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pepsi superbowl ads

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

Did you know that for this year's Super Bowl, advertisers paid over five million dollars per 30 seconds of airtime? That's more money than some people make in an entire year! In this article, we'll be taking a look at the top 10 funniest ads from Super Bowl 2020. Get ready to laugh and enjoy!

Top 10 Funniest Super Bowl 2020 Ads:

1. Pringles: Stack Pringles Flavors to Make New Ones

- People stack different Pringles flavors to create new flavor combos

- Includes a three-layer dip stack

- Grandpa thinks they're trapped in a Pringles commercial

2. Little Caesar's: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

- Delivery is the best thing since sliced bread

- New ideas are discussed

- People panic when they think sliced bread is in trouble

3. Avocados from Mexico: Shopping Network

- Buying stuff for avocados isn't weird

- Avocado has a travel collection

- Helmet to protect your avocado from bears and humans

4. Mountain Dew: As Good as the Original

- Mountain Dew Zero Sugar tastes as refreshing as the original

- People say Zero sugar repeatedly

5. Bud Light Seltzer: Lemon Lime and Mango

- People try the new mango flavor

- Taste buds approve

- Spleen tries to get in on the taste-testing action

6. SodaStream: Water on Mars

- Signs of water on Mars confirmed

- People celebrate by making fresh sparkling water

- Engage the glutes workout

7. Hyundai: SmartPark

- Cars can park themselves

- People are amazed

- One person is skeptical and gets stuck in a tight spot

8. Post Malone: Inside Post's Brain

- Post Malone's brain controls his actions

- Brain wants Bud Light Seltzer instead of regular Bud Light

9. Amazon: Before Alexa

- People wonder what they did before Alexa

- Alexa shares fake news and tells bad jokes

10. Reese's Take 5: You've Never Heard of It

- People haven't heard of Reese's Take 5 bar

- Trish and others argue over who looks stupid

- Take 5 is the best bar you've never heard of

The Super Bowl is known for its hilarious and creative ads, and this year was no exception. From stacking Pringles flavors to protecting your avocado from bears, these ads had us laughing out loud. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Funny Pepsi Commercials

The article features various advertisements and marketing campaigns by PepsiCo, showcasing their different products and their unique selling points. The use of catchy slogans, humor, and popular celebrities is evident in the advertisements, attracting the target audience and creating a brand image.

1. Pepsi Max: Zero Calories with Great Taste

- The ad shows two friends drinking Pepsi Max, discussing its taste, and its benefits of being a diet cola for men.

- The catchy slogan Fire and Ice is used, creating excitement and urging the audience to try it.

2. Pepsi NEXT: Real Cola Taste with 60% Less Sugar

- The ad shows a group of people trying Pepsi NEXT and being surprised by its real cola taste, with 60% less sugar.

- The ad highlights the product's unique selling point, urging the audience to try it as a healthier option.

3. Pepsi vs. Coke: Freedom of Choice

- The ad features a conversation between two soldiers, discussing freedom and choice.

- The ad highlights Pepsi's commitment to freedom of choice, urging the audience to choose Pepsi over Coke.

4. Pepsi Twist: A Refreshing Twist

- The ad features Hallie Eisenberg drinking Pepsi Twist, showcasing its lemon twist flavor.

- The ad highlights the product's unique selling point of being a refreshing twist on the classic Pepsi taste.

PepsiCo's advertisements showcase their products' unique selling points, creating a brand image and attracting the target audience. The use of catchy slogans, humor, and popular celebrities is evident, making the advertisements memorable and exciting.

10 Best Super Bowl Commercials 2021

Have you ever been accused of stealing someone's snacks? Well, according to a popular commercial, it wasn't you! Let's take a closer look at this ad, as well as some other funny and memorable commercials that use unique language and storytelling to sell their products.

Bullet Points:

- The It Wasn't Me Cheetos commercial uses humor and catchy music to promote their new Crunch Pop Mix.

- The Rocket Mortgage commercial uses the contrast between pretty sure and certain to emphasize the importance of being certain when buying a home.

- The GM Ultium Battery commercial features Will Ferrell trying to beat Norway in electric vehicle sales, resulting in a hilarious and unexpected trip to Finland.

- The Dr. Squatch Soap for Men commercial uses humor and hypermasculine imagery to promote their all-natural soap.

- The Toyota Team USA commercial showcases the strength and resilience of American athletes, promoting Toyota as a proud partner of the team.

- The T-Mobile commercial features Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani poking fun at miscommunication on a spotty network.

By using unique language and storytelling techniques, these commercials are able to capture our attention and make us remember their products. From catchy jingles to unexpected plot twists, these ads prove that humor and creativity can be powerful tools in advertising.

Lady Gaga's FULL Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show | NFL

Are you familiar with the number 51? It may seem like a random number, but it holds significance in various ways. Let's dive into some of the interesting facts about 51.


1. Area 51

- The infamous United States Air Force facility located in Nevada

- Rumored to have housed extraterrestrial life and advanced technology

- Highly classified and restricted from public access

2. 51st State

- A hypothetical addition to the United States of America

- Proposed for Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., or other territories

- Controversial topic with varying opinions

3. Sports and Entertainment

- Michael Jordan's iconic jersey number during his time with the Chicago Bulls

- The name of a popular Chinese online video platform

- A song by rap artist Kodak Black

4. Mathematics

- A prime number, meaning it can only be divided by itself and 1

- The sum of the first 17 positive integers

- The fifth Lucas number, a sequence of numbers related to Fibonacci numbers

In conclusion, the number 51 may seem like an ordinary number, but it holds significance in various aspects of our lives. From conspiracy theories to sports and mathematics, it continues to intrigue and captivate us.

