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political ads on facebook

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Social Issues, Elections, Political Facebook Ad Type Approval Process!

all right. if you've hit a wall with regards to your campaign, that you got a trigger uh from facebook ads, that you've gotten a policy violation, you can simply go into your account quality settings in your facebook business manager and make sure to set the correct uh account at the top and then you'll be able to go in. it starts usually off of in zero- zero, you know, available for another review if there's any unchanged. you got to go to the fourth tab here and you'll see the rejected ad campaign and what the violation is about for submitting to uh. get it looked at again to be reviewed again. this one is about social issues, elections and politiks and, as we all know, if you know facebook, there was a lot of um things that went on in the past that uh could skew uh the uh politikal, um uh people that are running and get them into office by using facebook ads. and now facebook has implemented this, where you have to prove who you are and authorize you as a person- authorized also that you're not um there is no affiliations for. so um, this campaign in partikular is a historical based event that i'm running for a client and it's uh it uh triggered the thing because there's certain politikians in various categories that are a part of it, that the words triggered it: um, this, uh, this issue. so what did i have to do so that uh, um, i can then run it? well, i had to order a uh, verify uh myself, um, first off, that you have to um to get this reinstated, your ad account, and you do that within your settings of your facebook account, your personal account. you have to go in and go through a verification process in the settings general, and then identity confirmation um, so that you can run things like social editing. it's a good thing to do this early before. if you're running facebook ads for clients, do it early and and do an identity confirmation of who you are so that when you get here, you don't have to wait a week to get this and um, this piece of paper, which i'll show you here. uh, this sort of piece of paper that, uh, you know, came in the mail from facebook- a envelope with facebook on it blew my mind today. they even paid 90 cents to get it to me- came in like three, four days- to be honest with you, even um, during this is a covid time- and it still came in. and uh, here's what the the paper looks like and you get a code on it and now we got to plug that code in. so where do you do that? you do it in the general identity confirmation settings right here and you go in and you go view and, as you'll see, uh, it's all about confirming your identity and canada action and so, like i've already been through some of this and submitted some documentations and stuff like that where, if you go down the page here, uh, you see we're asking people who want to run ads about elections, social issues, politiks- confirm their identity. this is part of the uh efforts to know who's responsible for the continent funding events that discuss politikal candidates, electric officials, and so it's just basically confirming it. um, so that facebook isn't as possible, so your identity has been temporarily confirmed. um, so i submitted some information- uh, my driver's license front and back, that you can take a picture and submit it. they walk you through that and you can upload it. so i've already done that, but you'll probably have to do that first, and then you say, yes, send me a code. so, um, it's been: when you receive the code, enter it before august 17th. so there's like a two week window that you got to get this. so if you didn't get in the mail re, you know you have to request it again and, um, they'll take care of the rest. you should be able to run the ad soon. so, all of these pages. so if you come down here and i'm going to add the code in that i got, oh, drum roll, my client's going to be very happy with this first time. there's always something you run into with the new things with facebook and submit code and my personal id. i'll show you here. boom, personal id has been confirmed. look at that. that's a beautiful, beautiful thing to see. um, it's great. and personal id. i'm gonna take some of these. this is fantastik, very, very, very fantastik. and, uh, that we can get this. so now that it's been confirmed, i guess now we can go back. okay, so back here. uh, it appears that if you're a page of men, for the page that you you'll run ads about social issues, go to the page settings and authorization. so let's go here. amen, amen, i see. so let's just go and search e-man citation. let's go, and that's the one. now let's go into the settings, as they're saying here, and, uh, we want to, uh, uh, to do: paste and select authorizations tab on the left. so let's see where's the authorizations issues is connected to. okay, so let's go here. and now let's go to the uh. so we're in the, in the business manager settings. so i've authorized myself- canada. okay, so i've created the confirmed. i've submitted the id, i have confirmed. yep, this is now confirmed here. so this is in the page settings, of course, and it's been confirmed. this was not, and so now we get to create a disclaimer. so let's create the disclaimer and see what this is all about. okay, disclaimer, you can create a disclaimer with your organization or personal name. disclaimers that list an organization and verify information provide a higher level transparency. so organization name. so let's get the organization name of my client and go from there. now