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Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

How I Find $2000/day Winning Products using a PipiAds (Product Research LIVE)

what's up, beautiful people, it's nas here. thank you so much for coming back to my youtube channel. in this video, we're going to tok about a very, very unique and brand new product research method. um, that being said, i'm just going to throw it out there. it is paid, but, oh my god, this makes my life so much more convenient. this is specifically for tiktok and, um, i don't want to waste any more time. we're going to go ahead. i'm going to show you exactly how i do this product research and i'm going to do an actual product research. i'm gonna put the products together. if this video gets 500 likes, i'm gonna put it down below. so make sure you go ahead and like, like this video and let's get started with this product research method. all right, guys, if you know me, you know that i've been doing a lot of my product research methods, like product research stuff on pp ads, just to see how other people ads are performing. and now, that being said, i know a lot of people you know like think pps can be saturated. but the thing is, we're not using pp ads to necessarily like, go and steal other people's winning product, but mostly it's like to see what other people are testing and that was the whole thing with. you know the method that i was doing. it was more like seeing, okay, what other people's are testing, what are they doing? is it working? we're not going after people's winning product, but we're gonna see what other people's just adding to their store and what they're testing. and those are the products that, like brand new products that are coming out that you know that haven't been tested a lot or haven't been scaled a lot. those are the products that we want to go after. so check this out. when you go on ppx, there's this new section. it says new, it says product search, so you're going to go over there and what it shows you- basically- i mean that that's what i assume it shows you- is, like, all these new people that are just testing the product. so every single day you see all these people testing the product, right, so these are all brand new products. for this specific product research method, what you need is shopify tool. whenever you click on it, it's basically this chrome extension that you get what it does. it shows you, uh, other people's live sales. so, for example, if people are getting sales, you could see if they're getting sales or not. that's how you know if the product is actually performing or not. the reason, um, we want to use that is just because ppp ads also has its own data, but it's not really accurate. now let's get started. let's find some products together, let's put some products together and go from there. uh, we're gonna go. since i specifically focus on us and canada, i'm gonna go to us and canada. uh, let me know down below if you ever had any luck in the uk or australia. um, oops, i've tried so much with uk. like, i think i had one product that was selling for a little bit but it kept dying really quick and i wonder if, like with uk, you can actually find a product that could consistently become a winning product. i haven't given it so much like attention to make it work, but i've been doing a lot of, you know, i've been just scaling and testing and all stuff. um, in us and canada. okay, so let me get to that page. you see all these products and all these people are testing this product. one thing is: this is today, is the 18th, this is set for tomorrow, so they don't even have any data or anything, but still we could open it up and maybe they ran. you know some ads today. you never know, but i like to scroll down. you literally every hour you're gonna see new products here, so that's kind of cool. let's see, for example, this air attack wallet. it was scaled for a while. it's coming back. um, it says 19th, but also it could be that if you're in new zealand or something, you're like 18 hours ahead of you know, like ahead, so it could be a new zealand time. but let's take a look, these things are just honestly over saturated. i would not test these, um, probably not. let's scroll down. i'm going to open bunch of them and i'm going to show you how you can do this product research. these are all products that are recently been people been testing and every hour or so, whenever you go for refreshers, you see more products, more products, more products. there's so much products in here, so scroll down, let's see what else is out there. let's take a look at this one. i have one of these water bottles, so let's see if you know anybody. i haven't seen it a lot on tiktok, so that's a good sign. scroll down whatever that i don't see a lot on tiktok. that's a good sign. you know what i mean. okay, uh, let's take a look at this one. um, it's- i don't know why it's in town, because i put us and canada, which is fine, but let's scroll down. uh, i want to take a look at this one. these are all some products that i want to take a look at. so when you open it, i like to like open bunch of tabs. i don't know, some of you guys, ocd people- are like: oh, i don't want to open that many tabs, but, uh, let's take a look. so let's take a look at this ad [Music]. kind of cool, all right, i've seen this a little bit. it's a brand new product that i've been seeing. i haven't seen it a lot, i think, in the last two, three days. it's like something that the people started testing. so either it's performing or people are just copying other advertisers that don't know what they're doing. you know what i mean. so let's open their page. what i like to do- like if they just started running the ad- i like to open it and then see if they're getting sales. if they're getting sales, that's a good sign. that means that the product is um, is actually performing, and for whatever reason, this product page doesn't work. so we're going to move on to the next one. uh, let's look at this one. let's see, this is just this too much of a saturated video and honestly, every i i don't know- let's, let's see if they're getting sales. i don't want to judge, but, uh, let's look at their live sale. okay, the last sale was an hour ago and also this also triggers it if people adding the product to the store. so it could be that they just added this product to the store. but if you keep the product page open, um, you can consistently like if you come back, you can see the live cells if they're getting like more sales and more sales or not. uh, let's go to the next product so you can kind of keep the product page open and see if you get more sales. uh, let's take a look at this one. i've been drinking so much water. um, last night i drank like a liter just at the night time. i'm never doing that much. i just did because it's like a novelty, because i just okay, this is actually a really good ad face tiktok ads. if you you've been running tikle cats, you know their review style kind of stuff like do really well, especially if you're like sound genuine in your pick, you know in your videos, but let's see. who am i to judge? let's see, the data numbers don't lie, uh, two days ago. so i don't think they're doing really that well. let's see if, if i, if it shows that, how, actually you know what? i don't know because it's been running. it's just been running, but it says they got 1.3 okay impression. it could be that they're running a traffic campaign. so let's just do this. we're going to go ahead. it's just going to be the concept of what we're doing. uh, i want to get to more like maybe the ads that i've been running for like a couple of days, you know. so let's go to page six. most likely you're still gonna see a lot, a lot of products that are just running. i keep seeing this one too. okay, so four legs might be brown. new too, so might not be. this is too saturated. i wouldn't test it too saturated at this point to saturate it. i keep, if you see the product, a product like more than four or five times that that product is saturated and most of the time, unless you come up with like a brand new creative for it, the chances are that product wouldn't like already. i can tell this is not, it's not worth testing, but once in a while you're going to run into, like some products that are just like. just there's one person that is.