Pepsi Super Bowl Commercials, Ranked

The Super Bowl is more than just a game, it's an event. One of the highlights of this event is the commercials that air during the broadcast. Pepsi has had some of the most memorable commercials in Super Bowl history. Let's take a look at the best Pepsi Super Bowl commercials ranked.

1. Creation (1987)

- Starring David Bowie and Tina Turner

- A bizarre and entertaining story of a mad scientist creating a person

- Unusual pairing of two superstars

2. You've Got the Right One Baby, Uh-Huh (1990)

- Starring Ray Charles

- Plays with Charles' catchphrase

- Simple and effective storyline

3. This is the Pepsi (2018)

- Narrated by Jimmy Fallon

- Celebrates Pepsi's greatest hits

- Includes appearances by Cindy Crawford, Jeff Gordon, Britney Spears, and Michael Jackson

4. Pepsi Generation (1984)

- Starring Michael Jackson and his brothers

- Simple storyline with kids mimicking Jackson's dance moves

- Jackson's brothers join in on the fun

5. Now and Then (2002)

- Starring Britney Spears

- Celebrates Pepsi campaigns from the 1950s to the present day

- Different versions of Spears join together in a massive dance routine

6. The Joy of Pepsi (2001)

- Starring Britney Spears

- Spears performs energetic choreography with dancers

- Ends with Spears and factory workers dancing in front of a sparkling Pepsi sign

7. Move Over (1997)

- Starring The Spice Girls

- A power anthem performed in Pepsi's signature blue

- Classic 90s style music video

8. We Will Rock You (2004)

- Starring Britney Spears, Beyonce, Pink, and Enrique Iglesias

- Roman theme with elaborate costumes and set

- Empowered rendition of the Queen classic

9. The Joy of Pepsi (2012)

- Starring Drew Brees and One Direction

- A competition themed commercial

- Brees goes head to head with One Direction for the last Pepsi in the fridge

10. The Time of Your Life (2006)

- Starring Mariah Carey

- Iconic diva performs with male dancers in tuxedos

- Elaborate set and show-stopping choreography

11. Your Cheatin' Heart (1996)

- Uses Hank Williams' classic song in a lighthearted and hilarious way

- Coca-Cola delivery guy opts for a Pepsi, caught in the act of disloyalty

12. Simply Irresistible (1989)

- Parodies Robert Palmer's music video with classic Pepsi colors

- High fashion meets everyday soda

- Cemented Palmer's place in 1980s popular culture

Pepsi has had a long history of creating memorable Super Bowl commercials. From using iconic songs and superstars to elaborate sets and costumes, Pepsi's commercials have entertained audiences for decades. These 12 commercials stand out as the best of the best.

Behind Pepsi's Super Bowl Ads | CNBC

PepsiCo's marketing team discusses their strategy leading up to the Super Bowl, including the pairing of Doritos and Mountain Dew in an ad, a Pepsi ad featuring Cindy Crawford and Britney Spears, and their virtual reality experience.

Key Points:

-Teaser strategy used to generate buzz for ads

-Pairing of Doritos and Mountain Dew makes sense due to natural fit and successful past partnerships

-Pepsi ad featuring Cindy Crawford and Britney Spears celebrates Pepsi's history and pop culture impact

-Virtual reality experience allows people to travel through Pepsi's past moments in pop culture

-Declining linear ratings for NFL still a valuable audience for PepsiCo

-Concepts for Super Bowl ads planned well in advance

-Whole story around ad is important for generating buzz and excitement

-Super Bowl is a natural fit for PepsiCo due to snacks and beverages

-Entertainment and making people smile is the goal for Sunday's ads

PepsiCo's marketing team is excited for their Super Bowl ads and has put a lot of thought into their strategy, including pairing successful brands and creating a virtual reality experience. They see the Super Bowl as a valuable opportunity to reach a large audience and generate excitement for their products. Their goal is to entertain and make people smile with their ads on Sunday.

Superbowl-ads.com Top 5 Ads of 2002 Super Bowl 36 (XXXVI)

In 2002, the music scene was booming with catchy jingles, pop hits, and memorable commercials. Here are the top five music moments of the year.

1. Have you noticed you hear something new - Pepsi Commercial

- Catchy jingle with the slogan For those who think young

- Featured people saying Pepsi, please instead of Coke, please

- Modern and light advertisement for Pepsi

2. Charles Schwab Retirement Plan Commercial

- Trusted advice from experts who are objective and uncomplicated

- Not driven by commission

- Call 188 for Schwab to discuss your retirement plan

3. Robo Bass - Five Time World Champion

- Impressive bass player featured in a commercial

- Mini-fridge included in the advertisement

4. Bud Light Commercial

- Catchy jingle with the slogan With a great taste that won't fill you up and never let you down, make it a Bud Light

- Memorable walk-on music and applause sound effects

5. Dove Commercial

- Emotional and heartwarming advertisement featuring the song Never Won a Dove

- Showcased the benefits and results of using Dove products

Overall, 2002 was a year filled with memorable and catchy jingles in commercials, showcasing the power of music in marketing and advertising. From Pepsi to Bud Light, these commercials and songs have stayed in our heads and have become a part of pop culture history.

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