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planned parenthood ads

Published on: January 22 2023 by pipiads

California Governor Gavin Newsom spoke at Planned Parenthood's LA headquarters and expressed his outrage over the Supreme Court's decision to roll back constitutional rights related to abortion. He emphasized the importance of protecting privacy rights and warned that this decision could have far-reaching consequences for other issues, including same-sex marriage.

Main Points:

- Newsom wants to add his voice to the millions of Americans who are outraged by the Supreme Court's decision.

- He believes that the history of the United States has been about expanding rights, not restricting them.

- Newsom warns that this decision could affect everyone, not just those directly involved in the abortion debate.

- He cites the example of same-sex marriage, which he believes could also be threatened if privacy rights are not protected.

- Newsom criticizes the makeup of the current Supreme Court, which he believes is too conservative and could lead to further rollbacks of rights.

- He also points out President Trump's record of appointing predominantly white and male judges to the federal bench.

Newsom's speech highlights the importance of protecting privacy rights and the potential consequences of failing to do so. He urges Americans to pay attention to this issue and to speak out against any further attempts to restrict constitutional rights.

Facebook Allows Planned Parenthood Ads Telling Teen Girls 'Sex Is Hot' While Bashing Abstinence

Planned Parenthood Ads Targeting Teen Girls on Facebook

Planned Parenthood has come under fire for targeting teen girls with ads on Facebook that promote sex education, including a condom on a banana and the message that sex is hot. Conservative blogger Elizabeth Johnston, known as the Activist Mommy, has criticized these ads as immoral and disgusting. In this article, we explore the controversy surrounding these ads and the opposition to abstinence-only programs.


- The ads violate Facebook rules against advertising sexuality to minors

- Planned Parenthood profits off of girls getting pregnant and seeking birth control and abortions

- Parents are angry that their taxpayer dollars are being used to promote sex education to minors

- The opposition to abstinence-only programs is based on a false narrative that they don't work

- The success of the Sex Ed Sit Out campaign has caused schools to lose funding, leading to pushback from Planned Parenthood

- Facebook has not yet removed the ads, despite their violation of their own rules

The controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood's ads targeting teen girls on Facebook has sparked criticism from conservative bloggers and parents. The opposition to abstinence-only programs is based on a false narrative, and the success of the Sex Ed Sit Out campaign has caused pushback from Planned Parenthood. Facebook has yet to remove the ads, despite their violation of their own rules.

The Planned Parenthood controversy over fetal body parts, explained

An anti-abortion group has released a series of sting videos on Planned Parenthood, claiming that the organization is profiting off the sale of fetal tissue. This has sparked a political controversy and a congressional investigation. However, the videos are heavily edited and it has not been proven that Planned Parenthood is making a profit.

Main Points:

- It is illegal under federal law to profit off of any body parts, fetal or otherwise.

- People who provide tissue and organs can be compensated for the work to preserve them.

- The videos are heavily edited and Planned Parenthood officials repeatedly state that they are not making profits.

- The videos show actual fetal body parts and raise ethical issues about altering abortion procedures.

- Planned Parenthood receives public funding for other reproductive health services, not abortions.

- Efforts to defund Planned Parenthood have not been successful, but future administrations may attempt to do so.

The controversy over Planned Parenthood's alleged profit from fetal tissue sales is ongoing, but the videos have been heavily edited and it has not been proven that the organization is making a profit. Ethical issues have been raised about altering abortion procedures to procure better tissue. Planned Parenthood receives public funding for other reproductive health services, not abortions, and efforts to defund the organization have not been successful.

Donald Trump On Healthcare, Planned Parenthood, Iraq War | Meet The Press | NBC News

Is the Republican Nomination a Three-Way Race?

In an interview, Donald Trump was asked whether he believed the Republican nomination was a three-way race. He stated that while he had a big advantage, there were other talented candidates, making it a five-man race.


When asked about healthcare, Trump stated that he wants to repeal and replace Obamacare, which he called a total and complete disaster. He also wants to offer great healthcare plans with competitive bidding and private options. He clarified that he wouldn't let people die on the streets, and it should be up to individuals whether they want health insurance or not.

Planned Parenthood:

Regarding Planned Parenthood, Trump acknowledged the good work it does in areas like cervical cancer, but he would not fund it if it provided abortions. He believes that government money should not go towards abortions.

Iraq War:

Trump stated that the Iraq War was a disaster and probably the worst thing that happened in the Middle East. He criticized the decision to go into Iraq, saying it resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and wasted two trillion dollars.

