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portable washing machine dropshipping

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

Title: How I Made $800 in One Day with Shopify Dropshipping

In this article, I will share my experience of making $800 in one day with Shopify dropshipping. I will discuss the product I sold, how I marketed it, and the strategies I used to succeed. This article is perfect for beginners who want to start their own online business but are unsure where to begin.


The product I sold was a portable washing machine. It can be used to wash clothes or dishes and is a unique solution to common problems people face. I found the product by searching for Amazon must-haves and Amazon best finds on TikTok, where I discovered a video with 2 million views showcasing the product.


To find competitors selling the same product, I searched for the product name plus Shopify on Google. I found a competitor website that had some good takeaways, such as using GIFs and including a price chart. I also found a high-quality competitor website called Sonic Soak, which provided me with excellent marketing techniques to use.

Shopify Site:

I used Shopify to create my own website. The templates were easy to use, and I had a free 14-day trial. I also made sure my website had a brand feel to it.


I used TikTok to market my product by creating videos of the washing machine cleaning different items such as plates, silverware, and clothes. I targeted lazy people such as college students who may not want to wash dishes. I also tested different attention grabbers and target audiences to see what worked best. It's essential to post consistently on TikTok and be patient in testing different strategies to increase your chances of going viral.

In conclusion, Shopify dropshipping can be a lucrative business if you find the right product, market it well, and use effective strategies. By following the steps I outlined in this article, you too can make money with Shopify dropshipping.

Amazon must haves 2021 (with links) Tiktok Compilation ( winning products- dropshipping-shopify)

Hey, what's going on everybody! Welcome back to my channel. Today, I am going to introduce you to some amazing products that you can buy from Amazon. These products are not only useful but also affordable. So, let's get started!

In this article, we will discuss some amazing products that you can buy from Amazon. These products are versatile, affordable, and can make your life easier.


1. Mini Portable Washer and Dryer: This compact and lightweight washing solution is perfect for smaller spaces like dorms, apartments, campers, or adventure settings.

2. Mobile Phone Magnifier: Perfect for watching videos or movies on your smartphone without causing any more strain on your eyes.

3. Food Tents: These tents are perfect for outdoor parties or picnics to keep bugs away from your food.

4. Zen Body Shower Head: This shower head has special beads to remove harsh chemicals and comes with three different modes for a spa-like experience.

5. Semi-Permanent Tattoos from Inkbox: These tattoos last up to two weeks and are perfect for trying out a tattoo without the commitment.

6. Stick-On Shower Shelves: These shelves are perfect for those who don't have a shelf in their stand-up shower.

7. Collapsible and Expandable Flower Vase: This vase folds flat and won't collect dust or chip like a normal glass vase would.

8. iPad Gadget: This gadget holds your iPad and connects to Bluetooth for easy typing and messaging.

9. Garlic Tube Roller: This tool is perfect for peeling garlic without leaving your fingers sticky and smelly.

10. Bed Bands: These bands ensure that your fitted sheet stays in place all night long.

11. Oil Dispenser: This dispenser releases the amount of oil you need for cooking, making it easier and mess-free.

12. Electric Spin Scrubber: This scrubber makes cleaning so much easier with its rotating head and expandable body.

13. Silicone Pot or Pan Cover: This cover keeps your water from boiling over and fits any pan with a diameter from six to ten and a half inches.

14. Tattoo Printer: This printer can print whatever design you want onto your skin.

15. Portable Makeup Organizer: This organizer has a light-up LED mirror that can be used separately or mounted onto the organizer.

16. Flexible Toilet Brush: This brush has a D-shaped design and silicone bristles, making it easier to clean all areas of the toilet.

17. Blind Cleaner: This tool makes cleaning blinds, vents, and baseboards easier with its microfiber cloth attachments.

18. Dual-Layer Umbrella: This umbrella falls inside out, preventing everything from getting wet when you go inside.

19. Portable Travel Water Bottle for Dogs: This water bottle can hold water and food or treats for your dog on the go.

20. Trunk Storage Organizer: This organizer has multiple compartments and comes with straps to tie it down.

In conclusion, these products are versatile, affordable, and can make your life easier. From kitchen gadgets to beauty products, there's something for everyone on Amazon. So, go ahead and take advantage of these amazing products and make your life easier.

