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Online business Ideas for 2018 - Start TODAY!

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

Online business Ideas for 2018 - Start TODAY!

hey everybody welcome back to the Lux
Business Channel I'm Tatiana and in
today's video I'm going to share with
you online business ideas for 2018 so
I'm gonna get started with my first and
favorite online business model and
that's called affiliate marketing
I love affiliate marketing because you
don't need any special skills or talent
you don't need to be creative or
innovative or have some sort of special
trait or characteristik you can
literally get started today right now so
affiliate marketing is basically where
you're promoting someone else's product
or service to your own public audience
so for example your Facebook page with
your own friends say you love this
protein powder that you use on a daily
basis and you want to share with your
family and friends instead of just
sharing the link to that person's
website you sign up for their affiliate
program you get a special link you post
that link on your Facebook page when
your family and friends see it and by
using that link you could get a
commission so your commission can range
from 10% for a physical product to maybe
50% for an online training or course or
service so it's really great it just
means that you earn money without really
creating anything of your own so you're
really literally just promoting products
and services maybe things that really
serve you in your life and you're just
sharing that with other people and in
doing so you earn Commission I love this
business model it's suitable for almost
anyone anyone can get started but
obviously the more followers you have
the more trust you have with your
followers in your community the bigger
your email list the more impactful it
can be so this is a business model that
can make you you know $10 a month and it
can also make you a million dollars a
month so it's a lot of opportunity here
number two is Kindle publishing so
Kindle publishing is where you publish
books now a lot of people might think oh
well I don't know how to write a book
I'm not an author why would I even do
this that's not how it works
so with Kindle publishing you can
basically you find books that are you
know in niche category a lot of how-to
books work for this so for example how
to train your dog how to train your dog
how to fetch or your dog
1:01 so even though you're not an expert
in that field you can outsource that so
you would hire somebody you can hire
somebody locally or overseas you can
hire someone on upwork.com
you can hire them for about you know
around $100 to $200 to write a 5,000
word book for you and that you would
publish it self publish it on Kindle
Amazon Kindle and you could make money
right away so you start people start
buying your book for whatever amount to
cost and it's very little investment for
you so your initial investment might be
around $100 to $200 for actually getting
the content so hiring a writer and then
around $5 to $25 to make the cover for
your book so you can hire someone on
Fiverr kaam to create a cover for you
and then you just pop it on to the
kindle and there's also you do have to
take a course on kind of how to learn
how to actually do this it's not you
know it is simple but you do need to
learn how to make the book format right
for Kindle and how to self publish so I
do have a course that I would recommend
by Stefan it's Kindle publishing which
is down below which is also an affiliate
link so as I said before I'm promoting a
product so in this case I'm promoting
his course I have taken the course I do
believe in it it actually made me I
think it made me around 500 bucks a
month when I with like one book so it's
a course that really works but this is
an example of affiliate marketing so yes
I'm sharing with you how to get started
with Kindle but in doing so I'm also
giving you an affiliate link that can
earn me potentially a commission number
three is drop shipping so I think drop
shipping is a great idea as well because
you don't have to have an initial
investment in the inventory so with
regular you know private labeling you do
have to buy a bulk amount of products
and you have to have an official initial
investment with drop shipping what you
would do is you would find a company
that is able to dropship and basically
you send them your designs for whatever
products this works really well for
apparel so if you're doing clothing and
t-shirts this would work really well for
you you basically hire someone to create
designs you can do that on fiverr.com as
well around five dollars maybe for a
t-shirt design
send it to the drop shipping company
upload it on their system for the type
of shirt that you want it will sell and
then you basically take those shirts put
them on your own website maybe that's
the Shopify site WooCommerce site and
then you create kind of your own website
you start branding and then you start
selling to people and when they buy the
product in that moment sends a message
to the drop shipping company that hey we
need you to make this product so they
make the product right then and there
and that's when you get charged to the
product so you don't get charged before
the customer buys you get charged the
moment the customer buys so it's good
because it's a safe way to start an
online business because if you invest a
thousand dollars in inventory and all of
a sudden nobody's buying your products
