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organic wool dryer balls dropshipping

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads


[Music]. [Music], [Music]. hi everyone and welcome to you University. I'm dr Kelly. this past week we had finals and I finished reading papers and submitted my final semester grades. Friday morning yesterday was graduation and I was up on stage reading all the students names as they walked across the stage for the College of Arts and Sciences ceremony. you know graduation is always so bittersweet because you're happy for the students to be moving on with their lives and going on to their adult careers. but it's also sad because they're leaving and in many cases you probably won't see them again. so I always enjoy going to graduation and celebrating with the students. today I wanted to chat about a couple things before moving on to my knitting for this week. first, I wanted to show you my favorite way of storing mini skeins so that the yarn is ready to knit from. maybe you're a person who is working on a sock yarn mini skein project, like a cozy memories blanket. here is the one by Georgie Nicholson that a lot of people are doing. it has all the little mitered squares made out of different leftover sock yarns, or I guess you could use any weight of yarn. or maybe you're doing something like what people call Frank and socks, where you make socks striped with all different leftover yarns, and here's an example in this pattern by Heather Sebastian, and a lot of people are doing this kind of project these days. so there are many people doing mini skein swaps to exchange leftover yarn with friends so they can sample different kinds of yarn plus have special yarn from their friends in their project. now myself, I'm not working on any mini skein projects, but I do regularly send out sets of mini skeins to friends just to add to their collection of yarns for their projects. so to make mini skeins, use a tiny Nidhi naughty, like this one which I showed on last week's video, and most mini skeins are around 40 grams or less. this partikular one is 40 grams and you can see how small it is compared to a regular skein of sock yarn, which is usually a hundred grams. but the thing about these mini skeins is that they are in Hanke format, which is, you know, this big circle of yarn, as you can see. so you can't knit directly from it in this format. what you need to do is wind the hank into a little yarn muffin using your ball winder or just wind it into a ball by hand, and then you can knit from it well, for the past year. so I've been wondering: why put mini skeins into no hank format, which involves an extra step, and then send them to your friend and they have to put it back into ball format before they can knit from it. and I got to thinking: why not just whine little mini yarn balls and put them in an egg crate? the yarn looks pretty and the egg crate keeps the yarn balls in place and prevents them from rolling around and unwinding. so I mean, you can, you know, tip it upside down and they don't go anywhere. to send them to your friends, you can easily put this in a small box or maybe even a padded envelope. I mean, these egg crates are pretty sturdy and the beauty of this is that not only do the yarn balls look lovely when displayed like this, but they're all ready to knit from. you can knit from the yarn balls right out of the crate. now these little yarn nuggets are- this is what I call them- yarn Nuggets. they're only around 10 grams each and you could make them a little bigger if you wanted, but usually it seems like people doing these mini skein projects only need less than 10 grams to do like a mitered square for a blanket, so you don't even need something like this 40 gram mini gain. this is a pretty big mini skein. if you broke this down into four yarn nuggets they would be plenty to do. each a franken site, a Frank and sock stripe, or a mitered square, or what I often use them for is making contrasting heels and toes for socks. so if I have all my yarn nuggets wound up like this, I can see what colors I have and find one that goes with the socks that I'm making. so anyway, I just wanted you to show you real quick how I've been packaging, storing and sending out little yarn nuggets to friends or just keeping them for myself. now, for egg crates, what I've done is saved egg crates after we've used up all the eggs and then just wash them out and put yarn nuggets in them. or this partikular these little clear ones like this I got from Amazon and I'll put the link to that below if you are interested in checking it out. the other item I wanted to show you is some Cologne that I purchased from Sephora several months ago, and I got this because it's called wool and the brand is from. it's called commodity, um. one thing I like about this is that it's appropriate for both men and women. it's not flowery and girly, but it's also not masculine, so it's a really nice combination. and, no, it does not smell like sheep. it's always hard to describe a scent, but