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paypal shopify integration

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

How To Add PayPal payments to Shopify Store

there are so many different payment methods your customers can use to check out on your shopify store. they can either use credit card, debit card or even paypal. hey guys, happiness here. welcome back to my channel, and in today's video i am going to be showing you guys how to add a paper payment method on your shopify style. that way, if you don't have a paypal um payment method on your shopify, so your customer will be able to use it, because i am going to be showing you how to add it, so that way, you can give your customer different uh methods to choose from you when they are checking out from your store. so if you want to know how to add a paper method on your shopify store, then stik around until the end of this video, but don't forget to like this video, subscribe for more video like this and let's jump in today's tutorial. so, as you can see, right now i am on the back of my shopify admin page and i am going to show you how you can add your shop your paypal payment method. so let's go to the settings down here and in here on the setting you can pick like so many different things you want to um, customize or set them up. uh, for today we are going to do a paper payment, so let's select payment and, as you can see here, shopify has so many different payment method, um, so if you want to activate shopify payments, like credit, debit card and other method, uh, make sure to watch the tutorial. i will link the video on this video here, uh, somewhere around here on top of the screen, so you can know how to add other different shopify method. but in today's video i am going to show you how you can add paper and if we scroll down here, you can see here a paper is supported by um, by shopify. so to complete your shopify paper account setup, you need and start receiving payments, um, or pay out from your paypal. you need to complete account setup. so to do that, we have to click here: complete account setup. so let's click that. and and then, um, when you get on this page here, this is the paypal express check out. so we're gonna have to complete um the setup. so this is the email that is connected with the account. so if you want to use this account, this gmail, then you can go for it and you can activate your account um. but if you don't want to use this gmail, then you can edit it and select a new email address that you want to use, but make sure you use the email address that you know that you'll be using it, because that email will be connected with your paypal account. that way you can finish a setup. so to do that, let's click here- complete setup. so you can see here- there's amazing like- a paypal account has been created with an email which is this one. you will need to log into paypal with these email address to complete your account setup. so let's click here- complete setup- and this will will bring us straight to the paypal accounts page. so we're gonna have to put the email address that we use, uh, to connect, uh, the paypal account from shopify. so i'm going to type in my email: so, john, sovereign, gmailcom. and then, of course, i am located in the united states. so you have to select a country where you are basically located and where you'll be running your business. okay, and then, once you selected your region or country, click next and then you're going to create a password. so create a password that you're going to use, um, when you are logging in. so i am going to type in the password, okay, and then after that i am going to click next and then here you're going to add more information, you're going to tell people about your business and then they'll confirm your information, um, so, to keep your account secure and safe. so first you're gonna have to put your first legal name, your legal last name, um, your business name, uh, your phone number, the business address, and then you are going to agree and stuff like that. so i am going to add everything. okay, so once you added everything- your name, your store name, your phone number and your business address- then click here you agreed and you also give permission to shopify, to perform the necessary action, to integrate your paypal and stuff like that- and then after that, click agree and then paper will be creating your account so it can be ready to be used. okay, and then the next step: you are going to have to describe your business, so you can click there and select the business type: either you're doing partnership, corporation, non-profit organization, or as an individual or a sole proprietor, so you can click that. and also you're gonna have to provide the product or service, or what kind of product are you going to offer, how many accessories and what are your month results so you can pick what is your monthly series. so you can pick um which ranges um you are uh for your business, so i'm just gonna pick that. and it's optional to add your website. so you can either add your website or not and then click next and there you are. paypal will ask you more um information. so over here you are gonna have to put your social security number, date of birth, um, your address, zip code, and then you're going to click submit. once you're done setting up everything, then you'll be good to go. so, basically, um for social security number. this is for those who are uh, doing their business, like in the usa and stuff like that. not everybody will be required to add the social security number, um, so this is why it was very important for you to select a country, uh, when we were setting up the account on the previous step, to put where you're planning to run your business. so the social security number- this is for irs, because they're required- require paper to ask you for your social card number so they can use these to get your account verified but also prepare a tax form that you can use during the tax time season comes, um, so you're gonna have to fill your secret number, your date of birth, um, your home address and everything and click submit and this will be your last step on creating your paypal account and that account will be connected here, um, in shopify, and you'll be good to go from there. so once a paper um verified your information and that your subsequent number is true and everything is true, and that you are the person that you're saying, who you are, then your account will be connected with paper and your customers will be able to check out with people when they purchase things from your store. so yeah, guys, this is it for today's video. i hope you liked today's tutorial. if you do, please give me a big thumbs up, subscribe on my channel for more video like this and i'll see you guys on the next tutorial.

