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pluto jewels shopify pay code

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

In this tutorial, we will learn how to add currency to a Shopify store. By the end of this video, you will have a currency switcher added to your store, saving you time and money.


1. Duplicate Theme: Click on the Online Store option and create a duplicate of the theme you will be working on.

2. Edit Code: Go to Actions and click on Edit Code. In the code editor, navigate to the Sections and find the Header Liquid option.

3. Add Code: Paste the code snippet provided in the video into the Header Liquid section, ensuring it does not interfere with the buy button.

4. Preview and Save: Preview the changes and save the code. Choose the last option provided in the file for the button to react.

5. Add Different Currencies: Go to Online Store and click on Settings. Click on Payments and add the currencies you wish to display.

By following these simple steps, you can add a currency switcher to your Shopify store, making it easier for customers to purchase from you. Don't forget to subscribe for more helpful tutorials!

How To Add Trust Badges To Your Shopify Store In 2020

In this video, Ruth shows three different ways to add trust badges to an online store. She uses her test store and explains the steps for each method.

Method 1: Adding an app to the store

- Ruth uses the free Trust Badges app from the Shopify app store

- She shows how to add and customize the badges

- The app is simple and doesn't require technical skills, but it has limited flexibility

Method 2: Adding payment methods in the footer

- Ruth shows how to add payment icons in the footer of the store using Shopify's built-in feature

- She explains how to choose which payment methods to display

- The advantage is that the icons are always visible and don't weigh down the product description section

Method 3: Adding a custom image

- Ruth demonstrates how to add a custom trust badge by uploading an image to the store and adding it to the product description section

- This method requires more technical skills, but it's the most flexible option

Adding trust badges to an online store is important to build trust with customers. Ruth explains three different methods and shows how to customize and add them. The choice of method depends on the store owner's preference and technical skills.


Welcome back graduates! Today we will learn how to transform your old and unattractive dawn theme menu into a snazzy and fancy mega menu. Mega menus are beneficial because they make it easier for customers to navigate and find the products they want quickly. In this article, we will go over how to structure your menu, change images, and add the mega menu to your store's code.

Menu Structuring:

- Click on Online Store and then Navigation to access your main menu.

- Use link lists, which have parent, child, and grandchild items, to structure your menu.

- Make sure to keep the menu simple and easy to navigate for your customers.

Changing Images:

- Go to Settings and then Files to upload images.

- Copy the new link and replace the old link in the menu code.

- Save changes to update the menu image.

Adding Mega Menu to Code:

- Find the Header section in the code.

- Copy and paste the style tag code into the header section.

- Replace the unordered list tag code with the mega menu code.

- Save changes and refresh the page to see the updated mega menu.

By following these simple steps, you can transform your old and unattractive menu into a snazzy and fancy mega menu that will make it easier for customers to navigate and find the products they want quickly. Don't hesitate to reach out to ecom graduates for help or if you have any questions. Remember to subscribe to our channel for more helpful tutorials.

Do NOT Use Aliexpress to Dropship (NEW 2022 Method)

Drop Shipping: Why AliExpress Is Not Enough and How to Find Private Suppliers

- Many people believe that drop shipping is dead due to scammy websites and low-quality products from AliExpress.

- However, e-commerce is not going away, and there are solutions to the common problems associated with drop shipping.

Why AliExpress Fails as a Supplier

- Long shipping times and poor product quality are the main reasons why AliExpress is not a good supplier.

- Customers expect fast shipping and high-quality products, which AliExpress cannot provide.

- Using AliExpress can result in complicated processes, refunds, chargeback requests, and unreliable suppliers.

Benefits of Private Suppliers

- Private suppliers offer faster shipping times, custom packaging, and branded customer experiences.

- They are willing to negotiate prices, which can increase profit margins over time.

- Establishing a relationship with a private supplier is crucial for scaling a drop shipping business.

How to Find Private Suppliers

- Reach out to suppliers that specialize in the products you are already selling.

- Contact smaller suppliers who are more flexible and willing to take on new partners.

- Consider using an agent who can connect you with multiple suppliers and negotiate better deals for you.

- Use Auto DS or Alibaba to find agents and suppliers, but be cautious of scams and minimum order quantities.

- Drop shipping is not dead, but relying solely on AliExpress as a supplier is not sustainable in the long run.

- Finding a private supplier or agent is crucial for scaling a drop shipping business and providing better customer experiences.