see 48 hours. just pay attention that typically we completely now 48 hours. this should be approved by monday or tuesday. since this is saturday, go, continue. and that's it. now we wait. it's in review. you've linked your um. did you link your? you did you linked your um instagram down below also, let's see in review linked. i'm not go edit here just to make sure. no, no, no, no, um. actually. yes, you, you should do that link in ad account. go there, click on that so choose the one. that's um. the one, the correct one. wait a second, i'll get you that information. um, it's the six eight one six eight nine, right? yeah? yeah, go ahead and go next. go save, else they wouldn't have been able to link it. so go done now. also do your um, edit there and connect your um instagram account, paste your name in there and then go review this instagram name check box. it. go submit. that'll go through with things. so now they've received the request done. close. everything's set up. now we just have to wait two days to check back here when it's confirmed and then we'll be able to run your facebook ad campaign and it'll be approved to run your social ads. and last but not least, i want to also explain that you have to put an email in that is domain specific, so an info at, or an admin at, your domain to prove that you are an official of that organization. if you have like an at gmail, it's not gonna work, so you're gonna have to go in and set up um, your mx records, and set up an email address. so that that took me a bit to um. get going right at the end of this because the client didn't have a domain specific, so i had to create that. i set them up on google apps- it's also called google workspace and um, you, just you can easily set up in godaddy, um, you know, in the mx records it makes a really easy process and whatnot. but you do need to set up a domain specific email. make sure you have one of those set up prior. again, workspaces, the google stuff, gmail, domain specific costs about five, seven bucks a month, so that's an average of 60- 70 a year. it's a tax write-off and i totally suggest that you go with the uh work, google apps workspace to do that. so make sure you have a domain specific email of an administrator that you want to assign as the owner, with that email address that controls all this. okay, thank you very much. if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or choose these two videos too, because, uh, they might be helpful also for what you're looking for. bye for now.

NEW Facebook Ads Tutorial for Beginners in 2022 – FULL FREE COURSE

On-screen right now, I'll teach you how to step-by-step set up a solid Facebook ads from scratch, and, when we do this correctly, it'll mean a new ongoing stream of revenue for you and your business. Buthow am I so sure that Facebook Ads still works? If you just take a look right now on-screen, if I go to the Facebook Report- Third Quarter 2021 Results and yearly financial results, they're still seeing year on year growth on their active user base and advertising revenue. so, taking a quick look at the ad revenue right here, you can see that there is tremendous year-on-year growth and there's no sign of slowing down yet. and there are almost 2 billion active users every day that we can still reach- and, let's not forget, this also includes instagram. so this is the reason why myself and the team are spending tens of thousands of dollars every month on facebook and instagram ads across our businesses, with a pretty decent return to this day, although lots has changed with the facebook ads since my days working as a digital marketing manager in the corporate world. so let's go ahead and get stuck into the tutorial, see what's different and see how we can still set up great facebook ads. and, by the way, drop a like and subscribe if you find today's video useful, it's always appreciated. so the absolute very first thing you want to do, if you don't already have an account, is head onto the url businessfacebookcom, and then you want to create a new business account. first you need to log into your facebook account and then create a new business account. so once you have that done, you're going to head on to facebook business manager. this is a fresh account so we can follow along here, and this is your ads manager account and we want to familiarize ourselves with how to navigate this interface. so firstly, we have the campaign section. so the campaign section and the campaign view is where we get an overview of everything that's happening, all the ads that we're going to set up. then the ad sets is the ads, the ads underneath the campaign, and then finally, you have the ads itself underneath ad sets. so it sort of trickles down and we have a flow on effect from campaigns to ad sets to ads. the campaign structure is very important and i'll mention more about that in a moment. we also have the column section and this is very important in analyzing our ads, our performance and getting more detail from all our campaigns. then we also have the breakdown effect. so this breakdown column is essentially giving you again more detail about the ads and more efficiently viewing our data. so data is very important when it comes to facebook ads. and then, finally, you have reports, where you can generate reports and customer reports, and then, in this section here, once we create ads, you'll start to familiarize yourself with the data fields, and this is where you're going to see all the ad names, the delivery types, the bid strategy, the budget and all the other statistiks that we need to know when it comes to facebook ads. now, just before we create an ad together. the