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Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Top 25 Sites to Advertise Rental Property | American Landlord

[Music]. both professional property managers and individual landlords often ask us: where is the best place to list my house for rent? our initial response has always been: just put a sign in the yard and it's free, and as long as there's a reasonable amount of traffic, you'll fill your vacancy. but for some properties, a sign cannot be placed in the ground or a window to spark interest. so in this episode of american landlord, we discuss the top 25 online marketplaces for property managers and landlords to advertise the rental property. this video is brought to you by ushomevaluecom, where real estate investors and homeowners can find out the value of almost any property throughout the united states. [Music]. while most online sites charge a listing fee, they're generally much less than, let's say, a tenant placement fee that you would pay an agent, which is usually equivalent to one month's rent. so we went ahead and compiled a list of the top 25 websites where rentals can be advertised, and here we go, beginning with the top five most popular ones. at number one, apartmentscom has millions of monthly unique visitors and is preferred by larger communities and property managers. so unless you have dozens and dozens of units, you'll probably skip this one. number two is zillow. zillow has a large network where small landlords are welcome. it also happens to own and operate trulia, where it shares its listing data. hotpads is number three and is ideal for higher end rentals. so if you're charging a premium because you have a higher end unit, that's a place to consider. now, coming in at number four is craigslist, which has billions of page views each and every month. the only issue with craigslist is that it has somewhat of a reputation for attracting some fraudulent activity. so you just have to be mindful of that and be very careful that you properly vet each and every applicant and don't transact exclusively through email. [Music]. and number five is the facebook marketplace. facebook has grown quite a bit with its marketplace. it's a great site as long as you have a facebook account and you can advertise not only your vacancies but many other products and services. and now here are the remaining 20 most commonly used websites for advertising rental property vacancies. apartment list- this is actually who powers the rental section of realtorcom. it's a very useful site. apartment finder, apartment home, living oodle, rentalscom, rentdiggscom, rentcom- this used to be one of our favorites. nextdoorcom by ownercom- yes, that's correct- by owner- also has rental listings and it's ideal for individual landlords because you can include dozens of photos. realrentalscom, rentaladescom, subletcom, airbnb- yes, that's for short-term rentals. walk score apartment guide- my new place, people with pets, that's convenient. rent cafe, rent hop and zumper. to learn more about managing your rental property, as well as screening tenants and investing in real estate, visit americanlandlordcom. [Music].

The EASIEST Side Hustle To Start In 2022 If You Own A Car (Independent Medical Courier)

yo, what's up guys. felix from john lifestyle, welcome back to the channel. in today's video, i'm going to be toking about the independent courier business and why it could be one of the best business opportunities to get into for 2022.. i'm alongside my boy, jeff. jeff has a channel called ebay addicts- i will put it on the screen where he toks about how to be an independent courier and how he also buys and resells a bunch of stuff on ebay. but in this partikular video we're going to be toking about the independent courier gig hustle business. whatever you want to do it, we're going to show some checks and some pay stubs because jeff pulls in around. you know two to three thousand dollars a week, which comes out to over six figures. by the way, we've done a few videos on this and we got a lot of great feedback, questions, comments, concerns. people want to know how to do it. we took all our videos, sat down, mastermind and put a book together toking about how to do the entire business, steps a to z. you still got to put some work in, but we show you. you know what kind of car you need- different things you're going to need different things. you're going to need to know where to go to get work. it's not an application for a guaranteed job, but we point you in the right direction. the book is only 38 dollars in the description down below. but you know, welcome to the channel, jeff. tell everybody who you are, where you're from and what you got going on. hey, my name is jeff, i live here in tampa, florida, and i am known as a courier or independent contractor. i work as a 1099 independent contractor. so today, basically, if you don't know what that is, it's an app on your phone, just like lyft and uber, and you're basically a taxi driver for boxes and i work for a local courier company here in tampa bay area and it's basically an app on my phone. whenever i want to work, i text my dispatcher, say 10-4, i'm available for work, and whenever i want to be off from work, i'm off. you get to make up your own schedule. last night, for example, i just drove from here to tampa, to melbourne, which is on the east coast of florida, and came back, worked five hours and made 530 bucks in five hours, and the other 19 hours i had free to go do whatever i wanted to go do. so if that sounds something like you're interested in. you're like man, i would like to be mom boss. i like to make up my own schedule. you know, i would like to make you