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open house ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Ellen Pompeo's Midcentury Malibu Beach House: An Open Door Tour

Ellen Pompeo, the star of Grey's Anatomy, takes viewers on a tour of her midcentury Malibu beach house. Designed in collaboration with her interior design partner, Martin Lawrence Bullard, the house boasts stunning views of the ocean and a mix of vintage and modern furnishings.

The Living Room:

- The inspiration for the house came from a unique 60s sofa found by Bullard.

- The walls feature book-matched marble, adding drama and art to the space.

- The bar cart is a favorite with its midcentury vibe and love for tequila.

The Main Dining Area:

- Swedish chairs from the 60s and a cutting table from Yves Saint Laurent's studio give the room character.

- The seaweed cactus on the table adds a natural touch.

- The kids have fun at the table, throwing food and getting yelled at by Pompeo.

The Kitchen:

- Pompeo has strict rules for her small kitchen and likes to cook alone.

- The Brazilian book-matched marble and apothecary jars from a Parisian flea market add elegance and charm to the space.

The Formal Dining Room:

- The table was custom-made by Bullard, and the chandelier has a modern feel with a nod to the 60s.

- The lazy Susan in the middle of the table makes it easy for large groups to dine.

- The view from the room is breathtaking.

The Primary Bedroom:

- The marble behind the bed is an homage to the movie I Am Love.

- The custom-made bed allows for the whole family to snuggle up and watch movies.

- The primary bathroom is a quiet space for Pompeo and her daughters to relax, but the marble baths don't retain heat well.

The Backyard:

- The fire pit keeps the space warm on chilly Malibu nights.

- A yucca tree inspired the color of the sofas.

- The bean bags, backgammon table, and bunk beds make it a fun space for kids.

The Guest Room:

- Pompeo showcases photography featuring important moments in black history and prominent black artists.

- The tables are from the 50s and add a vintage touch to the room.

The Pool:

- The shallow pool is perfect for California's hot weather.

- Pompeo's husband makes drinks at the bar while kids play in the pool.

- The house was rebuilt by well-known architects, Buff and Hensman.

Ellen Pompeo's midcentury Malibu beach house is a stunning mix of vintage and modern, with breathtaking views of the ocean. The house's design and furnishings reflect Pompeo's love for midcentury style, while also adding unique touches that make it her own.

Open House Facebook Ad FULL TUTORIAL For Real Estate Agents

How to Create a Facebook Ad for Your Real Estate Open House

Hey everyone, this is Brett and I'm here to give you a quick tutorial on how to create a Facebook ad for your real estate open house. By following these steps, you'll be able to get more people inquiring about your open house and property.

Step by Step Guide:

1. Access Ads Manager: You can find this by going to business.facebook.com and clicking on Ads Manager.

2. Choose Lead Generation: Since our goal is to get leads, select Lead Generation as your campaign.

3. Name Your Campaign: Name your campaign, for example, Open House Ad and add the property address.

4. Set Budget and End Date: Set a daily budget of $5 and an end date, preferably the day before the open house.

5. Select Housing and Country: Since it's real estate, choose the Housing category and select the correct country.

6. Use Instant Forms: Use Instant Forms to make it easier for people to inquire about the property.

7. Custom Audiences: If you are in the special ad category, avoid discrimination by not selecting any targeting. Choose only your location within a minimum radius of 15.

8. Detailed Targeting: Limit the number of demographics, interests, and behaviors to two or three, such as Zillow or Realtor.com.

9. Placements: Test placements but use manual placements and limit the ad to the news feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Marketplace.

10. Optimize for Leads: Optimize for leads before creating the actual creative of the ad.

Creating the Ad:

1. Select Page and Instagram Account: Choose the relevant page and Instagram account.

2. Add Pictures: Use high-quality pictures of the property, preferably multiple ones to give people a better idea of the property.

3. Primary Text: Use emojis and exciting language in the primary text, such as Come on by this weekend and check out this beautiful property in [community and neighborhood name].

4. Headline: Keep the headline short and exciting, such as Mark Your Calendar for This Open House.

5. Call to Action: Choose Learn More as the call to action.

6. Create a Form: Create a form to make it easier for people to sign up for the open house.

By following these simple steps, you can create an effective Facebook ad for your real estate open house. Remember to keep it exciting, use high-quality pictures, and limit the demographics and interests to get the most leads. Good luck!

