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paid ads on social media

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

How I Make £30,000/Month On Social Media (Without Paid Ads)

how I earned thirty thousand pounds a,month on LinkedIn and Instagram without,ads I've been on LinkedIn since April,2022 after having built a 40 000 person,audience online on Instagram and whilst,I was building that audience I learned,how to use social media to produce leads,now what I'm going to do in this video,is give you the five things the five,things you need to focus on to go to,multiple five figure months without ads,on pretty much any social network,firstly I worked on my offer and I,optimized my profile an offer should,consist of lots of different things your,audience the pain points the price point,of your product or service but for me,I'm gonna break it down into three a big,promise the pillars and the deliverables,so every offer should have a big promise,or an outcome now for me it was a,transformation it was helping people hit,5K or 10K months using organic content,on Instagram or on LinkedIn so that's my,outcome that's my promise I know that,it's something people want they want,money and they want to do it organically,without having to pay loads of money for,ads so it's pretty simple but then we,break it down into the Milestones or the,pillars so the three or four or five key,things that that person must do or,complete in order to reach that outcome,for me is three kind of similar to what,I'm toking about here a well-crafted,offer that people want to buy a,marketing strategy and sales three,things so we'll nail your offer we'll,help you piece together an intentional,content strategy that generates leads,and will show you how to close those,leads on structured sales calls that's,the three Milestones that's it then the,nuts and bolts or the deliverables so,with my program content to clients there,are five you get one-to-one calls with,me you get twice weekly group calls you,get access to the content to clients,course you can have weekly check-ins,with our client success manager and you,get six months of Community Access,alongside loads of other people who've,all invested four figures who are all on,the same Journey as you once I had that,offer in place I took parts of it and,transferred it to my profile to make,sure that the right bits stood out now,I've got all the videos coming on how to,optimize your Instagram and how to,optimize your LinkedIn profile I won't,go into detail now but you want to make,sure that every piece of real estate,profile picture Banner about section,profile link is all tailored and all,reflects the outcome that you can,provide and who you can provide it to,the second thing is understanding the,journey I knew exactly where I wanted to,take people so if people aren't aware of,you we need to grab their attention,somehow now that could be a variety of,things it could be a follow it could be,a like could be a comment could be a DM,it could be a freebie that you're,promoting but we want to grab that,person's attention and get them to know,us which is the next stage want to get,people to know us and understand us what,we're about who we are things in our,personal life that we might wish to,share and once we share enough of that a,percentage hopefully a large percentage,of those people are gonna get to like us,they'll like what we stand for they like,our opinions they like the way that we,do things they'll like the look of our,content they might even like our,backdrop or the clothes that we wear it,might even be our appearance once they,like us we can then start to build trust,and they get to trust what you say they,get to understand why you say it and,they buy into you as a person alongside,your marketing alongside your content,it's the kind of behavior that builds,trust but you're bringing in content,ideally at every single stage of this,journey just to reinforce what that,person thinks and hopefully it's,positive after that a small percentage,of them will fit into who your target,clients are so what