second thing you want to do is competitor research, and we want to run some competitor research because we want to understand what a good ad looks like in your business and find out some competitors and what they're doing in with their ads. so one of my favorite tools is the facebook ad library, and it's literally that it's a library of ads that we can see. you can reach this page on facebookcom: forward slash ads, forward slash library. but taking a look here, you can set- let's set- this to all so it's a global, and then we can start to find and click all ads and then we can start to find examples of great ads. let's just say we're running ads for phone cases, an iphone case, so all we need to do here is type in iphone cases and then click enter and then we can start to see different ads for phone cases, iphone cases specifically. and now the best way to do this is to find competitor brands, brainstorm competitor brands within your niche and find them directly in the facebook ad library. so this is a great way, initially just to use generic terms like iphone cases to find very generic ads. they may or may not be performing well, but it gives you a few ideas of what is and maybe isn't working well and some ideas for creative and and ad copy and all of that good stuff. but the best way to do this is, again, to find your competitors. so in this case, let's type in pure cases. i think it was the first- yep, it's this one here, i believe. so i know this is a great iphone case brand and so we can directly look at their ads and see what they're doing well, and a great way to find out the ads that are working for them. even though we can't exactly see all the data and all the performance data we i usually like to scroll all the way down, uh, to their oldest ads, because if their oldest ads are still running, it's usually a good indicator that those ads are performing well for them. so their oldest ads are in august 2021, and so i like to take a look and click, see our details and just take a overall look at what they're doing. you know where, where the ad directs to and what the landing page looks like. so, again, this is a great way, uh, looking at competitor competitors and getting a good idea of your ads. i think this is one of the best ways to start, especially if you're new to facebook ads or you're still a beginner. it's to do competitor research and just get some ideas from there. the second tool i want to mention, before we jump in, actually create some ads, is a new tool actually called um: campaign ideas generator. now, this is a tool that you can reach at facebookcom: forward slash business, forward slash campaign ideas generator. by the way, i'll leave all the links down below just so it's easier for you all to access, but with this tool- this is a relatively new tool- to get campaign ideas, you know. if you don't know what type of campaigns to run, this is a great way to start. it is very generic, though. just be wary of that. so all you need to do is say: i have a pick, your niche. let's say you're in consumer goods. let's just say: and then i would like like campaign suggestions for you know a specific event or a specific time in the year- let's just say easter in this case- and get campaign ideas, and what facebook will do is it'll troll through all its campaign data and give you suggestions for some campaign ideas. it will even give you ready to go ads so you can start to see, hey, what might work. well, you can also download the jpegs and images and start using them as creative. don't recommend that, though. you want to create your own creative and images, so just be wary of that. but again, it's just a good place to start, because i know a lot of people they're unsure of where to start when it comes to facebook ads and can be pretty overwhelming. so those are the two tools that i recommend that are directly from facebook themselves. now, moving on to actually creating the ad itself, let's jump back into our ads manager- so this is a brand new ads manager- and let's create an ad together. the very first thing you want to do is click on the big green button, click create and, depending on if you have a new ad account, you may get this warning message as well. nothing to be worried about. you can go complete your account setup later on. but now first thing you want to do is create a campaign objective, depending on your goal. you may want to go with any one of these, really depending on what you're selling and what your objective is, but in any case, probably the most two common objectives right here is, of course, conversions, traffic and engagement. i'm going to go set up a conversions ad just so we can push sales, but this is very broad. it really does depend on what type of business you are running and if you have,

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How to Set Up Your Campaign Facebook Page to Run Political Ads

