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pc alibaba.com dropshipping pavilion

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

How to Dropship from Alibaba to Shopify (2023)

in today's video I'm going to be showing you how you can start Drop Shipping using alibabacom. so I'll be showing you how you can connect your Shopify store to your alibabacom account, how you can sync products from alibabacom to your Shopify store and how you can manage and automate the order fulfillment process. now you might be thinking: isn't alibabacom just for purchasing in bulk? well, that's not true anymore, with alibabacom's Drop Shipping Center. now let me go over a few reasons why you might want to actually use alibabacom to start Drop Shipping now. the first reason is the price. so sometimes you might want to drop ship a product from AliExpress, but you can actually find it cheaper on alibabacom. so if I show you this example here, we can see that we have this product, this 360 selfie stik, and you can see that the brand is usam's. now you can see, with free shipping to the UK, it's 32 pound. now the exact same product. so if we click on this, you can see this is usam's again and this is on alibabacom. and you can see shipping with shipping to the UK it's 28.80 and if we just convert that over, that's 25 pounds 50.. so on alibabacom it's going to cost you 25 pounds 50. on AliExpress, it's going to cost you 32 pounds, so that's a massive six pounds 50 difference. now, if you think about that, over a hundred orders, that's 650 pounds, which is a big chunk of profit. so that's the first reason why you might want to have a look on alibabacom when it comes to starting Drop Shipping and looking for Drop Shipping suppliers. the second reason is product selection. if you can't find a product that you want to drop ship on AliExpress, you might be able to find it on alibabacom. they have a wide selection of products that you can drop ship, and if you are Drop Shipping using a different supplier, it means that the product might be less saturated, meaning you'll have less competition when it actually comes to drop shipping the product, which makes it easier to actually make sales. and the final reason is a lot of the general public now know about AliExpress. so if they see a product they sound they can sometimes just go over to AliExpress and see if they can find it cheaper, whereas the general perception of alibabacom is that it's still for businesses and that it is still for buying in bulk. so a lot of people won't actually go and check over there, which once again makes it easier for you to make sales. so let's actually get started with how you can use alibabacom to start Drop Shipping. so the first thing you are going to do is just head over to dropshippingaliburcom- I will leave a link in the description and from here you are going to create an account. so where it says sign in, we are going to right click on this and I'm just going to open this in a new tab. once you've clicked on this, you are going to click on join for free and then you are just going to fill out this information: so your email address, your mobile number, company name, full name and Company address. once you have entered this information in, you can just click on agree and register. they will then ask you to verify your email address with the code that they have sent to you. so just enter in that code and hit submit. once you do that, you will be brought by to the alibabacom Drop Shipping Center. so it should look a little something like this: now the first thing you are going to do is connect your Shopify store to your alibabacom Drop Shipping account. so up the top here, we are going to click on this menu and we're going to scroll down and we are going to click on my store from here. we are going to add our Shopify store, so we are going to click on ADD store and then you can go and enter in the URL of your store. when you are entering in your store URL, just remember to remove the https and double slashes, because sometimes Alibaba can't recognize it, so it should just be the name of your Shopify store and then you can click on ADD store. you will then be asked to log in to your Shopify store and once you have logged into your Shopify store, it will bring you to a page like this that says: install the Alibaba app. so we are going to install the Drop Shipping on alibabacom app, so just click on install app. once you have installed the app, you will see your store under store management, so that means your store is connected now. so the next thing that you can go and do is to sync a product from alibabacom to your Shopify store. so in order to do this, you can click on search products. from here. you can search for any products that you want to start dropshipping and importing to your Shopify store. so I'm just going to go and search for a tracking selfie stik and click search and I'm going to go for this first product here. so we are going to click on this product and from here what you can do is you can click on add to import list. it will then say import completed. so then you can click on go to import list. from the import list you can edit the product further before you push it to your Shopify store. so if we scroll down and click on this pencil icon, you can go and edit the product name, add some product tags, choose the product type and also choose a collection from your Shopify store. so you can see I've called this the pivo Pod. so if we go and copy this, I can go and enter this into the product name. you can also go and choose a collection. so I'm just going to go and choose the home page. you can also go and edit the description so you can go and make sure that it matches the description on your actual store. so I'm just going to go and copy this description and you can go and edit all of this. so I'm just going to delete all of this, because this is information that comes directly from Alibaba, so it might look a little bit weird on your Shopify store. so I recommend to rewrite the product description completely. so we're just going to go for this for now. but, as I say, you can go and rewrite your product description, then you have the variants, so you can go and choose the variants and from here you can actually go and choose the price that you want to sell it at and it will tell you the profit. now, of course, I recommend to go and round your prices to the closest 99, so you can see on here it's 139.99, so I can go and enter that in here- 139.99- and then it's going to tell me my profit, which is 113 pounds and 60 Pence. so now that you have gone and done that, you can then just go to the images and you can go and delete any of the images that you don't want, so you can just untik them. if you don't want to use these images, so you can simply untik them like that. so once you have gone and edited all of that information, then you can simply just click on push to store and then it will say: push succeeded. so once you have gone and done that, you can go to my products and then you should see that the product has been pushed to your Shopify store. now you can actually go and view the product in your Shopify store now. so if you click on view install and from here you can see the product that has been pushed, now from here you can also go and edit the product further. so, again, if you want to go and edit the product description or any of the images, you can go and do this from your Shopify dashboard as well. so now that I've shown you how you can go and sync products, the next thing I want to show you is how you can fulfill orders automatikally using alibabacom. so once somebody does make an order on your Shopify store, you can go to orders and you will see all of your orders. so once you see an order here, you can then head over to your alibabacom dropshipping Center and then you can click on my orders. from here you will see all of the orders that have come through from your Shopify store and you can go and simply fulfill these orders. so you can click on this to go and click on batch order if you have multiple different orders, and you can simply click on batch order and pay for all of the orders at once, or you can go and order them individually. now some might say shipping info.

