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Personalized Pillow Dropshipping - Custom Prints

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey everyone, David Tan here from Print of the Man by Merciful. Today's video is all about our newest product, the Mini Me Human Doll Pillow. But before we get into it, let me give you a quick intro.

Our Mini Me Human Doll Pillow is a 15-inch miniature doll made by taking a cutout of someone's face and attaching it to one of over a hundred different body designs made specifically for you. We also have a smaller 5-inch keychain version. The doll is printed on both sides of the pillow so you can see both the front and back sides of the person. These unique human doll pillows are great for funny guy gifts, sending to your grandparents, and even celebrities.

How we make the Mini Me Human Doll Pillow:

1. Choose the body design from our website's different categories or request a specific design.

2. Take a new picture of your subject against a solid-colored background, facing forward, and looking straight into the camera.

3. Send the picture to us, and our team of graphic designers will expertly cut out the face and put it on the chosen body design.

4. After some quick editing, the design is off to production where it will be printed, heat pressed, sewn, and stuffed into the final product.

Additional Information:

- The Mini Me Human Doll Pillows should retail for at least $30, but you can sell them at a higher price point since all our designs are 100% original.

- Our human doll keychains come attached to a keychain, so you can carry them with your keys or hang them anywhere you want.

Become a reseller today by signing up for a Print on Demand account. Check out our pricing and start selling these unique human doll pillows and keychains right away. Thanks for watching, and until next time, throw me a question in the comments below!

I Tried Starting A Custom Pet Store And This Happened...

Selling Personalized Pet Portraits on Shopify: My Success Story in Europe

- Personalization is key in e-commerce

- Competition is fierce, but selling personalized products can help you stand out

- Found success selling in untapped markets like Europe

- Custom pet portraits are a great example of a personalized product to sell


- Digitally drawn portraits of pets, customized with their personalities

- Comes framed and ready to hang, perfect for decoration

- Emotionally compelling product that triggers consumer decision-making

Setting Up Shop:

- Found product in December, a great time for online sales

- Designed logo, bought domain, set up Shopify store and social pages

- Added triggers to website, such as Your pet deserves a Christmas gift too and a timer for holiday shipping

- Gathered reviews from competitor sites to build trust with customers


- Found a designer on Fiverr to draw the portraits

- Agreed to pay $8 per portrait, selling for $60 on store

- Used Printful for order fulfillment and shipping

- Profit margin of $27 per order

Target Market:

- Chose Estonia, a country with 1.3 million people and low competition

- Easy to translate website since it's the designer's native language


- Ran Facebook ads for 7 days, spending $10 per day on traffic and $20 per day on conversions

- Created two ad sets for traffic, one broad and one targeting women

- No detailed targeting for conversions since targeting audience was small

- Used pet-related interests for placements

- Used two pictures of friend's dogs for ad creatives


- Generated $1,200 in sales with 20 orders in 7 days

- Made $350 in profit after expenses

- Will continue to run ads and see where product takes me

- Personalization is key to standing out in a competitive market

- Finding untapped markets can lead to success

- Custom pet portraits are a great example of a personalized product to sell on Shopify

- With the right setup and marketing strategy, success is possible in e-commerce.

Sell Personalized Items with Printify

Selling Personalized Items on Printify: How to Fulfill Orders

- If you sell print on demand on Etsy, then you likely offer or have thought about offering personalized items in your shop

- Personalized items are a popular type of product on the Etsy platform

- Some print on demand platforms, like Printful, make it easy for you to sell personalized items, while others, like Printify, don't offer the same functionality

- In this article, we'll explore how to sell personalized items on Printify and fulfill orders

Order Automation Settings

- Printify doesn't have the ability to stop an order from going to production based on the fact that it has a personalization applied to it

- Therefore, you have a choice to make in your store settings for order automation

- You can either hold every order until you manually submit it, or you can choose one of the automatic options

- If you choose an automatic option, make sure to select one that gives you enough time to customize the order before it goes to production

Customizing Personalized Items

- To customize a personalized item, you have two options: using Printify's custom text option or editing the graphic file in a program like Photoshop

- If you use Printify's custom text option, you don't need to edit the graphic file, but you're limited in the font choices and can't control aspects like bold or italic

- If you edit the graphic file, you have more control over the text but need to upload a new file every time you get a custom order

- Once you have a personalized item ready to fulfill, you can copy the listing and customize it with the customer's information before fulfilling the order

- Selling personalized items on Printify requires a bit more manual work, but it's still possible to offer these products to your customers

- The key is to understand your options and make choices that work for your business

- With practice, fulfilling personalized orders on Printify can become a smooth process that doesn't take up too much of your time.

Do NOT Sell These Print On Demand Designs & Products... (MISTAKES Beginners Make)

Hey there, it's me, Syria from home, and today I'm going to be warning you about five different print on demand items and designs that you should not sell. Some of these items have the potential to lose you money because they've been done terribly, and others are ones that you should avoid because they could potentially result in angry customers, merchants, and even lawsuits. But don't worry, if you follow the simple advice that I'm going to give you in this video, you shouldn't have any issues.

