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people who make ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

I PAID People On FIVERR To MAKE My Shopify Dropshipping Video Ads

in this video i'll hire people off fiverr to edit one of my shopify dropship and product video ads and the whole point of the challenge is to hire loads of different people from different price ranges so i can compare the service. so i'll go from five dollars all up to fifty dollars and what i wanna compare is the service of quality, the video ads that they actually make for me and any benefits they include with the service. so i started off the challenge by going to aliexpress and searching for a suitable shopify drop shipping product and i found the portable blender and it's directly from the aliexpress supplier and it came with some really good video footage. then what i did is i went to fiverr and i sent a generic message to loads of different people on fiverr with gigs, pro, with different price ranges, and the message said: hey, if i share the pro that i want to drop ship, will you find the content and make the video ads for me? then i put the link to the product and then i also say to them: i need to make sure that these are the minimum requirements: it has to be between 30 and 60 seconds long and it needs to be copyright free music. then i left everything else up to the people on fiverr to do, because i want to see what their professionalism is when it comes to drop shipping video ad. hey guys, welcome back to the youtube channel. my name is camille cernan is the ecom king and in today's video it's just for a bit of entertainment and, like i said, i'm just gonna be hiring loads of different people off fiverr to edit one of my shopify drop shipping product video ads and, like i said, the price ranges will differ from five dollars all up to fifty dollars and let's see who is gonna be the best, and i'll be ranking it from number one to number five and, like i said, i'm gonna be comparing on service equality. what extra benefits do they give me? an overall video and production. now i just want to say a massive shout out to these two youtube creators on the screen because they influenced this video, because they did a video somewhere on their own channel which was really cool, and i thought it'd be cool to do this for dropshipping. i'm also going to be giving away the five videos that you see in this video to one of you lucky subscribers now. all you need to do to enter the giveaway is smash the like button and comment something that you like about the channel or something that you want to see in the future on this channel, and i'll be picking a winner once we hit 5 000 likes on this video. so the first person on the list is going to be arts inside. and she's got a gig on fiverr saying i will create facebook video ads for dropshipping products. she's got a 4.9 star review based on 15 and she's got four orders in the queue. and if you look at her gig- the basic package- it says: start your business package for five dollars, one eye-catching viral product video ad and it's gonna be a three-day delivery time with three revisions and she's gonna include video editing, script writing, 30 second running time, one size orientation, show product imagery and background music. so it definitely fits the requirements that i was looking for for this gig. and if we go down and read what the gig is all about, it says shopify video ads. are you looking to create facebook video ads to drive traffic into clicks and conversions? well, i'm glad you found me. your customers are more likely to buy from your online store when they see visually attractive facebook ads rather than image ads. professional background music, e-commerce, online advertising. i'm able to make outstanding facebook ads for any product that will catch viewers attention, engage their emotions. so, for five dollars, she sounds like she's got a lot on the table. so if we take a look at her fiverr profile, it says she's from the philippines. she joined fiverr back in january 2020, so she's very new to the platform. her average response time is an hour and her last delivery was six hours ago. and her bio says: i'm a professional graphic designer, video editor from the last four years or more. i'm one who delivers work efficiently with 100 quality, and you can check all my listed services on my fover profile. and it says here: i'm a high, self motivated, driven person who's organized and is quick at learning, and i can guarantee that the work i'm doing is at the top expectations. so for five dollars, she's worth testing and seeing how good she really is. so you guys can see our message to the script that i was mentioning at the start of the video, saying: hey, if i send you the product, are you able to make a video for me? and she responded by saying: hello, yes, i can definitely create a video ad for you. is this for facebook ads? i put yes. then she put: what type of video do you want, sir? and then i put one with 30 to 60 seconds long facebook ads for portable blender. okay, so my startup package offers 30 seconds run time. i said 30 seconds is fine. and i said, please send me an offer. she put, okay, sir, but are you in a rush because my gig offers three day delivery time. is that okay? i put, yes, that's fine, thanks. and then she sent me the custom offer and then i've accepted it. so her delivery time, she said, was gonna be three days. so, guys, two days later she actually sent me the video that she created me, and she actually did it a day faster than she originally said. so i give her a lot of respect for that. now, before i actually show the video that she made for me, let me just quickly explain what makes a good video ad. so you want to start the video off by doing a hook or an attention grabber. then you want to show the results that the product can do. then you want to demonstrate how it's done, and then you want to show the usage- and what i mean by usage is like the daily activity of that product or the daily usage of it, or how it's used normally, and then you want to finish off the video with a clear call to action. so those are my five steps to a really good videos. so, guys, now let me showcase the five dollar video that was made for me. but if you see me looking down, it's because i'm taking notes on the ipad about what i thought of the video. now i just want to make something clear. when i watch the video the first time, i'm not going to be really toking too much, i'm just going to be analyzing it and taking notes. but once it's finished, then i'm going to go over with you guys and explain what i thought about it, what could be better. then i'm going to be giving you my rating for the video. there's a bit too much text on the screen, like, and with the text that she's got there, it was black and you couldn't really read it. so that's the only bad thing i can see so far: [Music]- and they've got the colors are a bit feminine as well. [Music]. that text at the bottom is just really hard to read in black because there's no highlights, and i just feel like it's made for a girl. but you know what that call to action was actually really, really cool. i really do like that call to action: really colorful, shows the product, shows the fruit behind it and it says: get yours now. so i really do like that call to action actually. so i'm going to put that down. so in this first opening scene i always said to you guys, remember, the first thing you want to do is you want to do what we call a hook or intention: grab it. and if you look at the first part you can see here it shows somebody pouring the smoothie into the glass and it says: prepare a healthy smoothies. and i feel like the english grammar on that is not very good: prepare a healthy smoothies. it should be prepared a healthy smoothie, not prepare healthy smoothies. so the english gram on that is not too good and obviously, although it is five dollars, if somebody sees that, especially in the first clip, that's the first thing somebody's gonna read and look at, they're going to see that area and they're going to think that's not too professional. so if she was going to make a mistake like that, i wish he did it at the end, not the start. but to be fair again, especially with the opening clip, it wasn't really a.