The Best Product Research Tool Of All Time?!?

now. i've done unspeakable things in my dropshipping career to find winning products that i can monetize: from visiting local flea markets to punching kids repeatedly until they give me the scoop as to what's hot on the street, i will do literally anything to find the next winning product. but what i realized through all of these trials and tribulations is that there was one tool out there that could simplify and lower the time it takes for me to find winning products in an instant, and that tool will be revealed in this video. now, before your eyes gaze upon this tool. i must show you how powerful this is with the right action. now, as you can see on this list of products, i am not the one who researched these, but at my agency, we have a product research team that uses a variety of different drop shipping tools and builds up a list of products for yours truly to review. and when you go to the source of the products they're finding, you'll notike over and, over and over again. one tool keeps on appearing: pp ads. yes, the tool with the incorrect punctuation and clearly google translated copy is the best product research tool in 2022 for drop shippers. now the broke boys might be saying: ethan, i can't possibly invest 263 dollars a month into a product research tool. what do you think i'm made out of money? and here's the thing: it's not about being made out of money. you can do a lot of stuff to make this kind of money. you can start your own nft collection. you can invest into dogecoin. frankly, you could rob somebody, maybe your parents. i don't care. the means in which you get the resources to afford this tool, it's just important that you do get them, because if you're not using this tool, you're just letting your competition fly by you. it's like tying one leg behind your other in a 100 meter race. now, before we use this tool, we need to know what actually makes up a winning product. now, if you click the link in my description, you can get my free 69 page e-book- nice. that details all of the main things that i look for and products, along with what tools that i like to use as well. now, the first, most important thing you need to look for in every winning product is: does it either create a desire or does it solve a problem for a specific audience? does it save time? does it save money? does it help with my confidence? does it make me happy. what does the product actually do? because most people buy products to solve a problem, not just to own a random product. for instance, with this product right here- and you're probably wondering what the hell is that? is that some gigantik plan b pill? no, it's actually something that is used to clear your acne. it's great for skin care. so why would someone ever buy something that looks like an ecstasy pill? well, it solves a problem. if you're someone that does have skin care issues and you know- oh, if i use ice packs, that can definitely help me clear my skin. it can give your skin a healthy glow and really it's a lot easier to sell these problem solving products if you are a beginner and you're new to marketing and copywriting. however, there's also products that don't really solve a problem, like these glasses. it could be a necklace like this one right here. it doesn't really solve a problem. sure, it can complete an outfit, but really people are buying it because it looks cool. so when we look at this product right here, i mean this is just a car air freshener. it's pretty useless. it's a very cheap item, but, oh my goodness, it's got a rap album on it. it looks super cool. you're seeing a record spinning in your car, instantly you're like, dang, i want one of those. that's super awesome. so that's the desire that you really want to hit. that's the feeling you want to evoke if you're selling a product. that's really trying to create a desire. when you look at the product, you're like, damn, even i would sort of want to buy that, and if it really doesn't give you that emotion, then you shouldn't be selling that product. now, the next thing i look for in a product is: does it improve someone's confidence? i really do feel like that's a great selling point for a lot of products and the biggest ones that i've ever had, like the waist trainer that i sold and scaled to 61 000 in 14 days. in case you haven't seen that video, make sure to check it out. but yeah, that product solved a huge pain point for my audience because it tackled confidence. it made you look more beautiful. it's something that provided a transformation. so when we look at this product right here- lose wrinkles with five minute therapy- i mean that's a pretty good hook. i'm not gonna lie. and, as we can see again, it's another skincare product. it helps you repair your skin and, if we go in, okay, yeah, removes fine lines and wrinkles. so this is a beauty product and you notike with a lot of beauty products. that's the main selling point. it really improves your confidence at the end of the day, because you look beautiful and when you're beautiful you feel good, you feel sassy and you feel like you can take on the entire world. so products like that are really easy sells. and obviously there's other things you want to look for in products, like making sure they have the right margin. now, everyone has different rules when it comes to margin. for me personally, i look for products that i can resell for three to five x the supplier costs. so if i'm selling this water bottle and