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opt out of google ads

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

How to opt out of Google ADS

hello, ladies and gentlemens. today is a very interested and an important video. as you notike it, probably many of you who ever use Google you got all this stuff over here that is suggested by by them and basically you don't know what's it's coming from. all the Google keep in tracing your activities and in order to get everything to get rid of it, I would suggest to go to add settings. so type it in developing a Vidale google that come forward large settings, forward, slash ads and you get inside of the heart. heard of the Google system settings. we can work over here right away on personalization, but for go to this back again. we go to all this back again, but so far, scroll down to a choice, hit the edge choice and you will see the system will start generating and calculating your use and companies. this is a go. scroll all the way down, continue, and I want to let scroll everything through, but, as you can see, there is a company that watch New York T, which is your ad choices. so we're going to need to select all and opt out. so when I select all, I don't want to scroll everything, but that's your intent. so said, make choices, opt out of all. hit opt out of all and we are opting out of all when I use this. awesome, okay, I understand your choices. okay, opt-out request: 132 partikipants complaints: opt-out request for two partikipants companies were not completed. that's not surprising me. back to opt-out results. okay, that's fine, it's a couple of those get admission. what are they hit container? so everything seems to be up tout it. if crooks digital, it's not opted out and there is, I don't even know where those things coming from. to be honest, I'm OB. whatever is it opt-out of all. see, if we get out of this year for some reason it doesn't come out. but all should be more. settings: no, okay, looks like once has been opted out yet. so heat back twice, three times, until you just keep this. mean you keep hitting back. just okay, you got it. so we need to go back to the same page for your bin. tell me that. whatever. Google settings- calm, okay. now if you look into these settings were here at the comics and animations. Google estimate disinterest based on your activities on our Google website. so they are managing your activities. it does not open into my browser on the phone, but by clicking on those manage your activities, you'll find out a lot of interesting stuff that you can turn off. so we'll just gonna - nothing off and I'll. software updates - nothing off and shopping- there is no waking here activities, but I can do it on a desktop so that we're keeping turning things off. so I'm not interested in anything with this. Android apps and 65 years older guys- huh, I'm not a 65. what is your tune? enough, I don't want to see that. I choice only go through. we'll go it down up again now or get more options. we're gonna uncheck, exclude non-google activities, gonna delete that as well, got it. and we're gonna shut this thing to enough personalization. so we are, we are limited in what sort of choice of. so gonna back to the Google and see if you go to the each of the settings, see, you can see hide the story, not interested in this Big Bang Theory, managed, interested. so if you're gonna manage you interested, you're interested. I will show you everything that I'm interested, it so you do visible to business, so you will want that to be visible. so you basically what you can do. you can remove any of these options like this and go to the whole thing and then you're just going to be tell that everything. because all they were not interested in anything, and that's for the people who using a Google website, especially Google browsers like Chrome. well, thank for watching this video. I hope I was hope to you and you stop by, you uncheck all so you can clear the history of your been Union. but that's the video for the next subject. thanks for watching again. enjoy, share with your friends and like, please, this page. I'm for privacy and I wished nobody can be traced by anybody and you guys can be free from dinner been telling you what to do, in a word, to click on. thank you for watching again.

Petition To Opt-Out of Google Ads Hiding Search Terms Due To User Data Protection | From Ep. 140