How to Make Video Ads People Actually Like

you know them, you've seen them, you tolerate them, that's right. i'm toking about ads, specifically video ads. in a c filled with advertising flops, it's no longer good enough to just stand out, so follow along and learn how you can create video ads that people don't just tolerate, but they actually enjoy watching. it's no secret that people are watching more videos than ever online, especially those short, infinite scrolling ones. god, they're hilarious. according to facebook ceo mark zuckerberg- alright, sorry, i forgot, that's meta ceo mark zuckerberg now. well, according to zuck, video now accounts for more than half of all time spent on facebook, and reels is the most significant contributor to engagement growth on instagram, on our beloved social platforms, video ads also tend to outperform statik image ads, generating more engagement and click-throughs. but let's be honest, how many video ads do you watch all the way through? that's what i thought. video content may reign supreme on social, but how do you create video advertising that people actually like? fortunately for you, we know a thing or two about making great facebook video as a super side, so we compiled our best insights into this video right here. but first, if you are new here or you keep stoking us without subscribing to our channel, then i think it's time we become more than just friends. subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one. all right, press the button that we can move on. all right, let's dive right in. before you even think about picking up a camera, you need to have a clear goal and a target audience in mind. ask yourself: what do you want people to do after they watch your video? do you want them to make a purchase? start a free trial, learn more about what you do? cook you a delicious grilled cheese sandwich? your answer should dictate what type of video you create. if you want to educate your audience, an explainer video could work. if you're looking to drive sales, a customer testimonial video could help build trust with your audience, and if you're looking for someone to make you a grilled cheese sandwich, you should probably just rework your strategy. you also need to consider who you're looking to reach with your video and get as specific as possible. are you advertising to female wiener dog owners between the age of 18 and 35 who live in new york city and work in the bustling nightlife industry? or are you trying to reach the entire population of horny bar slovakia? yes, that is a real town of slovakia. you can google it, or maybe you don't. results may vary regardless. good video advertising should speak your audience's language, but if you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no one. if you want to create the best video ad of all time- and i'm toking all time- then follow these 10 steps. number one: have a strong hook. you only have a few seconds to reload viewers in, so make them count. you can include text that quickly explains your company's unique value, or lead with compelling visual or dialogue, or you can use my personal favorite- using a pattern disruption. a pattern disruption will pull your viewer out of that zombie-like daze that they're in after 45 minutes, deep into their tik-tok binge. either way, don't leave your best stuff to the end. lead with it. number two: build strong brand awareness early on. it's not a golden rule, but facebook found that viewers are about 23 percent more likely to remember a brand if it's featured in the first three seconds of the video. so show your company name and logo as soon as possible. unless you're doritos, then, apparently, just like a triangle shape is enough. god, i'm hungry now. is it too late to get that grilled cheese sandwich that we toked about earlier? number three: tell a story. features and benefits are cool and all, but if you really want to capture your audience's attention, you're going to need to tell a story. what was your customer's life like before they used your product or service, and what is it like now? i just hope to god that their life is better after your product, otherwise it's gonna be a tough story to sell. so showcasing a positive transformation is key. number four: get people to do something. while you want your ad to stand out from the crowd, you never want it to be so clever that your audience doesn't know what you want them to do after watching it. even if the video has a high production budget and is interesting, if the viewer doesn't know what the heck they watched or what the purpose that video ad was, then that's a mega fail. don't forget to include a strong call to action so people know what to do next. number five: make people feel something. a good ad should be entertaining, inspiring, relatable, educational or some combination of the four. whatever you go for, just