it cost me five bucks, i want to make sure i can at least sell this for around 25. so that's three to five x the cost from the supplier and at least a twenty dollar margin. now why twenty dollars? well, when you're advertising on tiktok, facebook, wherever, you have to account the cost for advertising and it's really really difficult to get cost per purchases under twenty dollars already. so having a product that has a much higher margin means you have more room to test and do new creatives and be able to have slower days, because your margins are just that great compared to if you're selling phone cases that cost 10 bucks. i mean, you got to be an ad wizard. it is incredibly difficult. plus, those are really generic, so i would just avoid those all together. and then the final thing is wow factor, and i get it's ambiguous and it's different for everyone, but really wow factor is usually a product that is a unique variation of an already proven concept or it's just something you've never seen before. so, if you really want to put it into tiknical terms, that's what it means to me and that's what it can mean to you. so when we look at this product right here, there are plenty of different earrings and cool designs out there, but this one right here is pretty unique: the fact that it wraps around your ear. it's sort of like a bluetooth headphone, but it's also just a really cool sparkly. oh, look at that. that looks really really nice. honestly, i didn't think you could make ears bougie, but with this it's got a lot of wow factor again. anything shiny has a decent amount of wow factor, but it's a really, really beautiful jewelry set. so now that you decided to scrape up the money to afford one month of ppads. let's tok about how you can build an enormous list of products that you can test over the next couple of months. so if you're going to tik-tok ad search, pp ads already does the work for you. if you really want, what you can do is go to categories, go to dropship, and they have all the filters already done for you. geez louise. do they have to make it easier? i don't think so. now the other setting i like to do here is make sure that the ads have at least a thousand likes. that's a good baseline. if an ad doesn't have that many likes, it's usually just not a product with a lot of traction, and i like to sell products that already have a decent amount of hype- not too much hype, and by too much hype i mean if i could find five to ten different sellers of it and all their ads are popping off, that usually means the product is very saturated. but if i only see one to two companies really killing it with the product, that means i know i can jump onto the

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How To Use PiPiADS To Find $1500/Day Winning Dropshipping Products [PiPiADS Tutorial]

thanks for joining me once again. this is oleusha david, and if you're like me that have a drop shipping business on the side that is making you extra source of income, then you want to see this video i'm about to share with you. so in this video, i'm going to be sharing with you how you can use this new platform- pp ads- to research hot selling products that you can sell on tiktok, or they can use tiktok to advertise. now, before, when it comes to running advance for your drop shipping product or for any e-commerce product, now, facebook is usually the best platform to run this other ball. with a recent trend: now everything that has to do with facebook is actually skyrocketing, the ad price is going up and upon that, and facebook is actually blocking accounts easily anyhow. all right so, but this time around, you can actually use tiktok to promote your product, and this platform, which is pp hat, is going to give you access to top selling period adverts that are doing well on tiktok that you can easily grab, then replicate and use that advert- and that's some pretty large- to start selling yourself on tiktok. all right, so there's no need to reinvent the way. just look for something that is doing well, get this thing and start selling it for yourself, alright. so this is what ppr is all about. it's going to give you access to selling product- products that can earn you a whole lot of cash when it comes to drop shipping- all right. so if it is something you like to do, you like to make extra income with drop shipping? so if you have existing business like this drop shipping- or you like to start a drop shipping business on the on, on the side, now this platform is going to give you access to product that you can sell fast. that's going to make you a whole lot of money, all right. so if this is something you like to do, i want you to stik around, watch this video today and if it's your first time saying channel, please don't forget to like the video. if you are yet to subscribe to the youtube channel, subscribe so you can get more videos like this, alright. so, without any further ado, let's get started. thanks for joining me once again, and, like i said earlier, i'm quickly going to show you how you can use this to peep it out, to search for all selling products that you can start selling as a drop shipping period to make extra source of income. so, as you can see on my screen now, this is pp ad. it actually comes with a free trial. so if you want to get started with this platform, i'm going to add a link addition of the video. okay. so, just because you showed the video, click the link there and, you know, get on with the feature just to get used to