we want to do is you,specifically gen tactiks to take them to,the next stage of working with us which,in my case is booking a free call the,thing to understand here is that your,brand Equity will build over time okay,and every single action that you take is,like a deposit into a bank account so,every DM that you send every piece of,video content you post every client,transformation that you highlight every,single time you go live or do a collab,post all these things are working in,your favor to build that brand equity,and strengthen that person's perception,of you of your service or of your,product so I like to show quite,consistently and make these deposits,okay just keep paying it forward keep,giving people people more information,more reasons as to why you are the,person to work with as to why you know,what you're toking about as to why you,are a thought leader in this space and,after a while after enough touch points,you're going to take them from that not,knowing who you are through the,attention stage through the no stage,through the like through the trust stage,all the way to becoming a lead and,hopefully becoming a client as I say and,I think one thing that a lot of business,owners forget is that after that person,is booked a call they're still judging,you before they turn into a client and,even after that they are still judging,you so what content you provide between,the core being booked and hopping on,that call again will work in your favor,or not so just take a step back and look,at all the different touch points all,the different points in the journey,someone might interact with you and,think about how you can improve them,which ties into Point number three clear,signposting and what most people do on,social media is try and take their,prospects in too many directions they'll,ask them to like share follow comment,subscribe I've got a free ebook I've got,a 37.00 course I've got group coaching,I've got one-to-one coaching and all of,a sudden this person hasn't got a clue,they don't know what the hell's going on,so it's really really clear to be very,directional and very prescriptive where,do you want people to go what do you,want them to do how do they have to do,it in order to get there in the quickest,way possible and I find giving people,less options is the best thing to do,here so one clear CTA just like I'm,gonna do at the end of this video I'm,not going to try and take you off,platform or get you to book a call you,can if you want the links below what I'm,actually going to do is try and get you,to watch a video the next video and,it'll be about LinkedIn and because of,that because there's only one direction,it Narrows the choice that that person,has to make so it's just like it's one,thing click it dead easy and you'll have,different objectives you'll have,different Journeys that you want to take,people on I'm not saying don't have a,freebie and don't offer one-to-one all,I'm saying is be very prescriptive and,be very intentional about what that,piece of content says and what action,you want people to take at the end of it,Point number four is back end systems,okay I'm quite a systems and processes,orientated guy which is cool it helps me,out a lot but I want to show you the,three tools that I use the most in my,business now first is calendly okay and,I use that as a calendar management,piece of software so people can book in,calls and it ties in directly with zoom,and my diary but I also use it as a,qualification tool as well I don't just,hop on the phone with anyone you have to,be in the right location you have to,want the right kind of help you have to,be in a position to invest financially,and with time as well so I use this tool,in order to one qualify people but two,to automatikally schedule things in my,diary the next thing I use which you've,probably heard of is a tool called,zapier or zapier which acts as a middle,map no middlemen especially,almost it sits in between two pieces of,software so from calendly when I capture,someone's email address that will,automatikally go into zapier and then,zap

