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Published on: December 20 2022 by FEARMARCEL

Our peaceful and secure home suddenly turned into a crime scene last night when our house got robbed. We never thought something like this could happen to us, but unfortunately, it did.


- We were out for dinner when the robbery took place.

- The robbers broke into our house through the back door.

- They took away all our valuables, including cash, jewelry, and electronics.

- The police were informed immediately, and they arrived at the scene within minutes.

- They collected evidence and promised to investigate the case thoroughly.

- We couldn't believe what had happened, and we felt violated and insecure in our own home.

- The incident has left us shaken, and we are struggling to come to terms with it.

Possible reasons for the robbery:

- The robbers might have been watching our house and waiting for us to leave.

- Our house might have been an easy target due to lack of security measures.

- The robbers might have mistaken our house for someone else's.

Precautions we can take:

- Install a security system that includes alarms, cameras, and motion sensors.

- Keep our doors and windows locked at all times.

- Avoid leaving valuables in plain sight.

- Get to know our neighbors and look out for each other.

- Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Being a victim of a robbery is a traumatic experience that nobody should have to go through. We hope that by taking necessary precautions and being proactive, we can prevent such incidents from happening in the future. We urge everyone to prioritize their safety and security and take necessary measures to protect their homes and belongings.


- A personal story about a robbery that happened to the speaker's family four years ago.

- The speaker's brother recently informed them that the perpetrator, who they refer to as Bob, passed away from an overdose.

- The speaker wants to share the story with their audience and is joined by their brother to fill in any missing details.

The Story:

- The family lived in Swissvale, and this incident happened around the time Black Ops 2 was released.

- Bob was a friend of the speaker's older brother, but the speaker had never met him before.

- Bob had obvious signs of drug use and mental instability.

- One day, the speaker and their brother came home from school and noticed the PlayStation was missing.

- Their mother had left Bob in the house while she went to the store, and he had taken the console and games.

- The speaker was filled with anger and hate towards Bob and wanted to hurt him.

- The speaker and their friends went to Bob's workplace, a bar, with a knife, but a man outside warned them about Bob's dangerous nature.

- The speaker's brother found Bob's brother on Facebook and was able to retrieve their stolen items.

- The speaker is glad they were able to get their items back but still harbors resentment towards Bob.

- They enjoyed sharing this story with their audience and may share more in the future.

- The speaker signs off and thanks their viewers for watching.

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