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personals ads abbreviations

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Acronyms Understanding Personal Ads

Welcome back to Kim's class! In this sixth and final lesson of the unit, we'll be discussing personal ads and acronyms used in them.

What is a personal ad?

Personal ads are a way for people to give information about themselves in hopes of finding a companion, date, or someone to marry. They were traditionally found in newspapers, but now are commonly found on dating websites.

What are acronyms?

Acronyms are letters that stand for complete words. A well-known example is www, which stands for World Wide Web.

Common acronyms used in personal ads:

1. SF - Single Female

2. SM - Single Male

3. SWF - Single White Female

4. SBM - Single Black Male

5. SWM - Single White Male

6. SBM - Single Black Male

7. ISO - In Search Of

8. DM - Divorced Male

9. DF - Divorced Female

10. NS - Non-Smoking

11. HWP - Height Weight Proportionate

Practicing with personal ads:

We will now practice understanding personal ads using these acronyms. Read through the personal ads and answer the questions below.

1. Caring SF, 35, creative, enjoys playing guitar, cooking, drawing. ISO gentle, kind SM, 25-35, to stay home and chill.

2. Fun-loving DM, 46, 5'11, beard, salt and pepper hair. Loves playing tennis. ISO HWP, honest, athletic SF.

3. Adventurous, outgoing SBM, 27, 6'1. Loves motorcycle trips, camping, and everything outdoors. ISO companion with same interests.


1. What vocabulary word describes the man in ad number three?

2. How old is the woman in picture number one?

3. Which person is looking for someone who may enjoy hiking?

4. Which person is looking for someone who may enjoy watching movies?

Congratulations! You have now learned common acronyms used in personal ads and how to read and understand them. You can now correctly answer questions using information in personal ads. Thank you for joining me on this journey to learn English. Don't forget to like, subscribe, share, and leave a comment below!

A glimpse of Dutton Speedwords and my Personal Abbreviation System

Hi, I'm Soren Bjornstedt and welcome to this video about my personal abbreviation system. In this video, I will discuss the motivation behind my system, its components, and how it can be helpful in making writing more efficient.


- I write a lot, both on the computer and by hand.

- I want to make writing more efficient, especially on small surfaces like index cards.

- It's fun to optimize and improve writing systems.


1. Dutton Speed Words:

- Alphabetical shorthand system that uses normal letters.

- Can also be used as an international auxiliary language.

- Has extensions like speed words correlatives and personal abbreviations.

2. Greekening:

- Uses Greek letters to replace commonly used morphemes or sequences of syllables.

- Makes writing faster and more efficient.

3. Swashes:

- Special characters that are easy to write and distinguishable from letters.

- Used for common words like actually or should.

4. Standard Abbreviations:

- Arbitrary abbreviations that are used consistently.

- Useful for frequently used names or terms.

My personal abbreviation system is a collection of shorthand methods that can make writing more efficient, especially on small surfaces like index cards. By using Dutton Speed Words, Greekening, Swashes, and Standard Abbreviations, writers can increase their writing speed and reduce the amount of time spent on writing tasks.

CNA Nursing Assistant Abbreviations

Medical professionals use a variety of abbreviations and acronyms to save time and streamline communication. However, these abbreviations can be confusing for patients and their families. In this article, we will go through some commonly used medical abbreviations and their meanings.

Common Medical Abbreviations:

1. @ - at

2. _ - underscore

3. abd - abdomen

4. ac - before meals

5. ad lib - as desired

6. adls - activities of daily living

7. aids - acquired immune deficiency syndrome

8. aka - above knee amputation

9. am - morning

10. amb - ambulate (walking)

11. amt - amount

12. ax - auxiliary (underarm)

13. b and b - bowel and bladder

14. bid - twice a day (two times a day)

15. bka - below knee amputation

16. bm - bowel movement

17. bp - blood pressure

18. br - bed rest

19. brp - bathroom privileges (a person is allowed to get out of bed and ambulate to the bathroom on his or her own)

20. c - celsius (also centigrade)

21. c_ - with

22. co - complains of

23. c a - cancer

24. cardio - heart

25. cath - catheter

26. cbr - complete bed rest

27. cc - cubic centimeter

28. ccu - cardiac care unit

29. cerebro - brain

30. chf - congestive heart failure

31. copd - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

32. cpr - cardiopulmonary resuscitation

33. cva - cerebrovascular accident (stroke)