hi guys, my name is nate grotenhaus and in this video, i'm going to be helping you set up your campaign facebook page in order to run ads. in my last video, i explained the first step in this process, which is confirming your identity on facebook. so if you haven't seen that yet, i'll link it in the description below. okay? so once you've confirmed your identity on facebook, the next step here is to create a disclaimer. here is a sample page i'm working with. if we go down to settings on the left hand side here and then we scroll to issue electoral or politikal ads, this will get us to our page. you can see here i've already confirmed my identity. the next step is to create a disclaimer. so what you're going to want to do is scroll down here to this blue button create a disclaimer. now, facebook gives you a couple of verification options for creating a disclaimer. i always go with this option that you can see if you click on see more and then two other options will pop up. you can see contact information, website, email and your name. i go with contact information, website and email. now, if you provide these options, your ad won't display a confirmed organization label, but i've never found that to be an issue, and this has always just been the easiest for me working with other candidates and races. so we're going to select contact information, website and email. this is just going to tell you that facebook is going to store your information for a while in their ad library. okay, and now facebook is asking you for your organization details. your organization name is the name that you have on file with the state. so, for example, if i am nate groton house for city council, if that's what i'm going to put on all my advertisement paid for by nate greenhouse for city council, that's the name i registered with. that's what i'm going to put here. here is your campaign address that you have on file, again with the state organization phone. okay, so this is a number that facebook is going to call on. the next step with the verification code. so make sure that this is a number that you can receive calls at. okay, so now what's critikal in this step is that facebook is saying, okay, if you want to become a verified organization on our platform, you need to have a website url that has the same domain as the email address. so what i mean by that is, for example, if my domain, my website is nate groton house for city council, i need to have an email. uh, that is that ends in nate growth house for city council. so for example, it could be nate at nate groton house for city council, or it could be info at nate groenhauser city council. this is the way that facebook is gonna say: yes, you own the domain and you own the email associated with the domain. in this additional information section, uh, i've always just entered in what i know. i've always known the committee id and most times, the treasury name. although this is tiknically optional, facebook does say here in the fine print: says your local election laws may require some of this information. so, depending on which state you may have to have provide some of this information, let's click next. alright, so now facebook is going to confirm my phone number and that's going to happen by them giving me a call. so i'm going to make sure that my notifications are on press call. you can see i'm getting a phone call. code is 7 0 five four. your verification code is all right: seven zero five four. okay, perfect. now they're going to confirm our email address and website. so we'll send code and now we're gonna navigate to our email. now we're gonna paste the code that we got from our email from facebook and now facebook is going to ask to review your disclaimer submission. if you don't want your street address being saved in the ad library, you can click this button here. i'm gonna click it. i'm gonna click submit. okay, great, okay. once your disclaimer is in submission, you will see, now that you have a disclaimer under manage your disclaimers, it has that blue clock icon, which means it's in review. within 24 hours, facebook should have approve your disclaimer. once your disclaimer has been approved, the next step is to link it to an ad account. you can see in this candidate's facebook page she's completed all the steps, but i'm going to walk you through basically how to do that. you can see here: her disclaimer has been approved and once it gets approved, you'll be asked to connect it to an ad account. a facebook ad account is very simple to set up. i won't be going over how to do that in this video, but there's a bunch of other tutorials on how to do that. so you'll have a button right next to your disclaimer saying link to ad account. you can see here: mine says change ad account and this will just show you all the ad accounts that you have access to, and you can toggle on and off the ones that you would like to use. once you've connected your disclaimer to an ad account, the last thing to do before being able to run ads is just assigning who's responsible for this page. this is important, especially if you're a campaign manager. you don't want to assign your own name. you want to assign the page name as the person that's responsible for the page itself. so you can see, here it says lozano for county of santa barbara, superintendent of schools, is responsible for this page, and the page is lozano for county of santa barbara, superintendent of schools. you can click on this view button and it will take you to the page transparency section. you can see how to claim this page. here you can manage who's responsible for this page. this is what it will look like. again, you don't want to click your own name. you want to click the page itself: self declared, paid for by add disclaimer and assign okay. and once you've done all those steps, congratulations. your page is now ready to run facebook ads. there's one more optional thing to do, and that is to connect an instagram account, if you have one connected with your campaign. it's very simple. you just click connect, instagram, connect, account, connect, and then it will prompt you to log into instagram and follow the prompts. super simple, and you should be ready to go. alright, guys, if you like this video, please give it a like and subscribe. i'm going to be posting content like this all the way up until the general election, so please be sure to stik around and i'll see you in the next video.

