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pharmaceutical ads

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

These Pharmaceutical Commercials Are Insane!

are you a pharmaceutikal company making,decent money selling conventional,medicine,do you wish you could make some more,well,you should try selling heroin,selling heroin in the form of opioids,will triple the death rate in america,and cause average life expectancy to,fall for the first time in 100 years,dealing with these new eggs will cost,the country 179.4 billion,every year and destroy countless,communities,if you aren't satisfied with the amount,of money you're making make sure to,bribe doctors to prescribe more heroin,to unsuspecting patients,and now all you've got to do is sit back,and watch these other drug commercials,with us and find out how your business,could make a killing selling legal,heroine,[Music],i mean immediately of course he's happy,who wouldn't be happy in a drug,commercial,herb quit smoking with chantix and,support,what if you have too much,i love these drugs are so good just,showing off how capable he is now,tok to your doctor about chantix,he does not look like he wanted to quit,smoking,i love his teeth is still brown as well,like he just he quit smoking,one minute ago you're getting upset that,he's,only taking chantix he needs to be,taking tooth whitening stuff as well,tooth strips yeah i dare they present,this man with one black eyebrow and one,white elbow,you proposing the eyebrow things the,side effect of chantix,i mean i don't say anything while,chanting still exists and could sue us,but maybe make sure we just stop this,reaction,we did not think of that until now that,like this is defamation against a very,large couple,let's only pick pharmaceutikal companies,that have been so [ __ ] up they don't,exist anymore,then it's fine some people have had,changes in behavior hostility agitation,depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or,actions while taking or after stopping,chantix,that they said while taking but most,importantly,or after stopping so there's no mistake,it makes you think like i've taken it if,i haven't had the side effects,i can't stop now this is like suicide i,thought that might not be the drug to be,fair that could just be,withdrawal symptoms for the loss of an,eyebrow i've also lied about that too,yeah that also is a good way to stop,smoking,what killing yourself oh yeah you've,done,you take it and you're yeah well at,least i'm not smoking,all your problems to solve if you notike,agitation hostility depression or,changes in behavior thinking or mood,that are not typical for you,or if you develop suicidal thoughts or,actions stop,about this because we're not exposed to,it i feel like it's actually quite,common having this beautiful music,i've never seen yeah it's also good that,they're like they've got these,regulations you know they're like,they're being a bit safe being like look,you can mark this [ __ ] up thing,but you have to say how bad it is but,you didn't say anything about the music,the advertiser just gets like okay but,we can do it to like,soft relaxing nice guys,i wonder how much stuff we don't,advertise that we could advertise in the,same way,like what you know like like the iraq,war or something,and you go through all people have died,the iraq war may have side effects if,you're a 14 year old gathering things at,the forest,or if you're thinking you're getting,married with the like love of your life,and you invited your entire family to,the wedding party,tok to your doctor about any history of,depression or other mental health,problems which can get worse while,taking champions,some people can have allergic or serious,skin reactions to chantix some of which,can be life-threatening,how is this now for chantix no i think,six seconds of it,was amazing what it did and now we've,watched 32 seconds of saying how [ __ ],up the drug is,i mean it seems a bit counterintuitive,but obviously people are,paying to put this ad places which means,it does help some chances,maybe yes this is the same model as all,the pharmaceutikals in america if you,notike swelling of face,mouth throat or a rash stop taking,chantix and see your doctor right away,tell your doctor which medicines you're,taking the doctor doesn't know,what what you're taking this stuff i,think is over the counter take this for,lols,if you die to tok to your doctor can we,look it up,okay so it looks like you need a,prescription but you can get one online,in 18 minutes,it both reduces craving for and,decreases the pleasurable effects of,cigarettes,oh my god that's isolated for just,cigarettes,oh yeah make everything feel like [ __ ],patients also reported trouble sleeping,and vivid unusual or strange dreams,i love strange dreams,he's a dream just sitting in,[Music],this is like an eric andre sketch it,also makes me,not like american satire shows anymore,because just like how could you,i could probably come up with anything,funny when like your normal tv looks,like this,yeah it's like what are you doing just,just record what's on tv and play that,to australians we'll fight it hilarious,when driving or operating machinery,chantix should not be taken with other,quit smoking products,is that because of the side effect or,are you just telling us because you,don't want us to worry about competitors,that was the only thing that didn't,happen oh my god but it's also like,i wonder what cues this actor gets does,he know that what they're gonna be,saying while he's reading does he have,to like invoke that in his face,there is nothing that he's doing that is,connected to this ad not at all this is,probably stok footage,well they didn't tell him like just try,to give the vibe that maybe you have,weird dreams,how would you how would you do that in,this scenario,well you're just ejaculating yeah it is,that's like,i love those dreams oh i never,ejaculated better in my life than,in a dream that is the peep it's a,horrible sex life,that too or a great please oh yeah,[Music],the urges weren't like they used to be,and that helped me quit,i'm,[Music],so the next video is a video that the,pharmaceutikal companies sent to doctors,to convince them to prescribe more,oxycontin okay so to the doctors not the,patients oh yeah,this is the smart people only,smart drug dealers i got my life back,now now i can enjoy,every day that i live i can really enjoy,myself like i'm sure you can when you're,drugged up on opioids that's true that's,true like i love life,this is [ __ ] amazing since i've been,on this new pain medication,i have not missed one day of work and my,boss really appreciates that lauren,is there every day i would like to think,that she hasn't missed a day of work but,she's so high like,she's got like a broken back and she's,still just going to work she's like,oh,like that's usually what you do with a,sleazy craft yet well it's like oh you,don't want to [ __ ] everyone well,here's more crack you know what i mean,like it's just zone yourself out it's,the,same rationale that you know pimps use,but it's like apply to the wider society,it's like,just numb yourself yeah so i'm able to,be,very productive a productive um person,again,that's the [ __ ] scariest thing that,the only good thing you could say about,this thing is that,i am a better worker like my boss loves,it,loves it i'm doing heroin physical,therapy hopefully will,get me strong enough where eventually i,won't need to use the,the drug therapy but the drug therapy,allowed me to do,the physical therapy i feel like,oxycontin is the wrong thing for that,what do you mean like you do not take,heroin to be better at exercise like you,need to be doing meth,or like something makes that fast and,strong the doctors are thinking to you,you've made heroin legal like short,great but like if you really want to,help this guy become like a sporting,machine there's a other illegal drug,why stop that meth and then you know,pick him up and then steroids as well,let's get that guy bigger yeah oh yeah,he's kind of small he's gonna,he could be winning you know maybe a,champion he could be a champion,not enough drugs for that man yeah thi

