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outdoor ads examples

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Outdoor advertising has been experiencing steady growth, with the move to digital leading to the sector outperforming other traditional media in recent years. Companies like JCDecaux and Clear Channel have invested millions of dollars to attract more advertisers, and the short lead times and flexibility of digital sites have made them an attractive option.

Reasons for Growth:

1. Digitization: The growth in outdoor advertising has been driven by digitization over the last decade. If it weren't for this, the traditional channel may have declined significantly.

2. Mass reach: Unlike other channels that are seeing a fragmentation of audiences, urbanization continues to drive audiences in outdoor advertising. It offers a landscape to reach 98% of the population on a weekly basis.

3. GDPR Compliance: Outdoor advertising is GDPR compliant, which means any data used to determine how people buy outdoor advertising is anonymous and GDPR compliant. This has resulted in a significant reduction in programmatic advertising due to GDPR requirements.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising:

1. Reach and Frequency: Outdoor advertising is excellent for reach and frequency, making it comparable to buying TV advertising.

2. Brand reach building: Smaller budgets can be deployed in the market by smaller advertisers who need that brand reach building perspective.

3. Analytic Capabilities: Advertisers can easily maximize impact and minimize cost across the four hundred thousand digital screens in the UK using mobile location data and GDPR compliant data.

Future of Outdoor Advertising:

Only around 10% of outdoor advertising sites in the UK are currently digital, leaving plenty of room for growth. It may take 20 to 30 years for everything to become digitized, but it's the direction of travel. The nature of how screens are used will vary between different screen types, but the operational cost to run a digital screen is more cost-effective than having a poster network.

Outdoor advertising has hit a purple patch recently due to its digitization and mass reach. GDPR compliance has made it an attractive option for advertisers, and smaller budgets can be deployed for brand reach building. With the future pointing towards digitization, the nature of how screens are used will vary, but the operational cost to run a digital screen is more cost-effective.

Best Marketing Campaigns of the Last Decade: 2010 - 2020 - Digital Uncovered

Young people are often perceived as not listening to public safety messages, especially around trains. But how do you get them to stop being unsafe? One campaign called Dumb Ways to Die found a unique approach that went viral and successfully changed behavior.

Key Points:

- Dumb Ways to Die was a campaign that started with a song and YouTube video that went viral, generating over 40 million views within six weeks.

- The campaign included a website where people could pledge to be safe around trains, resulting in nearly a million pledges.

- The campaign also included a smartphone game, outdoor advertising, and a little book that got kids to pledge to be safe.

- The campaign became the world's most shared video, with over 200 cover versions and parodies made and shared in the millions.

- Schools started using the campaign as a teaching tool in classrooms.

- The campaign resulted in a 21% reduction in accidents and deaths compared to the same time last year.

Other Examples:

- The Volvo FMX campaign used a hamster steering a truck to showcase the strength of the vehicle's steering system.

- The Wolf campaign showed how vulnerable businesses are to cyber attacks through their printers and promoted HP's solution through a dramatic short film series.

- The Fearless Girl statue became a symbol of female empowerment and sparked a conversation around gender diversity in the workplace.

These campaigns demonstrate the power of creativity and unique approaches to promoting messages. They also show how viral content and emotional human stories can create a conversation and change behavior.

Media Variation - Innovative Outdoor Advertising

At Media Variation, we are dedicated to helping businesses grow and prosper through innovative outdoor advertising formats. We specialize in unique and exceptional advertising spaces, offering bespoke campaigns that drive home your brand message and spread the word. With access to thousands of potential advertising spaces in highly utilized areas all over the UK, we can help you reach a large client base and increase your sales.

Advertising Options:

1. Taxi Ads - With over 70 million views per year, taxi advertisements offer a perpetual 24-hour advertisement to a potentially endless client base. We take care of all aspects of your ad, from design to printing to placement for maximum exposure.

2. Super Sides - Our team will develop a design for your campaign with your specifications and incorporate your business look, style, and feel. Other options available include full livery, mega sides, and tip seats.

3. Advertising Vans - Our 20-foot by 10-foot mobile billboards can be stationed in areas that statik billboards can't reach, creating a high impact potential for your target market. Our vans can follow specific routes around an area you are targeting to promote new stores, awareness of issues, promotions, offers, sales, and any other products or services your company offers.

4. Advertising Bikes - Our eco-friendly three-wheeled mobile billboards are state of the art and can travel around your chosen destinations, including main streets in city centers. They can be stationed in areas that are difficult to reach with traditional advertising, delivering a large advertising space in an eye-catching way.

5. Promotional Billboard People - Our large mobile adverts capture the public's curiosity and get people talking about your campaign. They are perfect for events, leaflet distribution, and to raise awareness of new products, services, and brands.