[Music]. there was a petition by someone named marketing o'clock- who's she? it's pretty amazing because the petition over on changeorg was for giving advertisers the ability to opt out of non-significant search terms in google ads. so of course we're behind this and, honestly, this change- as you've heard over the past two weeks- or i guess past one week and two episodes- it's it's not a positive change, and so we put together a petition saying that if google is really trying to maintain standards of privacy and strengthen protections around user data, then we would not like to be included in that. so the petition that we put together was pretty simple. it obviously google's made a decision not just to show search terms. fine. our petition is: if there actually is a user privacy issue and protecting that data, let advertisers opt out of that. if you want to not show search terms, fine, just let advertisers choose. no, right. so we went through and said that the change is not acceptable. we need to know exactly what we're paying for. so we request full visibility for the terms we're advertising on. in the last show that was the round table, marketing, a tok, i think, went into this really well, that shop hosted. then we went on to say, all right. no data, no impressions or clicks. if we can't see what a search term is, we do not want to peer from that query, receive the traffic or pay for the click. pretty reasonable, not telling them to roll everything back just to opt out. and we cited a few different reasons for this. so first we toked about many times. here is the close variant. matching has gotten progressively worse. mark had a couple good examples in the aforementioned show, but they're matching more generously and putting brands next to terms that they might not want. that comes into the second point that you can then show up for sensitive or problematik queries and have your brand advertising on those terms. thirdly, is google's response? was that those terms we are no longer going to see could be violating standards of privacy and user data standards? if that's the case, i don't want to put my clients on there. if you are telling the truth, google, and i don't think you are, i don't want my advertisers on things that are standards of privacy breaches. that should be number one, but it's the third thing that we said. and then, lastly, if we're actually matching between broad, broad match, modified phrase and exact, that will go a long way to help us allocate our budgets better, but that's sort of more of a grady thing, but it's still something. there is no exact match anymore in in in all serious, in the literal sense. there is no exact match anymore. so, for those four main reasons, we graciously asked for the ability to opt out shep. did i? did i butcher that? no, i think that was good. i love the uh addition of the word graciously. you know, it's just fair. i don't want to show up next to that stuff if you don't want to show it to me. yes, and- and this is how i know that their excuse is complete bs to say that we're not going to show you this because, because of user data standards, you, we need to opt out of that. if that's the case, if you're putting our ads on something that violates user data, we need the ability to opt out of that. am i crazy on this? like that's i, i, i i was awake and bad again last night thinking about this. this is what i do now. no, you're not crazy. i mean, we've got at least 500 people who agree with us at this point, i know, and so i don't think we're crazy. we're 30 hours into it. we've got 500 people agreeing with this and it's very simple: let us opt out. you don't want to show it because of the issues with your user data, this being compromised. i don't want to compromise user data. i want out of it. it's that simple, let us out of it. and shep said: we've got 500 people already going on this and if you listen to the show and you care about google ads like we do, please sign the petition. i know it's probably not going to do anything, but i, i just don't know what else to do. i don't know what else to do. and then i, i sit awake at night and i think that we did this. i think we did this. what we put these artikles out, toking about the close variants and how they don't match well and how they're garbage and how you have things like produce showing up for production and how they drop the term software completely and change software with system. and we're calling this out and i think there's somebody over google ads being like: oh yeah, this is pretty bad, let's just fix it, let's just hide it. no, let's hide it, hide it. okay, terrible. i wasn't blaming myself, but now you're making me think i should. well, anyway, it is free to support. just sign the petition if you'd like. there's a whole artik, a whole, i don't know- a couple thousand words on there as to why this is not fair and we'll just keep going here, and i guess i broke my rule of staying positive here. but just a few other good points from around the past week on this topic. so azeem at zeem digital on twitter said a quote from julie paccini on our marketing clock show and she said: there's no reason not to share what that threshold is is significant, more than two or more than 20.. and then james hebden at jp habdon on twitter said: sure, there's a reason. if google keeps it vague, then they can't be called out for further limiting it over time, which is exactly what they're going to do. google ads is heading towards a black box where everyone's budgets are efficiently exhausted and you can't opt out of anything terrifying. that's really scary, but also probably true. that's why that- this is why i'm so fired up about these things- is because you see, i see the, the, i can see through it. and you see, with the google partners changes, they are back. what now? seven months ago, eight months ago, they had had the partners changes that were supposed to be rolled out back in march where if you want to be a google partner and you want to keep your badge, you have to do all their bidding for them and hit a certain number. they didn't tell the number at first. they came out with the number afterwards and said you have to hit a 70 threshold score. but i don't care about that, because you make the score up. if, for all of a sudden, you say i want maximize clicks to be 71 of the overall score, then you have to hit that, and james is spot on with this. if you say it's significant, you can say: well, yeah, yeah, it's significant. now, and then it's like: oh, you know, not down the road. no, significant is is a percentage, it's, it's it. anything under 60 of your traffic isn't going to be shown. so okay, let's keep it positive here. mark gossipson at mark p gus on twitter had a different thought and he said: i believe that this toking about facebook and limiting the number of ads and the google query visibility is more about them saving server costs than anything, and they're just making up a bs reason for it. they're still trying to clean up that cost and the balance sheet. i am, oh, still messed up. that'd be nice. i i feel at peace with that, but i don't think it is because of close variance. and if it wasn't for the close variants matching on the farthest things from being close, then i would be with them. but they're hiding close variants. i said it all right. so, as shep toked about before, we had our voicemail lineup and we had kirkpc kirk on twitter and sam at digital. sam, i am on twitter, leave us a voicemail, but they left us four and three respectively. so i edited kirk's but sam left three of them right before we started recording here. so we're gonna go through kirk's and kirk said not to take it out of context. so we're gonna play kirk's and take it completely out of context. so here we go, wave your hand and i'll pause it and we can tok about it. so here comes kirk at pc kirk on twitter. hey, so ppc kirk here. uh, so, thinking about the google search terms, the first thing i want to think about is privacy. so google's claims that this because of privacy. i actually don't think that that's. that's totally unfounded, to be honest, and i'm gonna pause it for a second ki.

