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packaging dropshipping

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How To Package & Brand Your Shopify Dropshipping Products

hey guys, it's Paul from become Swift and today I wanted to and a packet drop shipping product review. you know, as a marketer myself, I'm very wary of the marketing tactiks, of the psychological tricks that they use in their copy and their images in there. you know sale, price and their email newsletters. I'm aware of it all. I'm aware that I'm being sold and it's pretty hard to sell me. okay, like I'm a consumer, of course I buy things, but I'm very strategic with buying things and I know how to make that decision. I know how not to get convinced. but, um, apparently not. actually, because this company, I'm not sponsoring them. I don't even care if you purchase them. this Instagram added, basically said they're going out of business, they're having a last blowout sale, like a hundred dollars off their watches. so I was like: man, this is a pretty good opportunity to buy some watches. I was considering to myself. I was like, okay, this is a Shopify store. is this his drop shipping store? and I was like, maybe it's not. and the reason I thought not is because it said Godfrey, since 1923. and I was like: but since 1923? I was like, okay, they established 1923. they probably had a bunch of artisans, watchmaking artisans, you know crafting this thing all the way back in the nineteen hundreds and there's like a history behind it. there's a brand and the website and everything looked really good. I could trust it. I never heard of the brand before. I interacted with it with like two or three times on the website before I bought this thing. like men, this is a legitimate company. you know, this is not a job shipping store. this is the actual brand that's been around since a long time. but they fooled me. they fooled me. okay, this is not a positive nor negative review of their watches itself. this is a review of their marketing and their tactiks and their branding and I think there are some lessons to learn here. so, right when you open it, you are greeted with two very premium looking luxury brands: watch cases, watch boxes. it's nice, like it's. it comes to customer experience. it makes makes it seem like you've got a legit, really good quality thing. so, right when you unbox it, you get greeted with this little car thing. it's just really nice and like the thicknesses is of an actual credit card. like. this thing is not a cheap little paper. one thing I would change is the grammar is like you can clearly tell somebody non-english wrote this thing, but you know it's a nice touch. so got a nice little protective sleeve thing and then you're greeted with the actual watch. now you've got this little, nice little banner thing going up like that and it's actually a very nice looking watch, like- I'm not even gonna lie- it's a stainless steel all over silver and nice. it's very nice. it's very flexible, very thin and this reminds me of like a Daniel Wellington watch. in terms of quality definitely looks pretty good. you know, the whole perception I have of this is, you know, pretty high quality. so let's look at the second one. the same thing going on here and we got this one right here. so, like I said, if you guys are familiar with Daniel Wellington, this is like the exact kind of style and, yeah, the quality is very nice. so these are the two watches I bought. they even have the gold free sketching on the back of this thing, so you can clearly tell they put a lot of difference to this. so some tips for branding and customer experiences: go the extra mile. go the extra mile like: if you have a winning product, if you're still testing products, do not do any of this stuff. you're gonna waste money. if you have a winning product, go ahead and invest a little bit more into packaging like this- and, like you know, business car is old flyers. all you have to do is ask, ask your supplier, because a lot of times your supplier will have these resources and will be able to do it for extremely cheap. for example, I used to job ship a comb- a beard comb- and it had silver screws. in the past I asked my supplier. I was like hey, can I get these in gold? and they were able to do it for me. it was a little bit more expensive, but the perception of a comb with gold screws rather than silver screws is pretty significant. you can charge more if the perception is higher. if you still want to do the job shipping route, you can still provide the branding experience, just gonna have to have like automated emails saying or manufacturing it right and make it seem like it's a legitimate thing. however, it was a very deceptive how they tricked me and said that they're going out of business, which is probably not true and it probably won't bite them back in the ass when customers see they're still advertising and they're like, hey, you're going out of business. and then the description says quartz watch and some Chinese letter and this is a SKU I would say like the actual branded watch name and no Chinese letters, no SKU. and then over here at value I will put the value of how much I paid worth, of how much the customer pays for it. this one says five. that's the actual Aliexpress price. I would tell the supplier to change this invoice and forge the value of it to make the received value a lot higher and you don't have to pay any extra tariffs for that. if you're above a thousand dollars or something in value, then you have to pay some tariffs. but you know I'm not a legal expert, so don't count me on that. this is what I've done them. whenever I sold shops, even products that were with like $2, I told the manufacturer: hey, price it at $50. we're like you know something like that. I didn't have to pay any tariffs. but yeah, good job. guys, if you're watching this, this is not a review. I'm not even gonna have that link in the description. you guys really convinced me, especially with the subtle since 1923 that is so subtle, but it actually works. we found this content useful then, going into the subscribe button, upload videos like this all the time, especially with e-commerce, Shopify, drop shipping, that sort. give it a like button and leave in the comments if you have any questions and I'll see you guys in the next video. thanks for watching.

