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oshkosh black friday ads

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

Welcome to our advanced scenarios course! This course is designed for experienced pilots who have been using ForeFlight for a while. In this course, we will explore a scenario of flying into Oshkosh and learn about the tools and tricks that ForeFlight offers to make the flight easier and more efficient.

Building a Toolkit:

My goal today is to build your toolkit of skills in ForeFlight so that you can be more proficient in planning your flights and spend less time on the ground. This will allow you to enjoy more time in the air and make the most of your aviation experience.

Pilot Support Team:

As a ForeFlight customer, you have access to our pilot support team. They are all experienced pilots and ForeFlight experts. If you have any issues or need help with using a specific feature in ForeFlight, you can reach out to them at team.foreflight.com. They are your best resource for getting assistance and learning how to use ForeFlight effectively.

Flying into Oshkosh:

For our advanced scenario, let's consider flying into AirVenture at Oshkosh. I will walk you through the last leg of the trip from Austin, with a fuel stop in DeKalb, and the arrival into Oshkosh.

Fuel Stop Planning:

To choose our fuel stop in DeKalb, we can use the 100 low lead layer on the map to compare fuel prices along our route. By checking the fuel prices at different FBOs, we can find the cheapest option. It's important to note that fuel prices can change quickly, so we can also use the Update Fuel button in ForeFlight to submit new prices and help other pilots stay informed.

Using Documents:

ForeFlight offers a wide range of documents as part of your subscription. These include FAA handbooks, pilot flying guides, and instrument handbooks. You can access these documents in the Documents catalog. To quickly find specific information, you can use the search function, browse bookmarks, or use the table of contents. This makes it easy to locate important information while flying.

Building the Flight Route:

To build our flight route, we can use the waypoints provided by the FAA for the Oshkosh arrival. In ForeFlight, we can open the flight plan drawer, tap in each waypoint, and create a route. However, we may need to make adjustments to avoid flying over certain areas. ForeFlight's rubber banding tool allows us to easily add a dog leg to our route to keep us away from restricted areas.

Situational Awareness and Landmarks:

To enhance our situational awareness and locate landmarks along our route, we can use the aeronautical layer and place labels in ForeFlight. By turning on the aeronautical layer and selecting the appropriate quick selector, we can see roads, railroads, and town labels along our route. We can also use the search function to find specific points of interest, such as small towns or lakes. This helps us stay aware of our position and easily identify landmarks during the flight.

Editing the Flight Route:

If we need to make changes to our flight route, such as reordering waypoints or deleting a waypoint, ForeFlight makes it simple. By pressing and holding on a route bubble, we can drag it to the desired location or delete it. This allows us to quickly and easily edit our route without having to start from scratch.

In this advanced scenarios course, we have explored the tools and tricks that ForeFlight offers to make flight planning and navigation easier. By using features like the search function, rubber banding tool, and place labels, we can enhance our situational awareness and efficiently plan our flights. Remember to utilize the support of ForeFlight's pilot support team whenever you need assistance. Happy flying!

Oshkosh - embarrassing moment - Scavenger Hunt. Helping kids have fun at Airventure

Hey guys, so the other day I was on Facebook and I came across this aviation group. There was a woman named Rebecca who was looking for ideas for a scavenger hunt at Oshkosh for her kids. She wanted some interesting things to put on a list for them to find. I suggested that she message me the names of her children and I would give them some stickers and stuff. I even offered to tape the envelope to the bottom of my plane so they could find it easily.

But here's where things got embarrassing. I accidentally sent Rebecca a gift of a puppy that said I miss you instead of the stickers. It was a total accident and I immediately apologized and explained the mistake. I was worried that she would think I was a creep and not want me to participate in the scavenger hunt anymore.

Luckily, Rebecca was understanding and messaged me back. She said it was all cool and even gave me permission to put a camera on my plane to capture her kids retrieving the items.

So, I decided to go to Walmart to see if I could find some toy planes to add to the scavenger hunt. But to my disappointment, they didn't have any aviation-related toys anymore. So, I turned to Amazon and ordered some envelopes and foamy gliders instead.