Alibaba Dropshipping in 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

and this is revealing: a step-by-step tutorial for alibaba drop shipping: what it is and how. complete beginners, earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience- more at that. after the intro: hey guys, how's it going? my name's like facial. welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's literally the fastest and the easiest way to make money online, sign up for it in the link below. we have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days. so sign up for the link below. so here's the thing. when i was looking at ways to make money online, i understood one thing and then that i'm not the smartest person in the world and i'm not tik savvy, and i also did not have the time or the money to actually get started. so i needed to choose a business model that would be like the least riskiest approach, and drop shipping was one of those ways that i went ahead and tested and actually is one of the ways that completely changed my life, because you can see that with one business in the e-commerce space, we went from zero to sixth grand in the first month and then went from zero to 1.6 million in the first year, and we document all of this literally on my blog, my website, if you want to go and get the detailed notes in the links below- and it completely changed my life. right when people get started, they're like: but what did you do, mike, and how do i even get started? how can i go with no experience whatsoever to get my first hundred dollars a day to two hundred dollars to seven hundred dollars a day so i can do things like, for example, travel around the world? um, not have to work for a boss that undervalues me and instead just do things that i love doing with people that i care about. and this is exactly what i would tell them. and that's step number one. before you understand what alibaba drop shipping is, which is like a new opportunity, you need to first understand what drop shipping is, and it's very simple because you know back in the day, to start a business, you would have to do it kind of like the opposite of drop shipping. you would have to have a product idea- awesome. then you would have to go ahead and find that product idea awesome. then you have to take your own money or borrow a huge amount of money from the bank or your family and you would spend thousands of dollars on these products and then you would have all these products and then you're like whoa, i can't sell any of these and you lost a bunch of money. that's literally the plotline of pursuit of happiness with will smith. like, have you ever seen that movie? like, what happened is, here's this one guy, will smith. in the movie he literally buys all these like medical trans, like microscope devices. right, he bought so many. he was like gonna get rich, but he couldn't sell it and because of that he lost a bunch of money. so all drop shipping is doing the opposite. you literally sell the product and only buy it after you've made a sale. i literally did this a lot when even i was a broke college student. i remember i was like selling things like, for example, this thing right here- you see this like backyard thing right here. look at this, 48 have been sold, right, the craziest thing about this: 48 have been sold at 614. but you could get the exact same product at walmart for 499. so this is just one use case of drop shipping, literally like copy and pasting this image on walmart, posting it onto ebay and wait for a sale. you didn't buy this thing on walmart yet. you just wait for sale. when you make a sale- look at this 614- go directly in your bank account. you then take the customer's shipping information and you buy it from the supplier at a lower cost, for 499. so, even though it's like a lot like- oh, i don't have 499 dollars, you're not spending your own money. you're only buying this after you've made us already made a sale and the money has been influxed into your bank account. does that make sense? and even just that alone? that's like what? 50 profit margins. he's making more than that on the back end because he's combining it with, like cashback sites and whatnot. but that alone, i mean 50 for 48 units old for just one product. that's the beauty of drop shipping, right in beauty bodies you could get started for like virtually very little risk and very little money in time. does that make sense? now you're probably wondering: well, what is alibaba drop shipping? well, all alibaba drop shipping is is just using sites like, for example, alibaba and aliexpress to be those suppliers. so like, for example, instead of using walmart, you use, for