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piggly wiggly menasha wi weekly ads

Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

The City of Natasha Common Council Meeting was called to order by the speaker, who requested everyone to rise and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The first item on the agenda was a public hearing regarding the rezoning of a property on Milwaukee Street.

Rezoning Proposal:

The proposal was to rezone 528 Milwaukee Street, also known as Wilsky's Pub, from I1 Heavy Industrial to C1 General Commercial. This was part of a lot line adjustment proposed by the neighboring property, and after discussions with the planner, staff recommended the rezoning to bring the property into conformity with the zoning code. The proposed use was legal non-conforming, and the rezoning would allow the property to conform to the zoning code.

Concerns of the Land Contract Owners:

The land contract owners of Wilsky's Pub expressed their concerns and requested that the proposal be delayed so that they could have time to purchase the property outright and contribute to the city. They also mentioned that they did not understand the impact of the rezoning on their property and were uncertain about their future plans for development.

Special Use Permit:

The next item on the agenda was a report of department heads, where Nick Romanesco from Gold Cross gave an update on their operations and services. Gold Cross is a regional system that responds to healthcare and specialized transportation needs of communities they serve in a high quality and efficient manner. They provide emergency, non-emergency, and UNH transport services, and also do standbys and special events.

The City of Natasha Common Council Meeting covered important topics such as rezoning and emergency medical services. The concerns of the land contract owners were duly noted, and Gold Cross' services were appreciated. The meeting adjourned after covering all the agenda items.

Project Table Talk: Period Poverty

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Fond du Lac Area Women's Funds Project Table Talk. It's an educational series dedicated to topics that sometimes would not be brought out into the public, but we're here to talk about them. I'm Maria Turner, the Executive Director of the Fond du Lac Area Women's Fund, and I'm joined today as the facilitator of today's show. I'm joined today by several guests. We have Amber Kilauea, who is the Executive Director of the Fond du Lac Area United Way, as well as one of her board members, Aaron Brendelson. And then we also have Jeff Fluhmannbecker, who represents the Ripon Area United Way as one of their board members.

Today we're going to be talking about a collaboration amongst the agencies that are here today, as well as the Dodge County United Way, related to serving the need of providing girls in Fond du Lac County throughout various school districts with the basic need of menstrual products. We're gearing up for our second annual That Time menstrual product drive which became an idea last year brought forward by the United Way here in Fond du Lac to address some concerns that they were seeing within the Fond du Lac School District with period poverty.

Girls coming in not having the resources, the financial resources available to buy period products, and sometimes missing school. The drive last year coincided with United Way's annual day of action, and it will again this year that will occur on June 21st. Let's get started. Let's talk a little bit more in-depth about the drive and what we plan to do here in Fond du Lac County.

- Aaron brought the issue to Amber's attention based on some of the things that she had experienced as a guidance counselor.

- United Way likes to jump in there and let's try to be innovative but most importantly, let's try to partner with an organization.

- We're going to be able to help with this again so year 2 of the drive.

- We're really excited about expanding this out into some of the rural schools, which is why Jeff is here with us today representing the Ripon Area United Way.

- We're thrilled to be partnering with both Fond du Lac Area United Way and the Dodge County forward pond that we can cover the whole county and make sure that our schools and more importantly the young ladies in our schools have products available.

- The more that men can feel comfortable discussing conversations that are related to women's health or other women's issues all the better.

- We're partnering with Oakfield, North Fond du Lac, St. Mary Springs, Ripon, Waupun, and Campbellsport school districts.

- We're fortunate to have a wonderful donation from Menasha Corporation of 25 cardboard bins that we're placing throughout the county.

In conclusion, the Fond du Lac Area Women's Funds Project Table Talk is an educational series dedicated to bringing out topics related to women's health and other issues that people might not be comfortable discussing in public. The menstrual product drive is an effort to address the issue of period poverty and provide girls in various school districts in Fond du Lac County with basic menstrual products. The drive is supported by the United Way and will take place on June 21st. Donations can be dropped off at various locations throughout the county. Let's work together to eliminate period poverty and support our girls in need.

02-11-2020 Platteville Common Council Meeting

The city of Platteville held a meeting on February 11th, 2020, where a special presentation was made by the Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. The presentation covered the economic impact of the college in the region, including the fact that it brings in around $159.3 million per year and is responsible for almost 3,000 jobs in southwest Wisconsin. The college has a major emphasis on healthcare and offers programs such as nursing, physical therapy assistant, and midwifery. It also offers programs in agriculture and business, which are some of the highest-enrolled programs.

Southwest Tech is unique among technical colleges in that it has its own student residence, with 140 beds on campus. The college also offers opportunities for high school students to earn college credits, and has partnerships with local school districts to offer programs like culinary and early childcare.

Overall, the presentation highlighted the many ways that Southwest Tech benefits the community, from providing education and job opportunities to contributing to the local economy. The council approved routine items such as council minutes, payment of bills, financial reports, and appointments to boards and commissions.

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