well that's a thousand dollars that's
kind of down the drain
versus if you just start with the drop
shipping you have really no investment
you are only going to be paying for
whenever somebody buys so you're really
not at a loss I think that the biggest
investment is your time because you do
have to spend time to market your
website but again this actually works
really well for existing companies so if
you're you know a company online or an
online business and you just want to
brand yourself so I think drop shipping
is great for fads or trends for example
right now Donald Trump is a huge topic
of conversation so you see a lot of
these like Trump stikers or Trump
shirts so what you could do is you could
create a small site just Trump calm very
very basic you could do it like on
Shopify or on WordPress and then
basically you would hire someone to
create a bunch of t-shirt designs with
all these different words and images and
texts you would upload them to the drop
shipping site upload them to your
website and as soon as somebody buys the
shirt you start making money from that
and so what happens is when the trend
dies down you don't have thousands of
dollars of inventory that is no longer
going to be sold because there's no
interest because that's the beauty with
drop shipping you don't have an initial
investment of inventory so you can just
delete the website and start with the
next trend so that's another option for
you it's not exactly a sustainable
business but drop shipping in general
can be a sustainable business if you're
Brande number four is creating an online
course so this is a wonderful business
model because if you are somebody who
does have the talent or a skill or
something of real value that you want to
share with the public and teach them
then this is your opportunity to create
passive income so initially you're going
to invest you know maybe a week's worth
of time or however long it takes you to
make the course and is far as monetary
investment you are going to invest a
little bit of money to set the course
SAP so either creating a PDF or creating
an online platform for people to log in
and sign in to that as a user so but
it's a small investment and after this
initial investment of time and money
basically what happens is you put the
course out there and people start buying
the course when they buy the course
after you recuperate your initial
investment everything else is profit
it's pure profit because you're not
paying employees you're not paying for
inventory you don't have shipping costs
or anything like that so online courses
are really one of the best ways to make
profit online and passive income they do
require that you have some sort of value
to add to the public for example the
Kindle publishing course that I earlier
recommended to you that is created by
Stefan James he is the king of Kindle
publishing and he had a lot of value to
add to the public so he decided to
create a course to share that with
people and now that course has impacted
thousands tens of thousands of lives and
helped people make money online but it's
also helped him to create passive income
online courses are great for Fitness
people who are into fitness
I see you see a lot of this on Instagram
so people who are you know fitness gurus
personal trainers they create a course
training people you know a six weeks
twelve week workout program for people
and that's how they make their a lot of
money online they don't really make
money from like you know even on YouTube
if you have a youtube channel successful
YouTube channel doing Fitness well
creating a course would really
complement your channel because people
want your advice they're already asking
for it if you give them the opportunity
they will buy that from you okay number
five is
kind of my little specialty and that's
Amazon FBA so actually let's just say
Amazon in general because there's two
routes that you can take when you sell
products on Amazon so this is a physical
product business very the total total
opposite of an online course because
it's physical product so you have
physical inventory that you buy and you
sell it on Amazon so there's two methods
that you can go with this you can do
retail arbitrage and you can do private
labeling so retail arbitrage is
basically where you go around to stores
you know you look for products in your
house you go to thrift stores you go to
Walmart at the discount aisle you find
products that are on sale or a very
discounted price and then you scan them
on the Amazon app you see what they're
selling for on Amazon and if it's a good
profit margin you buy a bunch of those
items and then you send them to the
Amazon warehouse to then sell on Amazon
and you make a profit so this is a great
way to make money fast because you can
literally go to a thrift store find a
product in its packaging like new get it
for $1 sell it for $30 on Amazon and you
just made yourself like $25 not with the
Amazon fees and all that so it's a quick
way to make money you don't have to
create your own product you don't have
to put time into branding the only thing
with this is that it's not a sustainable
method you're in the hustle you have to
constantly go to the store and find new
products constantly driving around and
trying to find the best deals I did it
for a little while it can be a little
bit thrilling in the beginning
especially at the thrift store is
finding such good deals but it's not
sustainable and it can tire you out and
