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over saturated niches for dropshipping

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

Joe and Mike from BuildAssetsOnline.com discuss whether it is possible to run a high-ticket drop shipping store in highly competitive niches. They share their experience with finding success in even the most saturated industries.

Points Discussed:

- Saturation is not always a barrier to success in dropshipping.

- Even in the most competitive niches, there are hidden products that can be successful.

- Demand in saturated niches creates opportunities for long-tail keywords and variations of products.

- Pivoting and finding unique strategies can help find success in even the most competitive industries.

- Building a diverse catalog of products is more important than worrying about one particular niche being too saturated.

- Focusing on customer service and providing a wide range of products is key to building a successful online store.

Saturation should not be the sole factor in deciding whether to enter a niche in dropshipping. With unique strategies, pivoting, and a diverse product catalog, success can be found even in highly competitive industries. Focus on providing excellent customer service and a wide range of products to build a successful online store.

Unsaturated Dropshipping Niches That Can Actually Make Millions [2022] 📈

Figuring out which ecommerce dropshipping niche to pursue can be difficult, with many products being oversaturated or difficult to advertise. In this video, Austin Raven provides his top five niches to sell immediately, including golf, eco-friendly products, CBD, pet products, and kitchenware. Each niche has a growing market and unique selling points, making them valuable opportunities for ecommerce success.


- Trending upward on Google search trends, especially during the summer months

- Younger demographics and fratty brands are making golf more fun and accessible

- Golf training products are an underserved market

- Good opportunity for building a branded website and community

- Examples of products include putting training devices and swing aids

- Advertisements can be done on platforms like TikTok, where golf videos are popular

Eco-friendly products:

- Growing trend among consumers, especially younger generations

- Can be marketed with charitable donations to increase conversion rates

- Examples of products include biodegradable toothbrushes and sustainable alternatives to everyday items

- Better and Better is an example of a minimalist and clean eco-friendly website

- UGC can be effective in showing the benefits of eco-friendly products, as seen in a TikTok ad for bamboo toothbrushes


- Trending upward on Google search trends, with high margins for sellers

- Can be sourced from CBD manufacturers without a license

- Advertising restrictions on platforms like Facebook and TikTok make organic traffic and affiliate marketing important

- Santa Cruz Medicinals is an example of a successful CBD company with a well-done affiliate marketing program and high-margin products

- Organic traffic and social media, specifically Instagram, can be effective in advertising CBD products

Pet products:

- Growing market with high potential for repeat customers

- Examples of products include pet accessories and grooming products

- Good opportunity for building a branded website and community

- Advertisements can be done on social media platforms like Instagram, where pet owners are likely to follow pet-related accounts


- Growing market with high potential for repeat customers

- Examples of products include kitchen gadgets and unique utensils

- Good opportunity for building a branded website and community

- Advertisements can be done on social media platforms like Instagram, where cooking and food-related accounts are popular

In conclusion, these five niches offer unique opportunities for ecommerce success. By focusing on growing markets, underserved product categories, and effective advertising strategies, entrepreneurs can find success in the dropshipping business.

Can’t Pick a Niche? 15 Most Profitable Niches for Dropshipping in 2022

- Dropshipping requires choosing products in demand and not overcrowded with sellers

- Niches with high demand may be amazing, but too much competition can make it difficult to reap rewards

- In this video, we will explore the fifteen most profitable niches with low competition for dropshipping in 2022

Niche #1: Solar energy products

- Environmentally friendly and sustainable products

- Increasingly popular with customers

- Keyword difficulty indicates low competition and promising global search volume

Niche #2: Eco-friendly products

- Customers are more environmentally conscious

- Biodegradable trash bags have low keyword difficulty and promising global search volume

Niche #3: LED lamps

- Energy-efficient and not hazardous to health

- Strong demand with low keyword difficulty and potential customers over 7,000

Niche #4: Home office equipment

- Profitable niche due to work from home restrictions

- Wide range of products available, including laptop tables and computer accessories

- Sharp increase in demand with popular global search volume

Niche #5: Bathroom accessories

- Useful with high perceived worth

- Demand increasing with low keyword difficulty and potential customers over 50,000

Niche #6: Health and beauty products

- Evergreen niche with consistent demand

- Keyword difficulty low with potential customers around 12,000

Niche #7: Pet products

- People love their pets and are willing to spend on them

- Demand consistent with low keyword difficulty and potential customers around 4,000

Niche #8: Gaming accessories

- Consumers spending more than $50 billion on gaming accessories

- Wild demand with low competition

- Pre-made store available for easy entry into the niche

Niche #9: Bluetooth gadgets

- Useful innovation of the 21st century

- Popularity consistently high with low competition and potential customers over 7,000

Niche #10: Personal safety items

- Concern for safety always present

- Huge number of available products with low competition and potential customers around 6,000

Niche #11: Kitchen accessories

- Everyone has a kitchen and loves convenience

- Popularity considerably rising with low competition and large number of potential consumers

Niche #12: Smart home devices

- Becoming more widely available to regular customers

- Low competition with demand on the rise

Niche #13: Car accessories

- Impossible to imagine everyday lives without cars

- Demand consistent with potential customers around 21,000

Niche #14: Sports equipment

- Current circumstances changing the way people work out

- Strong demand with low keyword difficulty

Niche #15: Baby products

- Evergreen niche with stable demand

- High demand with low competition and potential for business scaling

- Finding a niche is an important task for dropshippers

- AliDropship offers store creation services and Sellvia is a US-based supplier with a large catalog of products for many niches

- Choose a profitable niche with low competition to increase your chances of success in dropshipping.