know. all you need is a cell phone, a car and a driver's license and you can make six figures a year. i'm living proof of it. guys, i have my paycheck subs here to show you. this is uh paycheck subs for two weeks. i'll try to zoom in so you guys can see it. this one here. i'll show them this. show them one of them at a time. right, let it focus up. yeah, and so this. the first one he showed you was hundred and 2 dollars and thirty cents. i did 24 deliveries for the week and then show them that one. let it focus. there we go, let's zoom in. just say one thing: i know you said that whenever you want to get work, you get in touch with your dispatcher on the app. this is not like you're going to your marketplace on your phone. you know how we have a marketplace, um app store on the iphone. you're not going there and downloading an app. this is like a software uh slash website where you're going to log in and you're basically going to tell the dispatcher you're working with, you're ready to work. this is not like an app. everybody comments on other videos we've done. what's the app? what's that? this is not like a generic standard app. this is just like you know an application or you know a program that's connected with each and every you know courier company, whether it's abc currying or you know florida currying or you know boston curving- this- every company is going to have their own app. so before you make a comment, what's that? what's the app? that's the situation on that. when he says: app, yeah, and so the app is, once you get hired to work for a local courier company in your area or your city, they'll give you the training, they'll give you the app and basically, like i said, you have a. uh, whenever i want to work, i text my dispatcher and i say, hey, driver, 30, i'm available for work. go taxi back 10-4, we have work. and then they'll say: this is the work we have available. do you want to go? do it, and you just say yes or no and let them know when you're available for work. i usually make most of my money working nights and weekends and holidays when nobody else wants to work. i go out here and kill the game. and i mean just showing you guys: one week i did 24 deliveries and i made a 2 911. this one here was another paycheck stub where i did 18 deliveries and that's over 2 000 for a week's check. i'm trying to get the camera to zoom in, but anyways, if you add those two together for two weeks worth of work, it, it, it comes up to over five thousand one hundred and seventy dollars that we're making in two weeks. and while getting to be your own boss, while get to make up your own work schedule- and nobody else is going to show you this except me and felix, nowhere else- who else is going to teach you this? and think about it: if you were going to go start off a business somewhere else, you would need thousands of dollars of startup capital. so what is the startup for this? besides, you know, having a car? um, you don't really need anything. it's a zero phone and some hustle. yeah, bro, you can need a driver's license, you need a car and you need a cell phone and obviously you need to have insurance on your vehicle. but i mean, that's it, bro. if you have a cell phone, you have a car and you have a driver's license. after watching this video, you should have no excuses why you're not making six figures a year. the only person holding you back is you. you know because when i show you this, these were checks that i made during the holidays. this was during christmas eve. i was working christmas day. i was working new year's eve, when you guys were out there shooting all fireworks. i was at work making five thousand dollars in two weeks, and that's what i physically brought home is over fifty one hundred dollars in two weeks. so i'm here to help answer all of your questions and help you guys out, but i can teach you how to do it, but i can't. i can't make you, i can't make you hustle, i can't make you work like i tell you everybody all the time. i make all my money on nights and weekends and holidays. so when you guys are out here partying and shooting all fireworks, i'm cashing in. nobody else wants to work all the work that's funneled to me and that's how i go out here and kill the game and i wouldn't be. you know, i don't get paid through these videos. felix flew down here to tampa to come see me. he was like: hey, man, i need you to drop some game, drop some information to help people out that are struggling. you know, my background is i. when i flew down here to tampa- um, i moved here from another country, from another state, you know. i was living in a hotel and i was working a minimum wage job delivering pizza and after being held up at gunpoint, you know, for an armed robbery, delivering pizza, i quit that job and started working as a courier and i've been making six figures ever since. but i go out here and hustle, guys, you know, and you guys can do it too. you're just gonna have to hustle. i can't. i can't make you hustle, but i can give you all the information from a to z on what to do and how i do it. i mean, we just filmed a video. i showed felix the car that i drive. i show on my cell phone, i show them the app, i show them everything. we teach you everything you need to know, but you just gotta you have to hustle. we can show you how to do it, but we can't do it for you. so there you guys have it. after he went through that experience with the pizza, how did you actually go about getting work? because everybody you know they- they come across this video, which could potentially be one of the best business opportunities of 2022. no real startup capital, no tik skills required or any of that stuff, but how do you actually go out there land gigs?


