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personal injury lawyer ads

Published on: February 23 2023 by pipiads

Personal injury lawyers have a reputation for making tacky and over-the-top commercials to get clients. These commercials often use aggressive language and imagery to try and get people's attention.

- Jim Adler, also known as the Texas Hammer, is one of the most famous personal injury lawyers with a commercial that features him wielding a large hammer and promising to hammer insurance companies for the biggest checks.

- Other lawyers, like Rob Levine and the Heavy Hitters, also use aggressive language and imagery in their commercials to try and stand out from the competition.

- These commercials may be compensating for the lawyers' lack of personality or trying to take advantage of the public's perception of lawyers as hyper-aggressive.

- However, the most successful lawyers are often those who are more subtle and legal-minded in their approach, rather than relying on flashy commercials.

Despite their reputation for tacky commercials, personal injury lawyers are still able to attract clients and win cases. However, it is important for individuals to do their research and choose a lawyer based on their experience and track record, rather than just their flashy commercials.

Attorney Ad - SNL

Are you in need of legal representation after being injured in an accident? Look no further than Lisa Broderick and Jeremy Gantz. These experienced lawyers will fight tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.


- Jeremy Gantz secured a settlement of $6,000 for one client

- Lisa Broderick won a settlement of $1.7 million for another client

- Broderick and Gantz helped a client win a settlement of $2 million

- Gantz arrived an hour late to court wearing mismatched sneakers

- Broderick has 14 years of law experience and graduated top of her class at Yale

- Broderick helped a client win a case after being burned by hot coffee

- Gantz recorded evidence with a TV show and asked to borrow money from a client

Broderick and Gantz are dedicated to their clients and will go above and beyond to get them the compensation they deserve. They have a track record of winning big settlements and are willing to fight for their clients every step of the way. Don't hesitate to contact them if you've been injured in an accident.

Facebook Ads For Personal Injury Lawyers - $32 PI Leads - Best Marketing Strategy For PI Lawyers

Getting personal injury leads for your law firm can be difficult, expensive, and sometimes seem impossible. Even if you spend a lot of money trying to get these leads, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to convert them into paying clients. In this article, we'll compare Google Ads to Facebook Ads for personal injury leads and show you why Facebook Ads can be a more cost-effective solution.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads:

- Personal injury lawyer Los Angeles: 2,400 searches per month, $87 per click.

- Personal injury attorney: 22,000 searches per month, $123 per click.

- Car accident lawyer Los Angeles: $116 per click.

- Long-tail keywords: less competitive, but also less searches.

- Injury lawyer Houston: 1,900 searches per month, $134 per click.

- Best personal injury lawyer in Texas: 20 searches per month, $85 per click.

- Orlando: $127 per click.

- Philadelphia: $136 per click.

- Car accident lawyer: 33,000 searches per month, $200 per click.

Facebook Ads:

- Fraction of the cost of Google Ads.

- Cost per lead instead of cost per click.

- Example: $560 spent, 17 leads for $33 per lead.

- Example: 60 leads for $31.61 each in 14 days.

- Expect 8-10 leads to become clients.

- Use automation to follow up with leads.

- Advantaged Consulting's Attorney Accelerator Program.

In summary, Facebook Ads can be a more cost-effective solution for personal injury leads compared to Google Ads. With Facebook Ads, you pay for cost per lead, which can be a fraction of the cost per click on Google Ads. Using automation can help you follow up with leads and convert them into paying clients.

Facebook Advertising For Personal Injury Lawyers: Ad Critique

In this article, we will discuss a Facebook advertising campaign and provide suggestions for improvement.

Issues with Current Ads:

- No pattern interrupt

- Not clear what the ad is about

- Not descriptive enough

- Not calling out the problem

Example of Effective Ad:

- Uses a pattern interrupt with contrasting colors and interesting background

- Addresses common problem and offers a solution

- Provides valuable information

- Uses a call to action

Suggestions for Improvement:

- Use a pattern interrupt to get attention

- Clearly state the problem and offer a solution

- Provide valuable information to entice viewers

- Use a call to action to encourage engagement

By implementing these suggestions, the Facebook advertising campaign can become more effective and attract a larger audience. Remember to always provide valuable information and use a pattern interrupt to capture attention.

The wild world of lawyers' TV ads

Legal advertising has become a billion-dollar industry in the United States, with lawyers using TV commercials and online ads to reach potential clients. However, it wasn't always legal to advertise legal services, and it wasn't until the landmark Bates v. State Bar of Arizona case in 1977 that lawyers were allowed to advertise their services. Since then, attorneys like Jim Adler and Brian Wilson have made a name for themselves with flashy, over-the-top commercials that have gone viral on YouTube. Legal advertising has helped connect Americans to legal help when they need it, but it also incentivizes lawyers to get more and more flashy with their ads. Regardless, legal advertising is here to stay and will continue to play a major role in the legal profession.

How To Build a Lawyer Marketing Funnel For Personal Injury Lawyers

When it comes to setting up a Facebook personal injury funnel, it's important to target the right audience. However, personal injury is one of the most difficult areas to use a Facebook campaign for, as it's more like advertising. In this article, we'll discuss some strategies to help you set up a successful funnel.


1. Find a group of people who may not be injured yet: To set up a funnel for personal injury, find a group of people who may not be injured yet. For example, motorcycle riders can be targeted with interesting content that's not just about injuries but also about preventing them.

2. Niche down: You need to niche down somewhere either by location, practice area, or occupation. For example, for car accidents, you can target Uber drivers, ride-share drivers, parents of teen drivers, or create a Facebook group about bad drivers in your area.

3. Lead with benefits: When targeting people who visited an urgent care facility or an auto body shop, lead your ad with the benefits. For example, instead of saying hire me for your car accident, say we fight to get you money for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Setting up a Facebook personal injury funnel can be challenging, but targeting the right audience can make all the difference. By following these strategies, you can create a successful funnel and reach potential clients in a meaningful way.

Personal Injury Lawyer SEO & Facebook Ads Don't Work - 100 Calls in 30 Days - PROVING IT SERIES

Hey everyone, it's Justin Sanchez from Justin Sanchez GB dot com. I'm here in my kitchen, but I've got this black screen set up so you can't really see what's going on. Anyways, before I head to the gym, I wanted to drop this video about personal injury lawyer marketing and how I helped a personal injury lawyer in a major US city get 100+ phone calls this month.

- Personal injury lawyer marketing success story

- How I helped a lawyer get 100+ phone calls this month


- Google My Business results

- Green arrow leads to 100 phone calls from mobile search

- 160 website visits, 30 directions requests, 2 chats from Google Maps

- Google Analytics shows 2635 website visits in 30 days, only 29 from pay per click

- Google Search Console shows 1887 organic clicks in 28 days

- Brand search is important for standing out among competitors

- Car accident only page got 27 clicks from organic search

- Facebook Ads Manager shows success with traffic generation ad at 62 cents per click

- Personal injury lawyer marketing success is possible with a comprehensive strategy

- Utilize Google My Business, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console

- Stand out with brand search and targeted landing pages

- Consider Facebook Ads for cost-effective advertising

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