If you see me at my plane during the scavenger hunt, I'll have those envelopes taped under my wings for Rebecca's kids to find. I might also have some extra goodies in my backpack, so feel free to ask if you want something.

In the end, I never got to meet Rebecca and her kids in person, but they left me a card and some cool gifts. It was really nice to be a part of their scavenger hunt and it made my day.

I hope you all have a great day too! And remember, I miss you guys!

When Live TV Goes WRONG!

Live TV can be unpredictable, and even the most well-prepared individuals can experience hilarious fails. From unexpected encounters with animals to wardrobe malfunctions, these moments provide us with a good laugh. In this article, we will take a look at some of the funniest fails on live TV.

1. Reporter gets sprayed:

- One reporter found herself in the perfect spot to get sprayed.

- Luckily, she was wearing a plastic bag.

2. Spanish news channel goes to the dogs:

- This Spanish news channel had an unexpected guest, a dog!

- Laughter ensued as the dog stole the spotlight.

3. Australian ex-prime minister meets the public:

- When former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott went out to meet the public, one man told him exactly what he thought of him.

4. A clever excuse for browsing adult websites:

- If you ever get caught looking at adult websites, use this excuse instead of typing Pornhub into your computer.

5. A near-death experience for a cyclist:

- This cyclist narrowly avoided two accidents in just five seconds.

6. Seagull in human form:

- A seagull caught on camera looked surprisingly human-like.

7. Hairpin turn in Russia:

- Somewhere in Russia, there's a hairpin turn that needs a slow down.

8. Refusing an interview with water:

- The best way to refuse being interviewed is to throw water at the reporter.

9. A little bit of dive:

- Sometimes it's necessary to smoke a little bit of dive.

10. Splitting pants:

- If someone warns you that you might split your pants, pay attention.

11. Chris, don't split your pants:

- A warning from a concerned individual about the possibility of pants splitting.

12. Spanish daytime TV turns R-rated:

- A normal Spanish daytime TV show took a turn when a guest demonstrated an exercise, leading to an unexpected twist.

13. Nervous on live TV:

- Have you ever been so nervous that you peed yourself? Imagine doing it on live TV.

14. Ben Sheppard's underwear flash:

- Ben Sheppard pretended to dunk a cake girl in icy water but ended up flashing his underwear to thousands of viewers.

15. Ariana Grande's walking struggle:

- Ariana Grande proved that red carpet fashion can hinder one's ability to walk properly.

16. Revealing underwear on live TV:

- It's never ideal to have your choice of underwear revealed on live TV.

17. Camel takes a detour:

- These canyon reporters wanted a ride, but the camel had other plans.

18. Dance moves gone wrong:

- A guy's dance moves turned out to be quite unusual.

19. TV host's wake-up call:

- A TV host realized he needed to go on a diet.

20. A popular reporter:

- This reporter is loved by both girls and boys.

21. Hay-scented shampoo:

- This reporter learned the hard way not to use hay-scented shampoo.

22. Livestock owners' dilemma:

- Meanwhile, other livestock owners faced a different challenge.

23. Broadcast from a public pool:

- Just when you thought it was safe to broadcast from a public pool...

24. Unexpected pet appearance:

- When the weather guy needed to do the broadcast from his home office, an unexpected pet made a surprise appearance.

25. Cringy snake moment:

- Countdown to one of the cringiest rejections ever filmed on live TV.

26. Clogged nose on live TV:

- One of the symptoms of a cold is a runny nose, but this reporter had more than just a runny nose.

27. Reflexes of past presidents:

- A nostalgic look back at the days when US presidents had quick reflexes.

28. Questioning career choices:

- Sometimes, you can't help but wonder if you made the right career choice.

29. Weather report mishap:

- A meteorology degree didn't save this weather guy from reporting on cold snow.

30. Unexpected gaseous emissions:

- As you get older, unexpected gaseous emissions become more likely.

31. Reporter gets photobombed:

- A reporter gets photobombed by a lost dog during a live shot.

