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Personalized Phone Cases: Dropshipping Made Easy

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be dissecting a Shopify store that is clearing over a million dollars a month selling iPhone cases. The store we will be looking at is called Burger com. We will be analyzing how they achieved their success and how you can replicate it on your store.

- Dissecting a Shopify store that is clearing over a million dollars a month

- The store we will be looking at is called Burger com


- Buy two get two free deal is a genius offer

- Their cases are not cheap, but people are willing to pay for unique designs

- They have custom cases that provide potential ad ideas

- Trust pilot reviews build trust with customers

- They display their Instagram feed at the bottom of their website, which is a good idea for brands with a good social media presence

- Email is the backbone of your business and can carry your business

- Upsells on upsells are clever and give customers more options

- Their Facebook ad library is full of creative and engaging videos

- Testing different creatives and running a ton of different ads is crucial for success in today's e-commerce climate

- Simplifying things is always a good idea to avoid confusion

- The Burger com store is impressive and provides valuable insights into how to achieve success in the e-commerce space

- Testing different creatives and running a ton of different ads is crucial for success

- Thank you for watching and encouraging us to make these videos.

How To Start A Phone Case Business From Home (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

- Starting a phone case business can be lucrative with high profit margins and low upfront investment.

- There are 8.5 billion mobile device connections worldwide but only a population of 7.6 billion people, indicating a large market.

- 44% of smartphone users upgrade their devices every two years, creating a constant demand for phone cases.

- This article will teach you how to start your own phone case business and offer tips for success.

Defining your Niche:

- Decide what type of phone case to sell and define your target audience based on the benefits of your product.

- Brainstorm potential customer demographics, such as outdoorsy people or design enthusiasts.

- Choose a theme that you are passionate about and can relate to, such as dog owners or music lovers.

- Determine which devices to target and keep it simple in the beginning.

Sourcing Materials:

- Choose between print on demand, making cases at home, or white labeling existing products.

- Print on demand allows for custom designs printed on cases without upfront costs.

- Making cases at home involves sublimation printing and customizations, but requires a high upfront cost for a printer.

- White labeling involves reselling existing products under your own brand name and can be competitive.

Selling Your Products:

- Sign up for Shopify to sell and source products in one centralized place.

- Design your store to look on-brand and take advantage of powerful apps like Printify and Printful.

- Market your products through Google and Facebook ads or by creating content on TikTok.

- Consider creating behind-the-scenes process videos for social media.

- Starting a phone case business can be a lucrative and relatively easy venture.

- Defining your niche, sourcing materials, and selling your products are key steps to success.

- With determination and the right marketing strategies, you can create a thriving phone case business.

How to Dropship Custom Phone Cases| Phone Case Business

Hey, it's Tequina, and I'm here to teach you how to dropship phone cases, specifically custom phone cases, using the website Alibaba.com. If you're new to dropshipping, it's when your customer orders a product from you and your vendor ships that product straight to the customer. It's a great way to start a business without having to worry about shipping products or labels.

Finding Trusted Vendors:

- Use Alibaba.com to search for vendors

- Look for vendors with a minimum quantity of one

- Check the vendor's information, including how long they've been in business, their delivery rate percentage, and response time

- Alibaba.com has a trade assurance feature that protects your order and ensures you get your money back if anything goes wrong

Dropshipping Custom Phone Cases:

- Search for custom phone cases on Alibaba.com

- Look for vendors with a minimum quantity of one

- Use the chat feature to ask about phone case models and customization options

- Check reviews and response time before choosing a vendor

Dropshipping Regular Phone Cases:

- Search for regular phone cases on Alibaba.com

- Look for vendors with a minimum quantity of one

- Check the vendor's information, including their delivery rate percentage and response time

- Use the chat feature to ask any questions

Dropshipping phone cases, whether custom or regular, is a great way to start a business without having to worry about shipping products. Alibaba.com is a great resource for finding trusted vendors with a minimum quantity of one. Be sure to check the vendor's information, reviews, and response time before choosing a vendor. Happy dropshipping!


Starting a phone case business using dropshipping can be a lucrative venture. In this article, we will cover how to create a phone case dropship store, source phone cases, market and sell, and make over $300 within the first three days of launch.

Creating the Phone Case Dropship Store:

1. Use Shopify to create the website. It's one of the quickest ways to get a website up and running without wasting time on the technical side.