the platform and see how the platform works. so, as you can see now, this is what mpps can actually do for you. it can actually find you out selling products, so it says, and discover all sales product from advertising videos and verify alt item by add data. okay, so you can also use them, this tool, to start and to study other ad strategies, so it says them analyze, add data, find out computers, our strategy, true views, likes and hard time. it is it. so it also gives you access to quality ad materials. now, this includes image, ad copies, videos that you can actually use to promote alternate products you'll find on this platform. all right, so how you simply need to just copy and download and they add material you can access to on this platform. all right, so this is, uh, basically what you can actually use and take and pp ads to do. all right, so you can also use it to find priority. you can sell on xt and shopify. it also comes with a chrome extension that can be used and to gain access to products that are performing well on shopify- all right. so this is the shopify tool. so when you click on this, it's going to redirect you to the chrome extension. it's going to redirect you to the chrome extension that you can actually use to hunt products on shopify- products that are selling well and products are doing fine that you can start selling on your shopify store also. all right. so let me quickly walk you through how you can start using pp hat. so, as you can see, now, this is a tiktok add slash and we have a product search and we have a winning product, we have advertisers, we have an xt product, we have collection and this is the pricing for the two. so when you click on them and tiktok add such, now it's going to bring you the interface, all right. so this is basically how you can gain access to products that are performing well on tiktok. so, as you can see here, now these are random products. you can actually analyze and see how well they are performing on tik tok. so what you want to do now is you want to come to this category section here and if you have any keyword in mind, probably you have a product in mind already that you want to research- all you simply need to do: just enter the keyword here and um search for the keyword, all right. so what you want to do now is come to this category here. so, as you can see, hold, we have an e-commerce game hub, dropship and brand, so just click on them. e-commerce here. so once you click on e-commerce, it's going to bring out e-commerce periods that people are selling. so, and the next one here is a basic, so you can search for the product based on the country and region. so in my own case, i usually go with united states, um, then canada, okay, canada then- and uk also, all right. so it's going to bring out products that are running in the us, canada and united kingdom, all right. so the next thing you want to do now is you want to come over to this action button here. so the action button is going to show you, um, the action button they are using on the printer. so we have them. shop now. we have broke now. so obviously, that product that us at the shop now button is obviously an e-commerce product. so what you want to do is you want to click on um shop now, all right. so just click on shop now and it's going to bring out product with the button, all right. so the e-commerce platform- so if you want to look for products that people are running ads to, so if it's every time shopify that this advertiser are using, if you indicate shopify here, is going to bring out and product that, uh, that people are promoting on their shopify store. so you could also add wordpress, all right. so i prefer them: shopify and wordpress. all right. so the next thing you want to do is you want to come to add types here, so you could just then click brand or non-brand. so i usually leave it um that way, all right. so the next thing you want to do now is um you want to come to the add impression here. so, depending on what you want, you can just um play around with um the period here and play around with the impression here, okay so. and if you want them to see, ads, beats and based on likes. so this is a zero to one million, i think. so you can just um tik this button here to gain access to product based on the like and popularity. you could also this and do the same, and for this you could also do the same, and for like- wait- you could also do the same. so, once you've done everything you want to do, it's going to bring out and products, and this are the products you're going to be saying. so, as you can see now, this is obviously a drop shipping printer. so let's just play this then see what this is. [Music]. all right, so this is, and this is um- a phone case. all right, so this is obviously a drop shipping product. all right, so i think the advert started running two days ago and the impression is um and 3k. okay, so we have them: this one which is i'm 16.4 k, and they had started running three days ago, and we have another one, seven km. so what you want to do is just want to look at the produce. all right, so this product is is um, is running in canada, and the one here is running in us. this one is us. this is canada. this is united states. this is canada, again. all right. so what you want to do is: you could also go back up. just to, you know, play around with the impression here. so let's just left and left and click um. okay, let's start with a more than one thousand. all right, so the total lik.

