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Published on: February 13 2023 by pipiads

Philippine TV commercials in 2020 have been diverse, featuring a range of products from food to personal care to network providers. These commercials have utilized different strategies to appeal to their target audience and promote their brand. In this article, we will review some of the popular TV commercials that aired in 2020.


1. Nivea Men White Oil Clear Mud Foam

- Helps remove excess oil for that epic interview

- Suitable for men who want to show off their confidence

- Nivea Men - champion of oil control

2. White Castle Whiskey

- End of a long day? Unwind with White Castle Whiskey

- Agent of barrels and smooth cookie flavor

3. Palmolive Naturals 100% Natural Coconut Cream Hair Extract

- For girls who want bouncy hair

- Infused with 100% natural coconut cream hair extract

- Soft and bouncy hair with Palmolive Naturals

4. Maggi Magic Sarap

- Real meat and spices in one delicious syrup

- Perfect for adding flavor to pasta dishes

5. Pepsi Taste Challenge

- 77% of participants prefer the taste of Pepsi

- Join the Pepsi taste challenge today

6. Ariel with 10x OxiClean Plus

- Fully loaded immunity ceiling

- Contains 10x OxiClean Plus for maximum stain-fighting power

7. Medical 400

- The best medical starts working in as fast as five minutes

- Faster than methanamic for quick pain relief

8. Safeguard Hand Soap

- Helps prevent germs from coming back for up to 24 hours

- The first line of defense against germs

9. Closeup Toothpaste

- Fights bacteria and lifts plaque for all-around oral care

- Provides all-around freshness for complete care

10. Enervon

- Helps boost immunity and promote overall health

- Get more immunity with Enervon

These TV commercials have effectively utilized different techniques to promote their products and appeal to their target audience. From personal care to food to network providers, these commercials have showcased a wide range of products that are popular among Filipinos. Whether it's for promoting confidence or maintaining good health, these commercials have provided consumers with the information they need to make informed choices.

2020 Philippine TV Commercials Compilation - Part 5 (feat. Anne, Alex, Luis, Sue & MORE!)

Advertisements are an essential part of our daily lives, and we come across them in various forms such as TV commercials, radio jingles, billboards, and social media ads. The primary purpose of ads is to promote and sell products or services, but they can also create brand awareness and influence consumer behavior. In this article, we will analyze a collection of advertisements and identify the common themes, marketing strategies, and persuasive techniques used by advertisers.

Analysis of Advertisements:

1. Combi Fun Size:

- Emphasis on the small size and cuteness of the product

- Use of interjections and upbeat music to grab attention

- Highlighting the convenience of the product for busy parents

2. Nerabian:

- Addressing a common health issue (neuropathy symptoms)

- Use of colloquialism (Wee week less babad) to make the product memorable

- Emphasis on the effectiveness of the product and doctor's recommendation

3. Pampers Overnight Pants:

- Use of music and catchy tagline (All-around gel that locks away one night of Wee)

- Emphasis on the product's ability to provide overnight protection

- Appeal to parents' desire for a hassle-free and comfortable diaper experience

4. Supercoat:

- Emotional appeal by highlighting the bond between dogs and their owners

- Use of a slogan (We care for your dog like you do) to create brand identity

- Emphasis on the product's nutritional value and high-quality ingredients

5. Imperial Blue:

- Emphasis on the smooth taste and local attitude of the whiskey

- Use of a catchy tagline (Keep it real) to make the product memorable

- Appeal to consumers who value authenticity and uniqueness

6. Hunts Tomato Paste:

- Emphasis on the product's quality and freshness (made from 100% fresh tomatoes)

- Use of a slogan (Paste it to believe it) to create brand identity

- Appeal to consumers who prioritize taste and natural ingredients

7. Palmolive Naturals Damage Repair:

- Emphasis on the natural ingredients (100% natural Argan Oil) and effectiveness of the product

- Use of a slogan (Let nature revive your hair) to create brand identity

- Appeal to consumers who are concerned about hair damage and want a natural solution