DON’T Use Paid Ads | My #1 Organic Marketing Strategy

if you don't understand this one simple,thing about advertising your business,you're gonna lose a lot of money very,quickly and that is that advertising is,an accelerator not an initiator meaning,that advertising can take something that,you already have a good offer a good,product a good service that's already,selling well and can help you get it in,front of even more people just like your,best customers but what advertising,can't do is take a new offer a new idea,or a new product or service something,that hasn't been proven yet and just,magically make it sell sure anytime you,launch something new to the market it,might sell right away after all these,are the stories that you hear that all,of the ad gurus like to shout from the,mountaintops about how johnny marketing,made a million dollars from his very,first launch or how cash mcmoney man,that i don't know sold out in 24 hours,thanks to a simple ad he wrote in five,minutes from his parents basement i mean,sure these things happen but they're the,exception not the rule the reality is,that advertising is like any other kind,of marketing and your ability to succeed,with ads and make serious bank comes,down to just a few simple factors that,i'll cover in just a minute,unfortunately most people don't know,about these things or they ignore them,completely and then just start pumping,money into the ad platforms hoping that,they'll get lucky and something will,just mysteriously click but that's not,marketing that's gambling and the odds,are not in your favor especially if,you're new to the online advertising,world hey there my man step right up,place your bet what's it gonna be,uh i don't know i'm kind of new to this,whole thing what should i choose well,you got your facebook your instagram,your twitter your pinterest your youtube,your linkedin basically you can't lose,what do you mean i can't lose well i,mean you could lose i guess but don't,worry about it and uh what's that a huge,stack of paper you're holding oh this,this is uh it's just a fine print,there's nothing really important in,there yikes so let me explain how things,work most online advertising is auction,based and the winner of the ad auction,is determined by three things bid which,is what the advertiser is willing to pay,to achieve a desired outcome the better,you know your numbers the more you're,willing to pay because you can be,confident that you're going to make your,money back estimated action rates which,is an estimate of the probability that,someone who sees the ad will engage or,interact with it in other words this is,the ad platform making sure that you're,putting the right message in front of,the right people so they don't just,block or unfollow or worse leave the,platform all together and ad quality,which measures things like feedback from,people who view or hide the ad and a,bunch of other algorithm-based quality,metrics that try to only show the,highest quality ads possible the scores,from these three things are then added,up and the winner is the one with the,highest total value this is why if you,want your ads to work you need to one,spend enough money to outbid your,competitors as well as make sure that,you have enough budget to give your ads,a sufficient time to optimize and work,out any kinks two create a highly,targeted and relevant ad that speaks,directly to your ideal target market,three make sure that your ad is,interesting and entiking and valuable,and lastly four make sure that you know,your numbers like your clv or customer,lifetime value which is going to show,you how much a customer is worth to your,business over their lifetime and will,allow you to determine what you can and,cannot afford to spend on ads and while,obviously getting all of these things,right isn't impossible it happens all,the time but it's also not as easy as,you may have been led to believe,especially today as advertising costs,have risen substantially tracking and,the ability to pixel people with,retargeting cookies has gotten,progressively worse and competition is,at an all-time high with more than,enough people willing to step in and pay,whatever the ad platforms are charging,in fact if it's any indication of just,how much people are spending on ads well,last year facebook made,114.93 billion on ads google,209.49 billion on ads amazon,31.16 billion just on ads and even tik,toks ad revenue is expected to triple,this year up to 11.64 billion so what,should you do what's the alternative if,you want to reach more people make more,sales and grow your business well i'm,glad you asked my friend the solution is,to use a combination approach known as,peso which stands for paid earned shared,and owned so let me break those down for,you now paid media is wait for it,anything that you pay for so think of,advertising like banner ads and display,ads and social media ads and basically,anything with the word ad in it,advertising will always exist in the,marketing world in some way shape or,form and it's an amazing way to,accelerate your reach and get in front,of new people and new audiences by just,buying ads but there are some drawbacks,namely when you stop paying for ads they,stop showing them so you need to,constantly keep running your ads to keep,traffic coming in plus as we've seen,it's getting more competitive and,therefore more expensive to keep using,the big players like facebook and,instagram and google next is earned,media earned media is made up of,relationships and word of mouth and your,network this is where having a good,product or service and building up,goodwill in your market and investing in,your brand can really pay off big it's,also something that's hard to do and,harder to track which is why so many,digital marketers just ignore it but,don't be one of those people next is,shared media shared media is organic,social media as well as any partnerships,or community that you have shared media,is valuable but it's also a little bit,sketchy and kind of like building your,house on rented land and if your entire,business is reliant on shared media like,say through a single social media,platform well all it takes is a few,tweaks and changes to the algorithm to,completely wipe you out which is why the,next thing you want to focus on is owned,media owned media are the things that,you have complete control over these,would be things like your website and,your podcast and your email list my goal,with all of my marketing whether it's,for myself personally for my clients or,for my students is to try to build up,their own media as fast and efficiently,as possible the one thing that all of,these have in common though and the main,marketing strategy that i've been using,and suggesting for more than 10 years,now comes down to content marketing,content marketing that i can use as,shared media on social earned media to,get backlinks and interviews and other,pr opportunities owned media because i,can also share my content on my website,and share even more specific and more,valuable insights with my email list and,yes finally paid media because after,creating content for website and social,and podcasts and videos and more well,you get a pretty good idea of what's,going to work and what's going to,connect and what's not and it changes,advertising from being a risk into a,calculated and strategic business,decision one that's likely and probable,to deliver a very tangible return on,investment in other words the money that,you invest in advertising is actually,going to deliver some positive results,shocking i know and that's the secret,you start by creating content that you,think your audience would find valuable,you then leverage the best pieces across,earned and shared and owned media and,then you choose the very best from that,and turn it into paid media like ads and,the best thing you can do to improve,your content is making sure that you,have a solid content marketing strategy,in place this is why the next thing,you're going to want to do is check out,the vide