some of the notes that are listed for this cologne are vanilla, musk, bourbon, amber, cedar, apple, mandarin and grapefruit. now, I personally usually go for flowery scents and this is not, but it's not super musky either. I really like it. according to the website, the style is cheerful, relaxed and confident, and who doesn't want to smell like that? I thought this would be a neat gift for a knitter or something different to put in a swap or something to get for yourself. and this little spray bottle is a travel size and it is 0.33 ounces or 10 milliliters, and it's $26. at Sephora you can also get a larger bottle, and if you're interested in trying out different samples of commodity fragrances, they have a nice kit of 10 unisex fragrances that includes wool, but also other scents like book and tea, which i've not tried but i would love to, and this set is $26. I think these would be fun gifts for your wool loving friends, your book loving friends, your tea loving friends. so if you're looking for something different for yourself or for a gift, you might want to try out this wool Cologne by commodity, and I'll include links below to the wool Cologne as well as the sample kit with all the different fragrances in it. you might remember that for the past couple of weeks I've been working on a pair of socks, and this is a project that I pulled out of hibernation and just needs to be finished. I've been really good at finishing a lot of UFOs this year and up to this point I had only cast on one new project all year, and that was the knee socks that I finished a few weeks ago but have been really been itching to cast on a shawl lately. so I've actually put the sock project aside and I cast on a new project this week and the pattern is perfect for me right now. the pattern is the oklet shawl by Megan Goodacre, which is a free pattern on Ravelry. it is a triangular shawl with a stokinette stitch body. there is an eyelet spine down the middle and then it has a pretty lacy border around the bottom edge. so here is my version of our, the beginning of my version of the shawl. the body of the shawl is a very easy two row repeat where you construct the stokinette fabric. I guess it goes like this: where you construct the stokinette fabric and perform all the increases, and that is just what I needed. right now I can work on it and not have to pay attention that much. I was looking for a simple but pretty shawl pattern because I've had a full schedule lately with finals and grading and everything, so I didn't have a lot of time to spend on a fussy, intricate pattern. and the other reason is because I wanted to show off this beautiful yarn that I'm using for the shawl. I showed this yarn in a previous video. I got it at a yarn shop a few weeks ago when I was in Chicago and it is gypsy girl creations fingering weight yarn. it is 100% superwash merino wool. the base is called transitions, I'm sure, because it's a gradient yarn. it's in the twisted loop colorway which goes from a bright lime green to a dark teal to a deep purple, and right now I am- I figure I'm about a third of the way through this skein or this ball, because it is transitioning from the lime green to th.

Wool Dryer Balls Review

hi, I'm Paris and I'm a fan of all kinds of gadgets, high-tik as well as low-tik- and at supermarket yesterday, buying laundry detergent, I saw a gadget that I just had to try: wool dryer balls. now I've used tennis balls before in the dryer. well, I tried it out. I really didn't see much effect, so I stopped using them. but as I understand it, the wool dryer balls are the ones you really want to use now. the reason I'm interested in having any kinds of balls bouncing around in my dryer is wrinkles. I really get bothered by wrinkles, and if the clothes aren't taken out as soon as the dryer stops and there's some wrinkles in them, it bothers me all week every time I see a shirt with a few wrinkles on it. should've got that out of the dryer sooner. so I'm hoping, as the product claims, that my clothes will be less wrinkly and maybe if I'm a minute or two late getting them out of the dryer when it stops, they'll still look great. the other claims are they reduce the amount of statik that cleans your clothes together and, perhaps most importantly, that they reduce the drying time by between twenty and thirty percent. so if we average that at about twenty five percent, instead of a load taking about 40 minutes to dry. they should dry in about 30 minutes, considering how much energy a dryer uses. we've got an electric dryer and it's got one of those big 240 volt plugs. even ten minutes of running it, that's a lot of electricity and they're environmentally friendly. unlike the dryer sheets you can throw in your dryer but which release all kinds of chemicals, these are just wool. five dollars for this 2-pack of dryer balls and you can find out more about them at the link down below this video. now I don't know exactly how these are different than tennis balls when you throw them in the dryer, but from what I've read