example, aliexpress and alibaba, and instead of using ebay, you use your own store, like, for example, on shopify, because you get to go ahead and get the email addresses which you could sell them more. so, right, and that's why we literally pivoted from the ebay method to the shopify method, because this was hosted on shopify and we were able to just do more sales with it that way, right? with that being said, you need to understand well what the heck is alibaba, what the hell is aliexpress. so alibaba is literally the biggest like e-commerce platform in china alone, and it's more for b2b, like business to business. so when i would sell, like, for example, grill mats and dog leashes and send them to amazon to go ahead and make money with that, i would literally go to alibaba and, for example, type in grill mats and i would literally strike a deal with these people from china to go ahead and make these grill mats for me. that i would literally buy like a hundred pieces- which is the minimum order quantity, as you can see- for like 18 to 20 cents and i would flip it over to amazon, for example, for, uh, like 20 bucks, right, so i'll get like a pretty healthy profit margin. but you're probably wondering: well, mike, that's the old way, isn't it? you're buying it first and then selling it. well, that includes why you know when you first get started. you can even use aliexpress, which is part of alibaba, but this is more like for b2c consumers, but they still give drop shipping prices. like: i can literally go and drop ship like grill mats directly from aliexpress. it might be a little bit more expensive, right, but you're still only dealing with like three dollars, 27 cents, 54 cents, so it's really not that big of a difference. many of which are probably the same supplier, even from alibaba. right, this is just for business to business. this is for business to consumers. but a lot of drop shippers that run facebook ads use aliexpress and that's the only difference. the next question people ask is: like: well, are these websites safe? well, there's multiple ways to make sure that you pick the safe ones, because, yeah, people do lose money because the supplier has garbage products or you know, the supplier is um. like. like you know, people take advantage of new platforms, especially if it's cross-country international relationships. that's why you want to make sure that you want to get vetted suppliers. so, for example, if you drop some directly from alibaba, you want to make sure that they have trade insurance, verified supplier, um as well as like one hour or less response time. if you just click on all of that alone, you're pretty much good to go right and then you can go ahead and communicate with them directly and you can find out how good they are communicating with aliexpress. it's really just um letting other people to figure out the best products for you and the best supplies for you and just you leverage them. like if i wanted to go and do grill mats, all i could do is just sort everything by orders, and i mean this one right here: 9 000 have already been sold, right, and? and the fact that 9 000 were already sold, that means that people know if this is a good supplier or not. so we can even see the reviews of the supplier. i mean, you can see how good this is. there's 30, there's 3 000 reviews, and the coolest thing about these reviews is they leave pictures of the product so you could see what actually people are getting when you're doing the drop.


🛒 Dropshipping Center‑Alibaba Official | Shopify - Woocommerce 💸

el emprendedor es: conoces el dropshipping center de alí babá? bienvenidos a mi canal. mi nombre es magaly vega, soy asesor en comercio exterior y agua. el día de hoy voy a mostrarte cómo la plataforma de alí babá viene trabajando, todo lo que es el dropshipping center y como nosotros podemos implementarlo en nuestra tienda en línea. en julio de este año, julio del 2021, subí un vídeo sobre un plugin que es cesc amp para ayudar en todo lo que es el tema de subir artículos a nuestra tienda en línea, que está vinculada a todo lo que es el tema de e-commerce. pero vamos a ir paso a paso. lo primero: nosotros, para conocer el dropshipping center alibaba, nos vamos a ir a esta pagina, trope shipping puntual y baba puntokom, donde nosotros nos vamos a tener que crear una nueva cuenta. recuerden, si ya tienes un usuario, una cuenta en la plataforma de líbano, es necesario que crees una cuenta en esta plataforma. si todavía no sabes cuáles son las modalidades para que puedas crear una cuenta en alibaba, te en el vídeo para que puedas registrarte en la plataforma alibaba. ahora, por el momento, el dropshipping, el dropshipping center de alí babá, están trabajando únicamente con commerce. 