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Peur du Rejet (et comment la combattre)

Published on: December 21 2022 by Coachs en Mission avec Ling-en Hsia

- Fear of rejection is a common feeling that many people experience in their lives

- It can manifest in different ways, such as avoiding social situations or not pursuing goals

- Overcoming this fear is crucial for personal growth and achieving success

Sub-Heading 1: Understanding Fear of Rejection

- Fear of rejection is rooted in the need for acceptance and validation from others

- It can stem from past experiences of rejection or low self-esteem

- It often leads to self-doubt, negative thoughts, and avoidance behavior

Sub-Heading 2: Strategies for Combating Fear of Rejection

- Recognize and challenge negative thoughts and beliefs

- Practice self-compassion and self-care

- Face your fears gradually and take small steps towards your goals

- Build a support system of positive and encouraging people

- Seek professional help if needed

Sub-Heading 3: Overcoming Rejection in Relationships

- Rejection in relationships can be particularly painful and difficult to overcome

- It is important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner

- Accept that rejection is a normal part of dating and relationships

- Focus on self-improvement and self-growth instead of seeking validation from others

- Fear of rejection is a common obstacle that can hold us back from achieving our goals and personal growth

- By understanding the root causes and implementing strategies for combating this fear, we can overcome it and lead a fulfilling life

- Remember that rejection is not a reflection of our worth and that we have the power to choose how we respond to it.

Peur du Rejet (et comment la combattre)

- Confession of being a people pleaser and seeking approval from others

- Working on overcoming fear of rejection in business and marketing


1. Rejection is a normal part of life and business

- Mentors' challenge of getting a maximum number of names, with many rejections leading to eventual yeses

- Understanding that most prospects will say no, but a few will say yes

- Good salespeople know that each rejection brings them closer to the next yes

2. Low response rates from social media and emails are normal

- People are busy and may not have time to respond

- Each name is a learning opportunity to improve approach

3. Each rejection is a chance to learn and grow

- Analyzing what went wrong and how to improve for next time

- Embracing rejection as an opportunity to become better

4. Rejection can also be a gift to the other person

- Offering an opportunity to learn or participate, even if they decline

- Approaching rejection with empathy and understanding can lead to positive outcomes

- Overcoming fear of rejection is important for business success

- Each rejection is an opportunity to learn and grow

- Embrace rejection as a normal part of life and use it to become better and help others.

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