32. Creature below:

- A reporter notices some sort of creature below him during a live shot.

33. Miracle half-court shot:

- The best time to nail a miracle half-court shot is when the cameras are rolling.

34. Barry Humphreys' comedic legend:

- Comedic legend Barry Humphreys pretends to be a dimension-ridden old man.

35. Coming out on live TV:

- Barry Humphreys comes out and tells the audience about his sexuality.

36. Pun that hits too close to home:

- Sometimes, puns can hit a little too close to reality.

37. Cat lover revealed:

- A reporter unintentionally reveals her love for cats.

38. Smelly balls for cats:

- A question about smelly balls for cats catches the reporter off guard.

39. Unbelievable bloopers:

- Did all these bloopers really happen on live TV? Let us know your thoughts.

Live TV can be full of unexpected moments and hilarious fails. From wardrobe malfunctions to unexpected guests, these bloopers remind us that even professionals can experience mishaps. So the next time you're watching live TV, keep an eye out for these unforgettable moments.

Airborne 05.16.14: FAA Eases ADS-B Chores, UAS Commercial Ops, Unmanned Black Hawks

Coming up on today's Airborne: the FAA's paperwork for ADS-B approvals, Sikorsky Aircraft developing an autonomous Black Hawk for cargo missions, and the FAA expediting limited commercial operation of unmanned aerial systems.

- The FAA has created a new and more efficient operations authorization procedure for U.S. registered aircraft to comply with early ADS-B directives mandated by other countries.

- The new approval process is expected to be available to operators at the end of June 2014.

- The new authorization procedure is in response to the growing number of international Civil Aviation Organization member states that are requiring ADS-B state of registry approvals for operations above flight level 290.

ADSB Approval Process:

- The FAA's decision to adopt the new authorization procedure has cut the length of the application from 200 to 20 pages, reducing the burden on the operator and decreasing the time period to process applications.

- ADS-B does not become mandatory in the U.S. until 2020, but early compliance to meet ICAO state of registry requirements will satisfy the U.S. ADS-B mandate as well.

Limited Commercial Operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems:

- The FAA is working with several industries to expedite some limited commercial operations of UAS before UAS rules are finalized.

- Limited commercial operations will be allowed for filmmaking, power line inspection, precision agriculture, and flare stack inspection.

- The FAA is expected to allow these operations in response to requests from the industries.

- The FAA's new authorization procedure for ADS-B approvals will make compliance easier for operators.

- The expedited approval of limited commercial operations of UAS will benefit industries such as filmmaking and power line inspection.

- The potential of the UAS industry to be the savior of general aviation is promising, but the FAA needs to provide clearer regulations and support.

- Exciting new technologies in the UAV industry, such as new engines and avionics, could have positive implications for general aviation.

- The Bebop Drone quadcopter from Parrot offers a compact and safe option for aerial photography and video.

Black Friday deals

Are you ready to score some amazing deals on Black Friday? It's just around the corner, and shopping expert Jed Soy is here with some Black Friday shopping tips. Good morning, everyone! We have a lot to dig into, so let's get started.

- Black Friday is not a holiday in Canada, but retailers like CF Chinook and CF Market Mall are opening early to accommodate shoppers who still have to work. CF Chinook is opening at 7am, and some retailers, like H&M, are opening even earlier at 5am. So, you can get an early jump start on your shopping and snag some great deals.

- Did you know that 45% of people are shopping for themselves on Black Friday? It's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and get a head start on your holiday shopping. Another 45% of people are buying holiday gifts, and 65% are buying clothes for their holiday parties. So, there's a lot of shopping to be done!

- Let's go through some of the great deals you can find. At The Bay, they have a Nespresso boutique where you can find a fantastic gift idea. The Smeg vintage style blender is also a great option if you want something to show off on your counter. If you have kids to buy for, the Lego Advent Calendar is a perfect choice.

- Star Wars and Frozen are always popular, so make sure to check out the Disney Store for some themed gifts. And if you're looking for something different, snowshoes from Atmosphere at Market Mall are a unique gift idea. They even have smaller snowshoes for kids, which leave a paw print in the snow.