8 que fai. yo sé que muchos de ustedes a veces preguntan magaly cuál es mejor comer 8 pipí. realmente, los invito a que naveguen dentro de lo que son estados marketplace, estas tiendas de niña, y vean con la plataforma, la página con la que sea más amigable con ustedes. créanme que en el tema de tiendas en línea, bastante incluye el tema de qué tan amigable es la plataforma para que nosotros podamos ver todo lo que son nuestros artículos. correcto, entonces, dentro del dropshipping de alibaba, nosotros vamos a poder encontrar cuáles son los proveedores más destacados. se trabaja todo lo que es el tema de triangulación. qué significa eso? que nosotros subimos nuestro artículo, nuestra tienda en línea cuando el comprador había interesado, ha comprado nuestra tienda en línea. nosotros podemos comprarlo a nuestro proveedor dentro de alí babá, cuáles son los productos más vendidos en los productos menores a los 10 dólares? recuerde que los costos de envío para perú en este momento son bastante elevados, porque la alternativa es son los envíos curia, que pueden ser ups, fedex y dhl. ténganlo en cuenta, por favor, porque en este momento no están ofreciendo ms u, otro envío mucho más económico. aquí yo puedo ver todos los artículos que yo tengo aquí y yo simplemente puedo añadirlos a mi lista de importación de artículos que yo quiero subir a mi línea. correcto, en este momento yo estoy agregando de manera este, así nada más aleatoria, los artículos. entonces, miren, aquí tengo todos los que son mis listas de importación. recordando que esta opción de dropshipping de alí babá es totalmente gratuita, no se tiene que realizar pago. pero para poder subir todo lo que son estos artículos a nuestra tienda en línea, debemos conectarlo con nuestra tienda en línea, que puede ser un commerce. mire, aquí colocamos la url o, si queremos trabajarlo con el shop ifai, también lo podemos trabajar de esa manera. correcto? aquí vamos a ver todo lo que son nuestros productos, todos los productos que nosotros hemos añadido. también podemos ir colocando una lista de precios para que nosotros se pueda subir el precio de manera automátika. cómo crear una regla correcto? eso lo vamos a poder. lo voy a ir mostrando más adelante. aquí vamos a ver a todos los proveedores que hemos seleccionado dentro de todo lo que es el dropshipping center de la plataforma de alí babá. aquí nosotros tenemos todo lo que es el centro de ayuda. podemos ver todo lo que son las tiendas. recuerden que en este momento no se encuentran conectados, pero la conexión es bastante fácil. voy a hacer un vídeo con. bueno, voy a trabajar ahora con shop y file para poder ir subiendo todos los artículos y les voy a ir mostrando este paso a paso, así que no se olviden de que nosotros ahora podemos realizar todo lo que es el truck sitting con la plataforma área baja. y aquí es lo que les mencionaba respecto a las condiciones de precio. recuerde, cuando nosotros vendemos con dropshipping, que significa que nosotros tenemos el precio de un artículo y nosotros lo vamos a vender teniendo un margen de ganancia. y aquí, donde dicen condiciones del precio, nosotros podemos ir determinando a qué precio nosotros queremos venderlo en nuestra tienda en línea. recuerden que eso también es muy personal. cada uno de ustedes va conociendo su producto, va conociendo su mercado, va conociendo todo lo que es el tema de sus clientes. y antes de terminar este vídeo, sé que tal vez muchos se van a portar mal- y porque me comprarían en mi tienda en línea en lugar de comprar directamente en alibaba, en lugar de comprar directamente en la plataforma del express? déjenme decirles que es una duda muy recurrente, pero déjenme decirles que, si bien hay muchos artículos que se pueden comprar directamente en estas plataformas, hay un tema de confianza de muchos de los compradores. por eso es muy importante que ustedes vayan trabajando todo lo que es su reputación en línea, vayan trabajando todo lo que es su marca personal para que, para que, el momento de que ustedes ofrezcan sus productos, los clientes se sientan mucho más confiado, sienta mucha más esta confianza. bueno, webó repetirlo para que pueda realizar la compra en tu tienda en línea en lugar de otra tienda, o irse directamente en alibaba, o así que les deseo mucho éxito, cada uno de ustedes, los que quieran iniciar todo lo que es el dropshipping con la plataforma de alibaba. gracias por quedarse hasta el final del vídeo. nos vemos mi siguiente vídeo. gracias,

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Everything You MUST Know About Alibaba.com's Dropshipping | Spend Less, Make More!