ATF Agents Going Door To Door Looking For Your Guns!

welcome back everybody. as you can probably tell, we are not at home. i am on the road for something not related to the channel, but this story just broke today as of when i'm recording this, probably yesterday as of when i'm releasing this video. so, for the title that you guys read, the atf has shown up in people's houses who bought more than one firearms and is asking to inspect them. so, before i get into the details, i'm gonna roll in the owner, or the homeowners, rather ring camera footage that has been released so you guys can see it, and then after that we're going to come back here and discuss it. sure, yeah, okay, that's it. all i'm doing is verifying it. look, verifying that you have it. you got two different purchases. okay, if you have them, i'm out of here. that's how quick it is. yeah, you have them with you by any chance, are they? if you're gonna save, if you can unload them and bring them out, or you can go out to your before you're here check them out. fight number, shared number and we're out of here like this: yep, that's. it takes five seconds. the reason we're out here is we're obviously gun violence. it's been an uptik, so we want to make sure. we've been having a lot of issues with strong purchases and so one of the one of the things we indicators that we get it. somebody makes a large gun purchase and then a lot of times we've been there like, oh, those guns got, took him, we're like. so the idea is, when you purchase more than two guns at a time, it generates a multiple sales report. he comes to us and we have to check him out. that's that's all. that is. he did nothing wrong, absolutely zero. uh, i notiked that you were stopped in philly, though right, with one of your guns. do you feel more comfortable? i'm okay, i just i didn't expect. uh, oh no, but listen, it just came up. i'm telling you. that's that's why we we came here. look, is it? there's an email from the, from the federal side, saying: can you make sure this guy's got his gun? now, if you recently purchased a whole bunch of guns, if we can look at them and just scratch them off and that way- because i know you're going to feel this again- yeah, we can just write which ones you just bought and so, if we save a trip from coming back, confirm that you have them all right. okay, uh, i'll go get them, okay. okay, we will wait out here. okay, we will stay out here. okay, lock yourself in my little boy in there in my life, no, no, no, no, listen, you understand, we'll stay out here, no big deal. all right, let's hurry up here, all right? yeah, i'm playing. now that you all have seen the footage, a few things i probably need to explain for newer folks out there. uh, when you do buy more than one firearm at a time, it does generate a form which is sent to the atf by your ffl. ffls have absolutely no choice in this. they have to send it up. in fact, there's some ffls that won't actually sell two firearms at one time, specifically to not have to deal with this issue. um, so, additionally, this atf agent claimed that there were seven different firearms that he was interested in looking at. uh, number one: uh, we're all seven on one purchase order, probably not. so with that he probably went to the ffl and went through or, if they did an electronic file or went through those records, pulled this guy's name up, all the serial numbers, make and model of each firearm and he had them in his hand, as you guys could see in that video. now, the atf- as i've discussed in several videos- claims they do not have a firearms database. however, it seems they certainly do and it seems it was searchable by this agent to be able to pull this person's firearm information and have it with him when he knocked on the door. so there's that. next we have to tok about fourth amendment. this gentleman has a right to simply close the door, ask them to leave, never come back, exit his property or because obviously they're trespassing at this point. and, uh, he chose not to do so. that said the agent. i believe there's two atf agents and one delaware state trooper. that's my understanding anyway. none of them, of course, read him his miranda rights. none of them said he was charged with anything, because he wasn't, they were just on a fishing expedition. now, why is the atf able to do this? so it all comes back to the gun control act of 1968. that is when they put in the provision saying that if you bought two or more firearms at one time, again a report is sent to the atf in the belief that it could lead to a straw purchase. now the biden administration has recently said that what they're doing as part of their ffl system reform is that they're going to be checking on folks who are purchasing two or more uh firearms at a time in the i-95 corridor, indiana, nevada and several other states where they believe there's a lot of straw purchases going on. now, if you look at where this gentleman lived, just look around the neighborhood. not i'm not saying that it can't happen there, but generally speaking, straw purchases happen for people in the hood. this guy appears to live in a decent neighborhood somewhere in rural delaware, probably not the kind of place where you're going to see a lot of straw purchases. so