online, wool is the way to go. they're not quite perfectly round shape. they are just made of wool without any reinforcement material inside. I do see a few partikles floating around here. now it's my t-shirts that I think show the wrinkles the most. they're 100% cotton and you're probably saying, well, who cares if your t-shirts are wrinkled? but I remain convinced that you can kind of see it through the outer shirt. so I'm going to get a load of t-shirts and other light clothing, wash it my normal way, which includes using a small amount of fabric softener and then put it in the dryer, time it to see how long it takes to dry that exact load, and take it out and look at the wrinkles and I'll show you. I'm going to wash that same load again, exactly the same way, with a little bit of fabric softener, but when I go to dry it I will put in the wool balls. I'll see if there's any reduction in drying time and see what they look like when they're done. so here's the load I'm testing out. that's t shirts in it. I'm sleeping shirts also. this pair of shorts, I notike, is always getting wrinkled, much more than my other pair of shorts. our washing machines, a GE wave force, so it's a top loader, but an acts like a front loader doesn't use very much water. I'm watching today with all free and clear pods, some OxiClean booster, a little bit of borax powder and some seventh-generation fabric softener. right, this load is done with its first washing. you can see, probably, how the t-shirts tend to be so wrinkly and the dryer normally. we'll take some of those out. I'm hoping for even more of them coming out with the wool dryer balls. no dryer balls this time around, though I did minimally shake out the shirts before putting them into the dryer and I've set the dryer to cotton normal medium heat. let me start my timer- the dryers on auto. it's estimating currently 40 minutes, but I think it will take less than that. all right, that sucked longer than I was thinking, but it included the cooldown, so we'll say right about 55 minutes. yeah, let's get these clothes spread out on the bed right away before the wrinkles sitting. here's what we're looking at. I'm sweeping shirts. not too bad, really don't care about those. it's the ones that go out in public with that I care about. here are the cotton t-shirts. it's just bound and determined to be wrinkles in them, and the shorts tend to get wrinkles in them. can these make a world of difference, or do I just need to learn to not be so picky? all right, this exact same load goes right back into the washer. exact same detergents, boosters and fabric softener. same wash cycle. clothes it in through that second wash cycle. all the wrinkles are back on them and it's been well over 45 minutes since I did that other load in the dryer. it's back to room temperature here and to this load we add two wool balls. now you can add more if it's a larger load, but two should be just right for a smaller load and occasionally catch sight the balls bouncing, but I think they spend a lot of time rolling through the clothes, which is what they're supposed to be doing. that's not good. it shows just one man left on the dryer, but it's already taken as long as it did previously without the wool balls. okay, so more than three minutes longer to dry with the wool balls in the dryer. right about fifty eight and a half minutes, yeah, and hard to tell from here. let's get him inside and spread them out. considering it took longer for the clothes to dry with the wool dryer balls, surely it got rid of all the wrinkles and all. to my eye it's pretty similar looking the stuff at least, that I wanted it to get rid of. it hasn't. now, one thing I can say looking at the shorts here is: I remember there was some some wrinkles here I didn't think would come out. I do think they're improved slightly. the rest of the t-shirts and in the wool dryer balls, ready to be used again and again and again if they're actually gonna make much difference. so what to think? I read about people having these amazing results. their dryer time was cut by 20-25 percent. the clothes look amazingly different, so wrinkle-free. I just didn't see that now that load of clothes was mostly cotton other than polyester shorts, and the polyester shorts did look a little bit better. so if your wrinkles are in polyester fabrics, maybe they do help you more, but my polyester shirts don't tend to wrinkle in the first place. or maybe you need to add more wool balls to your dryer load, but that doesn't explain why, when the only difference between the two loads was I added these, that it actually took longer to dry. but if you'd like to find out more about them- these two or five bucks- you can find out more about them at the link down below this video. maybe you should get a half dozen or more of these and write numbers on each of them and put them in the dryer and then pull them out, one at a time, and they may help you choose your lotto numbers and you may be in luck. but I wasn't in luck with these. but I'll see you on the next review.