ISMO | Pharmaceutical Commercials

i've been here,like almost for four years now basically,and uh,i i haven't watched that much tv than i,thought i would because,i started to watch like regular tv i,watch netflix a lot and that stuff but,like,regular tv it's hard to watch because,it's like so many commercials like way,more commercials that i've used like,i think about half the time is,commercials,and then half of the commercials are,pharmaceutikal,like pharmaceutikal commercials and then,half of the pharmaceutikal commercial,is the side effects,so when you're watching tv you're mostly,hearing about side effects,and i don't think that's the best way to,spend time,just listening to horrible side effects,because i think that's unhealthy that,has to be bad for you to hear those,horrible like,because eventually you start to pick,them up,especially the worst is when you're like,not really watching the tv,but you're just doing something else and,the tv is just on the background,and it's really like subconscious like,like we're doing something,thoughts of suicide,did i think or not,okay i'm gonna go back itching eyeballs,a strong urge to masturbate,now i have to rewind what's that really,yeah no no that was not the tv no,[Laughter],because i've never heard those side,effects on finnish tv like it doesn't,exist back in villa and i i was thinking,why and,i think the reason is that in finland we,we are not allowed to advertise like,uh prescription like drugs that are like,prescription drugs,and uh i think that kind of makes sense,because like they are prescription,like because it's like it's not for,everybody,like why do i have to know the side,effects of a drug that i don't need like,it's just,i it's a weird like i don't like why,do we have to listen to that because i,always thought i thought that you go to,see the doctor like this you go to see a,doctor and you tell,where it hurts like it hurts here or,here or somewhere,and then the doctor just takes it from,there,but it turns out in here you have to go,see a doctor like hey doctor i,i saw this commercial,i was inspired by all the side effects,i i think i want to try that,[Music],foreign,[Music]