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Mit TIKTOK Winner Produkte finden 2022 / PIPI-Ads - Dropshipping

heute erwartet dich ein video über die produkt research. ich zeige euch, wie ich innerhalb kürzester zeit verschiedenste winning product finder und die beste content strategie dazu entwickele, und das alles mit tiktok. ich glaube, jeder von euch hat den enormen trennen von tik tac miterlebt. nicht nur die user anzahl explodierte in den letzten ein bis zwei jahren, nein, sondern auch die werbetreibenden werden immer immer mehr. verschiedenste unternehmen bauen gerade reichweite auf tiktok auf, suchen mitarbeiter für ihr unternehmen oder verkaufen produkte so wie wir. und das alles auf tiktok. also notiere wieder alles mit und passen den nächsten zehn minuten sehr gut auf, wir ab sofort schnell und einfach die trends erkennen könnt und die besten winner herauspickt. und das gibt es heute im video let's go [Musik]. ich habe in den letzten zwei wochen ein tool entdeckt, dass in unserer produkt research ein game changer wurde. es handelt sich um pps. mit peach haben wir die trendanalyse, die tatsächliche produktanalyse und die content strategie um 180 grad gedreht. warum? weil wir mit dieser plattform die besten werbeanzeigen in kürzester zeit finden können. bevor wir starten, möchte ich mich bei pps bedanken. da unser youtube-kanal gerade ziemlich am wachsen ist, habe ich mir gedacht, ich schreibe pps an und frage nach einer kooperation, und sie baten wir 20 prozent für alle an. den code findet ihr in der beschreibung. ob ihr das tool dann wirklich verwendet oder nicht, entscheidet wird erst am schluss des videos. ich gebe euch einen einblick in die gesamte plattform. da ich dieses tool selber seit drei oder vier wochen intensiv verwendet habe, kann ich das ganze mit sehr gutem gewissen weiterempfehlen, da ich überzeugt bin, dass es euch auch weiterhelfen wird. also lasst uns starten. pps ist ein 2: 0 für tiktok werbung. die plattform ist ziemlich gut aufgebaut. die meiste zeit verbringe hier. also wir sind hier auf der tiktok search, es gibt mehrere kategorien, aber wie gesagt, die meiste zeit verbringe hier, und hier stelle ich auch meine metriken ein. ihr könnt auf dieser seite wirklich einiges einstellen, und hier ist es auch wichtig zu testen. wenn ihr nicht einstellt, wird natürlich alles automatisch ausgewählt. starten wir mit der trendanalyse. mit der trendanalyse filtern wir die aktuellen besten arten von werbe jetzt heraus. hier geht es noch nicht um die produkte, sondern um den stil, wie das video produziert wird. also wir geben die letzten drei monate als zeitraum 1- wir wollen ja herausfinden, was aktuell gerade am trendigsten ist, befüllt dann verschiedenste länder und schreiben uns alles in ein dokument. hier der schnelldurchlauf. ich mache für jede analyse immer einen 40 minuten blog, also 40 minuten reiner fokus auf diesen part. wenn ihr zwischen 20 und 30 links in eurer liste habt, dann könnt ihr mit der zusammenfassung starten. schreibt euch die trends heraus, die gerade aktuell sehr gut funktionieren. diese trends sollte dann selber auf eure produkte um brandon und austesten. entweder ihr gebt diese liste an euren content produkt so weiter, oder ihr produziert das natürlich selber. [Musik]. weiter geht es mit der tatsächlichen produktsuche. in der produktsuche finden wir die besten wo in den products, also die produkte, die dann auf eurem shop gelauncht und vermarktet werden. also wir haben jetzt schon mal einen groben überblick im markt bekommen. wir kennen die creatives trends, die gerade gut laufen, und wir haben auch schon einige produkte gefunden, die auf tiktok sehr gut funktionieren. also die produktsuche ist ein wenig systematisch aufgebaut. wir suchen aktuell ziemlich stark im amerikanischen markt und versuchen, diese produkte im dachraum dann zu bränden. also springen wir hinein. als erstes fangen wir mit amerika an. den zeitraum könnt ihr auf ein oder zwei oder drei monate wieder setzen, damit alle produkte aktuell sind, und wir fehlt dann das ganze auf bekanntheit. dieser block dauert wieder 40 minuten. schreibt euch alle produkte innenstadt, und am schluss kommt wieder die zusammenfassung. hier ein kurzer schnelldurchlauf: [Musik]. also wir schreiben uns die produkte in eine liste und zusätzlich den shop mit den apps dazu. ihr bekommt nach mehreren durchläufen und product testing ein sehr gutes gefühl, was funktionieren könnte und was nicht. es gibt noch viele weitere metriken, die ihr bei winning products herausfinden können, wie zum beispiel der umsatz in den letzten monaten, google trendanalysen, amerikanische markt versus dachraum und uns diese metriken würden das video komplett sprengen. trotzdem kann ich euch sagen, je öfters ihr diesen schritt macht, umso leichter fällt durch der ganze prozess. also ihr habt jetzt die trendanalyse, die produktanalyse, und jetzt geht es zur content strategie. ihr müsst jetzt, abgesehen von jobaufbau, branding, fulfillment und co, die strategie entwickeln. diese strategie fällt nicht unbedingt den die produktsuche. trotzdem ist dieser schritt sehr wichtig für die entscheidung, welche produkte ihr dann tatsächlich testet. als erstes könnt ihr natürlich herausfinden, ob ein produkt auf eurem shop passen würde. stellt euch die frage: passt dieses produkt in meine nische und zu meiner brennt? das findet ihr