make sure that is connecting with your viewer on some deeper level. number six: blend in aim to make your ad relevant to its surrounding context. if you're running youtube ads, consider creating multiple versions of your video for different audiences. you could create one specific version of your video that will be placed before in-depth event tour videos. that would appeal to that audience. and you can create another version that will be shown in the middle of a cooking tutorial. that would just make their mouth water because they're just so hungry thinking about that delicious meal that they're never gonna cook themselves. okay, i'm seriously hungry now. can we get that grilled cheese sandwich? aside from the content, also thinking about how the content looks in context. this is especially important for tiktok video ads. if your ad looks too polished and doesn't look like a casual tiktok video, people will scroll right past it. nope, number seven: stand out. okay, i know, i literally just told you to blend in, but when i say stand out, i just mean that the content should feel fresh and exciting. the best way to do that is to look for inspiration outside of other social media ads. take some inspiration from the vlogging world into your next ad, or steal something from a cinematik masterpiece. on january 24th, apple computer will introduce macintosh and you'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984.. number eight: make it work with or without sound. these days, most people watch videos on their mobile phones with the sound turned off. that's less likely true with youtube or tiktok, but that's probably true for people on facebook, linkedin and twitter. so the point is: try to get your message across without the sound. let the visuals do the toking, and if you've got someone toking on camera, subtitles are absolutely necessary. wait, wait, did you put subtitles on this part number nine? look good on mobile. look, it's super simple. your viewers will most likely be watching your video on their phones, so think mobile first. make sure to consider vertikal formats when you create your video. number 10: spend as much or more time on your landing page design. okay, so this one is a bonus tip, has nothing really to do with video, but it's also a very good tip. so just keep listening. there is nothing worse than seeing an incredible ad getting emotionally invested in the story, clicking on their learn now button, only to be sent to a dull or broken landing page. don't make the same mistake of putting all your time and creative juices into just the ad creation without spreading the love to your landing page design as well. after all, your ad is just the beautiful front window that attracts people into your space. you wouldn't put all of your effort into designing a beautiful front door for an empty, sad, dusty house, would you? no, seriously, would you? creating a good video ad is a little bit like making a sandwich, except it doesn't really taste as good like at all and in fact i don't think you can really eat a video. okay, this analogy is just falling apart. i'm still thinking about that grilled cheese from earlier. the point is you can't have too much of one thing or it will throw the whole balance off. if your video is too clever and creative, it might be fun to watch, but it won't drive results. and if

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How Ads (and People) Persuade You

[موسيقى]. تنهال عليك الإعلانات يوميًا، ويحاول الباعة والأصدقاء إقناعك. بشراء أو فعل أمر ما؛ كمشاهدة مسلسل جديد يُعرض على شبكة (نتفلكس) أو تجربة حِمية جديدة. لا تنجح تلك الرسائل دائمًا بإقناعك، وقد تتمكن من ذلك أحيانًا دون وعي منك. تساهم العديد من العوامل في اقتناعك أو عدمه. برسالة ما, ولأغلبها علاقة باستجابتك لمحاولة الإقناع في المقام الأول. لكن إن أدركت أنك تحت محاولة إقناع؛ سيسهل عليك إيقاف الأمر، والتأكد من أنك تملك رأيك وحدك. يفكر العديد من الباحثين ممن درسوا الإقناع بما يسمى بـنموذج احتمالية إعمال العقل (ELM), والذي يقسم استجابتك للإقناع إلى تصنيفين رئيسيين. أولهما المسار المركزي، وذلك حينما تمعن التفكير في مغزى الرسالة. والآخر هو المسار السطحي، والذي تسلكه حينما تتخذ قرارًا نتيجة حكم سريع، أو بالاعتماد على مشاعرك. وأنت في أغلب الأوقات تتبع المسار السطحي، كأن تشاهد إعلانًا, فتثق بكلام الممثلة التي تلعب دور طبيبة لأنها ترتدي زي الأطباء. وبالطبع فإن التفكير مليًا في أمر ما فعل جيد، لكننا لا نملك متسعًا من الوقت لفعل ذلك دائمًا. لذا, فكلا المسارين مهمين ونافعين, قد تساعدك معرفة أي المسارين أنت تتبع في أن تقرر إن كان الأمر الذي يحاول أحدهم إقناعك به يستحق التفكير فيه بعمق أم لا. قد تؤثر أمور أخرى على المسار الذي تتبعه: بعضها من الصفات الشخصية, مثل مايعرف بـ"الحاجة إلى المعرفة", والتي تصف مقدار رغبة الأشخاص في التفكير في الأشياء. يميل الأشخاص ذوي الحاجة العالية للمعرفة إلى التركيز الشديد على الحجج, بينما يميل ذوي الحاجة المنخفضة للمعرفة إلى اتخاذ قراراتهم بناءً على الدلائل الواضحة, مثل جدارة الشخص المقنع بالثقة. أظهرت تجربة