34. dc - discontinue

35. dnr - do not resuscitate

36. d o e - dyspnea on exertion

37. dx - diagnosis

38. e t o h - alcohol

39. f - fahrenheit

40. f u - up

41. fbs - fasting blood sugar

42. ft - feet

43. fwb - full weight bearing

44. fx - fracture

45. gal - gallon

46. gi - gastrointestinal

47. gt - one drop

48. gt - gastronomy tube

49. gtt - glucose tolerance test

50. gtt - two drops

51. gu - genito urinary

52. gyn - gynecology

53. h - hour

54. h2o - water

55. hbv - hepatitis b virus

56. hemi - half

57. hepatitis - liver

58. hiv - human immunodeficiency virus

59. hob - head of bed

60. hoh - hard of hearing

61. hs - hour of sleep (bedtime)

62. ht - height

63. hx - history of

64. hyper - above

65. hypo - below

66. i plus o - intake and output

67. i see you - intensive care unit

68. i n - inches

69. inc - incontinent

70. iv - introvenous (into blood vessel)

71. l - left or leader

72. l e - lower extremity

73. r l e - right lower extremity

74. lle - left lower extremity

75. lb - pound

76. loc - level of consciousness

77. lpn - license practical nurse

78. md - medical doctor

79. mi - myocardial infarction (heart attack)

80. min - minute

81. ml - milliliter

82. mrsa - methicillin resistant staphylococcus eris

83. ms - multiple sclerosis

84. n a - nursing assistant

85. nac - nursing assistant certified

86. nar - nursing assistant registered

87. naso - nose

88. ng - nasogastric

89. nka - no known allergies

90. noc - at night

91. npo - nothing per os (nothing by mouth)

92. o2 - oxygen

93. obra - omnibus budget reconciliation act

94. oob - out of bed

95. o r - operating room

96. o s - opening of mouth

97. ot - occupational therapy

98. o - ounce

99. p_ - post (after)

100. pc - after meals

101. per - by, through

102. pm - evening

103. po - per os (by mouth)

104. post op - after surgery

105. ppe - personal protective equipment

106. prn - as necessary

107. pt - patient

108. pt - physical therapy

109. cue - every

110. qth - every two hours

111. qh - every hour

112. qid - four times a day

113. r - right

114. rectal - or respirations

115. rn - registered nurse

116. r o - rule out

117. r o m - range of motion (passive range of motion, active range of motion)

118. rx - prescription treatment

119. s_ - without

120. sba - standby assistance

121. s o b - short of breath

122. spec - specimen (sample)

123. stat - immediately

124. std - sexually transmitted disease

125. t - temperature

126. tb - tuberculosis

127. tbsp - tablespoon

128. tid - three times a day

129. tpr - temperature pulse respiration

130. tx - treatment

131. ua - your analysis

132. ue - upper extremity

133. arm - e right upper extremity, l u e - left upper extremity

134. uri - upper respiratory infection

135. uti - urinary tract infection

136. vre - then commission resistant enterococcus

137. vs - vital signs (temperature pulse respirations and blood pressure)

138. wc - wheelchair

139. wt - weight

Learning medical abbreviations and their meanings can help patients and their families better understand their medical condition and treatment plan. It is important for medical professionals to communicate effectively and avoid confusion by explaining medical terminology in a clear and concise manner.

THE BASICS - Abbreviated Dialing Lists - PERSONAL - Avaya PBX R12 - HD

In this video, CJ from PBX How To is back after being under the weather and is discussing personal abbreviated download lists for dialing. Here are the main points covered:

- CJ from PBX How To is discussing personal abbreviated download lists for dialing.

Points Covered:

- Personal abbreviated download lists are speed dial lists that users can use to call frequently called members.

- CJ asks users to send him an email with their top ten phone numbers, which he then adds to their station as a personal dial list.

- Changing personal abbreviated download lists cannot be done from the command line and must be changed at the station.

- To change the abbreviated dialing list for a personal list for a specific user, the user needs to have outside access, put a nine, and dial the number.

- Users can access personal abbreviated download lists by using a feature access code, which is pre-populated, and dialing the corresponding dial code.

- CJ sets up feature button assignments for users and gives them an ABR prog to program their lists and change the numbers whenever they want.

- Users need to remember to dial nine for outside lines.

- CJ will do another video on Britta dialing for the system and how it differs from personal dialing lists.

- Personal abbreviated download lists are a useful tool for users to make calls quickly and efficiently.

- By following CJ's instructions, users can easily set up and use their personal dialing lists.

