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Polen Joins Shopify Plus Ecosystem

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Welcome to Shopify Plus, the cost-effective enterprise commerce platform that is helping the world's largest brands reach new heights. With Shopify Plus, you have access to a reliable and flexible platform, as well as a team of commerce experts to support you.

Sell Everywhere:

- Shopify Plus delivers a flexible platform so you can sell everywhere your customers are.

- Easily upload your entire product catalog and optimize your listings for search engines.

- Choose from hundreds of responsive themes or build your own for a truly tailor-made experience.

- Build high-converting, unforgettable shopping experiences with innovative features like augmented reality, 3D models, and automated promotions.

- Expand your online presence globally with hyper-local experiences or by selling on more channels through Shopify.

Manage Your Business:

- Manage your entire business with the organization admin, which provides a high-level picture of your performance and allows you to dive deeper into analytics.

- Use automation tools like Shopify Flow and Launchpad to save time and streamline processes.

- Tap into Shopify's network of certified partners and certified apps to optimize operations or widen the scope of your business.

- Access 24/7 priority support for any questions or issues.

Integration and Freedom:

- Shopify Plus integrates with all your existing systems like ERP and CRM software.

- Choose from thousands of apps in the Shopify App Store or use REST and GraphQL APIs to extend the platform's functionality.

- With Shopify Plus, you have all the freedom you need to think outside the box and push your brand to the next level.

Shopify Plus is more than just a commerce platform. It's a tool that empowers enterprise brands to reach their full potential. Whether you're just starting out or already crushing it, Shopify Plus can help you Slingshot your business into the future.

Shopify: 'Connect to Consumer' Is the Future of E-Commerce

In a recent interview, Shopify President Harley Finkelstein shared his thoughts on the current state of the economy, retail outlook, and Shopify's future plans. He discussed the impact of the pandemic on the retail industry, consumer sentiment, and the growing importance of connecting with customers directly. Finkelstein also talked about Shopify's latest product updates, including the launch of Shopify Editions and its partnership with Twitter.

Retail Outlook and Consumer Sentiment:

- Retail rebound is happening in areas like in-person retail, with physical retail GMV up by nearly 80% YoY.

- Consumers are still supporting independent brands and looking for quality products.

- Merchants are looking to get more value out of every single dollar and are leveraging Shopify's products like capital, payments, and fulfillment.

Shopify Editions:

- Shopify Editions is a way of sharing Shopify's momentum with the world.

- Connect to consumer commerce places more authenticity, loyalty, and trust at the heart of every single merchant interaction.

- Commerce is not just about the transaction; it's much deeper.

Twitter Partnership:

- The future of retail is going to be retail everywhere, online and offline, on social media, in person at farmers markets, events, and concerts.

- Twitter is the modern-day digital town square, and embedding commerce right into Twitter is a great thing.

- Shopify's products can turn conversation into commerce, and commerce will play a role in Twitter's future.

Amazon CEO's Dig at Shopify:

- Direct connection between brands and consumers is the future of retail.

- Marketplaces like Amazon allow third-party sellers to access a vast network of consumers, but merchants are effectively renting customers from the marketplace.

- Consumers want to have a direct relationship with the brands they're buying from, and that's the reason why more companies are choosing to go direct.

Shopify's Evolving Governance Story:

- Modernizing the governance structure allows Shopify to make good long-term decisions for investors, merchants, and every stakeholder involved with Shopify.

- Some investors believe more in Shopify now than ever before.

In conclusion, Shopify is well-positioned to thrive in the current retail landscape, with its focus on connecting with customers directly and expanding its reach across various platforms. The company's latest product updates and partnerships demonstrate its commitment to innovation and growth. Despite challenges and uncertainties, Shopify's future looks bright.

Day 2: Two Day Mini Series Replatforming and Optimizing Shopify Plus

from the fact that users tend to use their social media accounts to sign up for things they really care about or have a vested interest in. So if someone is using their Facebook account to sign up for your e-commerce store, it s a good bet that they are a real person and are actually interested in your products. Additionally, the data that we collect from social logins is often more accurate than data collected through traditional sign-ups because the social networks have already verified the user s identity and personal information. This makes it easier to personalize the user experience and offer targeted marketing and promotions.

The second benefit of social login is that it removes friction from the checkout process. As mentioned earlier, typing in all your information on a mobile device can be a pain and is often a barrier to completing a purchase. By offering social login options, you are making it easier and faster for users to check out, which can lead to increased conversions and sales.

Next up is number eight, which is using cart abandonment emails to recover lost sales. Cart abandonment is a huge problem for e-commerce stores. On average, over 70% of users will abandon their cart without completing a purchase. However, just because someone abandons their cart doesn t mean they are not interested in your products. In fact, many users abandon their cart because they get distracted or have second thoughts. This is where cart abandonment emails come in.

Shopify President Finkelstein on E-Commerce in Metaverse

Harley Finkelstein, the President of Shopify, talks about the growth of Shopify and its merchants, the impact of the pandemic on commerce, and the future of retail. He also discusses the supply chain challenges and how Shopify is helping its merchants overcome them.