Inside Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent's Newly Renovated Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Hey Dee, I'm Nate Berkus, and I'm Jeremiah Brent, and we would like to invite you into our home again. We've already been here, but it looks a little bit different. Come check it out.

In this article, we will be exploring Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's home and the changes they've made since the last time they lived there.

Changes in the Entry:

The floor and the railing are the major changes in the entry. The new floor is antique Spanish concrete tiles that are 200 years old, which sets the tone for the house's overall style.

Formal Living Room:

The formal living room is a space where they entertain guests, and it's filled with heavy hitters such as Jean Michel Frank, Renee Prue, and Giacometti. They've blended the '30s, '40s, and '50s styles from France to Europe, creating a space that's comfortable and elegant.

Dining Room:

The dining room used to be formal, but they've made it brighter and happier. They've flanked the bench with some beautiful shelving to display their silver and dishes, and the room is perfect for hosting meals and doing homework.


The kitchen is where they spend most of their time, and they wanted it to feel bright and airy. They've created a balance between new and old, and they've accessorized the kitchen with lamps and art to make it feel like a cozy living space.

Family Room:

The family room is where they watch TV and hang out, and it's designed with a nod to Nate's obsession with Halston's decor. The space is minimal and modern, but the shelves are not, making it a comfortable and cozy space.


The bedroom is a moody cool forest that feels comfortable and is perfect for opening your eyes first thing in the morning. They've juxtaposed traditional wallpaper with contemporary lighting and furniture, creating a unique and timeless space.

Nate and Jeremiah have created a unique and timeless space that's a perfect representation of their styles together. They've made changes throughout the house that make it feel brighter and happier while still maintaining its elegance.

Inside Rita Ora's Victorian-Era Sanctuary | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Welcome to My Home: A Tour of My Historic London House

- Greeting and thank you for visiting

- History of the house and its significance to the owner

- Description of the creative energy and original glass work


- Traditional and organic style

- Favorite room for cooking and hanging out with friends

- Love for the arches and cozy dimension

- Desire to let the architecture and history speak for itself

Living Room:

- Cozy and traditional with old school radiators and big windows

- Favorite spot to relax and watch TV

- Contrasting elements of rock and roll and Damien Hurst artwork

Sitting Room:

- Soul of the house with original frame and divider

- Rustic and full of heart

- Personal connection to the owner's name and identity

- Comparison to the church and its character


- Little piece of heaven and pride of the owner

- Love for flowers and attention to detail

- Traditional color of the flooring and character of the little foot marks

- Sundial as a nod to the history of the house

- Sunken garden as a natural and peaceful space


- Former art studio of illustrator Arthur Rackham

- High ceilings and big windows

- Traditional elements and simplicity of the marble sink

- Two fireplaces for warmth and coziness

- Personal touches like indoor plants and butterfly decor

- Private balcony with a view of London

- Gratitude for the opportunity to share the home

- Appreciation for the history and character of the house

- Love for the mix of old and new, traditional and modern elements

- Final invitation to enjoy the peaceful and creative energy of the home.

Inside Sienna Miller's Secluded Country Cottage | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Sienna Miller's Cottage: A Cozy and Sophisticated Retreat

- Sienna Miller welcomes viewers to her cottage

- Miller redecorated the house with her friend Gabby Dalau during lockdown

- Miller purchased the house at age 25 and it has become her sanctuary


- Miller loves to cook and enjoys the spacious kitchen with a large Lacon stove

- Miller appreciates the 1920s crittle doors and the mix of contemporary touches

- The cottage has a magical feel with the old house and modern updates

Dining Room:

- The cottage has five bedrooms and can sleep 12 people

- The dining room is a large space for hosting guests

- The balcony adds height and the fireplace is perfect for Christmas time

Living Room:

- The living room is cozy and perfect for watching TV

- The 16th-century extension adds to the sense of history in the house

- Miller loves to mix old and contemporary styles in her decor


- The cottage has six bedrooms, including a sweet and magical room for Miller's daughter

- The guest room is a lovely space for visitors

- Miller's bedroom has been completely changed and is a mix of modern and vintage styles

- Sienna Miller's cottage is a perfect retreat with a mix of old and new styles

- Miller's love of cooking and entertaining is reflected in the spacious kitchen and dining room

- The cottage's magical feel and sense of history make it a special and unique home.