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How to find trends on 2020 political advertising on Facebook

hi, i'm frank sesno, with the institute for data democracy and politiks at the george washington university, and a journalist who covered politiks for many years at cnn and in local news. i want to tell you today about a very powerful new tool for journalists who want to report on politikal advertising on facebook and how that's playing out in your communities, targeting your voters, your news consumers. this is so important at this polarized moment in politiks and with the social media platforms playing such a huge role. the tool will help you discover what's going on behind the campaign scenes. it will help you break stories about politikal spending. it will help you serve your audience while holding candidates, their campaigns and those in power accountable. the tool is a result of a terrifically exciting collaboration and it's designed for you. angie holden, editor-in-chief at politifact, is here to show you the tool. stik around to the end and i'll be back to roll the credits. hey, everybody, it's angie from politifact. the tool i'm about to show you was created by developers at new york university tannen school of engineering, and it draws directly on facebook data to show journalists and others the trends that are going on with politikal advertising on facebook in 2020.. the nyu team added some extras so you can see trends in the data and you can also get personalized notifications sent to your inbox. so let's get started. this is the home page. it's wwwad observatoryorg. when you come here, you'll see a few key trends highlighted at the top of the homepage. scrolling down, you'll come to the national race for the presidency. you'll see how much donald trump and joe biden are spending week by week on facebook- politikal spending and there's a link to dive deeper into the national data. scrolling down, we'll come to what's going on in the swing states. here you can see how much money is being spent in each swing state, whether it's up or down, and what the top topic is. each state is hyperlinked so you can click in for more data. let's scroll back to the top and we'll go to the national data and then we'll check out the states and some of the state races. so here's the national page. it gives you an overview, but we can also toggle to the presidential race. here we see the candidates spending nationwide. scrolling down, we get into more detailed data. on one side we see what are the ads objectives and if you look closely you can see donald trump is concentrating on messages that say: show up or donate. joe biden, on the other hand, is buying ads with the message of donate or connect. as the ad election approaches, we can look at these trends over here about who is spending more and it shows us. through most of july, donald trump was out spending joe biden, then joe biden surged for a little bit and now donald trump is here on the top with spending. now we come to the states and we can see who's spending how much on each state level. here's an overview of michigan. we can switch states. we can go to colorado- here's an overview. or we can go to the presidential campaigns and here's how much spending is in that state. now let's go to some of the individual races in a state. you click on races. let's go back to colorado and we'll look at the senate race and there incumbent cory gardner, who's a republican, is being challenged by democrat john hickenlooper, and we can quickly see that hickenlooper is outspending corey gardner on facebook. if we scroll down, we can see some of the trends that work in the senate race. here we see what are the ads objectives. john hickenlooper is looking for donations by a significant amount, whereas on the other side, as the election approaches, are they spending more. we can see through july and august. they were roughly even then. as august came to an end, john hickenlooper started ramping up his spending on facebook. back up at the top, we can switch from the senate race to the house race. let's go to the third district. here, democrat diane mitch bush is running against republican lauren bobert, and we can quickly see that lauren bobert is outspending diane mitch bush. as we scroll down, we see that the ads objectives are roughly the same. they're both asking for donations, and we can see that the two candidates have traded places since the summer about how much they're spending on facebook. sometimes the democrat is spending more, sometimes the republican. we scroll down a little bit more and we see that the candidates are focusing on different topics. lauren bobert is toking about donald trump, she's asking for donations, and she's also toking about the economy. diane mitch bush, on the other hand, is asking for donations and toking about elections, but then she's toking about veterans issues, and these numbers can give us some insights into what trends the candidates are highlighting. ad observatory will soon be adding a function where you can see the facebook ads directly on their site. until then, you can cross-reference ads in facebook's ad library. let's go there now. here's facebook's ad library. the address is wwwfacebookcom ads slash library. you can type in one candidate's name, like using the colorado senate race as an example. we'll type in candidate john hickenlooper and we'll see the ads that john hickenlooper's campaign is buying. likewise, you can type in his opponent, corey gardner, and see the ads that the cory gardner campaign is buying. maybe all this sounds good, but you're a busy working journalist and you don't have time to come to a website every day. the good news is you can create a login and sign up for free personalized email alerts straight to your inbox. so those are the tool basics. the pointer institute will be presenting a webinar on advanced search strategies for this tool and how to develop story ideas for covering the politikal races. if you want to sign up for the webinar and join us live, or if you want to watch a replay, go to bitly politikal ads or look for a link in the comments of this video. and now back to frank. thanks, angie. this tool was created by developers at new york university's tandon school of engineering in association with the institute for data, democracy and politiks at george washington university. funders include the democracy fund, luminate and the knight foundation and we thank them for their support. thanks to to the pointer institute, and don't forget to check out the advanced training from pointer. you'll find the link in the comment section. thanks very much and good luck with everything that you do.