it just goes to show: are the atf agents looking for people who might not be fans of this administration? possibly, it's certainly possible. and then, of course, like i said earlier, the atf has no right at all to show up to their door. so if this happens to you, one of two things i would recommend doing: closing the door, telling them to go away. come back with a warrant- although of course they probably won't get a warrant- and then call it. tell him to wait, call an attorney, have him tok to your attorney on the phone if you want to go that far, but in the immediate i would just close the door regardless. what this shows is what this administration is doing again, weaponizing their agencies to go after people they don't like, and this is just the latest example. there has been many and uh looking into the artikle that i'll link down below, where i learned this from. apparently, the author of the artikle had called the atf, the police department that the officer uh belonged to, and none of them were willing to give a statement. wonder why, it seems, they're not so proud of what they're actually doing anyway with that. guys, if you like the video, go ahead and subscribe. if you're not subscribed, if you have subscribed and you aren't seeing two to four videos a week here on the channel, make sure you hit the notification bell. if you've done that and you're still not seeing those videos, sign up for my email at the website here on your screen. this email goes out at most once a month and it has all the videos since the previous email and that way there's no big tik giant centering your eyes from my content. if you like the deals and stuff like that that we post on various social media, sign up for my daily deals email at the website that you see right here. it goes out every day and has six or seven of the best deals on firearms, ammo, accessories, all of those things, and if it's in that email, it's the cheapest that i know of anywhere on the internet. on that given day, rather, and that's all i have for you, another unfortunate story about the atf, atfing and uh, we will end the video there. thank you all for watching. i truly appreciate it. i look forward to seeing everybody in the next video.

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Free Online Advertising in New Jersey During Coronavirus Crisis

hi, this is Joe Rena from Rena Media, and this is mine, your own local business. this is our first episode and we are hunkered down here, quarantined from the coronavirus crisis. you can see, um, I've been just going on here. my wife hates it anyway. we published 21 community newspapers and a lot of our advertisers and the nonprofit's that we promote are having a tough time of it right now, going to lock up, some are closed their doors and some have to work out of their homes, but the needs are still there. I think the least we can do is try to help each other and use these situations. we do have a online counterpart to our newspapers, Ren, and Mediacom is our website. we also have a social media website, NJ local infocomm, so I felt that of being cool with it if we just offer that to anyone who wants to promote their business out of their home or to explain the changes in their businesses. if the nonprofit's want to reach out to the community, it's free to go on to this site and create an account and post an ad or a press release or whatever you want. I'm going to walk you through that right now, so as NJ local infocomm, and let's go to the screen and check this out. okay, what we're going to do is go to NJ local infocomm and show you how to create an account and post your free ads. I'm going to go to NJ local infocomm using a link from Rena Mediacom and what you've seen is this home page, which is actually the Facebook feed that you, that we, we see on Facebook, and a local infocomm was originally created as a classified ad website, but it grew into a newsfeed and press release and and advertising website. so it's it's pretty popular and we're trying to keep it hyper local, just New Jersey businesses, and online with us is Walter Watson, who created the site. say: hello Walter, hello everyone. okay, and I'm going to create an account as a lay person and Walter is going to be here to assist me if I have any questions. so I want to try to see if I can figure it out without any help. so what we're going to do is go to create accounts and a navigation bar. alright, I'm going to create a username. this is only a one-time thing that you have to do, so once you have an account, you can keep posting ads or press releases, so I'm going to use the name relief as my username because I'm just going to post the coronaviruses Relief Program that we're running now. so I'm going to use my personal email address, Joe Rena at jabracom. I'm going to agree to the terms by clicking that and absolutely not reading the terms like no one else ever does, and I am going to claim that I am NOT a robot and I'm going to register. so what NJ local infocomm is going to do is send me a password to use. so I'm going to go to that email address that I put in there and get a password. want to cut and paste it from my email address. so I'm going to sign in as relief, alright, so, and then I'm going to paste the password that was sent to