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How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

hi everybody. its Jessica. welcome back to the mommy archives. today I am sharing a DIY video for wool dryer balls. these are great to pop in your dryer to help dry clothes faster, to soften clothes as holes, to fight statik electricity, and there is simple to make and they're really inexpensive as well. so I wanted to share with you guys how to make wool dryer balls of your comb, so let's go ahead and hop into that footage. alright? so to make your wool dryer balls, you will need some wool yarn. make sure it's actual, it's not, I feel like, or anything like that, and we're just going to go ahead and get the string started. I'll take this off by making this process easier. alright, so yarn is ready to go. I'm going to take three fingers- you can use it too if you have thicker fingers- and just wrap around about 20 times. I'm not going to count to me super specific and, by the way, if you hear noise in the background, I do have Kennedy next to me doing a craft of her own. she's coloring. alright, so that looks good. and then we're going to go around about another 20 times. once again, I'm not being a super specific with counting or anything. you'll end up for something that looks like this, and so this is the start of our wool dryer balls. we're just going to keep wrapping around to make them all. you can see, the more I wrap around, the more it takes on the shape of a ball, so the bigger, get some more different directions you can go, and we're just going to keep adding to it. you, we've still got quite a ways to go, but it's definitely taking shape. so it's definitely looking more like a wool dryer balls. now just make sure you're gonna get nice and tight, especially as you get to the outside. so there it is. in comparison to my hand, I'm going to say this is a good size for what I want. so I'm just going to cut the end tightly, pull it around and tuck it in to itself with another piece each yarn down here, right? so that is what you are left with, and now I'm going to do this all over again until I've used up all of the yarn. all right, so I have finished making three dryer balls. this is what I was able to get out of getting there that I purchased. so these two are good, medium sized and this one's on the smaller size. so if you want larger ones, or if you just want more medium size ones, I would recommend to. sorry, Kennedy's playing again. but now the next part is to get them belted, and all we need to do for this is take like knee-high pantyhose- I got these for 59 cents at the drugstore, so really inexpensive- and we are just going to place them in there. make sure that the bottom is pulled up as much as possible to get it as taut as you can, so there's not bunching or anything, because this is going to be the process that helps hold everything together. and then I'm taking a piece of embroidery thread and I'm going to tie it around there. you can also use acrylic yarn, but just make sure to not use the wool yarn, because you don't want that part to get belted. if you have like an old set of candy hose, you can also just cut the leg off of that and use that, so you don't have to buy anything. but these are really inexpensive. so this is what it looks like when it's all tied up in the pantyhose, and so let's go ahead and move on to the next step, which is putting them in the washer. alright, so I'm doing a load of dish towels. I usually wash my dish towels on hot, which is why I want to throw in these with it, because the hotter the water, the better. I've already done a rinse cycle, so I'm just going to go ahead, close it and set it up for a hot cycle and wash is normal. so now the wash cycle is done, I already threw the towels in the dryer and with that again I am going to throw in the wool dryer balls. if you need to adjust the tightness, go ahead, because obviously sometimes this gets stretched out. so I went ahead and did that. I'm gonna toss those in and I am going to do on a time dry on high heat, because the hotter the better. and what I mean again here is how they turned out. they were so simple to make and they're really great. if you want to add some fragrance to it, all you got to do is pop on some essential oils on here and throw it in. I still like to use a fabric softener that I make in addition to these, just because I like some things to be extra soft, like towels and whatnot in sheets, and so I have like a vinegar-based fabric softener that I make that I put in the dryer as well. I will leave a recipe for that in a blog post that will be linked down below if you're interested in trying that. I really do enjoy having these in our laundry routine, though I really do feel like they helped soften the clothes. they definitely helped with the statik electricity and, like I said, they're really easy to make. however, if you are not interested in making them but would just like to purchase them, I'll leave some links on Amazon for you. you just don't feel like making them. thank you guys so much for watching this video. if you enjoyed it, I would love if you gave it a thumbs up, and if you're new to the mommy archives and want to see more for me, just be sure to click that subscribe button down below. I post new videos every single week here on YouTube. thank you guys again for watching and I will see you next time. bye, I really do believe that food is our best medicine, and veggies and fruits are just such rich sources of antioxidants. however, it's difficult to guess the number that our bodies may need each day.