Do NOT Use Aliexpress to Dropship (NEW 2022 Method)

Drop Shipping is dead. this is a phrase that I've heard countless times over the past few years. it has caught so much confusion and it's time for me to clear this out. selling things on the Internet isn't going away. what's popping YouTube? my name is Nathan Nazareth. welcome back to the channel. I've been doing e-commerce and drop spring for over three and a half years doing multiple seven figures in online sales, but, like I said, there's a whole host of problems doing things this way. the reason people have this common misconception About Drop Shipping is due to scammy looking websites, low product quality, long shipping times and all the other major hassles that you have to deal with when you're working directly through a product page on AliExpress to fulfill your orders. and one of the most important, if not the most important, things that I learned along my journey was to establish a private supplier right from the job. establishing a relationship with a private supplier has never been easier, yet people are still doing it in very, very incorrect ways, so I'm going to be clearing all that up and showing you guys exactly how to get a private supplier in this video to Jump Right In. AliExpress sucks, as a supplier. using AliExpress simply limits your growth and will not satisfy your customers. two main reasons why AliExpress fails to be good supplier is won the long shipping times and two, the poor product quality. customers just don't want to wait three to five weeks for their product to arrive at their house anymore. I don't blame them. we're in the era of Amazon Prime, where things are literally showing up the day. people order them now. not only will these long shipping times overcomplicate the process, causing you more money, since customers will constantly be emailing and you'll have to respond, taking your time or hiring somebody to respond to all these issues- but they'll refund orders along the way. they'll open chargeback requests, which will not only charge you fees, but they'll also hurt your payment processors, which means that they'll essentially start holding all the money in, which will really start to inhibit your scaling potential. another main issue about going through AliExpress is that there's pretty much no reliability. you're using this one product page and you'll be left never knowing if your orders went out on time, if the boxes were all damaged, if the products were broken, if the consumers actually received the product that they paid for. this is exactly why Drop Shipping gets a bad name. when I first started dropshipping, I ran into countless issues. on multiple occasions I found out the supplier actually shipped the product to the wrong address and when I would reach out to them about it, they would either deny it or not answer me altogether. punch you on the face- so bad right now. another common issue these suppliers will get you on is actually sending lower quality products to your consumers. they have little incentive to communicate with the people who buy from them, so, in other words, they're kind of just sending out whatever to your customers because they don't care. they've already made the money terrible business. now that I've gone over why AliExpress is just not sustainable in the long run and it's potentially holding back your business from getting to the next level, I think we should tok about some of the key benefits that come along with having a private supplier and why you literally need one right now. so, starting off with a private supplier, you can achieve shipping times much, much faster. in many cases, you can actually get two to five day shipping, which is typical for domestik suppliers, in other words, suppliers that hold your inventory in the United States, if that's where you're selling to, or in Europe or in Canada, and so on and so forth. another bonus of working with these private suppliers is usually the potential for white labeling, for custom packaging, logo, those and just creating an overall, more unique and branded customer experience. a private supplier would also be willing to negotiate with you for lower prices, for faster shipping, for cheaper shipping, depending on how many units you are actually selling. that way, the more successful that you become and the more volume you start pushing through the supplier, the more likely they are to reduce some of the costs per unit, thus increasing your profit margins over time. you're going to need it now. at this point, you're probably saying, okay, I'm sold, but how do I actually find these private suppliers to work with now? this can be a tricky task if you don't know where to look and there's lots of misinformation on it, and also many suppliers are reluctant to work with drop shippers, especially relatively inexperienced drop shippers that aren't pushing a lot of volume. however, there are a few crucial methods and things that you can do to increase your chances in working with a top tier supplier right off the bat. firstly, you can try reaching out to suppliers that specialize in a product that you're already selling. these suppliers are more likely to be familiar with the niche, the industry that you're selling my products in and you can immediately start toking with them and asking them questions, which makes you seem more