me on my email and I'm going to log in. once you have an account, you can change your password to something that is easier to remember for you. you can do that in your, in your profile, once the account is done. so what I'm going to do is log in right now, alright, and we're going to go back to the site. and now I am logged in as released. you can see it up there and my ID, and what I'm going to do is post an ad. ok, so it's going to send you to these five steps to post an end there- pretty user-friendly, and what we're going to do is select the category of industry that I'm going to post in. most of them are local businesses. if you don't see your category there, just choose local businesses. you'll be. you have the opportunity to fine tune that later. so once we're in the local business they wanted. you want to select a category? we can select the category here. I don't see a category for my business? ok, well, choose other. and what happens is I always um edit every ad that's posted and then I will select the appropriate one for me. in that case, I would add it when I go to do the editing for the different customers, because they're always adding new types of businesses. I add them to the list at that time when, when I see new ones come in, because we have like so many already, alright. so once I pick those two categories, I want to press go. it takes us to the second window, which is going to ask us for some vitals. so the title of my ad is going to be: coronavirus- free ad relief. there's going to be a zero price for this. if you had a product with a price. you can put the price in there. I'm going to put my dress in here and the tags you wanna. you want to put tags in here appropriate to your business, and you could. you're able to put as many tags as you want in, separate them by a comma. let's put a few in here. I'm going to put advertising marketing, press releases. sir, is there any limit to the description? yes, in actuality, there is an ultimate upper limit. however, no one's ever gotten near it's a couple thousand characters and I'm gonna cut and paste this from a promotion I did in the newspaper explaining what we're doing. it's it's plain text right now, but once we approve the ad, we'll be able to to dress it up and put bold and create the links that are needed in in the site. but for now I'm just going to put this information under the description. you can always go back and edit your ad when you're done. the other opportunity have is to add images here. so I wanted to add images and we could add up to five images and again, I suggest that you have these images prepared beforehand. so, kinda, drop images in here, or do I have to browse and select images? typically I browse and select the image. alright, so once I'm gonna add images, one image at a time, alright, so I have five images. I had now the your site. resize the images to fit where they're needed to a certain degree. yes, all right. so it looks like I have a choice to choose to place the image and the banner or the thumb, thumbnail images. now that the banner- I know just from from using this before- is a horizontal image that should be simple to read because your, your headline goes over it. so I have one that's very simple here. I want to set this one as my banner image and then for my thumbnail image, I'm going to set- I'm going to set this when I have my thumbnail image here, all right, so it's the square image that will be appear on the homepage and, again, you can always change this later. so what we're going to do next, Walter, feed me. here we have, we have to select an ad package from this. yes, just select one. all right, just keep the a there, because we're not going to pay for this system, right, this service. we're going to put a, a keyword in here called relief, in order to zero out your bill. so we're going to press: continue from here. all right, which to preview what we've done. I, this is just the information I put in and once I check it, it's fine. and, like I'm going to continue, one thing before you continue: put the code in on the page at the top. so, yes, release in is a case sensitive. yes, and that, okay, it was all capitalized, I remember, because of the coupon code. all right, so all cap relief. alright, so that that will will make this a zero cost for your posting. very good, and now we're going to continue. alright, so now we're at a checkout which is zero. you'll see the total is zero. we're going to view and listing and this is how the listing is going to look. I have my, my image. it was the horizontal image I put up there as my header and these are the three images I put up and this is my text. I must say I'm doing the edit review process, but when I prove your ads, I have placed the appropriate bolding where it goes through, check spelling and configure the ads so that it gets what I believe to be the best reception and a response from the audience. I'll also modify or add additional categories if you didn't find it as needed, and I also add additional tags that usually include your town. so these are, these are the tags that I wrote, but you know it's appropriate. yes, and then I also search your website and there's any additional graphics, so if you d.

Killer Laughs at Dad Crying for Daughter, He Snaps..

