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placing facebook ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2022: How to Create Facebook Ads for Beginners

In this video, Jordan discusses the basics of Facebook ads for beginners, including the structure of the platform and how to create effective ads.


- There are 1.7 billion daily active users on Facebook and around 80% of internet users have a Facebook profile.

- In Q1 2020, $17 billion was spent on Facebook ads alone.

- The average cost per click on Facebook is $1.72 and the cost to reach 1,000 people is around $7.34.


- The Facebook Business Suite (formerly known as Business Manager) is where business accounts and ad accounts are managed.

- Ad accounts can have multiple campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

- Campaigns determine the objective of the ad, ad sets determine the target audience, and ads determine the creative and copy.


- To create a Business Suite account, go to business.facebook.com and enter the necessary details.

- Users and partners can be added to the account for access to launch ads or analyze data.

- The navigation bar on the left and actionable area on the right allow for easy management of the account.

By following the tips and guidelines outlined in this video, beginners can successfully create effective Facebook ads and reach their target audience at a cost-effective rate.

A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2022 (SECRET)

If you want to create effective and profitable Facebook ads, there are three things you need to know. First, you need to nail message market match. Second, you need to follow the 40 40 20 rule. And third, you need to use the marketing rule of seven. In this article, we'll dive into each of these three things and show you how to use them to create high converting and profitable Facebook ads.

Message Market Match:

The biggest reason that most Facebook ads don't work is that they're saying the wrong things to the wrong people. In other words, the offer that they're making is either unrelated or unappealing. To solve this problem, you need to nail message market match. This means matching your message to your market by researching your target audience, figuring out their pains and problems, and how your product or service can help solve those problems. This is the secret sauce to creating ads that people actually want to click on.

The 40 40 20 Rule:

The 40 40 20 rule is a breakdown of the three main elements that are responsible for your ad success. 40% of your success is going to come down to your market, 40% to your offer, and 20% to your copy. By focusing on these three elements and getting them right, you can create ads that convert like crazy.

Marketing Rule of Seven:

The marketing rule of seven is a principle that states that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action. This means that you need to be consistent in your messaging across all of your marketing channels. Whether it's Facebook ads, email marketing, or social media, you need to use the marketing rule of seven to ensure that your message is being seen and heard by your target audience.

Creating effective and profitable Facebook ads is all about understanding your target audience, crafting an irresistible offer, and being consistent in your messaging across all of your marketing channels. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can create ads that convert like crazy and drive massive profits for your business. So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these tips today and watch your Facebook ad campaigns soar!

Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

Facebook Ads Hacks and Pro Tips for 2023

Facebook Ads have undergone significant changes in recent years, including the adpocalypse and the iOS 14 update. However, Facebook has adapted and simplified targeting and objectives, and has introduced new options to make ads more effective. In this article, we will explore eight powerful hacks, secret strategies, and pro tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook Ads in 2023.

Lead Ads:

Lead ads are a top strategy recommended by all our expert guests. They are cheaper than the old method of sending people to your website to fill out a form, and they are more effective in generating high-quality leads. Facebook has improved its algorithm and targeting, making lead ads more effective than ever. Additionally, you can choose between more volume or higher intent, resulting in fewer but higher-quality leads.

Building Your Email List:

Building your email list is crucial for service-based businesses, as it allows you to connect with potential clients and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. By investing in list building, you can reach out to potential clients and fill open spots faster. You can create a lead generator or lead magnet that promises a result or outcome, then create an ad that sells the lead magnet instead of your product or service. Once you have their email, you can continue to nurture them with expert advice, tips, and secrets.

Proven Facebook Ad Funnel:

Our expert guests have run tens of millions of dollars in Facebook Ads, and they agree that a proven Facebook ad funnel is crucial for service-based businesses. The funnel includes creating awareness, generating leads, nurturing those leads, and closing sales. By following this funnel, you can effectively move potential clients through the sales process and achieve your desired outcome.

Other Facebook Ad Strategies:

In addition to lead ads and building your email list, our expert guests also recommend the following strategies for effective Facebook Ads:

- Use video ads to generate engagement and tell your brand story.

- Utilize dynamic ads to personalize ads for each user.

- Experiment with messenger ads to engage with potential clients in real-time.

- Use lookalike audiences to target people who are similar to your current customers.

Facebook Ads can be highly effective if you follow proven strategies and hacks. By using lead ads, building your email list, and following a proven Facebook ad funnel, you can generate high-quality leads and achieve your desired outcome. Utilize other strategies like video ads, dynamic ads, messenger ads, and lookalike audiences to make your Facebook Ads even more effective. With these tips and strategies, you can get your Facebook ad performance to look something like this in 2023.

NEW Facebook Ads Tutorial for Beginners in 2022 – FULL FREE COURSE

In this article, we will be discussing the step-by-step process of setting up a solid Facebook ad from scratch. We will also be discussing the ongoing revenue that comes with a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Why are we so sure that Facebook ads still work?

- Facebook's Q3 2021 results show year-on-year growth in their active user base and advertising revenue.

- There are almost 2 billion active users every day on Facebook and Instagram combined.

Firstly, to get started, head to business.facebook.com and create a new business account. Once you have done that, familiarize yourself with the Facebook Business Manager interface.

- Campaigns are where you get an overview of everything that is happening.