experienced and makes you seem like you're already pushing units or you're ready to start selling thousands of these things. and remember they're going to get excited about that because they want to make money just as bad as you do. you can also try contacting some smaller suppliers. they might not be as reputable yet, but typically they'll be more flexible with their terms and willing to take on new partners, as they are trying to seek out as many new clients as possible because they're just getting their business going. also, if you urgently need private suppliers and you want to shortcut some of the time involved with actually going out there and finding a list yourself, you can click the first link down below, which will be an application link to my mentorship program inside of my education company. in here we have lists of vetted suppliers that I've worked with for years and built up amazing relationships with. on top of that, you'll be seeing a holistik picture into how I do Drop Shipping in 2022.. we only have a few spots left, so hurry down there and see if you can pick one. know now, when you're just starting Drop Shipping, it can be difficult to go straight into finding a private supplier. the easiest way for people just starting out is to actually go ahead and get their hands on an agent. an agent essentially works as a middleman and has experience working directly with all these different manufacturers and suppliers. this will save you a ton of money and hassle in the long run, because the agent will be able to get the best quotes for you for tons of different suppliers and they'll essentially do all that work that is really time consuming on your end. oftentimes, these agents, or even third-party platforms that do this service for you, will actually try to drop ship on top of that and add more additional costs along the way. so it is vital to speak with multiple agents and making sure you're not getting drop shipped or further ripped off along the process, if that makes sense now, when trying to find one of these agents, there are a few different websites, for example Alibaba, where you can start going and just messaging every single supplier, though more often than not, that's how you're going to find the actual suppliers and manufacturers. so my preference is to use Auto DS, which will actually connect you with an agent associated with the supplier themselves, or you can go to an agent directly, who will go to their suppliers and find you the best deal for your product. now, autods actually aims to be a full service automation dropshipping platform but, like I said, one of the best things about using the platform Auto DS is that they can easily integrate and connect you with some of their top suppliers and get you the best quotes. I've.

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How to Blind Dropship from Aliexpress (hide the supplier + hide the price!)

Hey guys, In this video I'm gonna teach you how to blindly dropship from AliExpress, and you may have notiked that I'm in a bit of a different location. I'm actually filming this from New York. For those of you that don't know, blind dropshipping is the phrase used to describe when a dropshipper ships an item without adding any form of identification or marketing in the package so that the customer doesn't know where it came from. You see, a common concern that a lot of people discuss on our YouTube videos is that they are concerned that the AliExpress supplier will leave a form of marketing in the package identifying that it was them that was selling the item and not you. People will then see this and get upset with you reselling an item cheaper to them. Here is a comment someone left on one of our recent videos, basically voicing this concern. So, of course, the solution to this is that you need to get the supplier to not include any marketing materials in the package identifying that it was them, ie, you need to get them to blindly dropship. So in this video, I'm gonna do two things: Firstly, I'm gonna teach you how to get a supplier to blindly dropship an item for you and secondly, I'm gonna show you what it looks like for the customer when they receive an item that has been blindly dropshipped. To do that, I'm gonna order a bunch of items from AliExpress using the quick method that I'm gonna be teaching you at the start of this video. To do this, I'm gonna be doing an AliExpress unboxing or unpackaging video so that you can exactly see what the customer receives when they order an item from you. So let's jump straight into it. All right, let me switch over to my computer screen and show you just how easy it is to get your items blindly dropshipped from AliExpress. Getting your items blindly dropshipped is super simple. All you have to do is go to the checkout page in AliExpress. There you can leave a message for your supplier. Simply ask them to not include an invoice or marketing material with the package and ask them to please blindly dropship the item. Super duper simple. You see, the sellers on AliExpress are used to working with dropshippers so they understand our needs and know how to ship packages out for us. You see, AliExpress suppliers love working with dropshippers because they know that we can do a huge amount of volume for them. so don't be afraid that they won't understand your request, And this is another