Israel and Palestine:

When asked about Israel and Palestine, Trump clarified that he was pro-Israel and had even been the head of the Israeli day parade. He wants to be neutral in the dispute to broker a deal between the two sides.

In summary, Donald Trump's views on healthcare, Planned Parenthood, the Iraq War, and Israel and Palestine show his approach to these issues. His focus is on providing affordable healthcare, supporting women's health but not funding abortions, criticizing the Iraq War, and wanting to broker a deal in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Soutenons les vaillants: 50 ans de Planned Parenthood Global

La bravoure est synonyme de courage et de prise de risques pour défier le statu quo et proclamer haut et fort que le moment du changement est venu. Plein de globules soutient ces courageux en s'associant avec des organisations du monde entier pour faire avancer la santé sexuelle et reproductive.

Points importants:

- Formation de sage-femme au Guatemala

- Refonte de la santé sexuelle en Afrique de l'Ouest

- L'initiative Billy pour aider un milliard de jeunes à prendre leur avenir en main

- Lina Honor connecte les jeunes aux services de santé sexuelle et reproductive, y compris l'avortement sécurisé

- Le réseau Luna forme des sages-femmes pour prendre soin des femmes et des filles dans les communautés vulnérables

- Plaidoyer pour l'utilisation du misoprostol au Pérou pour prévenir les hémorragies post-partum

- Waika transforme le débat public sur l'avortement au Pérou et aide les Péruviens à comprendre leurs droits

- Le programme Voice en Ouganda améliore la vie de la population jeune du pays en luttant contre le chômage et les grossesses chez les adolescentes

- Les jeunes militants en Ouganda collaborent avec les autorités pour élaborer une nouvelle politique nationale de santé scolaire

Pour protéger notre avenir, il est essentiel de faire progresser les droits sexuels et reproductifs, de soutenir les plus vulnérables et les plus courageux, de renforcer les voies vers un avortement sécurisé et d'entraîner avec nous des milliers de jeunes leaders dans ce mouvement mondial. Plein de globules invite tout le monde à se joindre à cette cause.

NPR Planned Parenthood Leaked Memo

A leaked memo from an NPR station in California revealed that they suspended airing all Planned Parenthood ads during the budget debate between Republicans and Democrats. This was due to the fear that Republicans would target NPR and pull their funds if they ran the ads.

The Fear of the Left:

The left is scared of the right in the country, and this fear is causing them to be hesitant in their actions. The voters on the left are looking for a strong leader who can fight back against the Republicans, but their leaders are sad and not able to provide that leadership.

Progressive Groups:

Even progressive groups are doing internal purges, trying to avoid being attacked by the Republicans. They are letting people go preemptively to avoid criticism from the right-wing media.

The Need for Leadership:

The country needs leadership that is willing to go on the offense and counterpunch against the Republicans. NPR and other media outlets should continue doing what they are doing and not buy into Republican scare tactics. Barack Obama's compromising with the Republicans is not the solution to the problem, and NPR's decision to suspend airing Planned Parenthood ads is not helpful either.

The fear of the right-wing media is causing progressive groups and media outlets like NPR to be hesitant in their actions, and this is causing the country to move further to the right. We need strong leadership that is willing to fight back against the Republicans and not compromise with them.

"Ours to Tell" | Planned Parenthood + We Testify Video

The Importance of Owning Your Truth

In this article, we will explore the importance of owning your truth, even if it means making difficult decisions. We will share personal stories that demonstrate the power of owning your truth and how it can lead to liberation and self-discovery.

1. The Power of Self-Love:

- Learning to love yourself is not selfish but an act of strength, wisdom, and fortitude.

- The importance of putting yourself first and making sure you are good with you.

2. Difficult Decisions:

- Making difficult decisions, such as having an abortion, requires owning your truth.

- Personal stories of overcoming fear and marginalization to make difficult decisions.

3. Breaking Gender Stereotypes:

- The societal messaging around pregnancy can be gendered and challenging for those who are transgender.

- Personal stories of overcoming societal messaging and owning your truth.

4. The Importance of Compassion:

- To those seeking abortion services, you are not alone.

- The importance of compassion and understanding in difficult situations.

Owning your truth can be challenging but ultimately liberating. It requires putting yourself first, making difficult decisions, breaking gender stereotypes, and showing compassion towards others. Our personal stories demonstrate the power of owning your truth and encourage others to do the same.

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