- For beauty lovers, Sephora always has great promotions. Check out the Philosophy gift sets for some luxurious skincare products. And if you need stocking stuffer ideas, Bentley has a cute little box that can hold all your small items in one compact compartment.

- Going vintage is always a good idea, and you can find a vintage Polaroid camera at The Source. Kate Spade has just opened, so be sure to visit their store for some stylish accessories. And last but not least, J Crew is a must-have for fashion lovers. Their cracked Finnon slippers are both glamorous and cozy.

So, keep your eyes open on Black Friday and take advantage of these amazing deals. Whether you're shopping for yourself or for others, there's something for everyone. Happy shopping!

Carters Clearance Haul + Bath&Bodyworks $6 Haul

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today, I'm going to share with you my recent haul from Carter's and Bath and Body Works. I got some great deals on clearance items for my kids from Carter's, and I also ordered some lotions from Bath and Body Works. Let's dive in and see what I got!

Carter's Haul:

- A 24-month Carter's tank top with an awesome print.

- A 2T Carter's shirt with a cool fire truck design.

- A 4T shirt with an alligator print.

- A blue shirt with the words always hungry (perfect for my picky eater).

- A mint-colored shirt that says mom's little guy.

- A yellow shirt with a pizza print (my son's favorite food!).

- A 3T surf monster shirt from Ash Posh.

- A bright orange shirt with a summer theme.

Bath and Body Works Haul:

- I ordered some lotions from Bath and Body Works.

- I got a lotion that reminds me of a happy time in my life.

- I also purchased a lotion with a cactus blossom scent.

- Lastly, I bought a lotion called Lovely Dreamin.

In conclusion, I ended up with eight lotions from Bath and Body Works and some adorable clothing items from Carter's for my kids. I'm really happy with my purchases and can't wait to use them. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel, and hit the bell notification so you don't miss any future videos. Thank you!

Black Friday Joann's Haul

Hello, this is Summer with Summer's Tips and Stitches, and this is early on Black Friday. So at 6:44, I went to Joanne's to get some deals, and I'm pretty excited about it. Now, I think going online is going to be just as good, so those of you who watch this and still have time to get over to Joanne's online, you don't have time to find the store. I've heard their sales online are better than in-store, and that's from my yarn swap partner from our Facebook group. But I like to go into the store. I love the thrill of running through a store and grabbing stuff, so I thought I would show you what I got.

- I got a bunch of these. As many of you know, I'm still making that giant king-sized burnt blanket. So these were $5.99 regular price, they're $9.99, and usually I have to wait until Joann has some kind of deal where you buy three get one free. So I snatched up six. I took everything they had off the shelf.

- Many of you have asked how many did I chain, and you know what friends, I have no idea. I just chain really long, and then I go to my room and I lay it across my bed because I want it to drape on either side. That's how big I want it. So that's my suggestion, chain until your little hearts can't chain anymore. Lay it across your bed with the drape on either side, and then you'll know how long to make it.

- The other thing I bought, which is kind of a splurge, are these Diamond kits. Now, I have been emailed multiple times by multiple Diamond kit companies to do a video about them, and I'm gonna be honest, I have zero desire. If you're interested in Diamond kits, go check out Ross, he loves them. But I thought this might be a fun craft for my sister, my daughter, and seeing as though she does not have a very long attention span, instead of buying her one really big one, I bought these three kits. Joann said 50% off, they're diamond kits, and these were $10, so she got three for $15. A rainbow, a mermaid, and an emoji. I thought it'd be cute too after she makes them, frame them, you know, and hang them in a row in her room. I thought she would have more attention to do three little kits. I don't know, I may be wrong, and I might end up doing them.

- Also, I went and got the crochet hook so I can make my crochet socks from Darn Good Yarn. I needed a 2.25 and I did not have one, so I picked this up. $7.99.

- Aside from the regular doorbuster sales, they have 25% off your total purchase, and then because I'm a teacher, I get an extra 20% off, I believe. So I had those two scanned.