good reason why it's important to pick a supplier that has a good feedback score, and this is something that I discuss in depth in my video "The Six Tips to Dropshipping on AliExpress", and I will have a link to that video in the description below. Basically, you want to be looking for suppliers that have a feedback score between 2,000 to 2 million. If you pick a supplier that has a feedback score above 2,000, then you know that they are experienced, established and are almost certainly working or have worked with dropshippers. And if you pick a supplier that has a feedback score of less than two million, then you know that they're not doing insane amounts of volume and so they're gonna be more attentive to the messages that people leave on their orders. And if you wanna be doubly safe, then you can message the supplier in advance and ask them directly if they do blind dropshipping. And suppliers in this feedback range are the sweet spot, because you know that they are reliable enough to reply, but not too busy to reply. All right. So now that we have gone through how to blindly dropship, I'm gonna switch over and do an AliExpress unboxing so that you can see what the customer receives when they order a package. Okay, I have here a package that I have ordered from AliExpress, and I ordered it using ePacket shipping. Well, as you can see, on the front there is absolutely no advertising indicating what supplier I purchased it from or that I purchased it from AliExpress at all. It just looks like a general address label, And if you look on the back, you'll see that there is absolutely no advertising on it at all. So now I am going to open this so that you can see that inside, there is absolutely no advertising material Inside. this is what we see. Now I'm gonna open this up as well. Tada, We have a self-stir mug and, as you can see, there was absolutely no advertising material in it at all. so you have no idea where it came from, And if you are a long-time subscriber of Wholesale Ted, you will probably recognize this mug. All right, I have another package from AliExpress and, as you can see, there is no advertising material on the package at all. If we go around the back, you will see there is only an address label And, again, it does not give the buyer any information about where they could go to purchase this. Okay, so let's open this up and see what's inside. So when I open up the package, this what we see: Once again, no advertising material on it at all. Now let's open it up, Tada, And this is what we have inside. If you are a long-time subscriber of Wholesale Ted, you will probably also recognize this. This here is a travel mug that looks like a camera lens and again, there is no packaging inside which would indicate where it was from. So this here is another package from AliExpress. As you can see, there is no information on the front of it or advertising that would indicate where it is from, so the customer would not be able to go there directly themselves. If we switch it over, you will also see that there is absolutely no advertising on the back either. So let's open it up inside and see what we find. So I've opened it up and this is what I have inside. As you can see, there is no advertising on the item at all, and if we flip it over, there is no advertising there either, so the customer would have no idea where it came from. And just to double check, inside the package, there is absolutely nothing as well. Here is another package from AliExpress. As you can see, there is no advertising on the front at all, and if we switch it over to the back, you will see that there is absolutely no advertising on it at all. So the customer would have no idea where to go and buy it from. Let's open it up inside and see if there is any advertising inside. So I have opened it up and it is a key keyring and on the package there is no advertising. and if we switch it over, there is once again no advertising. And if we want to double check inside the package there is no advertising either. So again, the customer would have no idea where you got this from. It has been dropshipped blindly, All right. so I hope that you appreciated that AliEpress unboxing video and that you can see that a seemingly complicated problem has a very simple fix. And the thing is, I've notiked that there a lot of people that get held back by stuff like this. There are a lot of people who have left messages that they haven't started with this business because they've been afraid that their customers were going to receive marketing or invoices and then discover where they truly got the item from. But a little bit of research reveals that this is actually a really easy problem to overcome, and that's the funny thing If you encounter a roadblock like this, don't stop. Instead, try to find a solution, and it's almost certainly going to be simpler than you thought. Thanks for watching this video. If you liked it, I'd appreciate it if you gave it a thumbs up and subscribed to us here at Wholesale Ted for more great videos about making money selling online. And if you would like to get started in dropshipping but you don't know how, then you should be sure to download our free eBook "How to Make $10,000 a Month Online From Dropshipping". You'll find a link on how to download this incredible, life-changing eBook in the video description below.