today's video consists of the nastiest people there are. these people are being convicted for murder and they begin to laugh at the families of the people who were their victims. make sure you guys watch this entire video because, let's just say, things continue to get crazier. first up, we have mother toks in court while murderer laughs. here we have an individual who is laughing at the mother of his victim while she's crying and toking about the case. this man, who we will not state his name to give him any attention- he murdered another teen individual in court after an admitted killer is caught on camera smiling during his sentencing. a judge, fed up with that casual attitude, stopped the proceedings in a surprising move. 7 action news reporter. shelly childers live in the newsroom right now with what happened next shelley, well, steven, it's a case of a murdered ann arbor teen and it was quite a shakeup in court today. the judge asked the prosecutor to throw out the sentence agreement and take this case to trial. there was a long recess as everything was put on pause because of this 17-year-old's behavior. donta wright sat in court smiling and nearly laughing as a mother shed tears for her son shot and killed by wright. i've lost laughter and love. i no longer have the hope of having grandchildren. i've lost the enjoyment of holidays and birthdays and of everyday life. wright addressed the courts, showing no remorse. i just want to tell y'all i'll be home soon, rip kion, i love my family. the judge, clearly fed up with the defendant's attitude, stopped the proceedings and asked prosecution to consider taking this case to trial, where wright would face a stiffer punishment if found guilty by a jury. he has no remorse, as stated by the reporter. he doesn't care. the judge is about to address the situation, how he's sitting there smiling while the mother of the murdered is crying and toking about the situation. what's messed up is how this isn't even the craziest one in today's video. but let's see what the judge has to say. watching you sit there, smile, laugh and shake your head like this was no big deal. i'm very tempted to just say i'm not going to accept this sentence. agreement, we'll go to trial and if you're convicted of felony murder, you'll go to prison for the rest of your life. that means you'll die there. this is not the first time the teen has shocked the courtroom. back in june, during a pre-trial hearing, he admitted he shot and killed 18 year old jordan clee. it was october 2016, wright said he and two other friends were trying to rob clee when he shot clee in the back of the head, killing him. the victim, a senior at pioneer high school in ann arbor, was described as a high achieving student and football athlete. this year was supposed to be a year of celebration of senior pictures, with prom and graduation and parties. instead, it was a nightmare, a nightmare that no parent should ever endure. ultimately, jordan's family decided not. killer laughs at father in the courtroom. this person murdered this man's son and he begins to laugh at him and smiled at him in the courtroom like anyone would. the father leaped over the tables and attacked him, and things got heated in a cleveland courtroom as the father of a murder victim was addressing his daughter's convicted killer. then this happened: he launched himself over a table attacking the man. deputies eventually got in the middle there and separated the two, leading the victim's father out of the courtroom. ultimately, the judge agreed with the jury's recommendation and imposed the death penalty. the convicted murderer was found guilty of killing. murderer laughs as victims blind's sister speaks. this is disgusting. this murderer is laughing at the sister of the victim, who is speaking on the matter, but she doesn't let this affect her. she fires back and fights for her family member and, quite honestly, she puts this murder in this place. the notorious tri-state killer may spend the rest of his life in prison. tyrell webster was convicted of killing a man in east price hill and, as the victim's family asked for justike today, webster was laughing at them. andrew setters has the story you will see only on wlwt tonight. and he was taken from us on my brother's birthday, which hurts very, very much. as the victim's family shared their pain. tyrell webster's smirk. routine questions before sentencing got responses like this: do that matter? yes, it does. last spring, grover cleveland, watson junior was gunned down during an argument. today watson's sister, who is legally blind, stood before judge jody lubers and asked exactly where her brother's killer was standing so she could look at him as she spoke her initial offer of forgiveness. she is now going to tok straight to the man and when the judge tells her that he is laughing, this is when she fights back and realizes that he isn't going to be laughing forever. let's hear what she has to say. but when i heard the story on the news, the first thing i did after i could close my mouth is just to ask god to forgive you because- and that smile will no longer be on your face, it will be teams. the judge sentenced webster to 18 years to life behind bars. from the hamilton county courthouse, andrew setters, wlwt, news 5.. unfortunately, we have seen this type of dismissive behavior in court before from tyrell webster's brother. lonnie webster was also known as a bonafide hustler for