schnell heraus, und wenn das nicht der fall ist, dann geht es weiter. die weiteren fragen werden: in welcher lage bist du aktuell? hast du die möglichkeit, aufwendigere produkte zu schalten, wo du wirklich personalisierten content benötigst? benötigst du andere team members, um diese brennt aufzubauen? und natürlich die größte frage, ob du das produkt überhaupt von filmen kannst. es gibt verschiedenste produkte, die echt nicht einfach sind, in dachau zu vermarkten, und somit überleg dir genau, was. ich gebe euch ein beispiel: wenn das produkt einfach mit chemie zu tun hat, wenn dieses produkt irgendwelche zertifikate benötigt, dann sollte man wirklich auf das achten und sich überlegen, ob es einem das wert ist und ob man dieses budget als erstes in die hand nimmt, um dieses produkt überhaupt an zu testen zu können. stellt euch auch die frage: welche vor und nachteile hast du bei einem produkten? versuch einzuschätzen, wie viele fans zu bekommen wirst und ob die produktqualität in ordnung ist, ob das nur ein trend in der jetzigen zeit ist oder ob das produkt nachhaltig ist, und also versucht, punkte im vorhinein herauszufinden und dann erst zu entscheiden. wenn du das alles gemacht hast, bist du eigentlich fertig. nun sollten ein paar produkte in seiner näheren auswahl gefallen sein, und du kannst eigentlich los starten. dieses video ist im endeffekt wirklich nur eine grobe zusammenfassung, wie ich das ganze aufbau, versucht, die vorgespielten zwei videos, sowie ich die blöcke immer gestaltete, genau zu analysieren, und versuche, das auch selber umzuwandeln. wenn du diese sessions ein, zwei, drei, vier mal hinter dir hast, dann kommst du auch in dieses feeling hinein, was wirklich winning products and winding strategien so ein eigentlich einen job oder ein produkt ausmachen. ich glaube, vor allem in der anfangsphase ist dieser prozess wirklich eine daily todo. du kannst es immer einbauen, denn es ist absolut keine verlorene zeit, wenn du in dieser pps werbe bibliothek herumstöbern, denn dubai verschafft dir einen riesengroßen überblick im gesamten markt, und das ist so ausschlaggebend für deinen erfolg der produkte. wenn du noch weitere fragen hast, schreiben uns einfach eine nachricht auf instagram. wir werden die antworten. wenn dir das video gefallen hat, freuen wir uns wirklich sehr, wenn du dir kurz zeit nimmst, du das video lässt, kommentiert und natürlich ein abo hier lässt. das nächste video kommt schon in wenigen tagen, also drückt die glocke, dass du auch wirklich nichts verpasst. wir sehen uns bald.

FULL TikTok Ads Strategy (COPY THIS)

in the past 30 days, i've brought this e-commerce store to well over 10 thousand dollars per day using only tik-tok ads. now i think i've only said this once in my youtube career, which is this is a video you need to watch all the way through because it's basically going to serve as a mini course giving you a framework for any sort of e-commerce business if you want to run tiktok ads the right way. i'm currently spending about 200 000 a month between two of my main brands and i've been doing that for a while. so if you want the full breakdown at scale- a level that most people who teach on youtube are not at themselves- this is gonna give you some of those strategies and a little bit of insight into the ad account. i'm gonna actually show you inside of it now. if you stik through this video, i'm also gonna give you two winning products and all the targeting for it, the pricing options, the sourcing costs, the offer style- everything that you can do to launch it today. but first a quick story. my tiktok ad account was hacked somehow. we're still trying to work it out. with tiktok, somebody scheduled 100 000 per day worth of ads to run to their store- some separate random chinese store selling a t-shirt. i know now it's a little weird to say, but thankfully it only spent forty two thousand dollars. it could have been much worse, and that was in a six hour block where- a surprise surprise- i wasn't at my computer. i don't know what i was thinking golfing on a thursday, but it costed me 42 grand. so i've definitely got a crazy story coming for that once it's resolved. but that's not going to stop me from moving forward in the meantime. so before i jump in and screen record through here, i just want to let you know about the giveaway we do in every video. all you got to do is like, subscribe and comment below. get entered to win a free e-commerce course, a free custom built shopify store, as well as some cash in every single video let's jump in. so again, this is one of those must-watch videos. i'm not saying that is click bait or some weird stuff. this is just so much value. took me a long time to put this together, so please drop a like below and a pro tip. play this at 1.5 x speed or 1.75. i know i tok fast, but i listen all my stuff on a faster pace, alright. so my ad just on this one main brand- this is the one that got hacked- spending about five thousand dollars per day. this ad account is 47, roughly under tracking, so about half. so, for example, if you see a cost per purchase for you know 36 dollars, in reality it's about 18 because, right, half of that. so everything is doubled and that's just because of some mistracking issues. we got a lot of different stuff running here. there's a lot of money scheduled to be spent. it just depends on