Inside Emma Chamberlain's Radiant New Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Emma Chamberlain welcomes viewers into her house, which she decorated with the help of Marie and Ashley from Prom. She describes her style as a mixture of everything she loves, from any era, and making it all work together. Each room has a different feel, but she loves that the house was built in the 50s but doesn't feel claustrophobic.

The house has a wall of inspiration, which inspires her to pick up a book and think about art. She loves to sit in the room, journal, and do watercolor painting.

Emma confesses that she never uses a record player but wants to change that. She loves her little Russian dolls that are painted as the Beatles and ABBA. She also talks about the art collection in her house, including a painting of the peanut butter aisle at the grocery store.

She has a formal dining room, but she doesn't eat there. Instead, she eats in her green kitchen, which she redecorated, and loves the marble and the minty sagey green cabinets. She even has a whole coffee corner, and she is proud of it.

The house overall has a lot of light, which is essential for Emma since she is in her home a lot. She loves that it feels light, bright, and happy inside. The party bathroom is wild and crazy, with a snail on the wall, and the sink came with the house. Emma's dressing room is where she gets her hair and makeup done, and she can accessorize her outfits.

She admits to being a little mortified about having a dressing room, but for now, she is thinking about herself. She loves her high heels, but she mostly keeps them on the top shelf because she rarely wears them. Emma takes inspiration from people in their 60s, especially cool grandpas wearing sweater vests.

Finally, Emma loves her ultra-pergola mirror and admits that it was on her bucket list. She loves how it adds fun to the space.

Inside Dee & Tommy Hilfiger's Mediterranean-Style Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Welcome to Palm Beach: A Tour of Tommy and Dee's Stunning Home

Tommy and Dee welcome us to their stunning Palm Beach home, highlighting their love for the indoor-outdoor lifestyle and the beautiful outdoor courtyard. With the help of their decorator friend Martin Lawrence Boulard, they have created a modern yet classic space that reflects their love for art, detail, and comfort.

Outdoor Courtyard:

- Beautiful coral stone and arches

- Outdoor fireplace and blue accents

- A mix of modern and classic elements

- Perfect for living on the water and enjoying the Florida lifestyle

Living Room:

- Designed by Martin Lawrence Boulard

- Mix of modern and vintage elements

- Pecky cypress ceiling lightened for a fresher feel

- Giacometti light fixtures as pieces of art

- Cozy and comfortable space with a view of the water

All-Purpose Area:

- Family office and cocktail area

- Black lacquer table inspired by a Spanish castle

- Modern classic with a deco vibe

Moroccan-Inspired Room:

- Warm and welcoming space

- Mix of Syrian, Moroccan, and French elements

- Touches of khaki and olive green

- French rope work on stools

Dining Room:

- Open space with beautiful coral stone columns

- Light, modern, and simple design

- Touches of bamboo for a tropical feel

- Vintage 1940 chairs and bleached French oak table

Foyer and Hallway:

- Link between all the rooms in the house

- Beautiful coral stone columns and arch windows

- Gallery of photographs with iconic characters

- Stone as a traditional Mediterranean element

Indoor Family Room:

- Cozy and inviting space

- TV hidden behind wooden cabinets

- Perfect for watching football games and reading books


- Dark wood replaced with white paint for a clean and modern look

- New nickel fixtures for a fresh appeal

- Convenient space next to the grill area

Sitting and Eating Area:

- Separated by arches for a cozy feel

- Mix of bamboo, wicker, and cerused wood

- Lazy Susan for family meals

Upstairs Terrace:

- Stunning fireplace and Spanish tiles

- Quadrifoils along the banister

- Beautiful view of the water and sunset

Outdoor Family Room:

- Tommy and Dee's favorite space in the house

- Perfect for relaxing, having cocktails, and dreaming about vacation

- Comfortable and inviting with a view of the water

Tommy and Dee have created a beautiful and comfortable home that reflects their love for the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, art, and detail. With the help of their decorator friend Martin Lawrence Boulard, they have combined modern and classic elements from different parts of the world to create a unique and inviting space in sunny Palm Beach.

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