22 Business English Acronyms & Abbreviations You NEED

- Greeting and purpose of the video

- Acknowledgement of sponsor, LingoDe, and their new business English course

- Explanation of the importance of business English in the workplace and career advancement

Acronyms and Abbreviations:

- Explanation of the usefulness of acronyms and abbreviations in emails

- Examples of commonly used abbreviations with definitions (e.g. V, Corp, Dept, etc.)

- Examples of commonly used acronyms with definitions (e.g. tbh, ASAP, ETA, etc.)

- Reminder to write down and review the abbreviations and acronyms

- Homework assignment to comment with any additional abbreviations or acronyms

- Encouragement to connect on social media

- Thank you for watching and learning with Lucy

How to say and use abbreviations in English

50 shkurtesa të zakonshme në anglisht

Shkurtimet janë një pjesë e zakonshme e fjalorit në anglisht dhe janë të rëndësishme për të kuptuar komunikimin në internet dhe në jetën e përditshme. Këtu janë disa nga shkurtesat më të zakonshme që mund t'i hasni gjatë fjalës ose shkrimit të përditshëm:

1. ASAP - As soon as possible

2. RSVP - Répondez s'il vous plaît

3. FYI - For your information

4. TBA - To be announced

5. TBC - To be confirmed

6. TBD - To be determined

7. PTO - Please turn over

8. PS - Post scriptum

9. FAQ - Frequently asked questions

10. AKA - Also known as

11. ETA - Estimated time of arrival

12. FTF - Face to face

13. RIP - Rest in peace

14. AD - Anno Domini

15. BC - Before Christ

16. AM - Ante meridian

17. PM - Post meridian

18. CC - Carbon copy

19. BCC - Blind carbon copy

20. HR - Human resources

21. PR - Public relations

22. GCSE - General Certificate of Secondary Education

23. MA - Master of Arts

24. MSc - Master of Science

25. BA - Bachelor of Arts

26. BSc - Bachelor of Science

27. PhD - Doctor of Philosophy

28. MB - Master's degree in Business Administration

29. ATM - Automated teller machine

30. PC - Personal computer

31. DIY - Do it yourself

32. A&E - Accident and Emergency

33. BLT - Bacon, lettuce, and tomato

34. EDM - Electronic dance music

35. BPM - Beats per minute

36. BO - Body odor

37. VIP - Very important person

38. IQ - Intelligence quotient

39. DOB - Date of birth

40. ID - Identification

41. PC - Politically correct language

42. TLC - Tender loving care

43. BYOB - Bring your own bottle

44. SOS - Save our souls

45. AWOL - Absent without leave

46. MIA - Missing in action

47. ATM - At the moment

48. BRB - Be right back

49. BTW - By the way

50. TBH - To be honest

Shkurtimet janë një mënyrë efektive për të shkurtuar kohën dhe për të bërë komunikimin më të thjeshtë. Nëse kuptoni këto shkurtesa, mund të bëni fjalorin tuaj më të përshtatshëm dhe të komunikoni më mirë në një botë ku koha është shumë e çmuar.

Emacs Abbreviation Mode

In this video, Timothy Hunkert explains how to use Emacs abbreviation mode for programming, correcting spelling errors, and expanding acronyms into their full word equivalents.

Using Abbreviation Mode:

To turn on abbreviation mode, type Alt+X or Meta+X, and then type abbrev-mode and hit enter. To expand an abbreviation, first define it using the Control+X and AIG commands for global abbreviations or Control+X and AIL for local abbreviations. For example, to expand CIA to Central Intelligence Agency, define the global abbreviation as CIA = Central Intelligence Agency using the Control+X and AIG commands.

Saving Abbreviations:

Abbreviations can be saved in the abbrev_defs file, located in the .emacs.d folder. To set abbreviation mode on by default, add the following commands to the .emacs file: setq-default abbrev-mode t, read-abbrev-file ~/.emacs.d/abbrev_defs, and setq save-abbrevs t.

Using Abbreviation Mode for Programming:

Abbreviation mode can be used for programming by defining abbreviations for commonly used code, such as qsa for documentquerySelectorAll in JavaScript. This allows for quicker and more efficient coding.

Using Abbreviation Mode for Correcting Spelling Errors:

Abbreviation mode can also be used for correcting spelling errors. For example, if quiet is frequently misspelled as queit, an abbreviation can be defined as qin = quiet to automatically correct the spelling.

Emacs abbreviation mode is a powerful tool for programming and writing, allowing for quicker and more efficient use of commonly used phrases and code. By defining abbreviations and saving them in the abbrev_defs file, users can customize Emacs to suit their individual needs and preferences.

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