Five Products and Designs to Avoid:

1. Let's Get Ready to Rhumble Mug

- The phrase is trademarked by Michael Buffer, and using it on a product is illegal.

- Buffer has been known to protect his trademark aggressively.

- Trademarks are different from copyrights, and they have to be filed in each country that you want to protect them.

2. Unoriginal T-Shirt Designs

- Print on demand has higher manufacturing costs than dropshipping, and selling an unoriginal t-shirt that everyone already knows through common knowledge is a really bad idea.

- Instead, print on demand lets you target niches that no one else has targeted before.

3. Fortnite Supply Llama T-Shirt

- Using copyrighted images without permission is illegal.

- Fan art without explicit permission of the copyright holder is illegal as well, but anime companies often tolerate it as a form of free advertising.

4. ShutterStock Artwork T-Shirt

- You cannot sell products on Etsy with artwork that you didn't design or that someone on your team didn't design.

- Read the rules of any third-party service you use to make money on the internet closely.

5. Black Background T-Shirt

- Printing a picture with a black background on a black t-shirt will end up with a weird border around it and the black color of the shirt won't match the background color.

When it comes to print on demand, it's important to be aware of copyright laws and to read the rules of any third-party service you use closely. Targeting unique niches is a great way to make money on print on demand, and with some careful planning, you can avoid making costly mistakes.

How To Start Your Own $150k / Mo Personalization Store - Shopify Print On Demand 2019

- Personalization is the key to success in e-commerce.

- Research and planning are crucial for building a successful Shopify store.

- Print on demand is the recommended model for personalization.

Research and Planning:

- Look for trending niches and products on sites like Etsy.

- Use a keyword search and NC algorithm to find similar items.

- Analyze competitor stats on SimilarWeb and social media.

- Create an MVP with essential components for driving traffic and sales.


- Use Fiverr for finding designers and templates.

- Personalization is a manual process and should be done quickly.

- Create a custom map builder or other preview generator for easier customization.

- Pricing is a placeholder and should be based on data.


- Get customer feedback and innovate based on their suggestions.

- Use UGC or influencer photos for more authentic ads.

- Personalized gifts are in high demand during holiday season.

- Personalization is the key to building long-term loyalty and success in e-commerce.

- Research and planning are crucial for finding profitable niches and products.

- Constantly innovate and improve to provide the best customer experience.


In this video, James from Income Journey takes a look at a print on demand store that sells unique products. He explores the designs that work well, where to find them, and how to start selling similar products.

Product and Designs:

- Radshop.com sells high-top, converse-style shoes, and comfy boots with gothic designs.

- Skulls and floral designs work well for this niche.

- The designs on the products are not necessarily what the creator likes, but what the target audience wants.

- Printify and Pillow Profits are great places to get templates for product designs.

- Creative Fabrica offers graphics with commercial usage allowed for various designs.

- Fiverr has designers who specialize in print on demand shoes and can create unique designs for you.

Sales and Margins:

- Radshop.com has a buy one get one free offer that incentivizes buyers and helps them increase their sales.

- The shoes sell for $89.99 with $8 shipping, making the average order value $98.

- The margins for Radshop.com are around $40 to $45.

- Similar Web shows that Radshop.com gets a lot of traffic and has a high conversion rate due to the high ticket price of the products.

- The estimated revenue for a month is $352,000.

Print on demand stores can be successful if you find the right niche and designs that resonate with your target audience. With platforms like Printify, Pillow Profits, Creative Fabrica, and Fiverr, it's easy to get started and create unique products. Radshop.com's success shows that a buy one get one free offer can help increase sales and incentivize buyers. By targeting specific audiences, like gothic or skull lovers, on Facebook, you can increase the chances of success for your print on demand store.

5 Unique Dropshipping Gift Ideas That Will Make You Smile on Christmas

In this video, David Tan from Print on Demand by Merchable presents some creative Christmas ideas for print on demand products. He introduces his video editor, Krisa, and shows off various products that can be used as Christmas decorations or gifts.

Product Ideas:

1. Human Doll Keychains: These keychains can be used as Christmas ornaments and come in over a hundred different body designs. Customers can choose a human face picture to attach to the keychain.

2. Double-Sided Printed Throw Pillows: Customers can print decorative designs with pictures of their loved ones onto these pillows. The pillow cases have a zipper on the bottom for easy cleaning.

3. Customized Christmas Stockings: These stockings come printed on both sides and can have any design the customer wants. The fabric used has a furry feel to it and feels nice and soft to the touch.

4. Christmas Sweatshirts: Customers can prepare their own Christmas sweatshirt designs by downloading templates from templatekings.com.ph. The sweatshirts are made from heavy polyester fabric and are water-resistant.

Print on demand products offer a great way to create unique and personalized Christmas gifts and decorations. With a variety of products to choose from, customers can find the perfect item to make their holiday season extra special. Visit printondemand.com.ph to become a drop shipping member and start selling these items right away.

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