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Joe Rogan Reacts to Ridiculous Pharmaceutical Drug Ads

hello freak [ __ ] you know aligned,with the interest of patients or even of,doctors,well the real issue to me that stands,out as an example of that is these,stupid [ __ ] commercials they have for,pharmaceutikal drugs where people are,having the best time ever,well you're looking at them and like the,how is this is so deceptive you're,showing me like best-case scenario,grandpa running pushing the bike and the,little kids laughing and everyone's,having the time of their life like oh I,want the time of my life how do I get in,on that until the last fifteen or thirty,seconds which is like just drive me,cause you know Humera yeah where's that,stuff it was for remember she said it's,like 120 grand for that crap yeah I,think and death is a side effect of that,drug death suicidal thoughts contact,your physician he'll tell you a [ __ ],yourself,wake him up give me some volume on this,so we can hear this I thought I was,doing okay too but I'm not,she's managing people who still have,symptoms of moderate to severe Crohn's,disease in clinical studies the majority,of people on humerus all significant,symptom relief there we achieved,remission tuberculosis serious sometimes,fatal infections and cancers including,lymphoma,have blood liver and nervous system,problems serious allergic reactions and,new or worsening heart failure before,treatment get tested for TB tell your,doctor if you've been to areas where,certain fungal infections are common and,if you've had TB hepatitis B are prone,to infections or have flu-like symptoms,or sores don't start Humira if you have,an infection just managing your symptoms,okay kill it right there,why is that lady so [ __ ] sweet and,cheery what she's toking about eminent,death and the music just does not and,look the woman is on a TV set to like,she's a successful producer on a,television set what a bizarre choice for,like what she does for a living like,watch her will kill the volume but watch,her wander around the office they're,like who the [ __ ] works on a TV show,like this is we're supposed to relate to,this lady how many people work on the,set look at her she's got her folder she,goes and she grabs a cake yeah she,because even though she has something to,do with Crohn's disease what you eat,she's gonna [ __ ] die in an explosive,imploding rectal or get an infection,that would be totally you know not a,threat for you or anyone else but,because they had taken a drug that,globally suppresses their immune system,can kill you yeah that whole thing like,if you you know if you have an infection,don't take it like what aren't those,pretty common the [ __ ] not to get in,fact don't get an infection while you're,taking Humana it's not like do you ever,try to get an infection I mean how do,you not try to get an infection yeah,this but this is what kills me is the,bizarre choice of her being some sort of,a director or producer of a television,show like that we're supposed to relate,what she is so successful maybe yeah,maybe if you take him area you could,also it was another one a bill a fire,that killed night and it was a,antidepressant you give to people that,are suicidal while taking,antidepressants yeah like what yeah hey,yeah let's tok about abilify it's one I,think it's the sixth or seventh most,prescribed drug in the u.s. it's an,anti-psychotik okay so if those two,things don't,resonating there's a reason for that we,don't have that many psychotiks in this,country where abilify could be the set,you know he only uses an anti-psychotik,give me some volume let's hear this,struggles with my depression I was,handling it but sometimes she's a,cartoon I've been feeling stuck for a,long time so I toked to my doctor and,she had it abilify to my antidepressant,she said it could help with my,depression and that some people had,symptom improvement as early as one to,two weeks I'm glad I toked to her I,wish I'd done it sooner now I feel more,in control of your depression worsens or,you have unusual changes in behavior or,thoughts of suicide antidepressants can,increase these in children teens and,young adults your elderly dementia,patients taking abilify have an,increased risk of death or stroke or,call your doctor view of high fever,stiff muscles and confusion to address a,possible life-threatening condition or,if you have uncontrollable muscle,movements as these could become,permanent blood sugar has been reported,with the vilifying medicines like it and,in extreme cases can lead to coma or,death all the rates of Sinclar increased,cholesterol weight gain decreases in,white blood cells which can be serious,dizziness and standing seizures trouble,swallowing,and impaired judgment or motor skills,[Music],take this [ __ ] most of that is telling,when does it start where they're toking,to you cut this segment of the,commercial where the lady comes out the,doctor comes out show where the lady,doctor is because with it that's like,halfway in the lady doctor comes out,just break this down because this is a,drug that's added to a prescription of,someone who's already taking any,depressants to prevent suicidal thoughts,or and but then one of the first side,effects they said to look out for it's,suicidal thoughts yeah what maybe,there'll be a third drug that people who,are already on antidepressants and,abilify can take for the suicidal,thoughts that abilify wasn't a,to get rid of from the original,antidepressant yeah maybe we're just,being cynical depression we just needed,trust in that cartoon lady with the,great voice,this is amnesia so loss I mean this is a,good example like we've all heard this,term evidence-based right yeah and the,idea is that conventional medicine is,evidence base and everything else is not,well that's total BS because this in,abilify is a great example it's an,anti-psychotik that's what it was,approved for for psychosis and yes we,have a lot of people yeah I mean recent,events indicate that we do have quite a,few psych psych psychotik people mass,shootings etc but not that many you know,not enough to make abilify that the,seventh leading drug on a sales basis,that since that's an insane number yeah,so what abilify is prescribed off-label,so off-label means a way of using the,drug that has never been a study or,approved by the FDA for that partikular,purpose so it's using a drug in a way,that was not originally studied how is,that legal it's legal doctors have the,authority to prescribe medications,off-label as long as they're FDA,approved as long as they're FDA approved,for something that's insane vast,majority of abilify prescriptions,therefore are off-label which means,they've never been studied or shown to,be safe or effective for the conditions,that it's being prescribed for so your,doctor could legally prescribed you,birth control pills yeah I mean it would,be frowned upon and maybe if they did,that enough and it was causing problems,they would they would have to justify,why they were doing it but it's the,missing key to vilify for men okay you,have female birth control pills like it,means they can use it in a population,that hasn't been studied for so for,example a drug has been studied and,approved for adults did you see that it,said not safe you know it shouldn't be,used for children in the elderly yes,never been studied but that doesn't mean,it's not being prescribed for children,or the elderly it's still definitely is,but you know antidepressants have been,shown to cause to Inc suicidal ideation,in adolescents and teenagers in,partikular and,they are still often used in that in,that group even though they were never,studied or approved for that population,what is this one Jamie a bill bill fires,top-selling year seven bits the,top-selling sorry stok sale usually,it's not the SAP number seven it's a,silly me is an anti-psychotik is that,real it's real but is it still the,top-selling drug whatever let's not even,look but in 2014 it was the top-selling,drug that is crazy has become the,best-selling drug in the United