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Social Media Marketing & Ads From [BEGINNER TO ADVANCED]

So you've definitely heard of social media marketing but do you really know,what you're doing well in today's video we're gonna tok about all of the things,social media marketing from beginner to advanced we'll discuss everything that,you're going to want to know about planning setup and then execution of a,great campaign so stay tuned we got a great one for you all right welcome back,everybody and thank you for joining me my name is Jordan Steen also known as,Cereal Entrepreneur and at my channel we tok all about starting a marketing,agency building a personal brand are really just using digital marketing and,social media marketing to build any business online so if you're interested,in any of those topics hit the subscribe button and the notification Bell in the,bottom right hand corner and we'll make sure to keep you updated with all of our,future content free giveaways free trainings all of the things that we use,here at my channel oh and PS make sure to stay tuned to the end of today's video,for two reasons number one because if you do I'll give you three months of my,mentorship program absolutely free all you have to do is comment what you,learned in this video and we'll send one winner over a promo code number two is,really that you're going to want to stay to the end because you're gonna learn a,ton about social media marketing and again we're gonna give you that chance,to get three free months so make sure to stay tuned to the end all right guys so,the first thing that you're going to want to do before you ever get started,with marketing on any social media platform is to perform a business audit,now you can see here an example of an audit that we've created for a business,and this is really just the general overview this specific slide showing,their followers the name the URL the site that it's for and then their,average posting frequency all of these are things where we either collected the,information ourselves or we used a tool like like eliezer for facebook to get,all of this data from and it just gives you an idea of what you're doing versus,what your competition is doing so if you want to learn more about you know,creating an audit for your business check out this video up here in the top,right hand corner I promise you'll like that one we don't want to spend too much,time going into the audit but you do want to perform an audit to figure out,where you stand versus where your cut your competition,and then not only that what's working for your competition that's going to,also work for you that's really what an audit shows you or if you currently have,stuff going it'll show you what you're not doing right okay so make sure you,perform an audit first all right so now that you've actually looked at your,different platforms and the competitors in the market the type of content being,created the approach to ad strategy even potentially the next thing you're going,to want to determine is which platforms you're actually going to want to put,some effort into and the biggest reason why this is important is because number,one not every platform will work for every business Twitter really only works,for public figures politikians local people with a large presence or large,brands nowadays with local businesses it's not really useful for them so don't,put effort into something that's not going to bring back a return most local,businesses are probably only going to focus on Facebook and Instagram Google+,is actually going away sometime this year so that's not even a thing anymore,snapchat just doesn't have the greatest total audience because it's super young,YouTube is a completely different beast altogether really it's not even,tiknically social but it also kind of is and then you know Pinterest it's only,beneficial to certain types of businesses so again most of you are,gonna focus on Facebook and Instagram that's where I would start off at for 99,percent of businesses out there anyways by the way if you want to learn more,about Facebook marketing from beginner to advanced check out this video up here,in the top right hand corner definitely gonna be another one you're gonna want,to watch through so now that you have a little bit of an understanding let's,tok about actually planning the campaign the biggest thing that you want,to understand is going to be right here what is the actual goal of the campaign,is it to grow the following generate leads are we trying to increase,engagement or drive foot traffic to an actual physical location right you want,to know what the goal of your campaign is you want to outline those very,clearly and much more specifically than what you see right here you won't you,don't just want to say I want to generate leads you want to say we need,to generate you know 50 new leads each week which will then translate into five,new sales each week for this business owner and,show how that works out for the month right once you understand that and have,broken it down by the numbers and by each individual goal and how you plan to,do it the next thing is to come up with your message and the theme of the,campaign right and this doesn't matter whether it is a you know a content,driven campaign or if it's an ad driven campaign because really there are two,approaches that you have to consider with Facebook Instagram or any other,social platform number one is how are you actually going to use it to drive,metrics or drive goals rather for a business right so what we understand now,about social platforms is that organic Reach is pretty much dead we don't get,anything just from creating content and posting unless you have a super super,large audience right so that being said most local businesses are going to,benefit from an ad approach with a little bit of a content strategy kind of,mixed in meaning we're creating content that we're just posting to the page but,at the same time we have a bet we have a good ad campaign running to drive people,who visit our sales pages or engage with our Facebook page to our office or to,wait an appointment setting page or something of that nature so the first,thing we want to tok about is a content management style approach where you're,creating content and posting it to their page again remember that this doesn't,drive a ton of leads and sales and engagement on its own unless you already,have a large audience without that large audience you will struggle so if you're,working with the local business and you plan to create a Content calendar you,need to make sure you have some sort of ad campaign or ad budget devoted to,helping those ads reach more people but you can see here it's very simple,I think it'll let me zoom in yeah there we go you might be able to see this a,little better but this is going to be our YouTube creation task this is for,creating blogs and posting them snapchat videos Facebook posts Instagram posts,Twitter and Google+ back when we were doing Google+ but you can see here all,we're doing is creating content so when we go into this Facebook post you can,see right here it gives instruction about what the post is going to be about,and we have some other instructions and other tab,that go along with it where we say for all of our different people involved in,the task to go ahead and start creating that piece of content right and so,that's really all creating a Content calendar is we're coming up with unique,ideas we're shooting video taking photos of,whatever we need to take and then we publish it now just take into,consideration that if you're running this for an agency you do need to charge,the client for the photos and videos that you take and then edit right that's,not just included in the service we will come up with the ideas but if they don't,have photos and video they're going to have to either produce it themselves or,they're gonna have to pay us to produce it for them all right so that's creating,content and creating a Content calendar you can see it's super easy guys I,recomme