what's going on, this kind of like the last week timeline that you're looking at here, with probably 20 something thousand dollars spent. now, to give you a visual on top of that, i know i already showed you this is the month so far built it from. it's like 1500 a day, kind of hanging out towards the end of last month and now it's consistently over 10 000, really between ten and thirteen thousand dollars a day. um, it hasn't been below about twelve thousand in the last like week. so that's great. we'll ship over four thousand orders this month and probably about ten thousand next month, at least that's assuming no scale and i'm continuing to scale. so i'd like to see this at about twenty thousand dollars a day by the end of next month. and again, that's only using tiktok ads with the exact strategies that we teach inside of our tiktok ad blueprint, which you can find links below the test group for that just opened up. depending on when you watch us, it might be closed, but we'll be opening to the public shortly. so here's three things you absolutely need if you want to start this, and i'm just gonna give them to you in this video. okay. number one is having the right product. i'm gonna give you two full examples, breakdowns of everything. the right ad strategy: this is my favorite topic, so you know we're gonna tok about it again. our tiktok ad blueprint just opened. absolutely epic. the feedback's been incredible so far. thank you to everybody in the test group. number three: the framework for your mind. this is arguably more important because it is the groundwork that you have to lay. it sounds a little cliche, but, oh my gosh, this will make the world of difference once you nail this down. and again, more to come at the end of this video. i will tok about that in the last slide. product number one: this thing is so cool for a lot of reasons. i'm going to tok about the pricing. that's why i really like it, but it's a digital lock and it looks like a normal door handle- most locks that go on like a bedroom door or something. they're all big and bulky and they got like a keypad and stuff this. you slide your thumb across the digital screen and the numbers appear or you can use the thumbprint. so super cool. it's unique like that. it's a little more modern and it's one of those things you can absolutely crush it with sourcing costs. this would be the ideal price to fulfill the product: 35, maybe 40. obviously once you're doing volume you're going to discount that and obviously once you're ordering inventory, you're going to get an even bigger discount. so there's a lot of things you can do to source this the right way. there's probably so many suppliers for this. target sale price is going to be 99. the reason we chose that is because multiple e-commerce stores that are getting a lot of traffic driven to their site are selling it for 119- 129 and amazon is about 89 to 99, depending on which listing you're looking at. so it's one of those things where that's like kind of in the sweet spot, right in the middle of everything that's being sold. however, just because we want to sell it at 99 doesn't mean we're going to start there. so the starting sale price: we're gonna put it at 79. this is exactly what i would do if i was selling this product today. started a little bit lower. the reason for that: i'm going to give you the targeting options in a moment over here. but the reason we started a little bit lower: it just helps you optimize for a cheaper cost per purchase and it's a lower barrier to entry when you're testing the product. right, if people aren't going to buy it at 79, then they're probably not going to buy it at 99.. so test it lower. it'll actually cost you less money to test the product that way. now a possible offer structure: this is how you could pitch the product when you are running ads: buy one, get one, 20 off. people can easily buy multiple of these and it's a stupidly high average order value. that aov. that's like the most important metric when it comes to your ads. the higher your average order value, the easier it's going to make running ads with all these ad strategies that i'm about to show you. so make sure to stik through this video. but this is such a cool. quantity break is what that's called. you're giving someone a discount very frequent in this marketplace. very easy to do and a lot of people are going to take it. so that would put your average order value instantly up to like 150 without any other upsells and stuff. so really, really cool. now targeting options very broad here on tiktok. you want a lot of people inside that audience. if you find an interest and it's too small- let's say it's not over 10 million- you're just going to expand that interest and i'm going to show you that here in a moment. so home decor- that fits in perfectly with this. home improvement fits in perfectly. these are two interests that i would individually select, making sure that they are very broad audiences with tens of millions of people at least. i would also run some no targeting. i would also find multiple other interests. we're going to tok more about that structure in a moment. but first let me give you a second winning product that's working so well. this one i've toked about before because i've actually sold it. i sold this product super successfully over on faceboo.