How to Link Paypal to Shopify Integration

hey, it's jose here, and today i'm going to be showing you how to connect your paypal account to your shopify store. this is super easy to do and it's very fast, and i always recommend everybody start at least by offering paypal payments. if possible, offer paypal payments and credit card payments, and then just test and see which one works better for you. obviously, if you make sales both ways, then i would keep running with both, but definitely test paypal, because some people just prefer to pay via paypal. that's one of those things, and if you don't have paypal enabled on your online store, you could potentially be leaving money on the table. so let's get on with the setup. okay, so the first thing that i recommend is that you actually log into your paypal account. i'm not going to do that on my screen for obvious reasons, because you and i know that somebody somewhere will then log into my paypal account and let's not have any of that going on. but do log in. open up a new tab like this and just log in, because that will actually make the setup process a lot easier. okay, so once you've logged into your paypal account, go back to your store and here what you want to do is click on the settings cog wheel at the very bottom left of your screen and when you click on that, you'll see this screen from here. from the settings screen, you want to click on the payments icon, which is the second option on the general on the left, and that will take you to this page, which is the payments page. on this page, you just want to scroll down a little bit until you see the second box, which is the paypal box. now, obviously, if they change the order of these boxes at some point, then don't count the boxes, just actually look for the one that has the paypal logo. okay, so here all you do is you click the drop down menu and you select whatever option applies to you. now i'm in the uk and i have a feeling that this is why i'm seeing this menu. i have no way of testing this outside of the uk unless i fly there and then try it, but your menu may look a little bit different. i'm seeing options for the uk and also for the us and canada, so in my case, i would select paypal express checkout. that's by far the easiest one to set up. so if you have the paypal express checkout option, definitely click on that one. now, once you click on that, what's going to happen is that the screen will reload. then let's scroll back down again and what you'll see here are the rates for the credit card rates and the transaction fees. now it does say here that you must have a paypal business account, and this is actually free to do. at least it has been up until now. all you do in your paypal account is you click on the upgrade to business account. now they do keep changing the interface and paypal, so these things keep moving. if you can't find where that is, just leave me a comment in the comments section below this video and i'll see what it is and post a link, and no doubt that will change in future again. but, as i say, if you can't find that, just pop a comment in the comments and let's see if we can sort that out. okay, so, providing you have a paypal business account, all you do is you click on the activate button here and this will then connect your shopify store to your paypal account. now, if you recall, at the beginning of this video i said best thing to do is to log into your paypal account in a different tab on the same browser, of course. and what happens then is that this connection process doesn't need you to log into your paypal account, because you're already logged in. now, if you didn't log in, don't sweat it, it's fine. all that will happen is that you will need to log in to complete the process. now, once you click on the activate button and shopify finds your paypal account to make that connection, you'll have a little pop up on your screen. so just follow the instructions on your screen. it's very quick. there's only a couple of things to do, and that will connect your paypal account to your shopify account. from that point on, you'll be able to take paypal payments via your shopify store. this is easy, it's quick and it's essential. i hope you found this video useful. while you're here, by the way, please subscribe to the channel and that way you'll get updates to all the videos, tips and tricks as soon as they come out. take it easy and i'll catch you in the next video.