Political Advertisement Ideas for Elections | Facebook Ads for Politics

hi entrepreneurs. i observed that this video hit a number of views. that's more than usual, so i want to supplement a related content that can benefit those who's interested through running politikal or electoral ads this coming 2022.. let's cut to the chase. in this video, i'll be sharing with you one idea you can use to run successful ads for your politikal clients. or maybe you are the one who's running for office and you want to set this up for yourself? here it comes: introduce yourself creatively. there's no better way of launching awareness campaigns than introducing yourself directly to your target audience. now i'm not saying that you should just shoot the video of yourself in front of a camera and say: hey, i'm john and i'm running as mayor this elections 2012. please vote me. no, not something like that. be more creative and think of it using a different perspective. ask yourself how can you hook your audience in the first 10 to 15 seconds of your ad and retain them up to the end of your ad. i'll give you some hints you can consider. number one is to share a sentiment from one of your supporters. yes, you heard me right. it's not necessarily you who should speak on the first scenes. have other people tok about you genuinely. believe me, this is more effective than exposing yourself repeatedly, like one of the other are doing, because a lot of people find it annoying, like me. number two is to highlight one of your flagship programs featuring your focused advocacy or platform. show some clips of you interacting with people, and one of the best approaches to this is to use a local language with a subtitle to hyper target your local audience, in case you're running for a local office. number three is to educate, to empower. of course, you need to relate this with your advocacy or platform too. the best way to prove to your audience that you are genuinely dedicated to an advocacy is when you help them become educated about it. for example, if your advocacy is more accessible, accurate and truthful information for your constituents, then you can make an informational video about fake news and how to fact check it or how to detect trolls. these are just few of the many examples you can consider. the best way for this is to really know more about your constituents, their challenges and difficulties and respond to those. so that's it. as i've said, this is just a short guide about how you can present yourself or your politikal client better to run successful politikal ads for elections. if this content is helpful for you, don't forget to subscribe and hit that bell icon. let me know also in the comment section below your suggested topics, in case you have that i can make a video about. or if you'd like to schedule a one-on-one tok with me, send an email through john kernelmediacom and you can also follow on dma on instagram. see you next time. happy advertising you.

Best Way to Run Political Facebook Ads on Your Campaign Page

hey guys, my name is nate grotenhaus and in this video, i'm gonna be explaining the best way to run politikal ads on your campaign facebook page. in my opinion, facebook is one of the best advertising platforms for your politikal campaign. first of all, it caters to a little bit of an older demographic than other social media platforms that you can run ads on, so you're able to reach people that are actually going to cast a ballot for you at the end of the day. furthermore, especially for local campaigns, uh, you're able to connect with people that you actually know and can actually have a degree of relationship with, and therefore you're able to message those folks, get a yard sign out to them through an ad or sign them up to walk precincts for you. so there's a lot of benefit that can come out of these facebook ads. this is a facebook page that i set up for one of my candidates this primary election. we're basically just going to use this as an example to run an ad. there's many different kinds of facebook ads that you can place. my go-to for candidates is boosted posts. so what that means is you're going to post something on your page like this: this candidate posted a video and you're able to basically artificially get that post in front of other people that would not have seen it otherwise. so i'm going to cover the best way to run a boosted post ad. let's click boost post and this will take us to the page that you're going to see. when you're creating an ad, first thing you do is go up here and choose the right ad account that you want to use. so, once you've selected the correct one, you're now going to go over to this goal section. i leave this on automatik because facebook is really smart in terms of the algorithms that they use to get your ad in front of people, but i'm just going to show you, if you click change, there is much more different ways that facebook can basically structure your ad in order to achieve the goal that you want it to. so i leave it on automatik save. the next step is to add a button, and i always click on learn more, and you can see now in the ad preview that there will be a learn more button under, uh, the video. so not only will you be able to click on the video and watch the video, but you can also click on this learn more button, and that's going to direct you to christy's website. if we scroll down here, we can see the most important section of setting up a facebook ad. if you do not do this properly, your ad will be rejected. but not only that: you'll lose 24 hours because