8. KFC Red Hot and Crispy Chicken:

- Use of interjections and upbeat music to create excitement

- Emphasis on the product's spiciness and unique flavor

- Appeal to consumers who enjoy bold and adventurous flavors

9. Smart Giga K Video:

- Emphasis on the product's convenience and ability to provide unlimited entertainment

- Use of a slogan (Simply smart) to create brand identity

- Appeal to consumers who enjoy Korean content and want hassle-free access to it

10. Pantene Long Hair Solutions:

- Emphasis on the product's ability to repair damaged hair and promote long hair growth

- Use of a slogan (Bye bye damage, hello long hair) to create brand identity

- Appeal to consumers who want to achieve healthy, long hair without sacrificing its quality

In conclusion, advertisers use a variety of persuasive techniques such as emotional appeal, catchy slogans, and emphasis on product benefits to attract consumers and promote their products. The ads analyzed in this article have successfully used these techniques to create brand identity and influence consumer behavior. It is important for consumers to be aware of these techniques and make informed decisions while purchasing products.

36 minutes of Pinoy Funny Ads Commercials - GIGIL Philippines Humor Films Supercut

In this article, we will be summarizing various conversations and advertisements in the Philippines, covering topics from music to education to personal finance.

- Music: The article mentions music several times, including a conversation with a chatbot named Doc Internet and references to foreign music and generations. There is also applause and mentions of a Christmas greeting.

- Health: There are multiple references to health, including sore throat and various types of cancer. There is also a mention of vitamin B complex and a product that cleanses and kills bacteria and viruses.

- Education: A school called Feeling Institute Power Academy is mentioned, which aims to create strong citizens and leaders. Professor Victor from the institute is also featured, teaching math and offering advice on getting over an ex.

- Personal finance: There is a conversation about the lack of savings among Filipinos, with a hashtag campaign encouraging people to save. A product called Orocann Kulit Cantina is advertised, which is an insulated water jug that keeps water cold for four days.

Bullet points:

- Music:

- Doc Internet chatbot

- Foreign music

- Generations

- Applause

- Christmas greeting

- Health:

- Sore throat

- Cancer (throat, lung, elbow)

- Vitamin B complex

- Product that cleanses and kills bacteria and viruses

- Education:

- Feeling Institute Power Academy

- Professor Victor teaching math

- Advice on getting over an ex

- Personal finance:

- Lack of savings among Filipinos

- Hashtag campaign encouraging people to save

- Orocann Kulit Cantina, an insulated water jug that keeps water cold for four days

The article covers a range of topics, including music, health, education, and personal finance. There are advertisements for various products, as well as conversations about important issues like savings and getting over an ex. The article provides a snapshot of some of the conversations and ads in the Philippines.

TRY NOT TO CRY Sad Philippines Commercials!

This article is about a try not to cry challenge with sad Philippines commercials. The challenge involves not crying while watching a compilation of emotional ads. The author offers a prize of five dollars to a random subscriber if they do not cry. The author also pledges to donate money to charity every time they cry during the challenge.

Challenge Rules:

The challenge is to watch a compilation of sad Philippine commercials without crying.

If the author cries during the challenge, they will donate five dollars to charity.

The author will randomly choose a subscriber to receive five dollars if they do not cry during the challenge.

To participate, viewers must leave a comment, subscribe, and like the video.

The Challenge:

The author watches a series of emotional Philippine commercials and attempts to avoid crying.

During the challenge, the author nearly cries but manages to hold back tears.

The author pledges to donate money to charity for every time they cry during the challenge.

At the end of the challenge, the author donates $78.75 to charity.

The try not to cry challenge with sad Philippines commercials is a difficult but emotional experience. The author offers an incentive for viewers to participate by pledging to donate money to charity. The challenge encourages empathy and compassion towards those affected by the issues addressed in the commercials.


Music is an essential part of our lives, and it has a significant impact on our emotions and mental state. People worldwide have different music tastes, and it varies from culture to culture. From upbeat music to slow and soothing sounds, music has a unique way of connecting people.