7 Examples of Jewelry Brands Using NFTs

Hi, I'm your host Larissa Werstiak, and in this episode, I'll be sharing examples of jewelry businesses currently experimenting with NFTs. I'll also be giving out my Sparkle Award for the week to Mae Jean Vintage, a jewelry brand that's impressing me with their marketing on TikTok. In the news, I discuss three relevant articles, including why some D2C jewelry brands are doing everything they can not to be heavily reliant on paid social media ads, the growing trend of using direct mail to reach target customers, and Instagram's new Creator Marketplace for influencer discovery. Finally, I delve into seven jewelry businesses that are currently experimenting with NFTs, including JEVVEL, Greenland Ruby, and Rina Ahluwalia. Digital wearables are a new and exciting moment in the industry, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for this emerging trend.

How To Start A Successful Jewelry Business (No Experience Required)

How to Start a Successful Jewelry Brand: 9 Tips to Get You Started Today

Starting a jewelry brand can be daunting, but with the right guidance and steps, it can be a successful and profitable business. In this article, we will provide nine tips on how to start your own jewelry brand, from defining your brand story to organizing your finances.

Tip #1: Define Your Brand Story

- Your brand story is what sets you apart from competitors and builds an emotional connection with your audience.

- Ask yourself questions about your values, cause, and how your products solve a problem.

- Stick to one main message to make it easy for your consumers to understand your values.

Tip #2: Decide What Kind of Jewelry You'll Sell

- Consider the design and material of your jewelry.

- Think about whether you want to sell everyday pieces or cocktail party style pieces.

- Look at trends to identify any upcoming styles to capitalize on.

Tip #3: Define Your Target Audience

- Understand your target audience and create messaging around what they can relate to.

- Profile your target customers by looking them up on social media and Reddit.

- Look for what they do on a day to day basis, where they spend time, and what they like.

Tip #4: Create Your Visual Identity

- Work with a graphic designer to create your logo, fonts, and brand colors.

- Ask them to create a style guide that outlines what your brand looks like.

- Communicate what you're going for, but try not to rely too heavily on visual examples to stay unique.

Tip #5: Source Your Products

- Look for manufacturers or suppliers on Alibaba, DHGate, and AliExpress.

- Check out reviews, shipping costs, minimum order quantities, and quality of the jewelry.

- Find a jeweler through Instagram, Google, or Upwork.

Tip #6: Design Custom Jewelry

- Communicate your design ideas to the manufacturer or jeweler through Adobe Illustrator or outline drawings.

- Show the pieces at four different angles for clarity and provide enough information to avoid any questions.

Tip #7: Set Up Your Online Presence

- Sign up for a domain name and professional email using GoDaddy.

- Make your website with Shopify and choose a theme that matches your brand.

- Include product shots on a white background, shots of a model wearing your jewelry, and in-depth product descriptions.

Tip #8: Organize Your Financials

- Register your business with the government and open up a separate bank account for your business.

- Keep track of your business expenses by using a separate credit card.

- Work with an accountant that specializes in small businesses and invest in an online software like QuickBooks.

Tip #9: Think Outside the Box

- Give away real gold and silver jewelry for free like Finley Jewelry did to get 15,000 orders when they launched.

- Use effective marketing strategies like email campaigns, social media, and collaborations with influencers.

Starting a successful jewelry brand takes time, effort, and research. However, by defining your brand story, sourcing high-quality products, and organizing your finances, you can create a profitable business. Remember to think outside the box and use effective marketing strategies to reach your target audience.

Wining POD Product Type and Supplier App Shopify Ecommerce

In this article, we will be discussing the pre-on demand website and winning product types that have a higher chance of being successful in the market. We will also review one of the tools that can be used for product research.

Main Points:

- We are using three main pre-on demand websites: Pillow Profits, Interest Print, and WC Performance.

- Pillow Profits mainly sells high ticket items such as beddings and rugs, which are printed and shipped from China. Interest Print has a huge database of products to choose from and has a lot of options available. WC Performance sells watches and is mainly focused on that.

- When using pre-on demand, it is important to note that not all software/applications are perfect and issues may arise. It is important to find a balance between what works for you and your needs.

- AliExpress is another option to find pre-on demand products that may be cheaper than using an application. It is also important to find products with high margins and to avoid selling low-margin items such as t-shirts.

Using pre-on demand can be a great way to increase revenue for your dropshipping store. It is important to find the right software/application that works for you and to find products with high margins to maximize profits. AliExpress can also be a good option to find cheaper products. Avoid selling low-margin items such as t-shirts and focus on high-ticket items such as beddings and rugs.

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