facebook takes about a day to approve every facebook ad. so that's super critikal to keep in mind when you are running facebook ads on your campaign platform- that facebook takes time to review each ad before it goes live. so this category is basically asking you: is your ad about any of the following: credit, employment, housing or social issues, elections or politiks? and yes, this ad is a politikal ad. so we're going to click this and it's going to ask you: okay, so what category is it? and we're going to click the first one. it's a politikal ad. now, if you haven't connected an instagram account, you're gonna get this little error. it says we found one error: instagram account not authorized, and that's because, uh, it will automatikally check that you want to run this ad on facebook as well. so if you scroll down here to placements at the very bottom- you click on this, you can see that instagram is checked. so if you don't have an instagram, just uncheck that and, uh, you can also see that messenger is checked here. that means just the facebook messenger, so your ad will run on that platform as well. that's great. so now, if you go back up here, you'll see that that- uh, that error, excuse me- is gone. okay, so we have our special ad category set up. the next section is audience. this is super important to create an audience that caters the people and and the voting base that you're going after. if you're advertising to people that are never going to vote for you in the first place, you're wasting your budget and all of this hard work. so it's super critikal to make sure that your audience is targeted correctly. you can see here that facebook automatikally selects smart audience. this audience is very broad and it's not going to work. if you select smart audience, your ad will never be shown to the correct people. so what we're going to do for our campaign is we're going to go down here to create new. this means we're going to create a new audience. we're going to- um, title it audience one. you can title it whatever you'd like, and now we have options for who we want our ad to be shown to. we're going to leave gender on all and for age i do, 35 and above. that's what i have found to be sort of a sweet spot. it's one of those harsh realities of politiks that young people don't really vote, and you're going to get the most bang for your buck for people that are 35 and above. next, we're going to scroll down to locations and you can see here it automatikally places this ad in the united states. so we're going to click this little x to get rid of its own targeting and we're going to select the city in which your campaign is in. so for this one was in santa barbara, so we're going to click on santa barbara and you can see now that we have this selection. so currently, everyone that's over 35 in this blue circle is going to be targeted with this ad. now, obviously, we don't have the money to pay for facebook to show everyone this ad within that circle, so we want to bring it down a little bit more. one of the critikal ways to do that is narrowing down this radius. you can see here this is a 25 mile radius. if we bring it all the way down to 10 miles, we can see now that our add is much more targeted in terms of geography. but you can see here that it's still catching these little communities that are not santa barbara, golita, isla vista, montecito, and there's no room to slide down the pin even more. so, we want a tighter radius than 10 miles for our ad, and this is super critikal, especially when you're running in a district election. that's not even the full city. you may want certain streets, certain neighborhoods within a city. so this is super important when you're running in those elections. we're gonna get rid of the santa barbara location and let's say we're running in the district of santa barbara. that is just this waterfront area. what you're gonna do is go over here, top right, drop pin. you can see now my cursor becomes a check mark. i'm going to plop it right where i want to here. it's going to give me a default of 10 miles, but watch this- you can minimize this all the way down to one mile. so if we zoom in now, only these people are going to receive our ad within this blue circle. so let's say that we like this targeting, but our district goes out here as well. well, you're just going to grab another pin here, plop it here and then drag it down to the radius you want. let's do 10 miles or, excuse me, one mile and you can see. now that we have these two circles, there's a little bit of space in here, so let's drop one more pin and we have our district cover there. great. let's scroll down to detailed targeting. this is where you can tell facebook: okay, within this location, i only want to target people that are interested in this, or i only want to target a specific demographic of people within this radius. facebook used to let you target according to politikal party um, but last year they took that option away. now there are limited options in terms of interest, uh, for politikal campaigns, but this is still a very helpful tool. this race here was a superintendent of schools race, so things like education is a great one, so this ad will be targeted to people that are interested in education. you can also target to a demographic, so you can see here parents is an option, so this will target all facebook users that are parents. other interests you might want to include are local government, social issues, etc. and this is something that you can just explore and target according to your campaign and what.