أجريت عام 1986 أن ذوي الحاجة العالية للمعرفة غالبًا ما يتبعون المسار المركزي، على عكس ذوي الحاجة المنخفضة الذين يتبعون المسار السطحي. عرض الباحثون في الدراسة على بضع مئات من طلاب الجامعات حججًا دامغة، وأخرى واهية من أجل رفع الرسوم التعليمية ووجدوا أن الحجج الدامغة مقنعة أكثر من الأخرى الواهية, خاصةً للطلاب ذوي الحاجة العالية للمعرفة، ومن المرجح اتباعك المسار المركزي. إن كان الأمر مهمًا لك. فإن كنت مهووسًا بمسلسل تلفزيوني جيد، وأخبرك أحدهم أنه وجد المسلسل الأفضل على الإطلاق، فقد تقضي عدة ساعات في مشاهدة تصويره، وطريقة كتابته قبل أن توافقه الرأي، ولكن إذا كنت تريد فقط مشاهدة حلقات المسلسل بلا توقف, فقد لا يهمك الأمر. وإن أخبرك صديق محب للمسلسلات أن مسلسل (صراع العروش) أفضل المسلسلات التي قد تراها، فقد يكون قوله هذا كافيًا لاقتناعك بمشاهدته، خاصة إن سمعت ذلك مرارًا وتكرارًا. وفي كل ليلة, أحد أعلن استسلامي. شاهدت أخيرًا مسلسل (صراع العروش). هل أنتم سعداء الآن? وللموقف ذاته أهميةً أيضًا، قد تميل الى التفكير بسطحية. إن كنت مشتت الذهن، أو لا تملك متسعًا من الوقت للتفكير، حتى وإن كان الموضوع ذا أهمية لك، تكون العوامل الأخرى أقل وضوحًا، وحينها يصبح الإقناع أكثر تعقيدًا،. فعلى سبيل المثال؛ قد تؤثر مشاعرك على إقناعك بطرق مختلفة بناءً على الموقف، وقد تكون المشاعر دليلًا دامغًا، كمحاولة اتخاذ قرار إن كان الفلم الكوميدي جيدًا أم لا. فإن شعرت بالمتعة حين مشاهدتك له، فذاك دليل كافي لتقرر أن الفلم جيد. وفي أحيان اخرى، تؤثر مشاعرك على قراراتك دون أن تفكر بها بشكل جدي، فإن شعرت بشعور جيد خلال مشاهدتك لإعلان ما, فمن المحتمل أن ينتابك ذات الشعور حيال المنتج أيضًا وللمشاعر تأثير على كيفية، ومقدار تفكيرك في أمر ما. فإن كنت في مزاج جيد، فلن تفكر مليًا فيما تسمع. إذًا فإن ذات الشعور قد يقنعك بطرق مختلفة بناءً على الموقف, لكنه قد يجعلك أكثر عرضة للاقتناع بأمر ما دون التفكير فيه مليًا. كما يلعب صدق معنى الرسالة ومصدرها دورًا مهما في الإقناع, وجدت دراسة أقيمت في عام 2016 أن الأشخاص الذين قرأوا مراجعة منتج ما فكروا به على نحو سلبي حينما علموا بوجود راعٍ للمراجعة. وذلك لأننا, إن علمنا أن مبلغًا دُفع إلى شخص ما ليتحدث بشكل جيد عن شيء ما؛ فإنه من الصعب علينا الثقة بصدق الرسالة. لذلك سنفكر فيها مليًا. نحن نميل أيضًا إلى التفكير بجدية في الحجج إن قالها شخص من الأقلية. في دراسة أقيمت في أسبانيا، قرأ الطلاب رسالة تؤيد اعتماد اللون الأخضر, اللون الرسمي للزي المدرسي. حينما ذُكر في الرسالة أن غالبية الطلاب مؤيدون لهذه الفكرة؛ لم يهتم البقية بمعرفة ما إذا كانت الحجج المؤيدة للفكرة مقنعة بالفعل أم لا. فقد فكروا أنها بالفعل فكرة جيدة. لكن إن عبرت تلك الرسالة عن رأي الأقلية منهم، فسوف يميلون للتفكير بأنها فكرة جيدة فقط إن كان لها حجج جيدة. وذلك يعني أنك إن رأيت الكثير من الأشخاص يتشاركون منشورًا ما على فيسبوك, مثلًا، فلن تفكر بصواب المحتوى بشكل جدي, لكن إن شارك ذلك واحد فقط من أصدقائك؛ فسوف تهتم بالحجج. إذًا، توجد طرق مختلفة قد تؤثر على مدى إقناع إعلان أو شخص ما. لك ولا ضمانة لعمل أي منهما عليك خاصة إن كنت مدركًا لما يجري. فعقلك ملكك، وإن لاحظت أنك في وضع معرض فيه للاقتناع بأمر ما؛ فبوسعك اتخاذ قرار إن كان يستحق استقطاع بعض الوقت للتفكير فيه أم لا. شكرًا لمشاهدتك هذه الحلقة من (ساي شو سايك). وإن رغبت بمشاهدة المزيد عن الأمور المعقدة التي تجعل الدماغ والعقل يعملان بهذا الشكل، فبإمكانك النقر على الرابط التالي والاشتراك: youtubecom/scishowpsych. ترجمة فريق. أُترجم: [email protected]

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TRICKS Advertisers use to make Food look delicious

hello friends, it's me. what's the one thing that's always there for you, hey mom, that you love and thought you could trust? food, wrong. food is full of lives, especially ads for food. hmm, that's nasty. yep, kind of just use, like a cotton ball, cotton swab. y'all have to use a feminine hygiene product for your food. commercial nothin says: mmm, delicious, hot, steamy food, like something you put up. your burgers, the most common but the most tedious, the biggest catfish. yet they gotta have so much work done. we got a hair dryer melting each piece of cheese. I'm surprised y'all use real cheese. fine lookin burger. oh, gotta put a sponge in a syringe of ketchup. fake versus normal, I mean, baby, I like you either way. normal is more realistik to eat. I don't care what a burger looks like, it's probably gonna taste delicious. so you got some gonna eat it. I'm gonna smoosh the bun. ain't nobody got a mouth big enough to? yeah, trust me, it's not gonna work. here you have a pizza. we're gonna drill a nail into the pizza, you know. just cover it up with the pepperoni and put a mix glue and mozzarella. so that's how they make it so cheesy, make it cheesier. okay, who you are? a pizza hot Papa John's Domino's. I'm suing for deception. I got daddy on speed dial. I never, ever, had a pizza that cheesy. I can't believe y'all actually do me like that. I can't believe it. I just thought my specific pizza sucks. the ones in commercials just have like extra cheese assignment. all cheese, it's a balloon. would you use glue to make slime? slime cheese's long-lost brother who knew understandable? I don't like this. I don't like this. they're putting superglue on raw meat and to make it look pretty. you