- Ad sets are the ads that fall under the campaign.

- Ads are the final product that falls under ad sets.

- The column section is where you analyze your ad's performance.

- The breakdown column gives you more detail about the ads.

- Reports allow you to generate reports and customer reports.

The second step is competitor research.

- Use the Facebook ad library to find examples of great ads.

- Find competitors in your niche and find out what they are doing well.

Lastly, let's create an ad together.

- Click on the big green button and create a campaign objective.

- Depending on your goal, you may want to choose conversions, traffic, or engagement.

- Set up your ad set, targeting, and budget.

- Choose your ad format and create your ad.

- Launch your ad and monitor its performance.

In conclusion, setting up a successful Facebook ad campaign requires research, analysis, and experimentation. By following these steps, you can set up a solid Facebook ad campaign and generate ongoing revenue for your business.

Shopify Dropshipping - How To Run Facebook Ads I Master FB Ads in 20 minutes

So, you've been researching drop shipping on YouTube and learning a lot of information, but you're stuck on how to set up and run profitable ads. Don't worry, I've got you covered. As an eight-figure marketer and business coach, I've tested multiple products and spent millions on advertising, and I'm going to share my methods with you.

Main Points:

1. The importance of having a trending winning product:

- Look for products that solve a problem, sell for $25 or more, have a wow factor, and have room for improvement.

2. Creating effective advertisements:

- Use resources like Viral Ecom Ads, and test different thumbnails and videos through creative testing campaigns.

3. Tips for running profitable ads:

- Keep data consistent, use campaign budget optimization, and spend as little as possible to gain as much data and sales as possible.

Running profitable ads on Facebook can be confusing, but by following these tips and tricks, you can streamline your success and start making passive income with your online store. Remember, having a trending winning product and effective advertisements are key to getting cheap traffic and making a return on the cost of promotion. Don't forget to test and keep data consistent to ensure success. Good luck!

How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE) | Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for an exciting and informative Facebook Ads Master Class! Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience, I'll take you from where you are to a full-blown expert by the end of this video. I've even broken everything down into timestamps, so you can skip ahead if you need to. But make sure you stick around until the end because I'm doing a massive giveaway you won't want to miss.

Here's what we'll cover:

- Why advertise on Facebook?

- All the assets you need to get started

- How to set up your Facebook page

- How to set up your business manager

- How to create your first campaign

- How to define your budget

- How to value results

- How to optimize your campaigns

Why advertise on Facebook?

- 1.93 billion daily active users

- $28 billion total ad revenue per year

- Roughly $1 cost per click and $11.54 CPM (if you don't know what CPM means, don't worry, I'll explain)

Why do I advertise on Facebook?

- I run an advertising agency that makes me $1.2-1.5 million in profit per year

- I also run the biggest education company on earth that helps agency owners and others start lifestyle businesses

- Advertising helps me get new clients and helps my clients get results

Benefits of advertising on Facebook:

- Sell more

- Generate leads

- Distribute content

- App installs

- Testing

- Targeting


- Predictability

Assets you need to start advertising:

- Business manager

- Ad accounts

- Facebook page

- Domain

- Pixel

- Payment method

Creating a Facebook page:

- Use real brand information

- Give Facebook as much info as possible about your business to create trust

Advertising on Facebook can be incredibly lucrative and effective, but it's important to have the right assets and knowledge. By following the steps outlined in this master class, you can become a Facebook ads expert and take your business to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2022 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Facebook advertising strategy is not working as well as it used to, and businesses need to adapt to the new changes on the platform. One example is the Facebook lead ads, which have become more effective in generating high-quality leads. In this article, we will explore how to set up profitable ad campaigns on Facebook and what to avoid.

Points to be covered:

1. How to set up Facebook lead ads for success

2. Campaign structure and default settings

3. Insider look into launching a brand new campaign

4. The least effective marketing strategy

5. Acquiring quality leads and conversion mechanism

6. The power of automations using High Level software

7. Using specific and relevant questions to initiate conversation

8. Advantage campaign budget (ACB) and when to use it

The Problem with Facebook Lead Ads:

Facebook lead ads used to be a terrible choice for businesses because they delivered low-quality leads with a clunky and awkward dashboard. However, recent changes and secrets can make Facebook lead ads amazing and one of the top picks for generating leads and making sales for any business.

How to Set up Facebook Lead Ads for Success:

To set up Facebook lead ads for success, businesses need to acquire quality leads that are relevant, motivated, and capable of buying. Next, a conversion mechanism is needed to turn these leads into customers. High Level software can be used to automate the process and increase response rates.

Using Specific and Relevant Questions to Initiate Conversation:

To initiate a conversation, businesses should ask specific and relevant questions that are directly related to the lead and offer. It is important to ask questions other than simple yes or no questions to get the lead talking about themselves and their goals.

Advantage Campaign Budget (ACB) and When to Use It:

ACB is essentially setting the budget for the campaign at the campaign level and allowing Facebook to decide where to allocate it through the rest of the campaign. Businesses should leave this option off, especially when testing a new campaign.

To succeed in Facebook advertising, businesses need to adapt to the new changes on the platform and focus on acquiring quality leads with a conversion mechanism. Using automations and asking specific and relevant questions can increase response rates. It is also important to understand and tweak settings inside the Facebook ads manager, such as the Advantage Campaign Budget.

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