alibabacom is making some massive moves to completely change the game of drop shipping, and if you want to be the first to know exactly what this is, then keep watching this video. [Music]. what is up? everybody? fred lam here and welcome to my youtube channel, where you get to learn everything on how to build, grow and scale and on my business. now on my youtube channel, you have seen that i tok a lot about drop shipping because, after all, my students have made over 46 million dollars by simply following my simple drop shipping strategies, and if you want to learn more about it, there's gonna be some link in the video description right down below. but for this video, i wanted to actually share with you a complete breakthrough, which i have been waiting for years to happen, which is alibabacom stepping up their game to release their drop shipping center. listen, this is going to be a game changer for many people, because now you get to actually have access into millions of products with just one single click. but before i actually go even deeper into how to start drop shipping on alibabacom, please help me: smash the like button, subscribe to my youtube channel and hit that notification bell so that each time i release a brand new video, you're gonna get notified right away. so, as i said, alibabacom finally released the drop shipping center. i actually have thought many years ago on why alibabacom has yet to release this, but now it's finally here. for the last decade, alibabacom has been focusing on manufacturing products with high moq, which is minimum order quantity to actually sell to retailers so that they can resell their products at a retail store. but, as you have been aware, drop shipping has taken a huge leap forward and alibabacom has yet to do anything to really capture this market. after all, alibabacom have access into literally a unprecedented amount of vendors and suppliers that can actually create products at a very low price for anyone to actually resell to make more money. and now alibabacom finally released their drop shipping center. not only did they release the drop shipping center, they're even automating the entire process once you receive an order inside your store. now, instead of me just toking about it, let me actually head over to my screen to show you this new drop ship center that alibabacom has created. all right. so right now, as you see right on my screen, this is alibabacom dropship center. so right now, you can actually see products that are under 10, shipping fees are under 15, and there's actually a lot of crazy things that i see in huge potentials inside alibaba's dropship center. so, first of all, you can actually go by category- let's say that i'm looking for consumer um electronics- and you can actually see right out of the gate what the processing time is going to be. a lot of people are saying that drop shipping is dead because of the processing time, but, as you can see, the processing time now with alibabacom and their shipping is actually superbly fast. and one thing that i'm pretty excited about is the fact that alibabacom has also make it worth. the shipping cost isn't that expensive at all and when you actually go through and start looking at all these products, you can actually see that, compared to other platforms out there, there are actually more premium products that you can actually sell. and again, let's look at home and garden. all these products are available right now, right at your fingertips, where you can actually start selling, and the price isn't expensive at all. and here's the crazy part, as you can see, let's say that i want to actually sell this product over here. i can actually start adding these products into my import list. once i've done so, i can actually go to the import list and publish all these products right into my store in one single click. and when customers comes to my store to buy the product that i've uploaded through alibabacom import center, guess what? the vendor will automatikally fulfill the order for me. so this is a huge game changer, because now you don't even have to worry about buying the product in yourself and copy and pasting your customer shipping address. alibabacom actually took care of all that. so, again, there's just so many products right now that i need to still go through it myself. but i can see how right now, with alibabacom's new drop shipping center, it's opening up huge opportunities for people to actually start selling more products and, more importantly, going straight to the source, where you don't need to spend an arm and a leg for this product. and the most best part is that everything is just one moq, so it's like drop shipping. you just need to buy one unit. you don't have to go through alibabacom and buy in 10, 20 or 100 units and have those products sitting in the warehouse if it is not selling. so i highly recommend you to really check this out. i'll leave the link right in the video description right down below, and i highly recommend you, if you have an ecommerce store, right now, to just create an account with alibabacom and simply just synchronize your store and then you can actually start adding products with just one single click. so again, there's a lot of products i'm just going through in other lists right now and the possibilities are absolutely endless. all right, as you see, listen, this is a huge game changer for drop shippers. now you literally have access into millions of more products to sell and knowing for a fact that your customers are going to have guaranteed delivery based on the time that the vendor has set. so now you are literally being opened up into a huge blue ocean of more products for you to obviously sell. but not only that: alibabacom, their drop shipping center. they're also announcing their super september and during this super september, alibabacom is going to be discounting upwards of 40 on their products, which means you're literally going to spend less and make more because, at the end of the day, you're going to be buying products at a much lower cost of goods and still sell it at whatever price that you have set and make more margins. but not only that: alibabacom really step up their game to release new features. that's really going to benefit drop shippers like you and i. number one: they are releasing alibabacom live videos. you see, this is super powerful- that alibabacom has released their dropship center. but on top of their dropship center, alibabacom has also announced their super september event and during this super september event, they are going to be discounting their products upwards of 40. so this means you get to spend less and make more, because now you have a better profit margin for your products that you are selling during their super september event and, in fact, alibabacom is releasing more features. that's going to benefit you and i when we are drop shipping products. firstly, they are releasing their alibabacom live videos. this way, you get to interact with the owners and also workers right from the vendor itself so you can actually check the legitimacy of the product and also to ask questions that you have about the product. number two, they're also going to be releasing true view videos. so instead of just looking at a picture of the product, they're also releasing true view to actually give you different perspective on how the product looks like and what the product can do, so that you can easily sell it through your store and through your ads. now, last but not least, they're also releasing- personally, i think it's a huge game changer- which is their virtual reality showroom. so, instead of you needing to actually fly to the destination of where the manufacturer is, you get to actually join a virtual showroom to actually see the manufacturer and the products that they have, so that you don't need to travel anymore and can still see the actual facility and products through a virtual room. listen, this is going to really allow people like you and i that we're unable to travel right now to

Vale a pena usar o Alibaba como fornecedor de dropshipping?