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AliExpress Dropshipping Packaging Alternatives – CHEAP & EASY Custom Packages!

Have you ever wondered how eCommerce stores or dropshippers send their Aliexpress products in packaging like this or this? by the end of this video, you're going to know how to send your products in beautiful packaging rather than the standard boring a packet, and that's going to help you build a powerful econ brand. so in last week's video, I spoke about how to white label your brand and white label your products, and that is a very important part of creating a very powerful econ brand. so if you haven't seen that video already, be sure to check out that video here. and on top of that, part of that powerful branding exercise is packaging. so I'm going to show you a custom packaging supplier that I have used in the past, but before then I'm going to show you a store that is currently using beautiful custom packaging. first things first, let's check out a white label store with a great example of custom packaging. this store, funnily enough, I found while being targeted by their ads for a bag product, and it's maverick & Co. let's scroll down and find that product that I was targeted with. it was this backpack here. their backpacks actually seem quite nice, but for 202 dollars this is a premium. so scrolling through the images, that Bank is quite nice, but what I wanted to show you is the last image, which is this image here, and it's their packaging. it's a packaging that you received this bag in and you get a simply me zoom in here. actually, you get a drawstring bag and then a simple package for the bag itself, along with some probably what is their business card and social media cards here and just a welcome card. so this is a very great example of custom packaging beyond just very boring a packet packaging that you get from, you know, drop shipping products from Aliexpress. now, will this packaging cost you more? yes, it will, but in terms of branding and the long term exercise of branding, this will be more beneficial and profitable in the long-term. it's all part of the branding aesthetik and I love brand marketing and the branding aesthetik. so this is extremely important if you're looking at, thinking about looking at or thinking about white labeling in the long term. so that is the example wanted to show you. it's a great product and it's a great brand and they're clearly doing very well. but, going beyond this, how exactly are you going to get packaging like this, beyond just boring a pack he packets? well, this is relatively simple. I'll give you the two options. the first option is something that I've used in the past and it's called Woodroof and Co. this is an Australian company, but I will give you a couple more options in a second, in a moment, but I want to give you couple options and show you what this all looks like. so this is a cheap option for the most part. essentially, you get your own stamp with your company's logo and you get supplies and you manually process this, obviously by stamping the supplies. so, with the stamps, let's go and check out the pricing here. so pretty standard stuff. here you get a custom small, medium or large stamp with the ink pad itself and they will set you back 3959- $79, see, in terms of business expenses. that's absolutely nothing and you can see here the examples of their application. so you know you can use them coffee cups, you can use it on tags, you can use it on, you know, wrapping paper, etc. but it's pretty simple stuff. you just submit your vector logo in and they'll create this stamp for you within a couple weeks. so this specific Bishop's within seven to ten days, and obviously you have to pay the shipping and if you go back, what you're going to purchase from them as well is whatever other samples that you need, or suppliers. I should say so with that bag, for example. you know, going back to this, you know this is a custom printed bag, so this is going to set you back some more, but if you're on a budget, this is a great alternative. by getting that stamp and getting a straw string- you know cotton bag- and clicking into that. that's $35 for a pack of 50, so that's not. that's not very expensive at all, and then you're gonna get the stamp itself going back. you can also get a sample pack if you're unsure about it, sample back for 2 bucks. you get a whole bunch of different bags and tags so you can test out the sizing and whatnot. so this is a great alternative when it comes to cheap packaging, yet branded packaging, and this is going to cost you manual labor though, so this will be on you. of course, you can outsource this to a supply company, but that will add on an additional cost. so that's wood roughen Co. the next potential option is custom labor stiker mill. this is again a very cheap option, so you can simply get your stik, your logo, printed out on stikers and then placed on buttons, magnets packaging, whatever it is, as you can see from a picture here above. this is another great solution when it comes to cheap custom branded packaging. you can also just simply place this on, you know, traditional eat packets- and I'll tell you how to do that in a second. but again, just looking at this, let's take a look at the die-cut labels and so you've got a ruff-ruff pricing chart here and I should say this is: this is a global company, so this is great. it is based in the