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Direct to Consumer Advertising by Pharmaceutical Industry

hello I am rosemary Brown I have been a,registered nurse for 35 years I'm,currently the chief nursing officer at,Duke Raleigh Hospital I'm here to tok,to you today about what I consider this,country's addiction to prescription,drugs we've been called a nation of pill,poppers,I saw a broadcast Sunday morning CBS,there was a report they provided that,noted in 2005 even though the United,States is a measly five percent of the,world's population but we accounted for,42 percent of the world spending on,prescription drugs I was pretty amazed,by that I began to think how could this,be why is this happening in the United,States we don't have to read very far,into the literature to discover that,many people will think the,pharmaceutikal companies are responsible,and certainly they are exaggerating the,benefits of their drugs they frequently,downplay the side effects and they,create a lot of me to drugs which,basically are the same old drug with a,new name so they have some,responsibility and then there's the FDA,the Food and Drug Administration there's,certainly that are true out there saying,that they need to be stronger they need,to have more regulatory power over these,advertisements actually over new drugs,being flooded into the market it's also,interesting to note that 50% of their,budget is paid for by the pharmaceutikal,companies the exact arm of the FDA which,approves drugs so certainly there's,those that think the FDA is responsible,and then there's even literature that,toks about the providers,someone has to write the prescriptions,there's certainly literature out there,that says that the providers are in the,pockets of the pharmaceutikal companies,that they don't take the time they,believe patients really want to pill,rather than changing their behavior and,actually one research study that I,looked at 72% of the physicians felt,pressured to prescribe a specific drug,it dawned on me then what I was saying,that the pharmaceutikal companies are,somewhat responsible the FDA is somewhat,responsible the providers are somewhat,responsible but the doctors are writing,prescriptions because we're asking for,them I think the real problem lies with,us with you and with me we have become a,nation that believes that our health,issues our quality of life and even our,happiness can be fixed with the swipe of,a pen across a prescription pad we want,a pill to fix everything we no longer,believe that we can do this by changing,our behaviors,then I thought well maybe it's working I,mean so what if we're taking a lot of,pills and it's working maybe that's the,right thing to do so I thought well,there's got to be some statistiks out,there on this and there are there are,some health statistiks some vital,statistiks I mean but it it wasn't very,good news I wouldn't say when I looked,at our ranking of the United States two,other world countries we ranked 41st in,life expectancy so not exactly living,longer doesn't seem then I looked at,quality of life,well we ranked 13th in quality of life,we're taking a lot of prescription drugs,doesn't seem to be improving the quality,of our life and then probably the one,that was most striking was the fact that,we write to one hundred and fiftieth and,Happiness and I know that was,partikularly interesting since I read a,report where in 2005 and six the number,one prescribed drugs the number one or,antidepressants Wow so we really aren't,getting the effect who think we are from,taking prescription drugs so we have to,go back and look at what we really need,to be doing and that is we have got to,believe our behavior matters we have got,to stop asking the physicians and,providers to give us a quick fix but,rather we need to be saying not what,drug can you give me but what health,behavior should I engage in to fix this,problem or to mitigate this condition,it's about our behaviors we have to,adopt healthy behaviors we have to be,willing to change our lifestyles,Hills are simply not going to be the,answer for us we need to stop being a,nation of pill poppers there's a couple,things I want to leave you with there's,a book that I think you should try and,read it's called our daily meds it's by,Melanie Peterson does a nice job of,portraying why we are where we are with,the pharmaceutikal companies today then,second of all I would like for you to go,to website www.cableorganizer.com,how it helps with health I think you'll,find it interesting,it's a good place to start because we,need to turn this around you and me not,the pharmaceutikal companies not the FDA,not the providers it's really up to us,we have to stop asking for pills thank,you