Wool dryer balls review (as compared to plastic dryer balls)

hi folks, I want to do a review of dryer balls today, specifically wool dryer balls, which are something that I've just recently added to our laundry routine. I I didn't know these even existed until just very recently. I read about them somewhere, I don't recall where, but I started looking around and I found there are lots of options out there. even Amazon has some some wool dryer balls, but I chose these from Etsy. there's a well, there are lots of choices on etsy as well, but I chose these. it was a set of eight for $24, so they were $3.00 per ball, and I don't recall the name of the shop right now, but I'll post it down below. so I was very excited to find out about wool balls and add them to our our our laundry routine. I liked it because it's all-natural. I really like that, and I read all the great things about wool dryer balls reducing the amount of drawing time and leaving the clothes softer. so I was really excited about that and and I have enjoyed using them. but what I discovered was that I already was using. what I was already using was working just as well. so what you see next to the wool balls are plastik dryer balls, and I have had these for so many years that I don't remember where i bought them or how much I paid. and I notiked when I was looking at this it actually has a website listed on it. it says dryer balls- calm. but I know that I have had these balls at least eight years, possibly longer, so I wasn't sure if that website even still exists. so I went to the computer and tried it and I was surprised that it automatikally routes. when you type in dryer balls calm, it automatikally routes to nellie's naturals. I don't remember the the website, the URL, right now, but I'll post that down below also. so it automatikally routed to Nellie's, which, if you're not familiar already, Nellie's is an all-natural laundry soda. it's an alternative to detergent that I really enjoy. so I was surprised that the dryer balls were connected to Nellie's in any way, and I was even more surprised to find that they still have them. they still have these. this this is on their website. they come in a set of two for, I think, 17 dollars, so about 850 per per ball. I have two sets of two that I purchased years ago, so I have a total of four balls. I just used two, two and a load at once, as opposed to these wool balls and, as I said, I don't remember how many are recommended per load, but I actually have all eight in the dryer at once. let me show you. so there they are. they just stay in the dryer all the time. there are five in there now because I'm holding one and two on top of the dryer, but they I'd just leave all eight of them in there at once and they just stay there. but the same was true with the plastik balls and I just left the two plastik balls in the dryer all the time. so I didn't realize how, how spoiled I already was by using these dryer balls all these years. apparently all this time it I had already been reaping the benefits of reduced drying time and softer clothes and I just didn't even realize how good I had it. it's been so many years since I used any dryer sheets or fabric softeners or anything that this had just become. this had just become normal to me using the dryer balls. I didn't realize how effective they actually were until I compared to the, the wool balls. now with the wool balls and I actually notiked- I do notike the clothes being soft, but they were the clothing that was already pretty soft with using these plastik balls. so the clothing did come out soft and the drawing time was about the same, or actually even a little bit longer than using the plastik balls. so what I normally, what normally would be the end of the drying cycle with the dryer balls- that I mean the plastik balls- I was finding with the wool balls instead that the clothes were still a little bit damp so I would have to dry them a little bit longer. so that that sort of surprised me. I didn't realize how well these plastik balls had been working for all these years. I had been concerned that they were plastik and that was one of the reasons that I wanted to switch to wool, which is is all natural and just so soft. and my husband actually thought that the wool when. when he saw this, he of course told me that there had been no reason to worry about the plastik because it's such a such a hard plastik- it's not, he doesn't believe it's posing any any health concern tumbling around in the dryer because it is really hard. I mean you can't even, can't even squeeze it. but when he saw the wool balls he did think that this, this might work out well because wool he thought would absorb the moisture, so they would naturally absorb the moisture out of the clothes to help speed the drying. but but that's not really. that's not been my experience so far. so I do enjoy these wool balls and I don't regret buying them there. they're really, they're really fun. it's silly as that sounds, it's really fun to have these in the dryer and as I pull the clothes out to find these, you know I might find, find one tucked in a shirt sleeve or tucked in it the you know the corner of a sheet. so that's really it. it's just, it makes me smile. I enjoy using these. I like the all-natural materials. I like handling them there. they're very soft. but had I known that our plastik dryer balls were already doing a fantastik job with reducing the drawing time and leaving the clothes soft, then I really didn't need to spend the money on these. but now, if you don't have either of these options, if you're, if you are still using fabric softeners or dryer sheets, then you might want, you might want to go ahead and get the wool balls because they're they're all-natural and they're handmade. you know these, these came from an Etsy shop. they were handmade, so you might want to consider this option. I don't know how long these wool balls will last and I do know that these balls have lasted for almost a decade and they're still. they're still working fine. I mean there's, there's no, nowhere. the only thing is that the tips- these, the tips of these bumps- do get dark over time and I guess that's just the, the friction as it rubs around, but they are still in perfect condition, still working fine. so for a long term investment, you know, you might, you might want to consider this, this option. so there you have it. I hope this has been helpful to different dryer ball options. thanks for watching and take care, folks. bye.