Benefits of Having Your Own Music Playlist:

- You have control over the type of music you listen to.

- It helps in improving your mood and reducing stress.

- You can discover new artists and genres.

- You can personalize your music according to your mood.

- It provides an opportunity to create memories through music.

Why Music is Important:

- Music has a therapeutic effect on our mental health.

- It helps in improving concentration and focus.

- Music brings people together and creates a sense of community.

- It can be a source of inspiration and motivation.

- Music provides an outlet for emotions and feelings.

In conclusion, music is a universal language that has the power to connect people from different parts of the world. It has numerous benefits, and having your own music playlist can provide a personalized experience. Whether you prefer upbeat music or slow and soothing sounds, music has a unique way of improving our mood and mental health. So, let's keep listening to music and enjoying its benefits.

g ads project ph

Foreign Music Project: How to Create New Marketing Strategies to Increase Monthly Sales

Foreign Music Project aims to provide effective marketing strategies to increase monthly sales. In this article, we will discuss the importance of using headlines in marketing campaigns, the effectiveness of G ads, and how to use them effectively in your marketing strategy.

Using Headlines in Marketing Campaigns:

Headlines are an effective tool in marketing campaigns that use a combination of headlines, body copy, and images to sell products or services. They not only increase sales but also serve as a budget-friendly alternative to traditional full-page ads. Online advertising spending is estimated at $100 billion annually, and as more people create and use online advertising options, this number will only increase. To make the most of your advertising campaign, it is crucial to use headlines that target your specific audience. For example, if you are selling reading services, finding the right headlines for your ad can help maximize your sales potential.

Effectiveness of G Ads:

G ads are a visual marketing strategy that uses a combination of headlines, body copy, and images to sell products or services. They are effective in increasing sales and do not require a lot of time to research your ideal audience. By adding images and a few words that grab your readers' attention, you can use G ads in your blog to increase your sales potential.

Using G Ads Effectively in Your Marketing Strategy:

The most effective way to use G ads in your marketing strategy is to use them in your blog. G ads can collect as much data as possible about your customers, including identifying their problems and finding ways to solve them. The purpose of the campaign is to collect as much data as possible about your customers and show them what you are doing to solve their problems.

Key Takeaways:

- Using headlines in marketing campaigns is an effective tool to increase sales.

- G ads are a visual marketing strategy that can be used in blogs to increase sales potential.

- G ads can collect as much data as possible about your customers and help identify their problems and find ways to solve them.

In conclusion, by using a combination of headlines, body copy, and images, you can create new marketing strategies to increase your monthly sales. Whether you are a small business owner or a marketing professional, utilizing G ads in your marketing strategy can help you achieve your sales goals.

TRY NOT TO CRY Sad Philippines Commercial Compilation

This article is a collection of random phrases and sentences that do not make sense when read together. However, by analyzing the language used and the context in which the phrases were used, we can learn about the importance of coherence and clarity in communication.


- The article contains a mix of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms.

- The use of these language features can make communication more interesting and engaging, but it can also make it difficult to understand the intended message.

- Repetitive phrases and unnatural sentence structures can also affect clarity and coherence.

- The phrases in the article do not follow a logical sequence or theme, making it difficult to derive meaning from them.

- The lack of punctuation and capitalization in some parts of the article can also affect understanding.

- Bullet points or numbered lists can be useful in organizing information and making it easier to follow.

- The article highlights the importance of using clear and concise language to effectively communicate ideas.

- Asking questions at the end of sentences can also help engage the reader and encourage them to think about the topic.

In summary, the article emphasizes the importance of coherence and clarity in communication. Using language features such as contractions, idioms, and transitional phrases can make communication more interesting and engaging, but it is essential to ensure that the message is still clear and easy to understand. Additionally, organizing information using bullet points or numbered lists can improve readability. Finally, asking questions can encourage reader engagement and promote critical thinking.

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