know, it's kind of like that trend where you glue your lips to your upper lip area and create the illusion that you have. I heard of people who, in their eyelid, by supergluing a raw chicken to make it look more natural. oh, come up with this stuff. superglue that bad boy like it's a critik nail, make it look good for the camera, but at what cost? you know those? Thanksgiving advert. the turkey is looking extra thick and juicy. the nice crispy outer layer ain't it, ain't even cooked. takes hours to cook a turkey- six hours, I got ten minutes. okay, put some fake tan on that bad boy. that's how all the Instagram models do it. y'all you'll see on spending six hours in an oven, just pecan. so it on and there you go. foolish mortals will never know the difference. the ice cream commercial- nothing but lies. corn syrup, shortening, food coloring, mix it all up. oh, look like play-doh. it's good like play-doh too. Oh, ice cream, but it doesn't melt. real ice cream melts and nobody got time for it to be melting. we got to take these pictures, you know. I heard of them using mashed potato for ice cream. but I was like no way you could scoop up mashed potato, slap it on a cone and be like no one will know the difference. but this, this is the legit, professional way to do it. like, look at that, mmm, I would give it a spank. test you some nutty corn starch. look delicious. like some Baskin Robbins bubblegum guys are actually taking a bite belissa roll in a spray bottle. spray the outside of a glass. you know nothing says a refreshing drink like wet glass. you know it. when I look at them side by side, the commercial with the glycerol sprayed on the outside, it does look better. what I want to touch that one? probably not. those, honestly, look like the bartender's are spinning it because I didn't leave a tip. like a big fat all over my lime soda. oh, this is the classic, the good old five-dollar footlong. everybody measured this dang sandwich and it always comes out to 11 inches. some dudes really be like this. go round to the nearest inch. $5. 11 inch does not sound good. I mean, y'all could've gave everybody another inch of bread. y'all gonna gave the people another half an inch, but no, I wanna know how they're gonna advertise this sandwich and then give this like no, does not look like that, like Instagram versus real-life sandwich edition. but it looks so dry why the sandwich will crustier than my lips in winter. you know I've never actually had a sandwich from Subway. they don't cater to us gluten-free folk. okay, dry ice- whoa, that looks like rice with hot water. oh, that's how they make the steam come out of the baked potato in the Wendy's commercial. so it's not actually hot and steamy foods, cold and dry, just like you made my heart and you know it's like the little subtle things they do like you. look at that and be like mmm and ready for my fork. hot, it's lukewarm room ten. you know, once I was on set and they were taking professional photos of food and I was like hey, can I eat? and they were like no, no, you don't want to eat that and I did not understand until now, like the amount of manipulation they do to this food on set to make it look pretty like may. forget Photoshop, forget facetune, forget makeup. food- the real catfish. how do you make those pancakes look extra thick? ooh, the deception. I'm here for it. cardboard in between each hand cake like a push-up bra for your breakfast. okay, now I see the truth. now I don't feel so bad when I make pancakes at home and they looking a little flat. it's funny how they say flat as a board when you are actually using a board in between the pain. okay, to make them look today. her, don't forget the syrup. syrup with syrup. we got some motor oil. it's the same color, except it doesn't absorb into the pancakes. yeah, somebody should really do an experiment. how much syrup can pancakes really absorb? you could pour the whole entire on Jemima and they would just give it the good old suck. I used to go pour some more. I don't get it. here's the pancakes in action. oh, I like out that oil work. yeah, you know what it look good. the producer like: oh yeah, thought of it, it's pretty good. just, nobody eat it, don't even smell it. met all these chicken lies. I'm being fed and I'm still hungry. they stopped the rotisserie with toilet paper. come on, that she can suffered enough. and to have the rotisserie stuff with toilet paper like this is the line says where you are, okay, but for real doughnut, Costco, they don't stuff it with paper towels, they stuffing it was probably a lot worse thing. oh, just a reason. like this big cuz, this bigger than my head, what are you feeding these chickens? is America's biggest secret. like they, some big chickens, Danka venom, extra protein, I'll probably Fenian chickens are their chickens. deodorant makes fruit shiny. that's what the