At Media Variation, we pride ourselves on the successful campaigns we run. Whether you choose taxi ads, advertising bikes, or promotional billboard people, you can be sure that your campaign is in safe hands with us. Call today to discuss your advertising requirements with our experts and see the results speak for themselves.

Top 10 Marketing Fails: Coke, Ford, Netflix

In this article, we will be exploring the top 10 marketing mishaps in history, ranging from failed campaigns to poorly executed ideas. Let's dive in:

1. McDonald's and the 1984 Olympics - McDonald's ran a promotion during the 1984 Olympics where customers could receive free food based on the United States medal count. However, the Soviets boycotted that year and the US took home 174 medals, leading to McDonald's giving away more free food than they could handle.

2. Facebook Beacon - In 2007, Facebook launched Beacon, which allowed users' activity around the web to be shared with advertisers. This sparked controversy and damaged Facebook's reputation with privacy watchdogs.

3. Burger King Creepy Monarch - Burger King attempted to resurrect its mascot, the creepy monarch, with the Wakeup with the King campaign. While the character went viral, the campaign did not boost sales.

4. Snickers Mister T - Snickers released a commercial featuring Mr. T hunting down a speed-walking man. The ad was accused of promoting discrimination and was quickly pulled.

5. Skittles Touch the Rainbow Campaign - Skittles released a campaign featuring a man who could turn anything into Skittles by touching it. While the concept was cute, the subsequent online videos featuring the same theme were criticized for being disturbing.

6. AIDS Diet Candy - A popular appetite suppressant in the 1970s, AIDS Diet Candy's unfortunate name became associated with the deadly disease.

7. Honda Llamo - Honda released a robot designed to help people with low mobility, but it couldn't even walk up stairs, leading to a major fail.

8. Netflix Qwikster Rebranding - In 2011, Netflix decided to embrace digital downloads and splintered off its core DVD-by-mail business into Qwikster, causing customers to drop the service in droves.

9. Ford Edsel - Ford built up hype for the release of the Edsel in 1957, but the car ultimately failed due to its ugly design, poor quality, and competition with another division of Ford, Mercury.

10. New Coke - In 1985, Coca-Cola poured time and money into developing a better tasting beverage, New Coke, which ultimately failed and was yanked from stores by July. However, it did manage to get people caring about Coca-Cola Classic again.

There have been many marketing disasters throughout history, but these 10 stand out as some of the most memorable. What were some other marketing mishaps that made you scratch your head and wonder, What were they thinking?


How Outdoor Advertising Captures Your Attention

Outdoor advertising is a ubiquitous part of our daily lives, but how many of the billboards we see do we actually remember? With an average attention span of only eight seconds, advertisers have to work their magic quickly to capture our attention and deliver their message. In this article, we showcase some of the most creative, memorable, and spectacular examples of outdoor advertising that have successfully captured our eyeballs and delivered their message in the best possible manner.


- Milka chocolate offers free cakes in Belgium: Milka chocolate brand offers citizens of five cities in Belgium free cakes in exchange for sharing a message via phone.

- Red Gold Tomatoes billboard in Minneapolis: An oversized advertisement for Red Gold Tomatoes featuring two giant cans that are each 16 feet tall and 12 feet wide captures attention.

- Water billboard in Peru: A miraculous billboard in one of the driest places of Peru captures the air's humidity and turns it into potable water for Lima residents.

- Jill Stewart's fragrance billboard in Hong Kong: Two creative flagship shelters at a high traffic location in Hong Kong immerse passerby through the scent of Jill Stewart's new fragrance.

- Adidas liquid billboard in Dubai: Women of Dubai were invited to dive beyond the surface in the world's first-ever liquid billboard, promoting the new Adidas swimwear collection.

- The Economist's deep thinkers billboard in Thailand: The subtle message of this billboard is that only deep thinkers get the important ideas that The Economist writes about.

- Citroen's toy model billboard in France: A unique billboard mosaic made from almost 3,000 toy models of Citroen's range captures attention.

- Orphea's insecticide billboard in Milan: Transparent glue in the shape of a jet spray coming from an insecticide can traps flies and mosquitoes, making the jet spray shape visible.

- Coca-Cola's six-story billboard in Times Square: Recognized as the world's largest 3D billboard by Guinness World Records, the six-story Coca-Cola sign has created a new benchmark for the creative application of technology in Times Square.

- DHL's creative 3D billboard in Amsterdam: A huge 3D billboard located in Amsterdam lets us know that DHL uses the shortest ways to deliver your package as soon as possible.

- Colston hair dye's natural colors billboard in China: An unspoiled view of the sea and skyline behind Colston hair dye's billboard helps to demonstrate their range of natural colors.