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How to Opt Out of Personalized Ads from Google

there's our unfortunate necessity on the Internet, but if you find personalized ads little too creepy, you can tell Google to stop showing you personalized ads. that way, instead of getting ads for things that you have recently searched for, you could see completely unrelated, unperson alized ads that are not based on your search end browser history. this way, you can still support decides you now, without feeling like Google is stoking your every move. if you are an Android user, there are actually two steps to opting out: one in your Google account and one on your Android device, which instructs apps not to personalize your ad experience. if you are not an Android user, one step is all it takes. step one for everyone: opt-out within your Google account. for the sake of simplicity, I am going to focus on how to do this on your browser, though this setting exists on some Android phones as well. open your browser and go to the Google's might account page while signed end. if it has been a while since you have logged in, you may have to enter your password here on this page. you are looking for one setting, that is add settings. you shall find in the center section, and that should be the third option from the top. click on it. this will open the add setting page for your account. but there is one more step through here. click manage ads settings to get into the real area. this page is pretty straightforward. for more information on what exactly you are opting out of, read through the page. it should give you a good feel for what will change when you opt out. if you are committed to the idea of a non personalized and experienced, hit that little toggle on the right side. you can also deselect the checkbox that Google to store said add data. this will bring up one more pop up to let you know exactly what is going to happen. if you are okay with that, go ahead and tape turn off. now personalized settings are off. if you would rather leave personalized air settings on- but what better control over what you see? you can do that in the your topics section just below, where you opt-out of ads altogether. keep in mind: these settings are personalized for you according to your search history, so your options will likely like very different than mine. if you are an Android user and prefer not to get in front of a computer to tweak your settings, you can find the same thing in settings, then Google, and then personalized info and privacy and then ads settings. this is basically just a quick link to the ads setting page under my account on the web, so the same results should show up here is highlighted in the previous picture. now just follow the instructions as shown in the previous picture. step 2: for Android users: only opt out of personalized app AIDS if you use and dried days- another tweak that needs to be made. fortunately, this one is quick and really simple. first, head into the settings menu. pull down the notification shade and take the COG- I can forget there. scroll down until you see the Google entry in the person section a on that. from here, find the ads entry, which is listed under the services sub head. there are a few options here, but you want to click the toggle beside. opt out of ads personalization. basically, you are all opted in by default. if you must do this to opt out, that is it. instead of seeing personalized add in ABS, you shall either see generic placements or something related to the app itself. [Music].

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How to Opt-Out of Personalized Ads on Android & Reset the Unique Advertising ID?

google has their embedded ad personalization feature in virtually all android devices that are running google apps and google services, and today i want to show you not only how to disable and opt out of personalized ads on your android smartphone or tablet, as well as how to reset your personalized ad token id. now the process should be the same across all android devices- i've checked this on samsung as well as xiaomi phones- and to start, we just need to go into the settings application and then, if you scroll down a bit, you should see an entry in the settings for google and its google services. so we just go into the google section of the settings and again, this should look about the same across all devices, at least until google updates google application through the play store and changes the structure. so we're just going to look and tap on the ads option within that list. now, by default, you're going to see this toggle is marked as off and that means that google is currently serving you personally. so we can opt out of that and we can disable and turn off ad personalization by simply tapping on that toggle and then confirming: yes, we want to opt out of interest-based, aka personalized, ads, so we will continue to see ads in apps and in websites, but they will not be targeted, they will not be personalized based on your browsing history and browsing habits. so after we tap that toggle, we just need to confirm by tapping ok, and now we will see the toggle is enabled and that means we have opted out of personalized ads. now, another useful feature here that you might want to know about is it's going to be displaying your unique advertising id right here at the bottom. now, this does not change whether you turn this on or off. however, we can use this reset option at the very top to completely change this advertising id, and this is an advertising id that many applications, or that virtually all applications, have access to and that many applications are actually using to identify your specific device with your account. and again, we can simply change this advertising id by tapping on the reset option up at the top and then selecting the ok option, and you can see it change. every time you tap that reset option, you will change your advertising id. so that is how to not only opt out of personalized ads on your android smartphone or tablet, but as well as how to reset and actually change your unique advertising id anytime you want you.