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Dawn Theme - How to Add PayPal Smart Buttons in Shopify Store | Boost Sales

hello peeps. in this video i am going to show you that how you can add paypal smart button into your shopify store. so this video is specific for down theme. if you have installed that, then this video will work for you. so currently on my screen you can see that i have the card page and here i have added paypal button, simple, and then we have debit or credit card. so if i will refresh this page and it will still appear because i have added the code, let me remove that code and then i will add it again. so here i have that code, so i'm going to keep it original. and then let me click on save these changes. and now, if you will refresh this page again, then it will no more able to appear here. so here you can see that now these two buttons will disappear from the cart page, can you see? so let me add it again. first of all you need to go to the shopify dashboard and here you need to click on actions, but before that you should confirm that this is down theme. so here you can see that this is down theme version 2.3.0, and here we have actions. click on actions, then we have to click on edit code. and once you are clicking on edit code, this will actually open up your backend folders and files. and from that folder we need to find that file where we have the code of cart page. alright, so we have to wait for a while. here we have some files and folders. you need to click on sections and scroll it down, and down below you will be finding, uh, man, dash, caught, dash, footer. can you see this dot liquid. so you need to open this. and this file is inside the sections folder. all right, once you are opening this file, then before editing anything, you need to download a file. i have added the link below in the description so you should click on that and then download it. and after that you should- uh, you should- open it in your text editor. so let me show you. here i have that code which is down theme, so i'm going to right click on it, open with notepad, all right. so these are few steps which we need to follow. so the first thing is: the first step is i need to add this code, all right, so i'm going to add this script on the top. so here we have the first line. so in the first line you need to add this line of code, all right, then in the second. the second step is: you need to copy this script, which is from here to there. you need to copy it and then you need to paste it at the bottom. so here we have the place i have pasted it at the bottom. then you have the third step, which is, which is this one: so this is a single line of code which you need to copy again and then paste it just below the checkout button. so here we have the checkout button and below this div element, you need to add it here. all right, then you need to click on save changes, but before that, you need to also follow one more step, which is, uh, this fourth step, which is some style inside of it. so let's copy this out and then paste it in the second line. so i have pasted it in the second line, and then you need to save these changes and, finally, let's refresh this page again, all right, so here we have the paypal button and then debit and credit card button. if you will see, in the mobile view, it will look like something like this, all right, one more thing is, if you are interested, to keep the checkout button as that, as it is, then you can actually delete this none, for example, name equal to checkout. so you can remove this code and then save the changes again. and now, if you will refresh this page again now you will see that checkout button is also there. all right, so this is one of the best way. if you wanted to keep that checkout button as it is, then you need to undo these changes, save the changes again and then refresh it once again, and now you will see that that button- checkout, is disappearing from here. all right. so if you are adding some more uh products, for say example, this one, and click on add to cart, and then let's move ahead with the view, my cart page, and here you can see that we have two products and we have paypal buttons over there. one final thing that you need to do is you need to go to again main dot footer, dot liquid file and here we have client id equals to sb or maybe sometime you will see test in place of sb. there will be test, so you need to replace it with your paypal client id, which should be live client id. all right, i will be adding the link below in the description: uh, the video from where you will find that- how you can actually copy that client id from your paypal account or maybe create that id and then after you need to paste it here. so in that way the transaction would be done successfully. i mean the payment would be a transaction transacted to the to your bank account in that way. i mean your or a genuine paypal account would be linked through that client id. if you want, you can also change the currency here, so for now we have us dollars, so so i have written usd. all right, if you are interested to remove these buttons again, you can do one thing. you need to go to your file again, then click on older versions and here we will be getting a drop down and then click on original. so in that way all the additional code which you have added just now, that would be removed. then you can save these changes and if you will refresh it once again, then you will no more able to see any button here and it will be default. let me show you an interested thing which i recently created. that is, a website which has a lot of tools. you can use it for free. so i have these tools. for example, keyword research toolkit. if you have a website, you want some keywords related to your website, you can actually explore it. for example, i have keyword volume checker. if you are interested to search any specific keyword, you will get proper detail of each and every single keyword, like monthly searches. uh, cost per click. add competition here we have the graph of last seven month searches. we have some volume data related keywords. you can copy these keywords. and we have also some tools for youtube tools, for example. you want to generate keywords. so, for example- this is english speaking- click on generate. you will see that there are a lot of keywords which you can generate. these are actually the tags, youtube tags. you can filter it out and finally you can copy this from here and then paste it into your video. then we have something like description. this is just description generator. you can actually edit these things and then finally click on generate and then you will see that these are- this is over here- and you can copy again and then paste into your video description. so there are a lot of tools here which you can explore. for example, unlimited keywords. we have keywords for e-commerce, keyword for publisher, then we have keywords for digital marketers, website tools like readability checker, word counter, for example. here you can see that how beautiful this unit is, all right. so this is live word counter, so you can use it into your computer because these are free of cost, so you have no need to worry about any payment or something like that. instant keywords we have, for example, english. you have google, youtube, yahoo and all the other search engines, uh, where you can actually compare the keywords and copy and paste into your blog post or maybe youtube channel. so that's it for now. if you are facing any issue, then please connect me. i have added the contact details below in the description. if you have any project to work on related to shopify or any other relate related to coding, so you can ask me. i will definitely help you out with that. thank you so much for watching this video. if you are new on this channel, then please subscribe this channel also like this video. thank you once again. see you in the next video.