the tattoo that covered his face. he's also a convicted killer and lashed out at the judge back in 2007 while being sentenced for killing a man in hyde park. we have a 16 year old boy here who is going to court for murder and he's laughing on his way in. he doesn't realize the consequences he's about to face. let me share with you what the reporters have to say. a developing story tonight: the video causing a fire storm of controversy. a 16 year old charged with murder smiling, even laughing, on his way to court to face those serious charges. simeon adams is accused of killing nathan travisano during what police call a two-week crime spree. derek thomas has been following this story. he joins us live now with more on today's court appearance. derek adams case is an adult court with adult penalties. if he is convicted on all his cases he could receive over 100 years in prison. 16 year old simeone adams is familiar with going to court, but not adult court and not in chains, and not for murder. the smile on his face might indicate the teen doesn't understand the pain he's accused of causing. even the reporters saying this boy does not realize what he's done. he's going to be facing life in prison. i seriously don't understand what there is to be laughing about. let's finish the new segment. 24 year old nathan trapazano was gunned down to an early morning walk in the 3500 block of west 16th street. this is the surveillance video taken just prior to the victim's murder. adams, who goes by the nickname of red, is charged with the murder. but his friends who attended the hearing dispute that free little red he innocent. he didn't do none of that. how do you know? how do i know? get these cameras out of my face. prosecutors believe adams was on a crime spree on march 30. he allegedly got into an altercation with a man at the steak and lemonade shop at 29th and martin luther king. he is charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery in that case. the calendar says he's a teen. the court says otherwise. from a prosecutor's perspective. he is a murder defendant. he is not a child. he committed a serious offense, has to be held accountable for the offense and under the law, at 16 he is an adult. adams has not hired an attorney yet. there will be a hearing on may 2 to make sure he gets an attorney. live downtown derrick thomas rtv6. now we probably have the most disgusting of them all. a boy shot up a school and is at his trial laughing while the judge speaks. i honestly have no words, for this defendant's conduct was without any provocation, as judge david fury sentenced tj lane to life in prison with no possibility of parole for a

Government Contracts: How I won my first Government Contract with the Army worth over $90,000

in this video, I share my personal story of how I won my first US federal government contract ever. so stik around, you're not gonna want to miss this. hey guys, what's going on? it's Derek James with Gov kid method. if you're not familiar with my story, I was managed to win 32 US federal government contracts before my 30th birthday, worth over 15 million dollars, and, as promised, in today's video, I'm gonna be sharing my personal story of how, my how- I won my first US federal government contract ever. it happened to be with the, the Air National Guard, and I had been working for the government contractor job that I had, which was an 8. a woman owned small business for about six to seven months, and I always tell everybody when I tell this story that it took me over a year to even really understand exactly what my job was, because anybody who's familiar with the US government contracting space- there's a lot of terminology, challenges. it's almost like learning a second language. well, there's just a lot to get used to. there's a. there's a pretty big learning curve and I didn't have a whole lot of training or a whole lot of help at all, especially that first year I kind of had to make it on my own at that company and so that's really kind of like the setting that this this story took place in. so I started in the summer and I started out in proposals of writing and we found out that quickly really wasn't my cup of tea at the time. I grew into it a couple years later but, getting started, I made a switch over to the more business development role. I always say I'm more of a people person, I'm more right-brain than left brained, I'm not extremely, extremely analytikal and things like that. so I made the switch and about six months after I started it was wintertime and so this is where everything kind of started. you know, if you're not familiar with me, I'm from Michigan, so the winners here in Michigan are fairly cold. you know were one of the most northern states in the country and my boss had gotten a phone call one day, one afternoon from a Contracting Officer and I overheard this conversation going on cuz my office was fairly close to her office and I just remember saying: I remember hearing rather my boss saying, no, we're not interested, we can't do that, sorry, and then she hung up the phone and I kind of saw this as an opportunity. I knew that the contracting officer was almost trying to give us work. the ko was having a hard time finding somebody who could fulfill the need. so I toked to my boss and I learned a little bit more about what it was that they were looking for. she said: oh yeah, this is, you know, kind of a crazy call. they're looking for a road