Picking Your Niche (Dropshipping 2022)

Building a Profitable Dropshipping Business

When starting a dropshipping business, it's essential to choose a niche and build a brand around it. In this lesson, we'll cover the advantages and disadvantages of building a one-product store, niche store, or general store. We'll also discuss how to conduct industry research and find a market with potential, and how to deal with competition, diversify your brand, and sell products effectively in saturated markets.

Types of Dropshipping Stores:

- One-product store: Only sells one product, and there is limited testing involved. Not recommended for beginners or intermediates.

- Niche store: Allows you to sell multiple products in the same niche and is highly profitable. Focus on one niche, test hundreds of products, and build systems easily.

- General store: Sells products from various niches, making it difficult to brand and build data towards a specific goal. Faces stiff competition from major retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

Benefits of a Niche Store:

- Focus on one niche, making it easier to learn and research.

- Test hundreds of products within the same niche with one brand.

- Build systems quickly and easily.

- Sell evergreen products year-round, avoiding the need to create holiday or trend stores.

Conducting Industry Research:

- Research the market potential of your niche using Google Trends.

- Look for an uptrend in your niche over the last five years.

- Research your competitors, focusing on professional stores with big followings and good engagement.

- Use a unique value proposition (UVP) to differentiate your brand and make it more valuable.

Diversifying Your Brand:

- Identify your market's problems and satisfy unmet needs.

- Introduce a UVP in your messaging, product offers, etc.

- Stand out by selling better products with unique features that competitors don't have.

Choosing the right niche and building a brand around it is key to building a profitable dropshipping business. Conduct thorough industry research and identify your market's problems to satisfy unmet needs. Introduce a UVP and stand out from your competitors. Choose a niche that you're passionate about, and you'll enjoy researching and selling products in it for years to come.

Oversaturated Niche? The Secret To Dominating The Competition (2018)

Undoubtedly, dropshipping is an extremely saturated business area. We all know this, and we all see the same stores popping up. But today, I'm going to tell you how you can successfully sell products within even the most oversaturated niches.

The Key to Succeeding in Oversaturated Niches:

There is a very simple formula to succeeding within even the most oversaturated niches, and there's really just one thing that you have to do that people don't even think about, and that no gurus talked about. And I'm going to tell you this exclusively on my channel right now.

Go Beyond the Best-Selling Items:

What you have to do is go into Aliexpress, right? Normal product research that you're doing here, however, what everybody tells you to do is click on best selling and then look at the best selling items and put those on your store, right? No. What you need to do is go beyond the first page, go beyond the second page, and go beyond the third page. Find items that nobody is selling, and this is the key here to succeeding in oversaturated niches.

Marketing to a Subset of People:

It does not matter how many people are selling within this niche. All that matters is how many people are selling that specific product. So, when you're getting these items that are on the fifth, tenth, or 20th page of Aliexpress, you're at a little bit of a disadvantage here. And the reason why is that when you're selling these items that have been sold before and they're verified bestsellers, you've seen other big websites selling them before. You can almost guarantee you that the quality on those bad boys is going to be up to par.

Assess the Supplier:

When you're getting these items that are on the fifth, tenth, or 20th page of Aliexpress, you don't have that peace of mind. You don't have the proof that these items are already good. You have to find this out for yourself. And this is a very easy thing that you can do. Don't stress about it. All you have to do is assess the supplier, see if they're new, if they've been around for a while, and if they have other hot selling items that have good quality.

To succeed in oversaturated niches, go beyond the best-selling items and find new products that nobody is selling. Marketing to a subset of people with a new and exciting product will catch their eyes and put you above the curve. It may take a bit of testing, but if you try out a few new exciting products at once, chances are one of them will stick.

3 Dropshipping Niches You NEED To Stay Away From

Today's topic is about three dropshipping niches that one should stay away from. These niches are oversaturated and not profitable. In this article, we will discuss these niches and why you should avoid them.

Niche 1: Necklaces and Bracelets

- Cap necklaces and dog keychains are not profitable.

- Jewelry stores are oversaturated and common.

- Over 60% of the stores reviewed are jewelry stores.

Niche 2: Pets

- Pet industry is great, but oversaturated.

- Everyone is selling the same products.

- Dog necklaces and common dog collars are not profitable.

Niche 3: General Clothing

- Swimsuits and lame dad hats are not profitable.

- Clothing can sell well if marketed well.

- Choose unique and different clothing products.

It is important to choose the right niche for dropshipping. If you would not buy the products you are selling, then they are not profitable. These three niches are oversaturated and not profitable. Choose something unique and market it well. Remember, marketing plays a crucial role in dropshipping success.

How To Avoid Saturated Products (Shopify Dropshipping)

In this article, we will be discussing whether a product can be too saturated and how to determine if a product is saturated. We will provide tips and guidelines to help you make an informed decision when researching a potential product to sell.

Main Points:

- Saturation can apply to different aspects of a product, such as the market, ad creative, or customer base.

- Even if a product has high engagement or views, it may not be saturated if there are still untapped markets or potential customers.

- The dog toy example is used to illustrate how a product can be successful despite having millions of views on an ad.

- Testing a product is the best way to determine if it will be successful, and the cost to do so is relatively low.

- Rule #1 is to target an evergreen niche where new customers are constantly entering the market.

- Rule #2 is to consider the size of the niche and potential customer base.

- Checking out where a product is successful and trying to tap into untapped markets can help determine if a product is truly saturated or not.

- Lastly, do not be afraid to take a chance and test a product. You never know what could happen, and one successful product could change your life.

In conclusion, determining if a product is saturated can be difficult and subjective. However, by following the rules and guidelines we have provided, you can make an informed decision and increase your chances of success. Remember to take a chance and test a product, as you never know what could happen. Good luck with your product research and sales!

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