oh, alô, alô, galera Caio Ferreira, aqui na área, para mais um vídeo sobre dropshipping pra você. beleza, se você não está inscrito no canal Poxa, dá uma olhada aqui no canal ver os outros vídeos que eu postei lá. se você gostar, achar que podem te ajudar, se inscreve, eu posso ir daqui direto compartilhando um pouquinho da minha experiência de mais de 12 anos trabalhando na internet para você. beleza, vamos lá. tema de hoje: Vale a Pena usar o alibaba como fornecedor, o Solange dropship? e a resposta é: depende, como sempre. quem me acompanha há mais tempo sabe que eu não sou um cara de muitas respostas exatas, né eu gosto aqui nos vídeos, mas conversar com você, transmitir um pouco a minha forma de pensar, porque eu não conheço, você, não conheço o negócio, ver se o realidade então não tem como eu te falar, que é melhor para todo mundo. mas eu posso compartilhar com você um pouco a melhor forma de pensar, né que aprendi nesses 12 anos de experiência, para que você possa pensar como eu penso. né Pega emprestado um pouquinho Minha experiência e passa a pensar sobre o negócio da sua vida e tomar a melhor decisão para você. então, sim, vamos lá. primeiro tem que valer o alibaba. tem uma plataforma chinesa qualquer um Aliexpress. só que o AliExpress é feito para vender direto para o consumidor final. você compra no varejo. já O Ali Babá É feio para você comprar no atacado. em geral Você vai querer comprar quantidades. tá, então eles são da mesma empresa. o grupo alibaba que tem um site alibaba e tem um site AliExpress, 2 trace uma vez empresa. muitos conhecedores que torna Express também estão Ali Babá e muitos quem tá no alibabar também tá no AliExpress. mas forma geral O Ali Babá tem mais fábricas, mas fabricantes o Aliexpress já tem menos. Fábio, você tem mais revendedores. muita gente fala: meu compadre já revendedor a sua compra da fábrica e veja aonde Express. muitas vezes, ao contrário, elas viram Aliexpress quando ela terminar de fazer uma venda. ela compra lá na fábrica 10 produtos, recebe da Fábrica das partes produtos. ele também não têm estoque. mas ele chamou outra forma de de logístika, região, geralmente cross-docking. eles fazem muito isso a. Então toka grande vantagem do Ali Babá que a gente vê lá: os preços são melhores. forma geral os preços são menores no alibaba. Oi, Monique prece, mas o alibaba, os caras geralmente quer me vender em atacado, só que assim ele também costuma viver uma unidade. porque vamos? porque eu quero comprar mil itens de um produto especificado, um fone de ouvido, Quer comprar mil itens do fone de ouvido. aí você, quando vai sair $10000, esses mesmos lá, aquela força, vou comprar 10 mil doses aqui de fome e se for ruim esse produto emprestar, então eu quero primeiro comprar um, só quero comprar uma mostra, uma unidade, aí vou pagar lá $20 das unidades, sei lá. e aí quando chegar aqui, tá meio o desenho, o produto, e aí você, eu gostei, eu vou lá e compro $10000 do fone, mil unidades. então o alibaba, Apesar dele ser mais tokado em vender em atacado, muitos fornecedores também, vendo em uma unidade esse fio principalmente né de ter uma mostra para as pessoas querem comprar uma unidade, poder conhecer o produto e depois que eu ia comprar mais, só que, como eles vendem humanidade, ele já tem dentro da empresa deles, da rotina dele, lá no galpão deles. né um pessoal que tava despachando unidade de produto, que pega um produto e um pacote de despacho, Olá, pessoal, dentro faz isso. então algum gostei, algumas pessoas. fácil, dropshipping no Brasil, que eles fazem, eles vão lá no alibaba, Eles procuram fornecedores que faz esse tipo de envio de uma unidade, eles conversam com fornecedor, fosse o cara troca o chip, tá, você faz, você envia alguns fornecedores são. não, eu não faço isso, eu tenho que vir um, mas o volume pequeno. não quero que seja uma grande parte no negócio. não quer dizer que dez pessoas um tanto de produtos vendendo uma. meu negócio que fabrica, eu faço muito, porque aprender quantidade eu tenho que se uma pessoa que vende uma, um, mas é a mostra, não quero que seja a partir de um negócio. ele não