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The Effectiveness of Paid Ads on Social Media | UCT

[Music],in case you haven't notiked yet,social media is no longer a free ride,there is far too much competition out,there amongst brands and businesses for,any social media platform,to afford to give you a free ride,organic reach has declined steeply and,algorithms now rule the roost,you have now got to pay to play and to,win on social media,[Music],algorithms are what every social media,platform runs on these days,they have led to a lot of changes in,social media in the last few years,and they continue to change constantly,due to the giants it has become,facebook is probably the biggest example,of a social media platform,using algorithms to great effects,according to facebook,they want to show people content that,they actually care about,opting for a chronological timeline,simply meant far too much spam for their,users,enter algorithms currently facebook,makes use of,many factors that decide what content,lands in its users timelines,and in what order and this long list of,factors changes and grows,all the time,so what does this mean for your social,media presence as a brand or business,simply put unless you're paying to,promote it you're lucky if your content,is reaching in the vicinity of five,percent of your audience,on facebook and much less than that on,twitter the good news is that even,though social media is now a pay-to-play,arena,it's definitely where you want to be,spending your money,so apart from the fact that social media,platforms are filled with hundreds of,millions of active consumers 24 7,social networks gather such a large,amount of user information,enabling you to target your audience in,a wider variety of ways,than any other online or offline,platforms,[Music],lastly in case you haven't notiked we're,living in the midst of a mobile,revolution,with people checking social content,multiple times a day on their smartphone,allowing your ads to reach consumers,frequently there is no doubt that having,a budget set aside for monthly paid,advertising on your social media,platforms is key,one thing i want to emphasize is the,fact that a bigger budget,doesn't necessarily mean a bigger reach,or higher engagement,you need to spend your money wisely and,this means being strategic with ad,placements,targeting and formats it means creating,content that drives engagement,to conclude it's a huge misconception,that social media marketing is free,so if you're not paying to play now,you'll find yourself quickly,falling behind your competition the,beauty of social media advertising,is that you're in the driver's seat,choose your audience,determine your budget and go full speed,[Music],ahead,[Music],you