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🤑🤑Paypal Credit & Debit Card Smart Buttons in Shopify | 💰💰Just Copy & Paste Code | Guest Checkout

here in this video I'm going to show you that- how you can do the payment using your credit card in paper. so actually, this is the latest feature that has been added by PayPal, that this is actually the smart payment button for going through the credit card payment process if you don't have any PayPal account. so there are people who are facing the problem while you're doing the payment. if they don't have, any people are come. so I think in Shopify we are. we also have the problem that if we have some products and we want it to sell and if the customer has not any people account, he will not able to do the payment. why? because he is interested in credit card or debit card payment. but for now, we only support those customers, we who have the PayPal account. so that's why we are very much happy about integrating the credit card payment button. why? because if some someone has, someone don't have the PayPal account, then he will able to do the payment using that specific credit and debit card button. so keep watching this video. I am going through the whole process that how you can do into your own website. let me show you how you will be integrating this. so, first of all, we have to enable the PayPal account optional setting from our PayPal account. so first of all you have to go to PayPal, so wwwpaypalcom. so here you have to click on login. you have to enter your email address and password and then click on login. once you are successfully logged in, you have to click on this gear button for setting. here you will be getting the option of selling tools, click over it and here we have the option of website preferences. you have to click on update and then scroll down. here we have PayPal account optional. so what does it mean? it means that if you are enabling this, then if some user occurs, if your customer has not any PayPal account, then he will be getting a guest checkout option for doing the payment, so he would able to do the payment using credit card or debit card. so make sure that this should be on. so now we have to log it out- I am going to close it- and now you have to go to developerapplecom and here you have to log in to dashboard. again, you have to enter your PayPal account email address, then password and then click on login. first of all, you have to create accounts, sandbox accounts, because we are going to do the testing first, and then we will be implementing into the live. so you have to create an account. already we have two accounts. these are default accounts of: one is for business account and one is for personal account, but we are going to create new ones, so this one is the personal account first and again one more account. we need it, click on create account and then we have a business account. so, finally, we have created two accounts: one is personal and another is business account. now you have to go to my apps and credentials. here you will be creating an app- let me name it test, test app- and I am going to select a business account. so this is: there are two businesses accounts, but the account which I created just now is going to be selected and then create app. once we are done with the creation, then we will be getting a client ID that we will be copying from here to our code. right? so we have to go to PayPal smart button checkout demo. you have to search this on internet and you will be getting a link. developer: paypalcom forward slash demo- forward slash checkout. so here we have PayPal as well as debit or credit card. so it means that if we have the PayPal account, then obviously we will be doing the payment through PayPal, but if we haven't, then we can choose debit or credit card. so let me change here 13 dollars. and again I have to change the client ID from here. so firstly I have to copy from here and paste it over here, and now I'm going to copy this whole code from here and going to paste it on to my on server. so this is my localhost actually: Sam htdocs, PayPal and index dot HTML. so here I am going to paste it and then save it. I'm going to run it out. so here we have localhost forward slash PayPal. so finally I got PayPal as well as debit or credit card, but for now I am interested in debit or credit card. so I already done the implementation of a smart payment button, with only this button actually. so I have another video. if you don't have seen that, you should also see in the playlist, or you can go to my channel and you will be finding this, finding the video right. so currently I am interested in doing the payment through debit or credit card. so one more thing I have to do is I am going to login to my sandbox business account, which I have created. just now. here you have seen accounts. yeah, here here I have accounts- business account and personal account- that I have created. so let me copy this business account first, and you have to go to sandbox paypalcom and then sign in over here and i have to take the password as well. so here we have the password, click on login once you are logged in, then you will be getting some test amount. this is for the sake of testing only. here we have five thousand US dollars, alright, so let's do the payment now. so I am going to enter some test details. so this is the card number and here I have some expire one, two, three. I have filled all the details here and you have to click on pay. now I got the error here. something went wrong, but let me try once again. so this is the actual paper guest checkout screen which we ever expecting, actually. so here we have some amount and we have country, card number and billing address, and then we have contact information and finally, you will be getting the information like save your payment info for faster checkout on this device. so if you are selecting this specific checkbox, save my payment info and create a paypal account, then, of course, whatever a card are and other information you will be, you will be filling over here. that would be saved and your account will be created. but for now I am NOT interested in creating an account. so let me fill the details quickly. I have filled all the details very quickly so you can see that here I have filled all the details. so now I have to click on Pay Now. so finally, the transaction completed by Abdul. so here we can click on ok. so the transaction has been completed. now it means that we have successfully done the payment through our credit card. so let me see over here. if you will refresh, let me again put the credentials. this is my sandbox account from here. you have to copy this and paste it over here you. so finally we got the payment, payment from Abdul Bari. so this is the 13 US dollar and here you can see that previously we have seen five thousand and four. now this is five thousand twelve point three, three. so if you will see the receipt, you will find out that whole details would be over here. yeah, this is the name and this is the test address that we have put over here, and complete amount as well and other details as well, so you can also go through all the details which we are getting at the time. but for now, but for now we were interested to see the payment through our credit card. so I think that you you got the understanding of how, the how we are going to do the integration. but make sure that there are some problems in integrating this credit card check out as well, because people is not responsible for the transaction, because there are some risks. why? because we haven't any people accounts, so people is not able to identify the user. so at that moment on the way, if there is some attacker, then there are the chances that you could, means you could face some problem because the people has not your account and they could not able to give you the security on the way. so I hope you got the basic understanding of integration. so if you are facing any problem of integration or something like that, I am also doing the integration of stripe and micro payment as well. so if you are facing and the problem in any of them, you can contact me. I have already mentioned a whatsapp number in my description below so you can conne.