falou que chifre outros tava assim, faço Sim, faço sim, pode vender. você compra aqui que te faz dropshipping normal, eu mando uma pessoa assim. então não existe uma regra lá. alguns passos dropship, outros não fazem dropship. é mais comum encontrar fornecedores no alibaba que não faz dropship. tal mais comum é achar gente não fazer é possível. mas se você falar com 30 fornecedores, você vai achar um ou dois que faz troca o chip, entendeu. Inclusive tem alguns lá que já fala fazendo dropship. então você pode sim. né como fazer gráfico no alibabar, não tem problema. os preços são geralmente melhores do que do Aliexpress, mesmo você comprando a uma unidade, Por que não tem intermediários, igual tem no AliExpress. você também consegue encontrar fábricas no AliExpress. tá, consegue comprar suas dores que fabrica Total Express é, não é tão como posso levar mais tem. você tem que me levar lá procurar até encontrar bons fornecedores, mas muitas vezes a gente não tá tão preocupada, já direto da fábrica, não está mais preocupada em achar eles não preço bom para outro, bom, pessoal que manda rápido te atende, bem sabe porque enfim algumas vezes essa mostrar, para outras vezes não são. eu não tem problema, então eu conto. Bom do AliExpress, é que eu Expresso ele tem tem um aplicativo já como dizer isso? por exemplo, né o modelo que facilita nossa vida em usar o Aliexpress como fornecedor, tá, ele automatiza os pedidos. então quando faz uma vez na sua loja, lá no shopping, Uai, você a tem esse pedido feito da forma Quase automátika. quase assim é um tomate, né, mas quase sempre sinto automátika não funciona Nespresso, não é 100 porcento excele e tem que pagar ou não pagar. vários modelos não tem que pagar antes de fazer o pedido, sendo o tempo todo, mas tem uma parte manual lá Quer fazer o pagamento. mas assim no Expresso você tem esses aplicativos que integram com os sofás direto e aí você faz o pedido ele direto, sem precisar ter essa questão de fazer pedido um e pagamento de um. e tu já não alibaba, eu não conheço nenhum aplicativo que faça isso. você conhecer, por favor. nem não tinha um comentário para gente compartilha essa fita, a gente faz isso, eu não conheço, não por causa que faz isso, não liberar. você vai usar para poder pegar o contato do fornecedor, vai conversar com ele. muitas vezes vai pagar por fora do do LP né do alibaba, vai pagar pelo PayPal. Então você também pode ter um risco ali né, apesar de. a gente vai trabalhar com alguém, tem uma boa qualificação na hora de babá, mas enfim, se existe uma certa dificuldade Entre Nessa. fazer troca no alibabar é mais complicada, mais difícil a gente, mas você tem que conversar as vezes em inglês. um fornecedor você pode atrás do teu pode, mas é uma estudadinha mais e o Nespresso tem que falar com ninguém. só se integrar ferramentas vai começar fazer bem, comprar os pedidos. então assim eu acredito, você pode se fazer compras no alibaba, visualizar como fornecedor. mas a minha sugestão é que você tá começando, a maior parte mim assistir aqui tá conversando, é qual que é a hora que pressa, complica, mais não sabe lá tem, lá no alibaba tem preços melhores, tem. mas não é isso que você tem que focar agora. você tem que focar agora e aprender vender que essa loja, encontrar pelos vencedores, fazer anúncio que está produtos, escala, fazendo. isso que é importante aí fazer agora, a gente fazer agora. tá vendo ele já tendo 30, 50, 100 ou idade do meu fone, Zinho aqui podia. Aí, sim, agora, na minha opinião, é a hora que você preocupar em ter as melhoras. então agora da questão check-out. melhor agora é só emprestado um fornecedor mais barato. estava expondo Aliexpress e não precisa ser diretamente alibaba. pode ser você já tô drop shipping, pode ser Will, tem um vários o possibilidades pode testar, mas no começo foca em fazer vender. não fica querendo gastar energia com Poxa. eu vou fazer aquele babá que tá inventando sarna para se coçar. está complicando o negócio do que já não é fácil. tem é muito pra você aprender. você vai complicar ainda. está tendo como resultado? tá, começa devagar, vai aos poucos, vai da.