it's not a guarantee there's no
guarantee that you're gonna find a sale
or that you're gonna find a product to
sell and you're constantly having to
replenish that inventory so it is a good
method for quick money but it's not a
sustainable business model the second
option is private labeling so I think
this is more sustainable this is what I
do this is what the Amazon courses teach
private labeling is basically it's more
common than you may think so for example
when you go into your local store and
you see 10 different candle brands
they're all the same
handle but they're just different brands
potentially these candles might have all
come from the exact same supplier so
what that means is so you find a product
on Amazon it selling really well and you
say hey I can replicate this or actually
improve it and make it better so then
you go and you find a manufacture
whether that may be overseas or locally
see how much it costs you to create the
product decide whether or not you want
to pursue it whether the profit margins
are something that you know works for
you 30% 40% 50% profit margins whatever
it may be and then you put your own
brand name on it so you create your own
logo created create a brand for yourself
slap your brand name on the product and
ship it off to Amazon Amazon then sells
your product under its own under your
eyes a new product under your own brand
and you start making money and you've
built a brand and I think this is a
really really smart way to do it you can
start off as a nobody you know nobody
knows your brands are all set in with
your hard work a year later you're a big
brand and a very influential brand
online that people go to for their
products and their needs so I think this
is awesome it's a really big opportunity
the fact that Amazon allows us as
regular people normal people to just
sell things on their platform is a
blessing I think we should all take
advantage of it especially since Amazon
is growing exponentially so it's a great
great business model it does require an
initial investment and it takes time to
see your return on investment so it take
it does take time for you to be
profitable you know some people might be
profitable within a month some people
might take six months it might take
seven months or eight months so you
can't expect a short-term gain with this
especially if you're going to be
building a brand so keep that in mind
but I do think that this is a great
option and this is the subject that this
YouTube channel will be about it's going
to be about how to private label a
product how to get it up on how to get
it up on Amazon and how to really make
the most out of your brand is so the
next two online business models are for
people who don't want to do any of the
or for people who have a really special
tiknical skill so number one is
becoming a freelancer so you know I
mentioned that when you're creating a
logo you can hire somebody on fiverr.com
or if you are you know building a
website you can hire someone from
because you're hiring people who have
skills and talents that you do not have
so if you're someone who just have those
skills you can put your service up for
hire on these websites and basically
work from home be your own boss and do
something that you love and that you
enjoy so if you're someone who's really
really good at WordPress you enjoy doing
it then you can put your service up on
up were calm and companies you know will
hire you to fix their website or
companies will hire you to create their
logo or to do their social media
branding or whatever it is that you are
good at and that you enjoy doing so I
think this is an awesome way to make
money online even if you just do it on
the side if you're working at school and
you do this on the side much more fun
than being a server at a restaurant and
I think it's something that helps you
develop your own skills too so you're
constantly in the work practiking it so
you'll get better and better and it's
just a good thing to have so the last
one is to become a coach so I wasn't
sure if I was gonna put this on the list
because I don't want people to interpret
the wrong way right now I feel like
everybody's a coach you know you meet
anybody and they're say yeah I'm a life
coach I'm this coach I'm that coach
people who should not be a coach or
coaches people who are life coaches and
their whole life is chaotik and a wreck
and it's really sad because as a coach
you're really supposed to be able to
help someone genuinely and a lot of
times I feel like people see coaching as
just such a lucrative idea and business
model that they just want to jump into
it regardless of whether or not they're
truly adding value to someone so I think
that you really do need to evaluate
yourself recognize whether or not you
have a lot of value to add to someone
and can impact their life and not just
see this as a moneymaker if you are
somebody who has a lot of value to add
if you have a lot of life experience or
you have the results that people want
then sure become a coach
to add value to people and in turn you
can make a living from that so those are
my top business models online business
models for 2018 I hope that you enjoy
them if there's anything on the list
that you would like to pursue comment
below I would love to know what business
idea interests you most if there's
something that's not on the list that
you feel very passionately about let me
know as well I would love to know and
add it to my next list I'll see you guys
later bye