as you guys can see, i have some money on a hold, but this money used to be thousands of dollars a couple years ago probably. every time i was selling i i kept having holds on paypal all the time, and in this video i'm gonna show you the things that you need to do to never, ever get hold. it's not guaranteed, but it's gonna help you a lot with your paypal holds. so if you want to see what they are, keep watching. [Music]. what is up? beautiful people, it's nas here and in today's video let's tok about paypal, their hold, and how annoying it is when you start your business, including e-commerce or ebay or anything else that you're starting to do- and you keep getting hold. first of all, let's tok about why you need to use paypal. it's been proven on your e-commerce store, probably 20 to 30 percent of people are gonna check out through paypal, so that means that they trust paypal more. they think paypal is safer, which is understanding. i personally myself like to pay through paypal. the reasons are: if anything happens with the product, it's really easy to go dispute the item, compared to if you paid with your credit card. you had to get on the phone. so that's one of the reasons that i think people really really like to pay with paypal is it's safer. they can dispute an item easier if it's not something that they ordered, they want it let. now, that being said, let's tok about a couple reasons why your money would go on hold. before we get started, don't forget to like this video and subscribe. it helps the channel grow so i can make you guys videos like this and help you out with your business. so these are the reasons why your money would go on hold, and after this, i'm going to go ahead and cover the solutions, the things that you could do, to not have your money on hold. reason number one is you're a new seller. that means that you just started your paypal business account and you started selling. in the beginning, the first three months, paypal just keep an eye on you and they watch all your activities, everything that you do, and they want to make sure that you're legit and you're doing the right things and all those good stuff. reason number two is that you've been selling, but you stopped selling for a period of time. let's say you were selling last year and you were doing great. your paypal account is good- and you stopped selling for 12 months. now you got back to it again. uh, paypal really feel weird about this. they want to know why you stopped and you're getting back to it, so they most likely gonna put some of your money on hold. there are different types of holds which i'm gonna tok about later, but for now let's cover all these six reasons. reason number three: you had a lot of customers disputing your orders or they complain about something that you weren't selling. that's another reason that paypal would put your money on hold and ask for documents. usually, the documents they ask for- any kind of hold- are you, your address, your business name, your business address, your your tracking information and many more, depending on what you're selling and how you're selling it. reason number four: your selling habits seem to change or be unstable. so let's say, one day you're having a big amount of money coming in and then the other day there's nothing, and the other day you're selling a lot, then again not selling at all. paypal usually watches all activities from your patterns or anything that you do, so any kind of unusual activities they do not like and they would put your money on hold. number five: you're selling high risk items. that includes travel packages, electronics events, event tikets and gift cards. now let's tok about type of holds that you would get. not all of the holds are bad, but some of them can really really limit your cash flow. so let's tok about them. number one is 24 hours after the item being delivered. so let's say you updated your tracking information, which you should do, so you don't get the bad bad holds. this is not that bad. um, usually it's 24 hours after the item got delivered. so that's number one. now let's say you've been drop shipping. one of the things that i don't like about aliexpress- you have to kind of give estimate of the date that you're getting the product