US, but they do ship globally. I'm on the Australian website at the moment, so this is an Australia pricing, Australian pricing, but again, not that expensive. really, all you need is a 50 by 50 and you can get, you know, a thousand stikers for 200 bucks. that works out to be not much at all and to get your brand on packaging. this is, this is pretty powerful stuff. so you know, go ahead and grab some stikers. you can also go into the packaging option. you can get packaging tape as well, and this is great for custom packaging if you have larger products and you want to easily brand it without getting huge cardboard boxes with manually or automatikally printed out gobble with your logo on it, because that's obviously a more expensive option. but with this here you essentially get, you know, obviously, stikers itself. so go, let's go ahead and check out the pricing here. I haven't done this before, but you know plenty of meters. you can get almost, you know literally- a kilometers worth of tape for $385. so how do you get this onto your products? well, obviously there's the option of like wood roofing Co. the option of sending is direct to your third party, logistiks company, so three PL or you can also, if you've got in- most people don't know this, but you know that's gone to Aliexpress here and take a look at you know. let's just run you through an example. let's say you're selling these sunglasses here that I just looked under, looking at right now. all you have to do, okay, if you've got a whole bunch of options and suppliers to go with, go ahead and hit contact, go and contact these guys. okay, all you have to do is simply hit contact and contact these guys and ask them if they do custom packaging and that you do have the supplies, am I able to ship this custom label to you so you're able to fulfill my orders? now they might charge a little bit more and they may not. it really depends on your relationship with the supplier, but it's as simple as that. so, instead of getting them to quote you a full custom package, which is going to cost you a lot, simply go through things like stik a mule of wood, rough and Co and send these over to the drop shipper, or send these over to the 3pl and get them to manually complete these orders for you with the custom packaging. so this is how most companies do it now. obviously, once you scale up and you create your own brand to the point where you've got a whole team, then you can bring it in-house, and they can. your team can manage that all for you, and I'm sure at this point maverick & Co has got to that point. but also, looking at this site, you know one of the questions you might already already have, or you're probably wondering: how exactly do I find relevant winning products or white-label? well, tune in to next week's video, where I'll be going through an extremely use.

How to Use CJ Custom Packaging 2.0

hi everyone, this is summer from CJ drop shipping and today this is a tutorial video on how to use our updated custom packaging service. but before we start, you need to make sure that you've authorized your store, connected the products in your store or Adi the products to skill list in CJ drop shipping. if a set which I began [Music], first login your CJ account, go to my CJ, find custom packaging at the left-hand navigation bar, click on it. as you can see, we used to have three columns: design, model, pre-designed packaging and my custom packaging- but now they are down to two: pre-designed packaging and my custom packaging. design motto page is used for you to design your own packaging. but how do you conduct your packaging design now? well, don't worry, we'll get to that just in a minute. let's start with pre design packaging, which includes our packaging we have considering. some of you might only want to check out one or a few specific kinds of packaging. we've updated this new feature- packaging material- so that you can select whichever material you like and get a glance of our packages we have with that specific material. and, as you probably have notiked, for every item title it starts with M, OQ and different numbers. yep, there is minimum order quantity for our custom packaging. if you hit purchase and you'll see the quantity has been automatikally set, as is moq. also, the shipping cost might be a bit higher as some of the custom packaging might wait a little bit more. and for some items you see this little pencil + ruler icon at the right bottom, wondering what that's for. click away and you know. so it turns out. this is now when you redesign your packages, so you're able to either upload images or add text on the packages, or even both. let's try it out. and there you go, his safe. now this has been saved in our my custom packaging page. let's go double check by clicking view. all looking good. and please know the products is only visible to you and you own the copyright. CJ won't neither display the product on the platform and also to any other dropshippers now that we've got our own custom packaging. but how do we apply those custom factors to products? plus had two products section. go to connection or skill list to connect your custom packages with products you want. please know that the packaging connection in the skill list is for Excel otters or manually create a Otters. Wow in connection is for Auto, synchronized from your story. so now let's start with connection. click on it and you'll see all