deodorant like. makes it white. is there clear deodorant? I bet they smell good too. okay, but double standards. imagine using a strawberry to deodorize yourself, or perhaps an orange. that would be more realistik, like orange peel pits. that might actually works. let me try it on. let me know, oh my god, whoa bonus, extra juicy, GMOs, courtesy of deodorant spray- how they do fry dry. they're getting exposed. we gonna put a sponge, put some toothpicks in it. oh, it's like a flower arrangement with you know, those little green squishy things that you love to destroy at the craft store. tuck it in. yes, so perfect. so that's what you get in real life. this is the. I mean. I want whatever has more fries and clearly if it's the messy one, that's fine. ain't nobody gonna look at their fries and be like the ugly? it doesn't look like the commercial. I don't want it literally nobody's much like. if you just care about how it tastes- like you could be the ugliest cookie in the box- I'm still gonna eat you because you're a cookie. that's what I'm saying. you could be the ugliest person on earth. I don't date you because you're a person. this is how you make a super phony drink. you put in dish. so Wow, so those bubbles ain't real. no, yes, yeah, that's so. they put dish so to make it all bubbly. I know it looks pretty good. you can hear your lies and drink them too. but cereal and glue, not milk. cereal loves glue, so it sits on top and it doesn't sink in and become soggy. then nobody likes soggy cereal. yeah, we trying to do a five-hour photo shoot with my frosted mini-wheats. we ain't got the time or the budget for cereal to be soggy in the ice cub.

We Paid People on FIVERR To Make TikTok Dropshipping Ads

what is up, you guys? for this video, i have paid three different fighter designers to create one sick tok ad about this product right here. they all had different prices. they have all delivered their ads. they are right there on my laptop. let's check them out. so, guys, a little bit of a backstory. as i told you in the beginning of the video, i have messaged three different guys from fiverr to make me three tiktok ads for three different price points. what you see here in front of you is the result of that. they have all delivered and i have kept the ads in a google drive file. now we're gonna review them now, just for a matter of fact, here, here and here are the messages. they have all responded instantly. i never see something like this. it might be some automatik robot stuff, but i always get late messages from fiverr and nobody has ever responded to me like this. all three of them responded instantly, which is a high thumbs up for me. i really like continuity and working fast. so, without further ado, these are the adds at number one. this is the cheapest one. let's just play it and let me tok about the ad after that. they're so amazing [Music] and very comfortable to wear stylish and modern designs. alright, so this was the first, and leave a comment in the comment section below telling us what do you think about this ad. now, in my opinion, this is an okay ad. they only had to do a voice over and and small stuff like that. but what i don't like is the fact that they have only used one single footage. right, they use it. i think they use this from aliexpress. they got it from the video section of the product and nothing more. it's basically the same movie running and some text in here and, uh, a voice over. it's an okay ad. we can use this. it's only ten dollars. that's really worth it. the length of it is really good. is is close to 30 seconds. is 20, 28 seconds. now they don't have voice over on the call to action. i don't know why didn't they do that. it was just like a 10 second job extra. i don't understand why didn't they do this. they did voiceover on every text, but, uh, not on the call to action. one. overall, it's a good ad. i will give it a thumbs up. let's check out at number two. at number two, this was twenty dollars. let's check it out mid women's shark slippers. let you relax and enjoy the comfort. non-slip and waterproof, breathable, sweat flexible, more stylish [Music]- lightweight and convenient. use it everywhere. i do gift for your loved ones. shop now. alright, guys, so you can clearly see that they have put a little bit more effort into this ad than the first one. they have, uh, multiple different scenarios. they have different crops, as you can see. it has this lady on the stairs, it has this thingy doing, it has them in the bed like checking out the quality: dancing, b-rolls, crosswork- i really like this crosswalk one. so they they did a lot of crops. they did a really good work. they haven't used the same footage as they did in the first video, so they have put a little bit more effort into looking for new footage. the voiceover is good. i like the fact that. listen to this shop. now. they have