How to Start a BRANDED Dropshipping Business Using AliBaba (2023)

i recently launched my dropshipping e-commerce brand and managed to generate over four thousand dollars in a few days using influencer marketing. in today's video, i'm going to be showing you the exact supplier that i used. that will allow you to set up your own dropshipping ecommerce brand with your logo printed on the product, with a minimum order quantity of one or two. so if you've got a kind of tight budget but you want to start your very own drop shipping e-commerce brand, then this is going to be the video for you. so let's get straight into it. so here is the exact supplier that i used for my drop shipping e-commerce brand: ringcast, which is a wrinkle removal device. so i did find them on alibaba and it literally took me days and days of trailing through supplies to actually come across them. but i'm really happy i have because, like i say, they've got some really amazing products that you can drop ship with your logo on, with a minimum order quantity of one or two, so you don't have to invest loads up front in purchasing lots of inventory. so if we go and scroll down, i will leave a link in the description to bji tiknology and we can go and have a look at some of their products. now they are better if you want to create a one product store around one partikular product. so, like i've done exactly here with wincast, you can see this is the wrinkle removal device and you can see that they have it exactly here. so for this product i had to start with a minimum order quantity of two pieces, but for a lot of their products they will allow you to start with one piece. so you can see, this is my one product store. like i say it, they are best used when you are trying to create a brand around one single product. and if you're interested in how i actually created this, i did use the sweet funnels theme, which is the best theme for creating one product stores. so if we go back to the bji supply, you can see they literally have hundreds of products in loads of different niches. mostly- well, all of them- are in the tiknology nice niche, but they are mostly sort of related to beauty. some are related to health and things like that. so you can go on here. like i said, i'll leave a link in the description. you can go and have a look at all of the different products that they have. now if we scroll up to the top we can click on products and we can click on see all categories. now you don't have to click on drop shipping, because sometimes it does filter out some of their products. so i recommend just to leave it on all products and just ignore the products where you need to order a minimum of 100 pieces, let's say. but what you can do is you can go and filter by new and you will see all of the new products that bji are releasing, and they release new products every month. so this will help to keep you ahead of the curve of your competition, because you can come on here and you can start launching some of their new products as soon as they release them, with your own logo on, and build a proper brand around the product, like i said, exactly how i have done here, and i do have a full case study video on how i actually launched this brand and generated over four thousand dollars with influencer marketing. now i also have a feeling that some massive brands are using this supplier, or at least have used it when they first started out. so if we have a look at this product here, this ipl hair removal device, if we go over to this store, which is hey, silky skin, and these are a massive ecommerce, e-commerce shopify brand and they're generating hundreds of thousands every month with their brand and you can see it's the exact same product that we can see on the bji tiknology supplier. so i reckon, now that they probably have, now they're generating so much in revenue and making so many sales, they probably have purchased a bulk inventory, maybe from a cheaper supplier, but when they first started out, they probably just started using one at a time to make it a lot cheaper. and if we go and have a look at their instagram, they literally have hundreds of influencers promoting their product. so that is an example of how you can use this supplier to build a one product store just like this and build your very own e-commerce brand around it. now you're probably wondering: are there any setup fees or anything like that? well, when i first started my ringcast e-commerce brand, i had to pay a 25 setup fee. this was last year. so they create a mold of your logo and they use that mode to print it on all of the products. so you do have to pay that 25 setup fee. i'm not exactly sure how much it is now. like i said, this was last year it was 25. it might be a little bit more now, but it shouldn't be anything too expensive. and then for my partikular product i had to purchase two, but let's just say for one of these cheaper products. so let's go and have a look at one. that's only one. so, for example, this one you can get for one piece. so twenty dollars plus a twenty five dollar setup fee. you're looking at around fifty dollars to start your very own e-commerce plan. so it's super cheap to get started with them. you can just click on the product or you can just click on contact supplier. so if we do click on the partikular product and then from here you can click on contact supplier and you can say: i want to start printing my logo on this product, you send them an adobe illustrator file of your logo and they will go and print it for you on the product. and then you just have to simply pay through alibaba, and paying through alibaba is super secure, so you're not going to get ripped off or anything like that, and i've used this supplier quite extensively so i can verify that they are a reliable supplier. now you're probably wondering about how do you actually fulfill orders as well with bji, seeing as it's not like connecting to a shopify store with oberlo back in the days or de-esses or something like that. well, it's actually very simple to go and fulfill orders with them. all you have to do from your shopify dashboard: you just go and click on export on your orders and then you can go and export orders by date, or you can just go and select all orders. for example, i'm just going to go for a plain csv file, so this is like an excel file, and then all you need to do is click on export orders. once your orders have been exported, they will be exported to an excel file that looks like this. now, what you're going to want to then do is just go and get rid of any columns that aren't necessary for the supplier. so all the suppliers really going to want to see is the shipping details. so you'll see up the top here we have the name, the email, the financial status, when it was paid, all of this stuff. you can just go and get rid of this. so what you can do is you can go and select all of the columns that you don't need. so i'm just going to go and select all of these columns up until we see shipping address and shipping name, then you can just click on right click and you can just click on hide and then, once again, you will see the ones after this. so, just after notes, i'm going to go and select all of these and, once again, once we have selected all of these columns that aren't necessary for the supplier to see, then we can right click and we can just hit hide. so once you have done that, you will see all of the shipping details. so we can just double click to make them a bit bigger. so now we have shipping name, shipping street shipping address one, shipping address two. so all of these details have been taken from the shopify orders that we exported. so now let's just make these a bit bigger and then we can scroll across and what we can do is we can add an extra column. so i'm just going to go and add another column so instead of notes, we can just go and put in this column tracking number. so once you've added that tracking number column to your excel sheet of all of your shopify orders, then you can just go over to alibaba and go to the message center and then you can go and message your contact from bji. so once you purc.