so 24 to 33 dollars per hour, um, is is going to be the rate for the customer experience analyst. so this is going to be in your library for those of you that already have um, the resume bundle, the ultimate resume bundle. so let's go ahead and take a look at the actual resume breakdown so that you all can ensure you've got the proper hot words. so, foreign, don't copy this word for word. be honest about your experience. blah, blah, blah, blah. okay. operate with Integrity, Okay. so some of the hot words that were mentioned, of course, were customer experience. so we always like- I personally always like to say: you know, I'm excited to use my skills or whatever um for the Home Depot team- and I like to say the name of the team okay, because it just it helps with the hot words and it also helps them to know that you've tailored your resume. now, some of the other things that we saw in the job description that we would want to make sure we called out are words like escalations. um, voice of customer isn't something that was necessarily in the job description, but I would want to call that out. if I've got experience in that. um, supervising is something you may want to call out. if you've ever worked in a call center, even if you weren't a supervisor, you want to call out that you had to operate with empathy, um in a timely resolution. so that's another set of words you may want to call out. if you've ever worked with csats, which are um customer satisfaction surveys, that is definitely something that you'll want to call out. you've ever been a call center agent. that would certainly be something that you want to call out. so maybe you've provided performance feedback to the agents you've worked with. or if you worked in even a restaurant setting, maybe you provided feedback to the people that operated the cash register. you know this whole job is all about listening, auditing, giving feedback to make sure that customers have a wonderful experience. okay, so, even if you have not worked in a call center, if you've worked, you know, at Zaxby's as a team lead, or you worked at CVS, you worked at some other retail store where you were there to either be a manager, some sort of supervisor, or if you were just in general, like responsible for greeting customers, like you worked at Walmart as a people greeter. part of that is, you know, making people feel good when they come into the store. so those are things that you definitely want to call out. some of the other hot words were cross-functional QA, which stands for quality assurance, and anything else that you may want to add. you know you can throw in here as appropriate, but that's going to be the bulk of it for this role. so let's go ahead and hop over to our next role. so our next rol.

Make Money Searching on Google | Search Engine Evaluator Jobs Online From Home

if someone tells you that they work for Google, you may think, oh wow, but you can do it too and earn thousands of dollars per month. in this video, I will show you exactly how and I will give you some details that I'm sure will help you if you want to work for Google as well. so what will you be as someone that works for Google and adds quality rater, as Google calls this job- or maybe you're more familiar with this name: search engine evaluator, Internet analyst, web search evaluator, and so on. this is one of only a few home based Google jobs opportunities, but we will see more in another video. so welcome back to my channel and let's go-oh [Music]. before we start, let me just assure you that ads, quality raters, do exist, and Google paid people to do this kind of job. okay, I don't want to waste your time here. so what is a search engine evaluator? well, it's just a person like me or you or someone else that will have to look at specific results and make sure they follow the guideline. you will be given a time limit to do certain tests and you will be paid just for that time limit. if you spend more time on doing your test, you won't be compensated. it will pay off only if you become more efficient with your work, because low workers are just wasting their time. okay, I think I can skip this part, because maybe many of you already know or heard about search engine evaluators, and if you don't, just leave a comment down below and they'll be more than happy to answer and help you. so I was saying: how do you know if you can work for Google? there are some requirements, of course, and we will check them out right now, and after that I will show you where and how to apply for these kind of jobs. first of all, you will need some research skills. we are all online, I think, every day, so I think this won't be a problem for you. secondly, they asked you to have some knowledge about current events and pop culture, but if we're good at research, I don't think this is a real requirement. the next one: well, here, do you think you can do this for maximum 10 hours per week? I think you can mean it can become a side job for you and if you become better and better, you end up earning some good money. the most important thing is that you will have to pass a test or an interview, and, of course, you have to be good at English if you want to work in English. there are open jobs for Google in other languages too, but today we will cover only the English ones. another important thing that I want to tell you today is that if you live in the USA, you can earn up to $36,000 per year. now let's see what exactly you will have to do as a Google rater, or search engine evaluator. let's say that you type in weather in New York, so you'll have this result and you have to rate it based on the parameters mentioned in the general guideline, which is called the Bible of Google. so you will read this result based on its helpfulness to the user. ok, this was just an example, because you can always get a link or an image or a video and so on. ok, now I think it's clear what you will do as a search engine evaluator. so stay close, because now we are going to see where you can apply to these jobs. well, I would suggest you start using Lasseter calm, because here you will find many companies that hire for these jobs, as open lion, bridges, ovo or even Google. now, guys, there's another important thing that you should know if you get approved for a pen, for example, you won't be able to apply online bridge, for example, because they work for the same company, that is Google, so you will only be able to choose one and stik with that one. ok, so it's cool, it's easy. you just have to make some tasks and earn thousands of dollars. but, as per each kind of job or thing that you do, it takes time to become better, or at least good and learn. of course- and to be honest, it's pretty difficult to get past the qualification test. you need to read their guidelines and go to the three part qualification process. but I think that if you really like this opportunity and want to earn some extra money for real and for sure, then you can apply and even if you fail the first time, well, you can prepare better for the next and apply again, of course. okay, guys, this was all for today. if you have any questions, the comment box is down below waiting for you. have an amazing day and I'll see you next time. bye, bye. [Music].