PiPiads Review: Best TikTok Ads SPY TOOL [+20% OFF]

you see, for you to run a successful drop shipping business, you need access to all selling products now. these are winning products that you can quickly set up on your website, then make quick profit from them and, as a matter of fact, you can easily scale up this product and make even bigger profit. but when it comes to finding this product is actually stretchy, because most people don't know how to research, or telling people that they can sell on their drop shipping website, which is what brings us to pippy at. so in today's video, we're going to be doing a quick review on pp hat. now this is a new platform that gives you access to other selling products on tiktok. now, usually, when you want to promote any drop shipping product now, the platform you might want to look into our facebook, instagram. but now this is now add cost on this platform actually skyrocketing. so for you to make even bigger profit or for you to make quick cash with your drop shipping business and the platform you might want to look into is tiked off, because most dropshippers are running at that on tiktok, and the reason they are running up that on tik tok is because they are making a whole lot of profit. so the best thing to do is to look into what he's doing already, so there's no need to reinvent the world. just look for product that is performing well, then replicate this product, scale it up and even make bigger profit for yourself. this is where you're going to be reviewing pp ads, because all they are simply doing is giving us access to products that are doing well on tik tok. so in today's video, like i said, we're going to be going through their pictures. you're going to be going through their pricing and see other stuff that bring to the table. so if this is something you'd like to know about, i want you to stik around, watch this video to the end and if you see your first time channel, please don't forget to like the video. you are here to subscribe to the youtube channel. subscribe so you can get more videos like this. alright, so, without any further ado, let's get started. all right, thanks for joining once again, and what we're going to be doing now is we're going to be doing a quick overview of this platform. we're going to be checking their fixtures, we're going to be checking their pricing and we're going to see how this platform can help your overall ecommerce business. all right, so let's check out their pictures. so, looking at them, the tabs here. so these are the pictures, or these are currently what you can use this platform to do. all right, so this is them: tik tok, add search so you can search and advert on tiktok. that is them: adverts that are running on tiktok. you can use this picture to check out adverts that are running on tiktok and if you want to do product search, you can use this picture. you can use these fixtures to do product search and this is winning products. so if you are looking for winning product, if your sold goal is to gain access to winning products, now this is going to be helpful for you and this advertiser is going to give you access to top advertiser on tiktok. that is what they are promoting and see and how well the the advert they are running is performing on tiktok. so this xt product is going to give you access to topxd product and xt store and the collection is just a collection of all the fixtures here and and the pricing is the different plants available on the platform. all right, so now let's check out the tiktok and add search. all right, so the first one, which is empty: tok ad search is going to give you access to ads that are running on tik tok, all right. so based on what you want. so you could just come over to category here. so if it's an e-commerce ads you want to check, you can just um click on a command and if it's game, if it's app, it is dropship and if it's branded advanced, you can just um tik on any of this category. all right. so the basic is going to give you access based on the country. so if you want adverts that are running in usa, if you want others that are running in japan, if you want others that are running in canada or united kingdom, based on the country you want, you can just select that here and the action button here is going to show you the button that these people are using. so the one that are using order now are basically e-commerce product or shop now are basically e-commerce products. so you can just play around with the button based on what you want and use it to search adverts on the platform. so the e-commerce platform is going to give you access to adverts. it's going to give you access to merchants that are running adverts, probably to shopify or um, wordpress or shoplanza, based on what they have here. all right, so you can just use this to play around on the um on the platform, and the hard type here is going to give you access to probably branded ads or non-branded ad. all right, so this is basically for tik tok ad search. so so the product search section is going to give you access to different products that have been advertised on tiktok. all right, so you can use this section to search for any random product you want to add to your drop shipping website. so if you see any products you like, just click on the product. it's going to bring out the ad for the product. so, looking at this product here. now the cost for this product is 99 and this is the video they are using to promote this product. so let's take a look at the video they are using to promote the product. all right, so if this is something you like, all you simply need to just click on download and you'll be able to reuse um this ads to promote the product if you like to promote the product for yourself. so the next picture here is winning product. so if you click on the winning product, it's also going to bring out winning product. now these are pro that are actually doing well. so all you want to do is you want to go through this product and look for the one you would like to add to your drop shipping website. so all of the products in this section are actually winning products. now these are printers that are doing well already. so take, for example, now look at this product. you see that the impression for this product is over 100 000k and the likes for the product is over 900. so if you see any products you like, all you simply need to do just click on it and it's going to bring out more details about the product. all right, so you want to play the video? just play the video here for your loved one. take a look at this love custom puzzle. you can, if you like, to download it, just click on download here to download the heart. so i did a video. now you can actually use them- pp ads- to search for hotel and creator. so i'm going to link the video somewhere around here so you can just watch the video to see more on how to and use mpp ads to search for product. all right, so let's check out um, another features they have here. so another pictures they have is actually this shopify too. now this shopify tool is going to allow you to be able to supply on um shopify seller, that is, and check out the top performing product on their shopify store. so it's a chrome extension. all you simply is you just add it to your chrome. so, using the chrome extension, when you visit any shopify store, you'll be able to gain access to that top selling product on that shopify website. all right. so the next thing you want to do now with them, take a look at the pricing here. all right, so the pp ads and vip plan is going to cost you 155 dollar per month and the pro plan is actually going to cost you 263. all right, but there's a coupon you can actually use that is going to save you 20 on this. you alright, i'm going to have a coupon at the edition of the video and i'm also going to have a link to the mpp ads website at the version of the video. so once you're done with the video, you can just go to the option of the video and get a coupon code and use it to get 20 discount on your purchase on the website. so looking at the vip plan, here, i think the view ad detail per day is m200 that.