Google Ads Tutorial: How To Exclude Display Network Placements

hey, how's it going? it's Sam frost here from easy PPC tutorials, and in today's video I am going to show you how you can exclude individual placements or multiple placements at once on Google display ads campaigns. so I just to refresh your memory, Google display ad campaigns are where your ads, obviously, are running on Google's Display Network, so your ads- banner ads or responsive ads- could be showing on all sorts of different websites and apps and all sorts of things like that all across the internet, and it's good, obviously good practike to go in and look at where your ads are showing and then get rid of placements that you think may be unsuited to your brand, maybe aren't performing, maybe you know you don't like the look of the content that's on there and you think it could be a harmful from a- you know, sort of public relations perspective. whatever the reason is, you'll want to know how to exclude individual placements or bulk exclude placements as well. now, one thing to bear in mind really quickly, or to note for this video, is: I'm not going to be showing you in this video how to block all mobile app placements simply because that requires using the Google ads editor at the moment. so what I'll do is make a different video for that oral. it sees the way I do it. you use the Google ads editor and is very fast. so this is just looking at individual placements or bulk placements that can be excluded through the normal Google ads interface. so I've got my test campaign loaded up here and what we're going to do is go into the ad group. we've got open it up. we'll see that the ads piece pops up and we can look at placements. now this campaigns pause, but that doesn't matter at all for the demonstration purposes here. now what do we do? well, obviously we don't have any normal managed placements. so instead what we do is we say: see where your ads appeared, and then Google will show a list of all of the placements that this partikular campaign or ad group showed on. so over this date range where the ads were running, you can see the list of where the ads showed. so this column here means where. where the ads showed. this is the type. so if we had mobile ad ads running as well, we would see mobile app as the type here. but these are all site placements because I blocked mobile ads when I set this campaign up. this is the clicks, obviously: impressions, click-through rate CPC cost. the columns are, all the same, the only ones. you might not be familiar with these two here, but they're very self-explanatory. so how do you actually exclude the placements? once again, really easy to do. go through the list, whatever criteria you're looking at, whether it's- I don't like the sound of that, you know, maybe I don't want my app to my placement, sorry- or my site to appear on any placement that's got anything to do with games. so we could look for something like this: share Gamescom. I'm not interested in games. so what do we do here? we can edit, we can exclude for it out of the air group or the campaign level. I'll exclude at the campaign level and then that will start excluding. and once that's done, if we come to exclusions here, you'll see that that's now added as an exclusion. now I could also remove that if I wanted to start running ads there again in the park or in the future. so really easy system to work with. so we go back to where ads showed. if you want to do multiple placements, we can come along and do things like this. we could tik these first five here, pay not interested in those, and once again just exclude them from the campaign and when we go into the exclusions tab you'll see them all show. they're really straightforward system to work with. I do suggest that you review your placements frequently, block things that you that aren't delivering, either in terms of performance metrics or in terms of you don't think it's brand safe. you know, maybe the placements don't really align with your brand message, your values, or simply that you just don't think that that's a good fit performance or sort of commercial wise for your business as well. but easy to do, and in another video I will show you as well how you can block all mobile ad placements if you want to, because that's just a slightly different kettle of fish. so I'll show you how to do that in the Google ads editor. thanks for watching. if you found the video helpful, please like and subscribe for more easy PPC tutorials. if you need any more help, drop a comment below and I'll be glad to help you as well.

