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Pixel Perfect Dropshipping Store

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Should You Use One Product Store or General Store for Testing New Products?

When starting dropshipping, many people wonder if they should use a one product store or a general store for testing new products. This is a hotly debated topic in the industry, with conflicting advice from various gurus. In this article, we will look at real-life data from experiments to determine which store is best for getting the best results.

Main Points:

- Jacob Wikowski, a dropshipper, shares his experience in the industry.

- He initially struggled and lost money, but eventually found a winning product that made him huge profits every day.

- He decided to test whether a one product store or a general store was better for testing new products.

- He took his winning product and put it in both a one product store and a general store with the same product page, colors, text, reviews, price, and offer.

- The only difference between the two stores was that the one product store was more branded and focused only on the one product, while the general store had a more generic name and showed other products.

- He ran the same ads with the same settings and pixel for both stores.

- The cost per click was slightly higher for the one product store, but the total ad spend was higher for the general store.

- The one product store generated 64 orders and $2,254 in revenue, with a 5.34% conversion rate and a profit of $411 after transactional fees and cost of goods.

- The general store generated only 19 orders and $714 in revenue, with a 2.68% conversion rate and a loss of $286 after ad spend, transactional fees, and cost of goods.

- Jacob concludes that the data shows that one product stores are better for testing new products, as they are more branded and focused, and therefore more likely to convert and make profits.

In conclusion, dropshippers should consider using one product stores for testing new products, as the data shows that they are more likely to generate sales and profits. Jacob's experiment provides valuable insights into this hotly debated topic and can help dropshippers make informed decisions about their store setup.

General Store vs Niche Store || Shopify Dropshipping Basics

Today we are going to discuss different types of Shopify dropshipping stores, specifically general stores or niche stores. Initially, we'll cover two specific products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

- Explanation of general stores and niche stores

- Two ways to approach general stores

- Benefits of niche stores

General Stores:

- Definition and explanation

- Two ways to build a general store

- Benefits of a general store

- Testing multiple niches in a general store

Niche Stores:

- Definition and explanation

- Benefits of niche stores

- Building passionate audiences

- Facebook pixel and email lists

- Remarketing and retargeting with Facebook ads

- Starting with a general store and moving to niche stores

- Focusing on one big niche in a general store

- Testing smaller niches in a general store

- Building a new store for profitable niches found in a general store

- Encouragement to subscribe and leave comments for future content.

3 QUICK Tips For General Stores | How To Have A Successful Shopify Dropshipping Store

In this article, we will discuss three quick tips for having a successful general store with Shopify dropship. As a part of a new video series, we will be providing short and quick tips to help you in all aspects of e-commerce.

Tip #1: Focus on Organization

One of the biggest mistakes that general store owners make is lacking organization. Specific niches have inherent branding that general stores lack. Therefore, it is crucial to have a clear and organized homepage that separates products into collections and niches.

Tip #2: Add More Products

General stores need to have a lot more products than niche stores or one-product stores. By having several niches and collections filled out, you can capitalize on cross-sales and upsells.

Tip #3: Niche Down

Once you find a decent or winning product, consider nicheing down to a mid-level or specific niche store. This will allow you to expand on cross-selling and upselling and ultimately, increase sales.

By implementing these three tips, you can improve your general store's organization, increase your product offerings, and potentially niche down to a more successful store. Remember to focus on branding and consumer trust to maximize your sales potential.

GENERAL STORE x TIKTOK ADS GLITCH METHOD! (Shopify Dropshipping Challenge)

In this challenge, I launched a general store that sold 10 viral products with the goal of making at least ten thousand dollars in one week using TikTok ads. In this article, I will share my full strategy and cover some advanced methods, such as testing and scaling CBO and ACO campaigns, as well as a glitch method that helped me achieve my goal.

Reasons for Choosing a General Store:

There are three reasons why I chose to launch a general store instead of a one product store like most drop shippers. First, I wanted to follow Grant Cardone's 10x rule, which states that you need to set your goals 10 times higher and then take 10 times more action than you think you need to achieve your goals. Testing 10 products gave me a higher chance of succeeding than testing only one product. Second, I wanted to see what would happen if I tested 10 products in a general store. Would I find at least one winner or three winners, or would all the products fail? These are questions that are constantly on my mind, and I was curious to see what would happen. Third, I wanted to see what would happen if I put 10 products in a single CBO ACO campaign under the same pixel. This is a setup that I never saw anyone do on YouTube before, and I wondered if the CBO campaign would optimize and spend most of the money on the best product. If that happened, then I think I may have discovered the best testing and scaling strategy.

Finding Viral Products:

To find products to sell in my general store, I looked for viral products in the last three months that could sell for at least 30 to 50 dollars and had a wow factor or solved a problem. I headed over to TikTok to do some research and made a list of product ideas.

Building the General Store:

After finding the 10 products, I built a general store called The Amazing. I used the free Debutify theme and created a product page that included at least four product images, the product name and price, estimated delivery time, multiple quantities, a product description, an FAQ section, and customer reviews.