2. Add Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to track customers and retarget them later.

3. Purchase a domain name from Shopify for a more professional look.

4. Install important apps like Oberlo, Horrify, Abandonment Protector Plus, and Sales Pop.

Sourcing Phone Cases:

1. Conduct market research to identify a niche and target audience.

2. Use AliExpress and the O'Bellow extension to find trusted suppliers with high ratings.

3. Import products to the Shopify store and edit descriptions, titles, and images.

Marketing and Sales:

1. Create collections and feature them on the homepage.

2. Use Horrify to create a sense of scarcity and Abandonment Protector Plus to bring back customers who left their cart.

3. Use Instagram to advertise and contact influencers with a good number of followers and engagement in their store.

4. Offer free phone cases for a limited time only and charge shipping fees.

Starting a phone case business using dropshipping is easy and profitable. By following the steps mentioned in this article, anyone can create a successful online store and generate sales within a few days.

Start Selling Custom Phone Cases in 5 Minutes

In this article, we will learn how to sell custom phone cases in under five minutes using a Shopify store and the Customized Print on Demand app.


1. Set up a Shopify store.

2. Download the Customized Print on Demand app from the Shopify app store.

3. Select phone cases from the app's available products.

4. Enable and customize the phone cases to your desired profit goals.

5. Add images and text to the phone case using the app's customization tool.

6. Preview the phone case in 3D.

7. Allow customers to purchase the customized phone case.

8. The app will handle fulfillment and shipping.

Selling custom phone cases has never been easier with the Customized Print on Demand app and Shopify. With just a few clicks, you can have your custom products listed on your store and ready to sell in under five minutes. Keep an eye out for our other demo videos on how to sell other products using this app.

How To Make Custom Phone Cases / Designing Phone Cases For Resale / Alibaba Dropshipping Made Easy

Hello everyone, it's your girl, the Everyday Nigerian. In this highly anticipated video, we will be discussing how to make and design custom phone cases that are resellable.


- Determine the type of designs you want on your cases.

- Consider hiring a graphic artist or freelancer from Fiverr or Upwork to help you design your cases.

Contacting Suppliers:

- Search for suppliers on Alibaba.

- Send a message to the supplier to inquire about their printing services.

- Create an Alibaba account to receive responses from suppliers.

- Contact multiple suppliers to find the best one.

- Agree on the terms and conditions, including the cost of the phone case, printing, and shipping.


- Order within your means and specifications.

- Make sure the cases are inspected upon arrival.

Continuing the Relationship:

- Provide feedback to your supplier for improvement.

- Stick with your ideal supplier for future orders.

- Contact the creator for further information.

Designing and selling custom phone cases can be a lucrative business. It's important to carefully consider the design and find a reliable supplier to ensure the quality of the product. Remember to order within your means and specifications and maintain a good relationship with your supplier for future orders.


How One Store Made Over $22k in One Month: A Success Story

In this article, we will discuss how a print-on-demand store called Gyro Singuli made over $22k in one month and continues to make an average of $7k a month. We will cover who built the store, how it was marketed, the growth, and what you can do to replicate its success. We will also provide tips throughout the video.


Gyro Singuli was built using Shopify print-on-demand services and targets medical students and graduates. This is a great niche because the market is constantly renewing, providing an everlasting market of new medical students and professionals. The products are unique with a high perceived value, making it difficult to be copied. It targets a passionate audience, and the designs are aesthetically pleasing.

Artist Collaboration:

The phone cases on Gyro Singuli are very detail-oriented and are designed by an artist named Sarai Lamas. She specializes in medical art and provides high-quality designs with a lot of attention to detail. Collaborating with her was a great choice as she has a good number of followers on her Instagram, which can be used to push her followers towards the site.

Best Selling Products:

The best selling product on Gyro Singuli is the phone case. According to Shopify Exchange, the average revenue for the site is $505,610 with an average monthly session of 15,212 users and an average profit of $5,500.


According to the screenshots provided by Gyro Singuli, the store made over $22k in its biggest month in October 2019. They stopped running Facebook ads in December 2019 and have relied solely on organic traffic since then. The revenue correlates with the total amount of traffic, with an average of 800 to 2,000 visitors per month, equating to around $1k to $1.5k in revenue per month.

Website Critique:

The website could use some improvements to optimize conversions, such as changing the homepage to be more action-oriented, removing the permanent sale tag, and fixing broken links.

Gyro Singuli's success story is a great example of how finding the perfect niche, collaborating with an artist, and utilizing Facebook ads can lead to a profitable print-on-demand store. With organic growth and a focus on optimizing conversions, Gyro Singuli continues to make a steady profit.

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