TOP 5 SHOPIFY STORES EVERY DROPSHIPPER SHOULD VISIT: Mind-blowing Shopify stores | Dropshipping 2021

hey, it's rafael cintron here, and in this video i'm gonna show you the top five shopify stores that you need to be analyzing, you need to be checking out, and i've done a lot of research on them, have been following them for a while now and i think you need to take a look at them. if you are a shopify store seller, if you're a drop shipper, check their designs, their products, their style, their marketing, just everything that these stores are doing to make a hundred thousand, even a million dollars every single month, and how you can apply this to your business. and before we start, just want to remind you: in about five weeks from now, we're starting our five-day live training where i teach you absolutely everything that you need to know about shopify advertising and products: a live five sessions over the course of five days in a private facebook group. if you want to join that in january, make sure to click the first link down in the description, and if you're watching this after january, you can definitely watch it every single month. we're going to do it all throughout 2021 and if you're ready to get mentored by us, get help from me and my company to take your business to the next level, make sure to click that second link in the description and book a free 101 discovery call with either my training partner or my six figure student to see if we can actually help you and take your business to the 10 000 per week, 100 000 per month- whatever the goal is in your business. all right, the first store up that you need to analyze, start checking out, is called happiness app sisa, and it's a pretty hard word to to actually say out loud. i'm not even sure if i'm saying it correctly, but it basically is h a, happiness absisa and the store. when you go to it- the main page- it looks like this and it's very interesting because you don't really know what to click, you don't really know where to go, but once you start interacting with the website, it's almost as if it's a premium web design style that doesn't really mimic a shopify store, but it is a shopify store and you can see all the different aspects of it and it's like ha reflects your sense of happiness. as our sense of well-being and happiness increases, so does our ha and h? a. basically it is a scale that measures your happiness. so what these people have done is they've taken happiness, or overall happiness that a person has and create it into a product. so what they sell is happiness and that's why it's called the happiness scale, the happiness abscissa. it's basically a scale on how happy a person is. so if you go through the website, you'll see that they have a lot of different elements that help you be more calm, more happy. they have this flat, this little leaf here coming up at the top, emilio and anne. they tell you the story of how the happiness of sisa even got to start, like how people measure happiness, what is the happiness scale, how they came up with it and just the store below overall looks absolutely beautiful. what they sell is basically these different scents. for example, here we have the brooklyn scent and basically says water of brooklyn in french. it just has the brooklyn picture: delightfully warm and intriguing, with sweet undertones of mandarin. here candles- mellow and clean aroma will- oh, they have double will there- unfold in your home and bring happiness and well-being to mind and body. so they basically sell these candles like this: they're very small, they're pretty, but it's not really anything special to them. but the website design, the type that they make this beautiful store about it and just make the story of the store like, hey, this happiness scale and you might be wondering: how does the store make any money? or do they even make, you know, a thousand, two thousand dollars or maybe a hundred thousand dollars, because it looks to me like it looks cool, it's nice, but the idea is good but they're actually not making money. so how we analyze a shopify store is: you can go to niche scraper. it is a tool that i absolutely love and i use a lot. very simple, very easy to use to find products. you can go to the store analysis tab here. put any shopify store on there and it will tell you how much traffic it gets, their best selling products, recently added products, how much money they make and all of that. so you can see they're making about 68 000 to 83 thousand dollars per month. about 1 500 orders- 148 000 probably. if they're getting 148 000 people to the website, the revenue is probably larger than that 83 000. so probably it's around 100 000 or maybe even 140 000.. you also have recently added products. they have two cents, so they have this perfume or the scent, and they also have the candles, and the candles are very expensive. a 36 dollar candle is something that you typically don't see in these traditional candle companies or just go into a store and buy a candle. they block the best sellers part, so unfortunately we can't see the best selling products for them. but it's a great way to analyze how much the store is making and i think if you are interested in having a different type of shopify store- just not like everybody else with the beautified theme in the same type of structure- you can definitely look at getting a website like this for store number two to look at, one that is making a lot more money than the h a