Advertising on social media

Hey!,Wondering if there's anything more that you can be doing,,now that your social media plan is up and running?,Well, the answer is often yes,,and many social networks offer paid advertising opportunities,that can help you access very specific audiences,and get your message out there.,Let's jump into it.,We'll use the vintage clothing store as our example.,Perhaps you've notiked that your best customers,seem to come from certain demographics.,Let's say, women, aged about 20 to 35.,Wouldn't it be great if you could focus your advertising,on people who fit this profile,and are more likely to become your customer?,Well, social media sites can do this, and more.,That's because social media sites often know a lot about their users.,Think about your Facebook, or Google+ page, for example.,Have you included your age and gender on your personal social media pages?,Well, many people do,,and that's why social media sites,are often able to offer businesses the ability to reach such specific groups.,Sounds pretty good so far, right?,Well, it gets better.,Not all women age 20 to 35,are going to be interested in vintage clothing.,So, if we can avoid spending money advertising to people,who aren't interested in vintage clothing--,well, that's a win.,Luckily, social media sites can help you narrow down your audience even more.,For example, you could target women aged 20 to 35,who are interested in a certain fashion designer,,or who have posted about vintage fashion in the past.,That would be a great way to focus your advertising,only on the people who are most likely to be interested in your shop.,And we can take that even further.,Like other online advertising channels,,you can also target your ads to specific geographic areas.,That means you could use your social networks,to advertise to women aged 20 to 35 within 25 miles of your shop,,who are interested in a specific designer that you care about.,Pretty cool, right?,Social media sites provide great options,for targeting ads or contents to very specific audiences,,and that's a great way to make sure,you're investing your marketing budget wisely.,Now, let's tok about how paying,to promote your messages to social network users,can complement your other efforts on social.,Building up your presence on social networks,is usually a gradual process.,Over time you post interesting, unique content,and gain more and more visibility.,But what if you wanted to accelerate that process?,That's another great reason to try paid advertising on social networks.,Say you've got a Twitter page with a few hundred followers, so far.,What if you wanted to reach a lot more people,,people who aren't necessarily following you yet?,Well, you could try a Promoted Tweet.,This is a way to get your shop in front of potential customers fast.,For example, your Promoted Tweet could be shown to people,who have tweeted about vintage fashion in the past,,or people who follow an influential designer.,All of a sudden,,you're potentially reaching a lot more than your 200 followers,,and hopefully growing your network with even more followers as a result.,So, that's advertising with social media sites.,You get the ability to do some really fancy targeting,,and on top of that,you can ramp up your visibility on social networks very quickly,,as long as you're willing to pay for it, of course.

The Biggest Opportunity in Paid Social Media Ads Since The Death of Organic Reach