delivered- is, if you have estimate, it's going to take six days after your estimated date to get your money. so let's say you have three weeks of delivery time and you're estimating that the time gonna be around there, so it takes six days after delivery time to get your money. another hold is 21 days after you mark the item as shipped. so whenever you ship your item, they decided to put your money on hold for 21 days, and this is usually when you don't upload tracking number on paypal. let's tok about the solution specifically in e-commerce, since a lot of you guys that are watching this probably are running a dropshipping store or have some kind of e-commerce store. you should definitely 100 have some type of method to upload your tracking information into your paypal. it's not enough to just put it on shopify. so, let's say, if you're using shopify as a platform, there are apps that you could use to pay a little bit extra so it would automatikally, every time you get a sale on paypal or through paypal, they would upload the tracking number from your shopify store to your paypal account, which is very beneficial. now paypal knows that you have a tracking number, your package can be tracked and you're just automatikally more reliable. one of the apps that i usually use on my all my e-commerce stores and my shopify store when i'm drop shipping is paypal's tracking info on autopilot. what it does- basically you got to pay, i believe, 10 extra for each transaction you get through paypal- but what it does- once your supplier upload the tracking number- which you should look at your supplier to do- it automatikally uploads your tracking number from your shopify to your paypal account. this is definitely something you should be doing. this is number one thing i recommend everyone to do, and whoever i work with i tell them that you should definitely upload your tracking information into your paypal. number two is: get off of aliexpress. if you're drop shipping, you need a good supplier. is supplier that be able to fulfill your orders daily and get you tracking number every day. if you get tracking number every day, most likely paypal would leave you alone. however, keep in mind it's not always about your tracking number. you gotta also keep your activities kind of normal, not have any unusual activities and any of that. so make sure that you can tok to your supplier directly, not just through aliexpress. a lot of suppliers on aliexpress they're actually drop shippers. they wait till they have enough orders- maybe seven to ten days- before they order the product. so if you're taking seven to ten days, uh, to upload a tracking number to your paypal, be kind of ready to get that big hold. i personally in the beginning when i started, i didn't know any of that and i got holds. usually the worst one is when you your account gets limited and you have holes for 180 days. i had that for a while and then, after six months or so, i think 50 of my money was always on hold for 180 days. then it kind of dropped to 20 and now it's like, i think, five percent uh or less. the third thing that you could do to protect your paypal, no matter what supplier you work with, always check what kind of uh shipping they're using and ask if they provide a tracking number. again, i'm toking about tracking number, but also ask for tracking number. how. what's the usual time of delivery? uh, paypal tend to not like drop shippers. so what i usually do when i'm scaling in the beginning, when i'm testing, i don't worry about it too much. but when i'm scaling i tiknically buy in book and i would recommend you guys do that. if you're scaling and you have some money, buy a little bit in book and keep it in warehouse. if you ever have to tok on the phone with paypal, they're going to ask you if you have inventory and you want to have inventory to show them t.

How to add Smart PayPal Buttons that accepts credit and debit card to your Online Shopify Store

Here is a tutorial on how to add a smart paypal button to your online shopify store. Quick and easy steps to accomplish include setting up a paypal account and then selecting create new smart button and then copying code to a product of your own choice under all products of your shopify, where you will see an html editor tool.