products you've connected from your authorized store - CJ drop shipping- and on the very right there is a button which says action in the drop down menu, select packaging connection. as for this option, apply to order. if you have moat about this product in your order and you want one package for them all together, take this gas box. if not know, please know that one product can be connected with more than one package now, and at most five packages, which is perfect for those who want to use, let's say, cloth backs as package for this product and also want to put a tag, stiker, gift and card in it. all right, carry on. packing type: custom design. pick the package you want. if you want to add card, gift or stiker and it select them and confirm connections, complete it. if there is any change of plan, you can always go to action, remove the connection by hitting this button to double check. click view packing. as for skill, is the host apps to remain the same as connection, action packing, connection, select packages, confirm and done. to use custom packaging, you need to purchase private inventory to pre stop these custom packaging in our warehouse. you remise DJ find custom packaging and press purchase select warehouse. but please know that it's highly advised to select the same warehouse for the packages as your products. hence it'll save a lot processing time for packing. if your products are p? OD products, which is preen and demand products, please choose gingka warehouse. if you have private inventory of your products, please choose the same warehouse weed out of your products. if your products are general products, please choose you or Jinghua one. if your products are of special attributes, such as liquid electronic products or other special products, please choose Shunta warehouse. well, if we're not sure, you can always go to your agent or speak with our custom service anytime and the package price will be deducted after they're stopped in our warehouse. when you place an otter in situ, drop shipping, which means you need to pay for the package again in the order. if there is no more inventory, you'll get a notification when paying for your order. you can either choose to skip the custom packaging or Percy with paying for a custom packaging and wait for it after finished the payment. you can see the audit status in my CJ purchase list and the details of your custom packaging inventory in my inventory packing inventory. and that's it. hope you guys find a helpful. leave a thumbs up if they enjoy this video and don't forget to subscribe our Channel. thank you guys, so much for watching this video. take care everyone.

When To Start Custom Packaging For Shopify | BRANDING

a great question: when should you start custom packaging for your shopify store? this is more so built around branding, which is something you do once you have already identified your winning product. there's some amount of cash flow coming in and you want to focus on things long term. keep in mind, certain components of branding will cost you money out of pocket and there are things that you can't directly track an roi for. so things like really really working hard on social media content, you know, just to have like a very full page and post consistently, or sending value to your email list without pitching them anything, just to build that relationship and get a high open rate. you know things like custom packaging. it doesn't necessarily lead to something that you can say, hey, this 30 spent brought back 150. look at that, roi, it's not your facebook ads, it's not your google ads, right, it's not like that. so this is where we got to discuss two things: how well, first of all, when and then how. so how and when are those two most important things when it comes to custom packaging. i'm gonna address this very simply. okay, when you have to have a winning product, right, you're gonna be buying packaging for that product, that size. if you're selling shoes, it's a shoe box. you can't really use it for too much else. if it's a t-shirt, it's a slip packaging. that's cheaper, that's easier to make, so different things. now that's kind of the. when you want to have consistent cash flow, you want to use the profits that the business has already generated, in my opinion, to pay for that. keep in mind, pretty much i've never seen someone who doesn't do this. every single manufacturer and or supplier that i've ever worked with requires an order minimum. the lowest i've ever seen is 200 units of custom packaging. this will most likely you can speak your supplier manufacturer about this. it will depend. and if you, by the way, don't have a relationship with supplier manufacturer, we're going to tok about that in a moment- but you have to figure out what their number is. sometimes it's 500. sometimes, if you have a really big package, it can be 50. it can be, you know, if you're selling refrigerators, it could be a lot less because it costs more per unit. so it really just depends because, keep in mind, it still has to be worth it for them. now, if you're using a third party fulfillment center or 3pl, well, you can pretty much do whatever you want because they're just on your dime. you're paying them per order so you can send them packaging, because you're already sending them basic packaging anyways, so you can just send them the custom package. but whoever's actually manufacturing that will probably