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paleo products dropshipping

Published on: February 21 2023 by pipiads


- Welcome to another episode of Ecom Ball

- In this video, we will be hacking a business and showing their upsells and products

- Our goal is to provide you with a fully built website template that you can use for your own business

Bullet Points:

- Lead with your front end offer

- Sell your prospect on one product before overwhelming them with options

- Credibility, emotion, and logic are important to hit with cold traffic

- Use features and benefits to combat objections

- Craft your offer to entice customers to buy more


- The business we are analyzing is called Athletic Greens

- They are sending traffic to their website through Google and Facebook ads

- They are selling a green supplement called AG1

- The page is designed with credibility and trust badges to make customers feel safe

- They use a lifestyle/offer stack image to showcase the product and its features

- The features and benefits of AG1 combat objections and provide credibility

- The page offers a one-time purchase, a single subscription, and a double subscription with quantity break discounts

- The offer is crafted to entice customers to buy more with bonus items

- The page also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee and lists allergen information

- Athletic Greens is a successful Ecom store that uses effective marketing techniques to sell their products online

- By analyzing their page, we can learn important lessons about lead generation, crafting offers, and providing credibility

- Using these techniques in our own businesses can lead to increased sales and success.

Unsaturated Dropshipping Niches That Can Actually Make Millions [2022] 📈

Figuring out which ecommerce drop shipping niche to focus on can be one of the hardest things to do when starting your ecom journey. Many products are saturated, extremely hard to advertise, or often take off quickly and then die just as fast. In this video, Austin Raven provides his top five niches to sell immediately. He spends a ton of time researching these niches to make sure they're the best possible niches to sell right now.

Top 5 Niches:

1. Golf:

- Google search trends show that golf is becoming more popular, especially among young people.

- Selling golf products is a hot trend right now, with a lot of opportunity for training products and other helpful tools.

- Rock Bottom Golf is an example of a website that could be improved upon to create a more branded and community-driven golf website.

- TikTok is a great platform to advertise golf products, especially for engagement and watch time.

2. Eco-Friendly Products:

- More and more people are becoming eco-friendly and conscious of their purchases.

- Google search trends show a steady, stable growth in this niche over the past few years.

- Better and Better is an example of a website that focuses on eco-friendly products, with a great example being their bamboo toothbrush.

3. Pets:

- People love their pets, and there is always a market for pet products.

- Google search trends show a steady growth in this niche.

- Chewy is an example of a successful pet website that offers a wide range of products.

4. Health and Wellness:

- People are becoming more health-conscious, especially with the pandemic.

- Google search trends show a steady growth in this niche over the past few years.

- Supplements and fitness products are great examples of products to sell in this niche.

5. Personalized Products:

- Personalized products have become increasingly popular, especially for gifts.

- Google search trends show a steady growth in this niche over the past few years.

- Printful is an example of a website that offers personalized products, such as t-shirts and mugs.

Finding the right niche for your ecommerce drop shipping business can be difficult, but by doing research and focusing on current trends, you can find success. The niches mentioned in this video offer great opportunities for anyone looking to start their ecommerce journey.

How To Start Dropshipping Clothes | ULTIMATE Guide For Beginners 👗

In this ultimate guide for beginners, we will show you how to start your own clothing dropshipping business and succeed in the competitive fashion industry. We will cover the steps to starting, creating, running, and maintaining a profitable dropshipping business, including identifying a niche, choosing products to sell, finding reliable suppliers, selecting a selling platform, automating your processes, listing your products, marketing your store, fulfilling orders, providing excellent customer service, and analyzing your success.

- Starting a successful dropshipping business in the fashion niche

- Importance of choosing a profitable niche with high demand

- Overview of steps to building a profitable clothing dropshipping business

Step 1: Identify a niche

- Why it's important to narrow down the general fashion niche

- Micro niches within fashion, such as women's dresses, winter gloves, and gym wear

- Extensive product research and testing to find profitable niches

Step 2: Choose products to sell

- Finding high-demand products within your chosen niche

- Product research and testing to ensure profitable products

- Continuously testing and replacing slow-moving products

Step 3: Find a reliable dropshipping supplier

- Searching for suppliers that offer the products you want to sell

- Evaluating supplier reliability and communication

- Ensuring supplier can handle your volume of orders

Step 4: Choose a selling platform

- Considerations for choosing a selling platform, such as ease of use, fees, and audience

- Popular platforms for clothing dropshipping, including Shopify and WooCommerce

Step 5: Choose an automation software

- Benefits of automating your processes with software

- Features to look for in automation software, such as product importing and order fulfillment

Step 6: List your products

- Optimizing product listings for search engines and customers

- Writing compelling product descriptions and taking high-quality photos

Step 7: Learn how to market your store

- Strategies for driving traffic to your store, such as social media advertising and influencer marketing

- Building brand awareness and customer loyalty

Step 8: Fulfill orders

- Processing orders and ensuring timely delivery

- Dealing with issues such as lost or damaged packages

Step 9: Provide excellent customer service

- Importance of customer satisfaction in building a successful business

- Strategies for providing exceptional customer service, such as responding promptly to inquiries and offering refunds or replacements

Step 10: Analyze your success

- Tracking your sales, expenses, and profits

- Identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth

- Scaling your business by adding new products and expanding your marketing efforts

- Building a profitable clothing dropshipping business requires careful planning and execution

- By following these steps and continuously testing and improving, you can succeed in the competitive fashion industry.