Cause and Effect: Do Prescription Drug Ads Really Work?

we're here today with Wharton healthcare,management professor Abbe Alpert to tok,about some of her recent research Abbi,thanks for being with us thank you so,first of all could you give us a brief,summary of what you studied so my,research is in health economics and,public finance and my recent work has,focused on the pharmaceutikal market so,in a recent project I've studied the,impacts of direct to consumer,advertising for prescription drugs on,drug utilization and rugged here ins so,we've seen a very dramatik increase in,the number of pharmaceutikal ads on TV,in the last two decades pharmaceutikals,are now one of the largest categories of,advertising on TV and over four billion,dollars is spent on this type of,advertising and economists have been,interested for a long time in,understanding the extent to which,advertising is informative versus,persuasive and pharmaceutikal,advertising is partikularly,controversial in this respect and there,has been a lot of debate about its,potential effects on patient welfare so,on the one hand advertising may have,informational value if it educates,patients about available treatments,encourages people to seek care,especially for undirected I ignore scans,or it may even improve communication,between patients and their doctors for,people who are already taking,advertising medications seeing an ad on,TV for your drug could serve as a,reminder to take your medication or it,may even enhance your perception of the,benefits of treatment potentially,leading to better drug adherence on the,other hand a drug advertising may also,lead to unnecessary overuse of,prescription drugs and increased drug,spending and so in this project we are,trying to quantify the extent to which,advertising impacts drug utilization and,we also explore some of the mechanisms,underlying advertisings impacts and this,helps us to try to understand some of,the health and welfare implications of,advertising so to do this we use a,natural experiment design which helps us,get at the causal effects of advertising,on our natural experiment is,the introduction of Medicare Part D in,2006 so using data from the Nielsen,corporation we find that there was a,sharp increase in pharmaceutikal,advertising immediately following the,introduction of Part C and that this,advertising was targeted to markets with,the highest concentration of elderly so,places like West Palm Beach Florida for,example we also find that this,advertising spilled over onto younger,consumers in these markets even though,it was targeted to the older consumers,and that they also experienced increased,exposure to drug ads after Part D and so,this sets the stage for our research,design because what we do is compare,drug advertising before and after party,across geographic areas with a higher or,lower concentration of elderly and then,we use this change in advertising,exposure due to Part D to estimate its,effects on drug utilization for the non,elderly so people who are under age 65,and not eligible for Medicare and we,focus on the non-elderly population in,order to isolate the effects of,advertising on drug utilization from the,direct effects of the Part D program so,to give a simple example our strategy,basically boils down to a comparison,across areas like West Palm Beach,Florida with a large elderly population,and areas like Denver with a much,younger population so young people,living in West Palm Beach are going to,be exposed to a larger increase in drug,advertising after party relative to,their peers living in Denver and then we,test whether this also leads to a,differential increase in drug use and,our data on drug utilization comes from,a very large database of insurance,claims which covers a wide variety of,geographic areas so after looking at,this what were some of your key,takeaways I mean where did you have a,bunch of young people in West Palm Beach,one like take I don't know a heart,medication or like stuff that older,people would take or I mean what did you,find so we find substantial effects of,advertising on drug utilization we,estimate that,percent in advertising exposure we,increase the number of prescriptions,purchased by about 5% about 70% of this,effect is driven by increased new,initiation and the other 30% is due to,increase drug use among existing,patients so in other words increased,drug adherence and specifically we find,that a 10% increase in advertising would,increase the rate of drug adherence by,about one to two percent so while,advertising increases drug adherence,among existing patients we also find,that among people who initiate treatment,because of advertising their compliance,with treatment is actually lower on,average and so this is a concern if,advertising is capturing people for whom,treatment is marginally less appropriate,or for people who are simply less,attached to treatment because initiating,a treatment without complying with it,will lead to increased drug spending,without very many gains to health also,another finding we have is that there,was a large spillover effect of,advertising on non advertised drugs,within the same drug classes so these,non advertised drugs are typically,generics or off pen brands and the idea,here is that someone sees an ad on TV,for lipitor ask their doctor for lipitor,but then gets prescribed another statin,or a generic drug and so what we're,finding is that advertising expands,utilization for entire classes of drugs,so could you tok to us a little bit,about the practikal implications of this,paper I mean I could see it having,pretty broad ones just because it,involves both prescription drug,companies and doctors and then also even,patients who are seeing this stuff on TV,so pharmaceutikal advertising has been,in the news a lot lately because the,American Medical Association recently,called for a ban on all direct to,consumer advertising for prescription,drugs the u.s. is actually only one of,two countries in the world that allows,this type of advertising and they argue,that drug advertising leads,to substitute away from low-cost generic,drugs towards more expensive brands even,when they're not appropriate and so our,research can help to inform this debate,while our findings show that advertising,does indeed increase drug spending we,also find that advertising may have,health benefits because it increases,drug adherence and also increases the,take-up of important drugs for,treatments like high cholesterol,hypertension depression and others,although we can't exactly and fully,tease out appropriate versus,inappropriate use in our study more,concerning though is that we find that,people who initiate drug treatment,because of advertising are on average,less compliant with treatment and so,this could mitigate some of these health,gains we also find that a significant,share of the increase in drug,utilization driven by advertising is,actually for non advertised drugs which,tend to be lower cost generics and,off-patent brands another implication of,this research is that we find that there,were very large spillover effects of,Medicare Part D on the non-elderly,population outside of the Medicare,program and these effects are large and,important on their own it may warrant,some consideration by policymakers I,guess what I was wondering is I mean the,idea if you're saying that people who,see these ads I mean they may it may,bring them to the doctor but it also,might mean that they're less compliant,but someone that came another way I,guess what implications does this have,for like how physicians should maybe,treat patients that have seen this,because of an ad if they if they know I,mean is it sort of given give tips about,how they might be able to mitigate some,of those negative impacts that you think,right so we find that people who are,initiating treatment because of,advertising or less adherent and so,doctors should be potentially aware that,people who are coming in asking for,treatment may not be as as eligible for,that treatment o