How To Turn Off Personalized Ads In Your Google Account

how to turn off personalized ads in your google account. the first thing you need to do is open up your browser and navigate to googlecom. once you're here, guys, navigate to the top right hand corner here to where it says sign in and sign into your google account. so simply left click on sign in and enter your google account information to log in. i'm just going to do that now, guys. as you can see, guys, i'm now signed into my google account and i'm back on googlecom. once you're also signed into your google account, navigate to the top right hand corner here to your google account's profile picture, and left click on the profile picture. once you've done that, guys, navigate to where it says manage your google account and left click on it. once you've done that, guys, you'll be taken to the home section of your google account. the section of our google account that we need to be in, guys, is data and privacy. so simply navigate to the left hand side here to where it says data and privacy- it's the third option down here- and left click on it. once you're in the data and privacy section of your google account, scroll down until you see where it says ad settings. it should be in the middle of the page in ad settings, you can choose whether the ads that you see are personalized based on things like interests and brand preferences. as you can see, guys, ad personalization is currently turned on, and there's a little note here in the ad settings by google which says: we protect your privacy. content from google drive, gmail and google photos is never used for any ad purposes. all right, guys. to change the ad personalization from on to off, all you need to do is look for where it says add personalization, and to the right hand side here there is an arrow. simply left click on the arrow. once you've done that, guys, you'll be in the ad settings of your google account for ad personalization. underneath it says: google makes your ads more useful on google services, such as search or youtube, and on websites and apps that partner with google to show ads. you can find out why you are seeing an ad by simply left clicking on this hyperlink text here to get some more information from google. as you can see, guys, there's a toggle here for ad personalization. it's currently toggled on and we'll toggle it off in just a moment. i'm simply going to left click on the arrow here next to advanced just to see the advanced ad personalization settings. so, as you can see, the advanced setting here is currently check marked and it says: also use your activity and information from google services to personalize ads on websites and apps that partner with google to show ads. this stores data from websites and apps that partner with google in your google account. for this advanced ad personalization setting, guys, i'm going to be turning it off also to do this, simply uncheck mark this box here. you'll then be greeted with a little notification from google which says: exclude non-google activity. when you exclude non-google activity, google won't store your future browsing data from websites and apps that partner with google, including those that show ads from google. with your google account. google won't use your google account activity and information to personalize ads on the websites and apps that partner with google. you'll still see personalized ads on those websites and apps, but they won't be based on your google account activity and information. so that's exactly what i want, guys. as you can see, you have two options. the first one is cancel and the one right beside it is exclude. i'm going to be clicking on exclude and again you're greeted with another little window here which says: non-google activity: excluded. your google account activity and information will not be used to personalize ads on non-google websites and apps. google is one of many ad networks that personalizes ads based on your activity online. go to ad choices to control ads from other ad networks. so you can do that here, guys, by simply left clicking on the add choices hyperlink text here for this video, guys, i'm just going to left click on. got it great. so we've turned off the add personalization advanced setting here, but we still need to turn off and toggle off add personalization, which is currently on. to do this, guys, look for where it says add personalization is on and simply left click on the toggle here. you'll then be greeted with a window here which says turn off personalization. when you turn off ad personalization, you'll still see ads, but they may be less useful to you. you'll no longer be able to set preferences for ads or advertisers. choices that you've made for ads won't be saved with personalization off. ads that you see can still be based on general factors like the subject of what you're looking at, the time of day or your general location. you have the option to keep add personalization on or turn it off. of course, guys, for this video i'm going to be turning it off. so all i'm going to do is left click on turn off. and finally, guys, once you've done that, at the top here it says add personalization is off. it may take some time before this change is reflected across our systems. you can also turn off ads personalization for the google ads that you see when you are signed out and 100 plus other online ad networks by visiting ad choices. so again, guys, it gives you that option here to do just that by simply left clicking on the hyperlink text here. that's beyond the scope of this video. for this video, all we're going to be doing is turning add personalization off, and that's exactly what we have done, guys. all i'm going to do is left-click on. got it? fantastik, guys. that pretty much concludes the video. so, as you can see, under ad personalization it now says you turned ad personalization off. you can turn it back on to make your ads more useful to you. and on that note, guys, that finally concludes the video on how to turn off personalized ads in your google account. if you enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a like comment down below and, most importantly of all, subscribe to support the channel. i'll see you on the next video. [Music] you.