How These Dropshipping Stores Make $1,000,000

In this video, the Beast of Ecom showcases three seven-figure niche dropshipping stores that are currently crushing it. He analyzes their websites and ads to show what they are doing right and provide insights for viewers to improve their own dropshipping stores.

The first store he highlights is Galaxy Lamps, which targets people interested in better sleep, astrology, and the galaxy. Their picture ad and video ad both have high contrasting colors, clear call-to-actions, and a link placed strategically at the top. The video is a simple how-to video, which can easily be created with an iPhone. The website has a black and white theme with a purple button to stand out, and a statement right under the product description to clearly state what the product does. They also emphasize that they ship from the United States, which can increase conversion rates for US customers.

The Beast of Ecom emphasizes the importance of analyzing successful dropshipping stores and learning from them, rather than solely focusing on what not to do. He encourages viewers to smash the like button and subscribe to his channel for more valuable content.

Why Dropshipping Is Dead

Is Drop Shipping Dead? Three Reasons Why the Answer Might Be Yes

Drop shipping used to be a popular way to make money online, but is it still a viable option? In this article, we'll explore three reasons why drop shipping may no longer be the best choice for entrepreneurs looking to make a profit.

1. Misleading Youtubers:

Many Youtubers claim to make a significant amount of money from drop shipping, but the numbers simply don't add up. It's important to remember that a significant portion of sales goes to the owner of the brand, not the drop shipper. Additionally, expenses such as credit card fees and advertising costs must be factored in, leaving little profit for the drop shipper.

- Youtubers often overstate their profits.

- Margins on drop shipping products are typically between 15-20%.

- Credit card fees and advertising costs must be considered.

- Even if a Youtuber claims to make a significant amount of money, they may actually be losing money once all expenses are factored in.

2. Increased Competition:

Drop shipping used to be a unique way to sell products, but now there is significant competition in the market. If a drop shipper finds a product with good margins, there is nothing stopping others from selling the exact same product. The owner of the product benefits from having multiple drop shippers sell their product, but it means less profit for each individual drop shipper.

- Drop shippers are not selling anything unique.

- Increased competition means less profit for individual drop shippers.

- The owner of the product benefits from having multiple drop shippers sell their product.

3. Increased Availability of Online Selling Options:

It used to be difficult for brands to sell their products online, but now it's much easier. Brands can easily add their products to Amazon and only pay a 15% fee, whereas a drop shipper may want 20-35% of the sale. Additionally, brands can create their own website to sell their products.

- Brands can easily add their products to Amazon.

- Drop shippers may want a larger percentage of sales than brands.

- Brands can create their own website to sell their products.

While drop shipping can still be a profitable business, it's important to understand the challenges and competition that come with it. Misleading information from Youtubers, increased competition, and the availability of other online selling options are all factors to consider when deciding if drop shipping is the right choice for you.

5 Profitable Drop Shipping Niches That Will Make You Rich | Evergreen Niches!

Hi there and welcome back! Today we're going to talk about five evergreen niches for your drop shipping store. So let's first start with the term evergreen. What does that mean? It means to be continually relevant, regardless of the current economic climate or season. These niches and their associated products have everlasting appeal, and people inherently need or desire them. In this video, we'll cover five evergreen niches that you can start selling products in:

1. Gaming - from t-shirts to jewelry to gaming gadgets, there's a huge opportunity to sell to passionate gamers.

2. Weddings - with about 2.5 million weddings in the USA each year, wedding planning will always be in demand. You can offer gifts for bridal showers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and more.

3. Fitness - a nearly 100 billion dollar per year industry, with a wide range of groups to target. Think of items like jogging pants, personalized water bottles, and single serve smoothie makers.

4. Pets - a 75 billion dollar industry and growing, pet owners are always in need of new accessories for their furry friends.

5. Music - high in demand all year, with opportunities to sell to music lovers and those who play instruments.

Remember, finding niches, products, and suppliers is just one aspect of a successful e-commerce business. You also need a high-converting store, the ability to properly target your audience with ads, and the skills to craft compelling ad copy and angles. If you need help with any of this, check out our other drop shipping tutorial for free and sign up on Shopify using the link below. And if you're interested in scaling your drop shipping business, check out an awesome drop shipping course in the link below. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe, hit the notification bell, and like this video!

How to Sell Organic Products Online

Selling Organic Products Online: Finding Your Niche and Solving Problems

- Welcome to Make That Sea Change, a site and channel dedicated to helping people set up their own online businesses.

- Today, we're discussing how to sell organic products online and how to find your niche within this market.

Finding Your Niche:

- Organic products encompass a wide range of categories, such as food, clothing, makeup, and furniture.

- When starting out, it's best to focus on a sub-niche within organic products to become an authority and build up from there.

Solving Problems:

- People search for organic products to solve problems they have, such as health concerns or environmental impact.

- As an online business owner, you can solve these problems by providing information on the benefits of organic products and why they're worth the investment.

Examples of Organic Products:

- Organic food: including delivery services and non-organic alternatives.

- Organic makeup and cosmetics: including brands and brushes.

- Organic pet supplies: including food and bedding.

- Organic wine: discussing the benefits of chemical-free winemaking.

- Selling organic products online is a growing market with plenty of opportunities.

- By finding your niche and solving problems for your audience, you can create a successful online business in the organic products industry.

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