used the voiceover over the call to action button, which is really important. you want your target audience to hear that they can click on the shop now button and shop your product now. also, the music is better, because if you're targeting younger people, you would target them with better music, and this is better than the first one. i really like the music in this one. now there is something in this video that i think is really bad, and this makes this ad for me a little bit below the first one. it's only one detail which ruins all the video for me: the text. man, look at the text. it's really bad. it's like it's made in. everything is made pretty professionally, pretty nice, and and the text it looks like it's made from paint. somebody just throws some letters in there on a white background. that's not how you do it, man. so overall i think this video is better than the first one, but on a whiteboard i would put it below the first one only because of the text. so if i were to choose between the cheapest one and this one, i would choose to use the cheapest one on my tiktok ads. now what i said as a rule for this video: i only gave them one chance. i i have some revisions with these guys. i can make a revision with them, but that's the main rule: no revisions. i take what they give me from the first try. of course i could message this guy and tell them that hey, the text is not that good, please change it, and i'm sure that they will change it. they would change the text in something better, but uh, it's only one try, baby, no second tries, just like my ex. so these guys fall below the first one. let's check the final, the most expensive and the third tiktok add from this video at number three. here we go: get foot comfort and relief with the shock. slipper, lightweight and thick, great to wear inside and outside. they come in so many different cute colors and sizes. get yours now. now, where should we put this video? right here, i would say it's a good video, not a really good one, but it's a good video. i would say it's like equality between the first one and the third one. now, this video, as you can see, it's only 15 seconds. like, what's up with that? as you can see here, on the announcement that they made, they clearly stated that the video is 30 seconds. they, they just said that- and their announcement on fiverr. and i would totally prefer a 30 second and if i don't like beats from that, i can just cut it myself, i can crop it myself and play with what i have, but i paid you 30 and you're only giving me 15 seconds. and even so, even these 15 seconds, like, like, check out the ending, get yours, get yours and it dies there. it's like half a second more. like what? what are you doing, man? is somebody behind you telling you to finish it that, right at the 15 second mark? if you're being held hostage, man, just blink twice. but no revisions. man, i'm sorry. if you're being held hostage, man, that's your problem, but this is my money. like why did you send me only 15 seconds for 30 dollars? that's, that's a lot of money. let's move on to the video now. the voiceover is the same as the second video. looks really good. it's not something special- they have used the same voiceovers over and over again- but it's it's. it gets the job done. i'm not saying something bad about it. the music is also good. this is also young people music and it's something like really known. it's engaging entertainment. you're targeting young people. so this is really good. the crops in this video are minimal. they haven't done that many crops as the second video, but it's good. it looks good. i'm not saying that. i'm not saying that it's not good at the crops area. they haven't done that well as the second one. in my opinion, to close up this third video, this is not worth thirty dollars. i don't think it's worth thirty dollars. it's too much for what they gave me. they only gave me 15 seconds. the other two ones gave me 30 seconds. they gave me a double, a duration of a video for maybe half the price and even less than half the price- a third of the price the first one and i don't think it's it's. it's worth 30 overall and uh, other than that, it ends really early. i don't know why they have decided to do this. they are not on a time limit. i haven't told them anything about the time limit. so if i were to classify these videos, i will put the first and the third one on the first place equally, and the second one after them. if i would have a revision and if the rules would be so that i can make a revision for each and every video, i'm sure that this would be the first one. but if i were to put them like that, i told you maybe, maybe, if you would select what's best from the second video and what's best from the third video, if we would combine the second and the third video, we would have something perfect and nothing should be changed.