one and also is a little bit more relevant to what you might be selling. it is called package free shop, again, with some motion graphics in there integrated- really cool style. it looks very similar to a booster theme or a turbo theme, and you can see that they sell zero waste essentials. so there's this movement around the world- if you haven't heard of it- of zero waste, of people that don't want to create any waste. you know we create billions of kilograms or pounds of waste every single year, each person, and what they're basically doing is they're pushing people to live a zero-waste lifestyle. so if we look at their other website, here it's just products that, for example, help you maximize the amount of things that you use like detergent or soap. they don't provide any packages that are environmentally harmful. they just provide environmentally friendly anything eco-friendly. that's a great niche to sell into very simple website too. so, for example, when you go to the to the product page, it just says: simply go here. really nice images of the detergent, 132 reviews. the only only laundry detergent you will ever need. that's it. that's all the description they have in the bottom they have a little bit more. made from organic ingredients. 32 ounce jar will clean up to 60 loads of laundry, depending on the size of your load, using all natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce. this is something that is also important. they're targeting that audience of people that want natural ingredients, organic ingredients that really care about the earth, or just having very high quality products. country of origin- us. so if you're looking to get some us products as well, and just, i love the way that their page looks, their product page just looks very clean. yes, it has this video in the in the middle there toking about the product, and i think it's the founder of the company toking about the product. so this could be something very powerful that you can also do for your shopify store. just make a video with each product that you're advertising heavily, that you're putting a lot of money into ads, just toking about your product and saying how good it is. get a sample of your product, use it. it's just very powerful. the video basically explains everything that a typical description would explain- style, quantity, one-time purchase or subscribe- and then add it to bag and then in the bottom you also have other pictures of it or pictures on instagram of people using it. so that could be also very powerful. we encourage our students and clients to do this. a lot is to put pictures of clients or pictures that the clients took of that product on the bottom of the page. you may also like top rated products and the.

MUST HAVES 2022 AMAZON FINDS With LINKS Part 58 | TikTok Made Me Buy It Compilation

amazon products that we love, part 40.. this is the rocketbook core, but unlike the wave, which uses a microwave to erase the notebook, with just a damp rag, the ink disappears on the core. this reusable notebook has a great app that lets you upload the pages to the cloud. then, when your notebook is full, you can wipe away and start over. never use another notebook again. check it out on our amazon store. the link is in the bio. thanks for watching amazon products. you need, or don't anyone else have, a ton of tubberware with lids that never fit. introducing zip top, the only silicone containers that stand up, stay open and seal at the top. they're great as they have a wide opening making it easy to add food, and their freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can easily heat up leftovers as well. they come in a bunch of sizes and colors and with spouts at the end. they're perfect for storing and pouring liquids as well. so is this a useful find or not? bathroom find you didn't know you needed. these little flip-it lids allow you to get all the product out of your bottle so that you're not wasting any product. they come with three little attachments, depending on the bottle size, and you just screw it onto the lid and then screw that onto the top of the bottle as you would a normal cap, and then the three little legs on it makes it easy for the bottles to stay propped up, so they're not tipping over the place and you're having to balance all the bottles and then you're able to just squeeze out the product and you're not wasting anything. you can also use these in your kitchen for different sauces or containers. three amazon finds you need. first are these reusable silicone straws. they come to 10 pack and what i love most about these ones is they have a bent top rather than completely straight, which is nice, and they can fit in your tumblers, your tall cups. they are also dishwasher safe, have a little pouch to store them in and have a cleaning tool as well, and they have awesome reviews. next are these little tools to clean your blinds that this will save you so much time, it's so much easier and it comes with extra little microfiber cloths that you can reuse. and lastly, is this little fan that can wrap around pretty much anything from your stroller to a railing to a chair- so nice for the summer and comes in multiple colors- honestly shook at how well this cleaner works. it is seriously amazing. you spray on your leather upholstery carpet in your car and you can kind of see it before and after side by side of half of the seat. that i did, and here is the before the seat and then the after. but