have a minimum to make it worth their time. so usually it's 500- again depends on the size of the package. for, kind of your basic slip package, two to five hundred, nothing too crazy- you'll probably be paying anywhere from like 20 cents to 50 cents, again depending on the quantity, the uh, the intenseness of the graphics. is it a thick package for something, you know, like a book that has to be a little bit protected, or is it a t-shirt, something super thin? you know, it just depends on that. so have a conversation. but that's when you already have a winning product, consistent cash flow. you know it's something you want to do long term. and now you're trying to build the brand. now how? first thing, i'm no website developer, design expert, you know, guru on editing stuff online. like that's not me. i can't do like graphic design on photoshop. i just, i just don't. so i would much rather pay someone 200, 100, even 50, depending on what you're trying to do to outline a custom packaging. so first things first you have the conversation with your supplier manufacturer. they're going to send you the sizing for your package. then you can have a designer work off of that. so first thing i look for in a designer: you can hire them off any freelance site. if you want to get an actual employee or contractor type thing, you go to an actual hiring website, something like indeedcom. i've hired multiple people off there. the uh in-house bookkeeper i've been using for almost two years now. she's been amazing. she's uh. the time has been full-time, been part-time. just found her straight off of indeedcom. she's been a w-2 employee for a long time. so you can use these different resources. it's not hard to find a graphic designer from there. you're going to want to build multiple different variations. you're going to want to go back and forth or have the designer go back and forth with your supplier manufacturer, whoever you're speaking with here. now on to the point of if you don't have a personal relationship, if you're fulfilling your orders off aliexpress, you can't brand something and you should not be wanting to do something long term with aliexpress. the reason for that: there's no personal connection, there's no real relationship there. there's nobody you can directly tok to. so if you're having that problem, it's probably time to switch and look elsewhere. keep in mind this is going to give you another benefit. in 99 of the situations it's probably going to result in faster shipping. it might result in your cost going up. if you're not ordering inventory yet you're still drop shipping, you, your cost might go up. so factor that and now your cost for custom packaging is going to go up. but you might have much faster shipping. so if you really wanted to add a paid shipping option on your store, that might help offset some of that cost. just an idea. but having custom packaging, in my opinion, helps with a few different things. if you do your custom packaging correctly, it's something we tok about inside of our programs. you can check those out linked below. there are a couple hundred bucks off for you guys, but custom packaging is usually gonna result in people tagging your social media. so when you're going to brand a store, i never step like one foot in the water to test how warm it is. you have to go all in because with custom packaging, my goal, at least, is what i do inside of my main brand and my companies, what we do. when i say we, i mean our entire team. we focus on custom packaging. sure, that's the easy part, but keeping up with the social media, because if you have a social media presence, you can pay to get some press releases and pay to get verified on instagram if you want, you can, you know, constantly have followers and likes and do giveaways and all this stuff. you build the social media. now your social media is tagged on the custom packaging. someone wants to tag you on their story when they get your product. so now you're building social proof, showing with indisputable proof that people are buying, that people are enjoying it. so you have to be on top of your social media, meaning you have to pretty quickly see that they tagged you. you reposted on your story, like you know, we appreciate you, like you do things like that. so you're building this whole network and you're able to reach so many people because carol in kansas, who ordered your thing, she might only have 120 followers, but those 120 followers are like personal friends of hers, not random followers. so 119 of them are going to see her post and now they've seen your stuff, half probably clicked. a few might go by, so it's not one of those things where you can directly track the metric, but it's super, super valuable from a customer experience perspective to have custom packaging. it's something i've slowly started doing earlier and earlier on any new things and it's something we recommend for clients inside of our agency as well who are still just doing standardized drop shipping. a lot of them end up not having a personal supplier. they have no connection at all, so we hook them up with a supplier. first, just do standard drop shipping, get the ball rolling, the cash flow there, then working on custom packaging, and then the steps after that would potentially include ordering inventory if it makes sense. not every product is going to make sense. not every supplier doesn't make sense to ord.