Getting Videos for the Products:

I needed to get videos for all 10 products, so I decided to outsource the work and hire somebody to make 30 videos for me. I used Dropify Ads to get the best high-converting video ads for my products. They handled everything from scripting to editing, and all I had to do was ship the product to the creator.

Running TikTok Ads:

I set up a CBO ACO campaign to test the 10 products. I created 10 ad groups, each with three video ads, and used the same pixel on all 10 products. I optimized for complete payment and turned on automated creative optimization. I ran the ads for a day and found a few winning products. Then, I set up a glitch method campaign, which is a black hat strategy that tricks the TikTok algorithm to make my ad costs five to ten times cheaper. I spent $1,920 on the glitch campaigns and got over 50 sales.


By the end of the week, I made $10,742 in revenue with a profit margin of 35%. I spent $3,742 on expenses, including product costs, and made a profit of $7,000. I attribute my success to testing, the glitch method, and outsourcing video creation.

Anyone can achieve results like this by working hard, investing in good strategies, and testing until things work out. Join my Discord VIP group to learn more about the glitch method and access all my black hat marketing methods and tools. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this article.

How to Setup Facebook Pixel For MULTIPLE NICHES on General Store - Best FB Optimization Tips

Optimizing Facebook Ads for Multiple Niches: How to Run One Pixel on a General Store

In this article, we will discuss how to optimize Facebook ads for multiple niches. We will cover the use of one pixel on a general store, how to set it up, and the tools required to achieve the best results.

1. The Problem:

Running multiple ad accounts for different countries and niches creates confusion, chaos, and can lead to a manual review of all ad accounts, which can take up to two weeks.

2. The Solution:

Instead of running multiple ad accounts, it's better to use one pixel on a general store with niche merged collections focused on one niche. You can use software called Trackify Premium to set up many pixels under one Shopify store. Set the products you want to fire for that one pixel, and optimize Facebook for that pixel.

3. How to Optimize:

Use Trackify Premium to set up individual pixels for different niches or product-specific optimizations. You can have multiple pixels per ad account, and this can be increased over time.

4. The Benefits:

Optimizing for different niches can increase sales and create consistency in your pixel. Using a product-specific store can help you target buyers more effectively and create a branded experience for your customers.

Using one pixel on a general store can help you optimize Facebook ads for multiple niches, leading to increased sales and a better customer experience. With the use of Trackify Premium and individual pixels, you can set up multiple niches or product-specific optimizations, making it easier to optimize Facebook for your business.

Launch a General Store or Niche Dropshipping Shopify Store?

Should I start a generic store or a niche down store? This is a common question that many people ask when starting an online business. A generic store carries a little bit of everything, like Walmart, while a niche down store focuses on something specific, like Petco. Although there is no right or wrong answer, a niche down store has advantages over a generic store.

Firstly, when sending paid traffic to a generic store, the data collected is mixed up, making it difficult to create custom audiences. This means conversions may be more expensive. In contrast, a niche down store has a specific audience, making it easier to craft custom audiences and cheaper conversions.

Secondly, building an email list is crucial for any online business. With a generic store, the email list may be diluted as it is not passionate about anything specific. However, a niche down store's email list is highly targeted and passionate about the specific niche, leading to higher conversion rates.

Lastly, if a winning product is found, building a funnel specific to that product can increase the average order value and lead to more sales.

In conclusion, while there is no right or wrong answer, a niche down store has advantages over a generic store in terms of custom audiences, cheaper conversions, and a highly targeted email list.

The EASIEST Way to Track Data on A GENERAL Shopify Store.

How to Track Data on a General Store with Facebook Pixel

In this article, we will be discussing how to properly track data on a general store using Facebook Pixel. Many people have the misconception that a Facebook Pixel can only track one product at a time or that it only works on a one-product or an e-store. However, this is not true as a general store can also track data in the same way.

Steps to Track Data on a General Store:

1. Go to your ad account and click on audiences.

2. Create a custom audience for website traffic.

3. Select people who visit a specific web page.

4. Set the time frame to 180 days to ensure it is a broad source that updates itself as more traffic comes to the specific product page.

5. Copy the link of the product page and paste it into the URL section.

6. Ensure that the Facebook Pixel is incorporated onto the store's URL.

7. Create an exact page view source audience of people who have specifically clicked and been on that product page in the past 180 days.

8. Create lookalike audiences and retargeting audiences based on this data.

Advantages of Tracking Data on a General Store:

1. Keeps track and stays organized with all product data in one place.

2. Refines product data to ensure it is tracked correctly.

3. Easiest way to organize data without needing a one-product store.

4. Multiples products can be tracked on a single pixel without data being all over the place.

Tracking data on a general store using Facebook Pixel is easy and can be done in under a minute. This is an efficient way to stay organized and keep track of product data. By following the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to track data for multiple products on a single pixel. Install the Facebook Pixel Helper tool to ensure that your pixel is firing correctly.

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