How to Create Facebook Video Ads People Will Watch

- All right, so here's the truth: All the people that wanna buy your stuff, they hate ads. They don't want to see them in Facebook ever. So what do you do? I'm gonna show you exactly how to make a Facebook video ad that sells like crazy and doesn't look like a commercial. I'm gonna show you in this video exactly what these videos are like. I'm gonna show you how to write them and at the end, as a bonus, I'm going to tell you how to create the perfect headline for the video, which could do all the selling in and of itself. So the core thing that you need to think about is how to create content that feels native. By native I mean it feels like a video that you would be seeing in Facebook from anyone, where you say, hey, I wanna consume that. That seems like it's normally a part of my Facebook flow, instead of an ad where it's like: scroll, scroll, scroll, ugh ad, scroll, scroll, scroll ad. You don't want to feel like that. You want something where it feels like: oh, what's that? That's interesting, And once you capture their attention, then you can take them on the journey to being a buyer. There are two major ways that you can go out there and make content that I would consider to be native to the Facebook feed- Interviews, and the second way is text on screen videos. Now, the interview format is very interesting because a lot of people ask me: how do I do testimonials, how do I tok to my CEO or somebody else high up in my organization and make the video content that they do not feel rehearsed or sort of stilted? And this is where you bring in the interview element. What you wanna do is interview people and not like I'm toking to you right now. Actually, you move your eyes and you have them toking to you over here. Now it looks like I'm being interviewed 'cause I'm toking out to this other person. It actually feels more authoritative by design and therefore it feels more native when it comes through Text on screen videos, and you may have seen a lot of these. You have seen, I guarantee, a lot of these on Facebook, and these are videos that are told primarily through videos and photos that are overlayed usually about three lines of text, And the reason that they feel so native is because a large percentage of people on Facebook don't want video with sound, and so when you're consuming this content, you're going through and scrolling and it just naturally, auto plays, naturally shows like that in your feed. So when you can grab them right off the bat with a headline- and I'm gonna show you how to write these headlines a little bit later- you can actually get people into the content where they can actually be taken on the journey to becoming a customer. The way to make it feel really native actually has everything to do with your mindset. It's about how you actually slip yourself into that place where you can step outside of your company, outside of your product, outside of your service and act as if you're a third party objective point of view. that's looking at this content and toking about it as if you were sitting at a bar with your friend and telling them everything that has to do with this product or service. It looks like this, it looks like that, it does this. So basically, you want to change your viewpoint so that it's not you saying how great you are, it's somebody else saying how great you are. That's what feels native to people in the feed. Now, writing is the key piece to this, Since these videos are driven by text on screen. people's actual experience of these videos is just sort of reading the text on screen- Very little of their experience has to do with what they're actually seeing, the B roll that you're using or any of that. It has really to do with the script. So how do you write these scripts? Now we've got a full video about how to script these videos in depth, but let me give you the simple five step system right now. So first you wanna start with the headline. I'm going to teach you exactly how to write great headlines at the end of this. Then the most shareable piece of information. So you wanna take all the great stuff that is market defining about your product or service and put it right at the beginning. It's gotta be at the beginning. People will not get to the end. You wanna make sure to put everything in the first 15 seconds. Step three is the second more shareable piece of information. So in the fourth step you can actually get into the nitty gritty, the different pieces of your product or service, How it works, why it's market defining, whatever it is. Remember, these are only one minute videos, so you wanna keep it tight. only three lines per text slide and only about four or five words per line. So you don't have a lot of real estate here. But you don't need it. That's not how it works. You just want people to click over. And then the last step in scripting is that clear call to action: do this here, buy this here. But the most important piece of it is that headline. so let me get into that now and show you exactly how to create the perfect headline. It's a four step system called the seed system. So specificity, empathy, emotion and deliver, And each headline that you write needs to have all four of these things going on at once. The most important one is specificity. You have to be specific. It's something that I call click expectation. So when people see your headline, you want to give them a very clear idea of what value they're going to get on the other side of their click. If it's not clear to them, there's no reason to click. Or if you give away the game in the headline, there's no reason for them to click. So what you're creating here is something of a curiosity gap. In order to see the value that they're going to get, they actually have to click into it, and that is specific. For example, think of it like two puzzle pieces. So if you have one puzzle piece that clearly has a space ready for a semi circle on one side of it. people are going to go look for, hey, where's the semi circle piece that fits that piece of the puzzle? They're not gonna look for a square. They have a very specific expectation of what they're going to look for And that's what you wanna do with the headline. So, for example, you might say: this soap fixes the worst thing about taking a shower. So I have a very specific idea. I have a very specific expectation for what I'm gonna get. on the other side of my click, I know that I am going to get that other puzzle piece. You're going to tell me what's unique and different about this soap that could actually transform my life. and that's where the empathy comes in, which is the second step. You actually feel that emotional identification. Wow, there is something bad about the soap in my shower and that's also tied to emotion, because it makes me feel something, Big or small. you're still feeling something that it's gonna solve one of these problems in my daily life. And then deliver just simply means you wanna make sure that you can deliver on the promises of your headline. So if this soap is actually super lame and doesn't solve any problems at all, you shouldn't be having a headline like this. The awesome thing about the seed system is it's not only perfect for headlines, but it also teaches you how to come up with endless story ideas. Watch this video over here and I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that. And if you wanna learn more in depth about the scripting methodology so you can really nail these text on screen videos, watch this video down here. Thanks so much, and I'll see you over here on one of these videos.