Funny Or Die’s Best Pharmaceutical Commercials

- Thanks,You know I've had,some pretty bad relationships but,,this feels different.,- Today almost didn't happen.,I woke up yesterday,with a massive herpes outbreak.,In the past,,I would have canceled,,but thanks to Herpacol DX,,I didn't have to.,Herpacol DX is the only,FDA approved, fast acting medication,that can clear a herpes outbreak,in less than a day.,When I get an outbreak,,this is the only product,I trust,to make this,,our little secret.,- [Man] Hey guys,- No no no no no,- [Man] What?,- This chick just spent the last,10 minutes telling us that she has herpes,- [Narrator] Herpacin DX,,check us out on Twitter and Facebook.,(bright music),- [Narrator] An everyday moment,can turn romantik anytime.,And when it does, men with erectile dysfunction,can be more confident in their ability,to be ready,,with Cialis, for daily use,Cialis for daily use is a clinically proven,low dose tablet you take everyday.,So you can be ready anytime,the moment's right.,- Tell your doctor about your medical condition,and all medications.,And ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity.,- [Woman] Don't take Cialis if you take,nitrates for chest pain,,as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.,- Don't drink alcohol in excess with Cialis,Side effects may include headache,,upset stomach, delayed back ache or muscle ache.,To avoid long term injury, seek immediate,medical help for an erection lasting,more than 4 hours.,If you have any sudden decrease or loss,in hearing or vision,,stop taking Cialis and call your doctor,right away.,- [Narrator] Ask your doctor if Cialis for,daily use is right for you.,For a 30 tablet free trial offer,,go to Cialis.com.,(upbeat music),- Wow looking good ladies,- Thanks,- Thank you,- Why don't you come over here?,- No thanks.,- Rawr, I like a challenge,,look, I know you want it,,so come get it.,- [Narrator] Some guys have the unfortunate,illness of hearing yes when you say no.,But now, there's a cure.,- Here, try this.,(wretches),- [Narrator] 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