salt and I think they can't seem to get it anywhere. all the barges of the Great Lakes up here in Michigan have frozen, so you know the, the entryway for the ships. they couldn't get in to deliver new salt from, you know, from Canada or from any other of the mines. and so a lot of the bases and you know, different areas were developing a shortage of road salt and and some of these areas, like the Air National Guard base, I mean it's crucial that they have salt for the runway for the planes and the ODA, just the vehicles throughout the base. and so everybody was being her commercial and government that partikularly year. and so she, she kind of told me all this really quickly in the conversation and I knew that there was an opportunity. I really wanted to prove myself and I knew there had to be some way that somebody could find road salt and I was up for the challenge. so I asked my boss. I said, well, if I can find it, you know can, can we do this contract, like can we go after this contract? and she said she said, yeah, you know, kind of a good good luck, you know like not expecting that I would be able to do it. but she said, yeah, sure, if you can find it, you know, let me know and then we'll, we'll call a Contracting Officer back up. so I was on a mission, right, I really wanted to prove myself. I had been there, you know, six, seven months. I hadn't, you know, won any contracts and that was basically, look at, the culture of the company is you had to basically pay for your own seat, no matter what role you were in. and I definitely felt that and I felt like I had to do something to bring in a contract. so I started calling landscaping companies and salt companies, obviously right away, you know in, you know southeastern Michigan, here where we're located and where the where the base was located, and everybody was saying, yeah, sorry, you know, we're out, we're out. you know, are you an existing customer? we're only, you know, providing replenishment salts to our existing customers. if you're a new customer we can't take you on because we have to service our- you know our- existing customer base. and so I started going out further and further and further, you know, with the radius, my search radius. and then I started going out to the neighboring states, like Wisconsin, Ohio, just to find road salt. and you know, we just didn't need a few bags. I mean, we needed I remember exactly how how many tons, but I think we needed maybe seven or eight tonnes or something like that. I think it was seven or eight truckloads. it's what we needed. so this isn't something you would go and get at the store and I'll tell you what the contract value was towards the end of the story, and that'll kind of justify how much we actually we needed, because I had no idea what this contract would even be worth. so I started getting a little more creative, because some of the feedback I got from the salt mines is like, hey, we have it, but all our trucks are, you know, 100% occupied on dispatch. so if you can come and pick it up, we can sell it to you. so then I started getting quotes from trucking companies, you know, even all the way far out, like from the West, like Nevada and stuff like that, because they do these long hauls. I got, you know, real creative and I was just calling everybody but I wasn't having any luck and I had been calling for two weeks, two weeks every day. that was really all I worked on because I didn't really have anything better to work on. it's a slow time in the wind for for government contracts typically, and so I was totally dedicated. I had called so many places, probably hundred places- and then one day I somehow I had called a landscaping company in Ohio and I must have missed him or maybe I was calling him back or something. a couple weeks later and the guy said, yeah, I can give you the salt, you know, with the anti-caking agents and the blue and yellow dye and all the specs that the government needed in there, PWS. but you gotta, you're gonna tell me that you needed right now, otherwise I'm gonna give it to somebody else and it's gonna be gone. so I was super excited. I got off the phone when I told my boss and she said, really she didn't believe me. so you know she wanted to tok to the the sell herself the landscaping company herself. so she became as convinced as I'd it was, and she said: okay, we'll take it, give us a quote. and so I think we got a quote for like, just for like 35 grand, 35 grand for this salt, and we don't know if that was good or bad still, cuz we didn't know what we could, you know, mark it up for. so my boss kind of took it over from this point. she called the contracting officer. I was there with her. she let them know that we had got, we've secured the salt. you know, we set up an arrangement, you know, you know, a contract with the salt company to provide it in accordance with the scope that they wanted, the. the government was thrilled. the contracting officer was super happy and she said she wanted to do an 8 a sole source for this. so we were in the SBA 8a program and so this contract ended up being an 8 a sole source and that allowed them to directly give the contract to us without having to compete it, not without having to post it on FB- oh, your people hadn't even gotten a chance to see it because we were in a day. so I have another video toking about the great benefits and the eligibility to get in the 8a program. check out my videos in my channel.