if you have tough stains on your carpet or leather, this stuff is seriously amazing and works so well. online favorites part one: this is an axle glade ear cleaner. it's equipped with a micro camera which you connect to an app to see exactly what you're doing. it allows you to very thoroughly clean the earwax out of your ears and many hours later. [Music] two bathroom cleaning must-haves. first up is iron out that removes rust stains from toilets, bathtubs, sinks, showers and more. my bathtub and sink have quite a bit of rust and after using iron out, i was surprised how easily it got rid of the stains. next, i used iron out automatik toilet bowl cleaner to repel rust and hard water stains with every flush, simply drop a tablet into the tank and let the cleaner do the work for you. our top three kitchen items- yes or no. number one desi uses multiple times a week and she absolutely loves it. it's a must have in her eyes chopping onions and potatoes and so much more has become so easy in our house. hopefully you like this one too. number two is our electric can opener. it runs off a battery and it can be easily used. you just put it on top, push the button and it will find the edge. there'll be no sharp edges on this one, because it just unseals the lid and then it can pull right off. number three is our foldable trivets. these are so nice to have. they can withstand heat up to 500 degrees and they fold away for easy storage. check our amazon store. the link is in the bio. we wanted to amazon favorites, episode 132.. this is my hot sleeve and it is amazing. opens up and lays flat to hold your hot tool while you're using it. you can put the flat iron in when it's piping hot and it's no issue. it even has a cordkeeper. don't know, i hope i don't fall. three of my absolute laundry room favorites. if your detergent container looks anything like this, where it's just a mess and dripping everywhere, you need this little tiny cup shelf. it snaps onto the top of the detergent and it catches any drips or spills so you don't have a huge mess. this is one of my favorite products. it gets the wrinkles out of your clothes, especially if you are in a hurry and your shirt is super wrinkly. you just spray it directly onto your clothes, kind of pat it out. wrinkles will come right out. it is seriously amazing. and lastly, are these wool drying balls and essential oil. they're an alternative for dryer sheets and they are reusable and help reduce drying time. amazon finds you just might need. this is a three in one drink cooler from brewmate. you can use it for 16 ounce cans or insert this freezable adapter for 12-ounce cans. you can even pour your drink directly into the cooler and turn it into a tumbler. next are these brew mate toddy mugs that are 100 leak-proof. the lid has a magnetik latch to keep the mug secure and i even tested it on my wife's favorite chair and it did not leak or disappoint okay. so as a busy mom i don't have a ton of time to be ironing my clothes, so i've been absolutely loving this portable handheld steamer lately. it's got automatik shutoff and a 360 anti-spill design, so it allows you to steam from any angle, and i love the small size of it so you can easily bring it with you when you travel and it's safe to use on cotton, satin, linen, nylon- so many different fabrics, even silk and lace. i click to my bio under amazon faves and then household. it just realized how weathered my front door has gotten over time. so i found an amazing wood cleaner and polish that brought my door back to life. just apply with a soft cloth and check out the difference. it's made of all natural ingredients and smells really good. a little goes a long way and i can't believe my door looks as good as new. cool amazon finds. this is my awesome electric scooter and i gotta say it's so much fun to use. it can go up to 15 miles per hour, which is insanely fast. you can adjust the height and it easily folds so you can take it anywhere. you can grab the link in my bio: amazon products that we love, part 41.. these foldable trivets are a must-have in any kitchen desi, and i absolutely love them. you can see in this video. the best part is they save space in your kitchen drawers. made of silicone, they're temperature safe up to 500 degrees and they are also dishwasher safe. holding hot things is not the only function you can see. it can prop your phone up for recipes. they come in a set of five. check it out on our amazon store. the link is in the bio. thank you for watching here in the kitchen this is my multifunctional twister that's so much better than any garlic press. it's an all-in-one tool to help peel and mince garlic. this gadget is also great for nuts and peppers, and the best part is it forms little triangles that easily scoop out, and when you're done, just give it a quick rinse and you're good to go. bathroom essentials you didn't think of on amazon. here's a toothpaste dispenser. choose a location and stik it on the wall, insert your toothpaste and get a perfect dispense each time. and, moms, i think this is a good idea for kids. what i like is that it comes with the toothbrush holder as well. second are these numbered bamboo toothbrushes. here are some of my beauty must-haves for summer. i think every girl can relate to the struggle of trying to self-tan your back by yourself. it's nearly impossible. so i got this back applicator that is nice and long. it has handles and you can evenly get every part of your back and then n.