Main Points:

1. Shopify and its Merchants are Growing at an Extraordinary Speed:

- Shopify's GMV doubled in just 16 months.

- Revenue increased by 46%.

- More merchants are joining Shopify and taking advantage of its services.

2. Shopify is Building the Essential Internet Infrastructure for Commerce:

- Shopify is becoming the go-to platform for commerce.

- The direct-to-consumer model is the mainstay in retail.

- Shopify expects Q4 to grow substantially faster than the retail sector overall.

3. Supply Chain Challenges:

- Shopify did not see a material impact from supply chain issues.

- Shopify's merchants are resilient and diversified.

- Shopify expects to help its merchants find efficiencies to go direct if supply chain issues become a long-term problem.

4. Facebook's Metaverse:

- Shopify is a huge partner of Facebook.

- The future of retail is retail everywhere, both online and offline.

- Shopify is embedding commerce into platforms like Spotify and Facebook.

Harley Finkelstein is confident that Shopify and its merchants will continue to grow at an extraordinary speed, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and supply chain issues. He believes that Shopify is building the essential internet infrastructure for commerce, and the future of retail is retail everywhere. Finally, he is excited about the potential of Facebook's Metaverse and its impact on commerce, and he expects Shopify to be a launch partner for commerce inside of Facebook.

Shopify Plus Vorteile - Was ist Shopify Plus und welche Vorteile bringt es? | Shopify Tutorial

Herzlich willkommen auf dem YouTube-Kanal von Die Bäckerei, der Agentur für Online-Händler Shop. Wir stellen heute das Cloud Hosting Shop System vor, das aktuell sehr großer Beliebtheit erfreut.


- Möglichkeit mit Shop kostenlos zu starten

- Funktionen von Shop Plus für größere Kunden im Enterprise Bereich

- Arbeiten im Shop bei der Abfall Plus ist dabei kein Nischenprodukt

- Shopping-Cloud-Hosting mit bis zu 8000 Bestellungen pro Minute

- Quantität kann mit zehn Shops gleichzeitig mithalten

- Dashobby von CDN zur Verfügung, das Content Delivery Network hält alle großen Shop-Daten wie Bilder und Design-Dateien weltweit auf eigenen Servern zum Abruf bereit

- Check-out-Bereich statistisch gesehen mit zu den Kaufabbruch stärksten Bereichen gehört

- Jockey War Blo kann hier noch einmal für zusätzlichen Trust sorgen

- Zugang zu Apps, die normalen Job bei Händlern verwehrt bleiben

- Launchpad ist quasi deine Marketing-Zentrale in der du beispielsweise deinen nächsten Werbekampagne planen kannst


- Direkter Ansprechpartner

- Hilft nicht nur bei Fragen und Problemen sondern sagt auch, was seine Mitbewerber beispielsweise tun, um höhere Conversion zu erzielen und was man sonst noch in seinem Job ändern sollte


- Bezahlt mindestens 2,000 Dollar und maximal 40,000 Dollar pro Monat für den Shop

- Für Händler, die weniger als 800,000 Dollar pro Monat verkaufen, bedeutet das eine monatliche Zahlung in Höhe von 2,000 Dollar

- Mindestvertragslaufzeit von Schaukelpferd Plus liegt bei zwölf Monaten


- Zugriff auf besondere Schnittstellen

- Keine zusätzlichen Login-Daten nötig

Insgesamt bietet Schaukelpferd Plus ein Cloud Hosting Shop System mit vielen Features und einem direkten Ansprechpartner für Support. Obwohl das Preismodell etwas anders ist als bei klassischen Systemen, kann es das Business enorm voranbringen. eBay als Shopping-Agentur hilft gerne weiter. Wir freuen uns über ein Like und Abo.

Sam Conner and Stefan Schneider Discuss how COINQVEST uses STELLAR with Shopify plus much more

Location of the team: Coinvest has a global team located in Turkey, Germany, Poland, and Taiwan.

Experience: Stefan has 17 years of experience in building and running digital business models. He co-founded a B2B startup in Asia while living in Taiwan and worked in digital marketing agencies and financial institutions.

Problem: Coinvest aims to solve the hassles and uncertainties of accepting crypto payments for merchants, such

✌️ Win Q4 to 🚀 Expand in Q1!

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of content and customer support in winning Q4. We will also be introducing some companies that offer solutions to help online sellers manage their customer support and expand into different markets.

Content is Key:

Matt Anderson, MD of Marketplace Amp, stresses the importance of investing in content. In order to build a successful brand on Amazon, it is crucial to have compelling content that showcases your products and answers any questions or concerns that consumers may have. A+ content and A+ premium content can increase conversion rates and boost your ranking on Amazon. Investing in content will pay off in the long run and help establish your brand.

Managing Customer Support:

Fiona O'Connor, VP of Global Marketing at eDesk, discusses the surge in customer queries due to the increase in e-commerce and the importance of managing customer support. With more than 75 marketplace integrations, eDesk offers a purpose-built e-commerce support software that helps online sellers manage and improve their response times for customer support. Proactive communication from sellers is crucial in retaining customers and avoiding poor feedback or reviews.

Expanding into Different

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