- The Wolf of Wall Street's money talk billboard in Australia: The panels of the bus shelters contain actual $100 bills to the value of $100,000.

- Ocean wave billboard in South Korea: Amidst the 2020 pandemic, Seoul citizens could enjoy the astonishing view of ocean waves without breaking lockdown rules.

- Electrified Jeep Wrangler billboard in South Korea: Jeep brand has something special for the Korean market with their new electrified Jeep Wrangler.

- Dracula TV show billboards in London and Birmingham: Terrifying billboards that come to life at night promote the TV show Dracula in London and Birmingham.

- E Sky Mall billboard in Taiwan: A shopping center in Taiwan makes sure you won't pass it by.

- Panasonic's precision nose hair trimmer billboard in Japan: Panasonic wants you to know that trimming nose hair can be as risky as cutting live wires and you need a precision tool to get the job done without getting hurt.

- Times Square's hyper-realistic waterfall billboard in New York: Times Square visitors were transported to a digital hyper-realistic cascading waterfall over 336 feet tall across four screens.

- Boba Fett's billboard in New York: The Boba Fett ad is better than the actual show, according to some.

- Sprite's refreshing gorilla marketing campaign in Brazil: Sprite provides Brazil citizens with a cold shower and a refreshing drink for free.

- Doom's shoe billboard in South Africa: A South African bug killer brand Doom illustrates their product's killing power by comparing it to the most common form of spur-of-the-moment bug control, the shoe.

Outdoor advertising can be creative, memorable, and spectacular if done right. The examples showcased in this article prove that capturing attention and delivering a message can be done in the best possible manner. As consumers, we may not remember all the billboards we see, but the ones that capture our attention and deliver a message in a creative and memorable way are the ones that stick with us.

Outdoor Ads That Look Back at You

Outdoor Video Advertising: How Facial Recognition Technology is Changing the Game

- Facial recognition technology is revolutionizing outdoor advertising

- True Media is a company leading the way in providing real-time audience data

- The technology is also being used for in-store marketing applications

What is Facial Recognition Technology for Outdoor Advertising?

- It uses a scanning device resembling a camera to measure audience engagement

- The system can measure 20 feet from the screen and 125 degrees to count the total audience size

- It can determine if the audience is male or female, how long they looked at the media, and age breaks

Privacy Concerns

- True Media has been criticized by groups and individuals concerned about privacy

- The company says it doesn't store images or individual information

- The data is digitized and sent to servers in the United States as digital information

- It's physically impossible to take any of the data and tie it to an individual

In-Store Marketing Applications

- True Media system can estimate the age, sex, and general interest level of nearby shoppers

- The screen content can be changed to influence point of sale purchase decisions

- It offers a new tool for advertisers to change someone's opinion at the point of sale

- Facial recognition technology is changing the game in outdoor advertising

- It provides real-time audience data and new ways to influence point of sale purchase decisions

- The technology is raising privacy concerns, but companies like True Media are working to address them

5 Social Media Campaign Examples From Big Brands You Want to Be

Social media has become a platform where everyone wants to succeed or go viral, but what does that mean and how can it be achieved? An effective social media campaign should promote a product or service, build brand awareness, and create a sense of community. Being shareable is the key to success as social media is all about sharing our thoughts, important moments, and what matters to us. Here are five brands that nailed their social media campaigns:

1. My Instagram Logo: An accidental campaign started in 2013 by artist Paulo Diwali to reimagine the Instagram logo and share it on the platform. Users from all backgrounds joined in and shared their interpretations, showcasing their love for the platform and creativity.

2. Know Your Lemons: A campaign by Worldwide Breast Cancer on Facebook to encourage survivors to share their stories and lesser-known facts about breast cancer using playful hashtags. The use of humor made the serious topic more approachable and encouraged more discussions.

3. Baskets: A campaign by FX network to promote a dark comedy show about a man dreaming of being a professional clown. They created a fake profile for the show's character on LinkedIn, making it feel natural and unexpected. The campaign was funny and engaging.

4. We Are Here: A campaign by Airbnb on Facebook to promote their new app. They had six people livestream their travels using helmet cams, tapping into users' love for adventure and getting live engagement through likes, shares, and comments.

5. Avocado Oracle: A campaign by British company Lidl on Twitter and Facebook, tapping into the relatable experience of not knowing which side the avocado pit is on to predict soccer match winners. The campaign was engaging and relatable, getting people to bet on the outcome and share on social media.

In conclusion, an effective social media campaign should be shareable, engaging, and tap into users' interests and experiences. These five campaigns nailed it, and there are more in the article below. If you want to succeed on social media, take inspiration from these brands and create shareable content that resonates with your audience.

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