- Now, I also picked up a couple of these because I've lost that handy little needle case I made myself with my tiny needles. I have no idea where it is, and I have a bunch of ends to weave in. These were just the cheap $1.99 Susan Bates ones, nothing fancy.

- What I got for my sister, because use many of you may know, she crochets rosaries. Now, I did not go and get her the CDs because I don't remember at all what size she needed for those, but I did get her a bunch of these beads. Joann has these 75% off, so they were all regular $5.99. I'm trying to get them all up for y'all, and 75% off, so they were like $1.50 a strand. I didn't go crazy. I love the beads. I'm gonna ask her to make a rainbow rosary. There's gotta be somebody out there that wants a rainbow rosary, all God's promise to never flood the earth again, right? But anyway, and then I got her these two beautiful blue ones because I really love blue, and then these pink ones. I'm not 100% sure if these will work, and if they don't, she can venture out into jewelry. Mm-hmm. Then I got these. I'm pretty sure these won't work for rosaries, but they were super cute. They're little angels. Aren't those adorable? So I got those too.

- One more thing for Bree. This was cute. Look at that. It's like a little bead box with a handle. So her husband and her have been designing herself her own little crafty nook in the basement, and I thought it would be cute to have for her, to have a little tote in case she wanted to take this for a little trip. A little handheld case that she can put some supplies in, and then if she wants to bead in the car or upstairs or go to the park, maybe this will be handy for her. That's what I got for my sister for Christmas. I'm very excited about that.

- And now, so all baby yarn was 25% off. So I'll just show you. I grabbed six of these. These were $5.99. No, these were $4.99, so that makes them $2.50 each. This is Ice Cream Lion Brand Strawberry Freeze. Very pretty colors. And they're 394 yards, 100% acrylic DK. So I bought pink and our strawberry crisis and grape. Strawberry, grape. And I thought this would make a really cute baby blanket. I'm thinking about doing the circular once again, the swirl, and then just every other row, do a pink, purple, pink, purple until it runs out. Wouldn't that be cute? I think so. So I bought three of each.

- Then I grabbed this because this poor Red Heart was $2.50. It was all by itself in a bin, no other color like it. So I thought I'll grab this and make a bunch of baby hats.

- And then this is my all-time favorite Red Heart, Grape Fizz. I love it. They had a whole bunch of that one. Don't it wasn't lonely. I just snatched it up.

- And then the last thing I bought, which was a complete splurge, I did this last year. These are 50% off, and I bought one for myself, and I was like, This is mom's blanket. Nobody touch it. Well, you can guess how long that lasted. So I tried again with this beautiful, these are those super soft, like magic fairy wings fur. I know, they're so soft. Hudson Throw, 43 inches. I don't know how much it cost, but it was in a 50% off bin. Somewhere in this mess is my receipt. I want to say my total was $115, and I saved $133. So I got about $248 if that's my real quick math. So I mean, I say I spent less than I saved. I think that's great. It was a little bit more than 25% or 50% off. Yeah, that's what I got.

- So I'm gonna close out this video, pop it up on Facebook real quick for y'all. On YouTube for y'all. So that if any of you wants there, there is a Black Friday coupon for 25% off, and then there's a separate shipping coupon. I think it's either free or $1.99, I can't remember. So check those out if you would like to just cuddle up in your bed and order from your computer. Like I said, I really enjoy running out to the store, standing outside a minute before they open the door with all the other yarn hoarders. I love that. I'm gonna let my kids sleep a little longer and then we're going to a Five Below. I hate Five Below, but it has been closed down in Oshkosh for about a year because their roof collapsed and they had to work on it. And so now it is opened, and the kids are just dying to buy some junk. Flynn has got a lot of Tooth Fairy money. I don't know if you guys saw in the last video, in the last month he's lost three teeth, and Maddie lost one molar. She's getting to the end, so they have a few bucks. And then Jer vacuumed the stairs and unloaded the dishwasher to earn a little cash, so he can go spend some money on some Five Below stuff. But alright, thanks for watching and subscribing, thanks for liking and sharing my videos, and until then, happy crafting! Bye.

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