- Looking for social media opportunities?,Well, here's one.,Hey, everyone.,I'm Neil Patel.,And today I'm going to break down,the biggest opportunity in paid social media ads,since the death of organic reach.,(upbeat instrumental music),Before we get started,,make sure you subscribe to this channel,,and if you're on YouTube,,click the learn notification.,According to We Are Social Digital's,2020 October snapshot,,and I know we're past 2020.,More than 4 billion people worldwide.,That's 4.14 billion.,Now use social media each month.,That's an incredible 53% penetration,for the entire world's population.,57% of consumers follow brands,to learn more about products or services,,according to Sprout Social.,91% of consumers visit brand website,or application when they follow them on social,according to Influencer Hub.,Look,,the biggest opportunity is personalization.,If you want to do well,,especially with your paid ads,,you got to personalize,,and that's what we're seeing companies avoid.,Now below, leave a comment.,Let me know if you personalize your social ads.,If you do,,let me know with yes I do.,And give examples of how you do it.,And if you don't,,let me know that you don't.,And I'm going to break down,some of the examples we use.,So if we all share as a group,,we'll then get better ideas for personalization.,And of course,,if you need help with your marketing,,and your personalization,when it comes to social media,,you can also check out my ad agency, NP Digital.,Now, here are the biggest opportunities,for personalization.,I'm going to dive into each of them,,and then I'm going to give you examples.,First off,,target uses in different parts of your funnel.,That means if someone's on your checkout page,,you show them something different,than if they're on your landing page,to view your product.,If they're on your homepage,,you show them different,than if they're on your consulting page.,Second tip,,target users based on pages,or products they viewed on your website.,You would show them a different message,if they're looking at dog food versus cat food.,If they're looking at accounting services,versus marketing services.,Next one, relevant messaging,,according to the next steps,you want them to take.,Well, if they are on your sales page,,and they see your copy,,what do they do next?,You can show them ads to help them,,push them through and nudge them.,So now this is the fun part.,I want to share some examples that we use.,If you visit,NeilPatel.com/ConsultingLeadGeneration,page and try it out.,If you don't fill out your information,,you'll get a re-targeting ad,with a funny video of our ad.,- [Narrator] This is Neil Patel.,These are a lot of Neil Patel's.,Working with NP Digital,is like having your own team of Neil Patel's,that are laser-focused,on growing your business.,You'll get access to a top team of marketers,,and specialists,that have studied the art of marketing,from Neil himself.,His marketing blog alone,gets over 9 million visitors a month.,So if you're looking to take your business,to the next level,,it's time to work with an agency,that leads by example.,NP Digital.,Digital marketing with real results.,- And if you visit an info product,checkout page,,and you don't buy,,I may show your remarketing video,with case studies and what it's like,if you bought.,You can then do the same,with your physical products.,So for example,,let's say I'm selling you know,,Sam Ovens,,and I'm selling consulting.com,and I'm showing you how to be a consultant.,I may get a few people on there,showing them as a case study,of what it's like being like,,hey, sign up for consulting.com,I learned how to create my own,consulting company for accounting or marketing.,Here are the results.,Here's my revenue screenshots.,Here's what I learned in module one,,and two and three and four.,And this is what helped me the most.,Here's where I struggle.,Here's where Sam and the team helped me.,That's an example of showing,a very related ad,to get people across the funnel.,And we used to do that for our info products,when we sold them,,we don't sell info products now,,but it was one of the highest converting ads,that we would ever run.,If you read one of my blog posts,,I made sure to use ad showcasing my products,or services now that you're familiar,with my brand.,So what I do funny enough is,,especially if I want to get new people,into my funnel,,I target people on YouTube or Facebook,who are interested in marketing.,I then have them get them to my site.,Once they read some of my content,,then what I do is show them more ads,for more of my content.,Then as they read a few blog posts,,I try to get them on my email list,,warm them up.,And then later on,,I'll remark them with my products or services,,and that works really well because they're warm.,Sometimes I send them to a webinar,,but it works really well.,Another thing that I do,,and I found that a lot of companies,,even big companies don't do this.,I don't know why?,They always say the money's in your list,in marketing.,When once someone's bought from you,,it's way easier to get them to buy from you,again and again,,versus getting new people in.,So once someone's bought from me,,and over time,,I continually release new products and upsells,,I show them other offers,because when I show them other offers,,there's a good chance they're already familiar,with my brand,,especially if they left,like a really positive review.,I don't just target them from emails,,but from my ads,,I try to target them as well,,and get them in and buy more products.,Look, the possibilities of targeting are endless.,I want to share what some of the tactiks,that we do.,And if you use some of them,,you can do really well.,Out of everything that I've tested this year,,what I found is when you do personalization,,combined with humor,,something that's a little bit more refreshing,with your ads,,I found it to do really well.,Think like a Squatty Potty,or some of the stuff that Harmon Brothers does.,It works super well.,But again you know,,the ad has to make sense,,and you have to break things down,in a logical way that people can understand.,And I found that that does really B2B,,and B2C.,So if you have customized targeting,with creative ads in each and every single aspect,you'll do even better,because it helps you stand out from the crowd,,and it differentiates you.,Now, if you need help with your marketing,,check out my ad agency, NP Digital.,If you have any questions, leave a comment below.,If you're doing customized targeting,,and you're doing something that's creative,,leave a comment below, share it,,love to hear it.,And if enjoy the video, like it, share it,,tell people about it.,Thank you for watching.