5 WINNING & VIRAL TikTok Products to SELL ONLINE (Shopify Dropshipping 2022)

In today's video, we will be showcasing five viral and winning TikTok products that can be sold online. These products are proven sellers on AliExpress, and we will discuss their features, selling price, and profit margin.

Product 1: Gyro Cut Pen

- Lightweight and portable cutting tool

- Great for kids and those who struggle with scissors

- Selling price: $14.16

- Product cost: $6.92

- Profit margin: $7.24

Product 2: Electric Vegetable Cutter

- Saves time in the kitchen

- Powerful motor and stainless steel blade

- Perfect for making salads and vegetable dishes

- Selling price: $49

- Product cost: $18.97

- Profit margin: $30.03

Product 3: Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine

- Small and perfect for small apartments or dorm rooms

- Can wash delicate items and great for travelers

- Selling price: under $38

- Product cost: $13.10

- Profit margin: $21.42

Product 4: Car Seat Tray

- Made of high-quality plastic and dishwasher safe

- Can be used to hold snacks or a phone

- Selling price: under $42

- Product cost: $12.61

- Profit margin: $29.38

Product 5: Seedling Easy Transplanter

- Lightweight and durable system for transplanting seedlings

- Can be used for planting flowers, herbs, vegetables, and more

- Selling price: under $30

- Product cost: $7.50

- Profit margin: $22.49

These five products are great options for those looking to sell products online. They have proven to be popular on AliExpress, and with their low product cost and high profit margin, they can be a profitable addition to any online store. Don't hesitate to add them to your product line and start making sales today!

Winning Product | Shopify dropshipping | shopify products | Sell This Now | Dropshipping

Hey there! Are you on the hunt for winning products to sell? Look no further because we've got you covered. Check out our top winning products of the day:

1. Wireless Charging Dock - This dock is perfect for organizing your tech gadgets and providing lightning fast charging. Just plug it into the wall and lay your accessories on it for a quick and easy charge.

2. Car LED Exhaust Muffler Pipe - Want to make your car cooler? This product is made of stainless steel and carbon fiber, and enhances the power and driving comfort of your vehicle. Plus, it looks stylish and beautiful with its LED light effect.

3. Heart Guest Book - Keep your memories alive with this wooden guest book frame. It's perfect for weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties, or memorial services. Hang it on your wall after your event to always remember the good times.

4. 4 Tip Precision Eyebrow Pen - Create natural looking eyebrows with ease using this micro blade like brow pen. Its highly pigmented color gives you vivid hair-like strokes that last all day without smudging or melting.

5. Under the Desk Drawer - Save space on your worktop with this self-adhesive plastic drawer. It's strong enough to hold most everyday office appliances, and frees up valuable desk space.

6. 16 Colors Solid Butter Nail Gel Palette - Get perfect buttery texture nails with this high-quality gel nail palette. The colors are elegant and suitable for any occasion, and the solid butter pigment ensures no leakage.

7. Mini Multi Tier Cake Mold Full Set - Make layered cakes with ease using this handy mold. It saves time and effort by baking the entire cake as one piece, and comes in three sizes to satisfy your baking needs.

Overall, these winning products are sure to be a hit with your customers. Don't hesitate to buy them now and increase your sales!

Best Dropshipping Products | Trending Products For Dropshipping | Spy On Facebook Ads

Welcome back to the Fulfillment YouTube channel where we showcase winning products. In this video, we will be discussing three products that have proven to be great for their respective markets.

Product 1: Pet Libro Automatic Pet Water Fountain

- Uses ceramic rotors and shafts to reduce friction and minimize noise

- Sponge filter at the bottom of the pump to remove debris and freeze the pump from the burden

- Emulates a gentle bubbling spring with moving water and bubbles to let your pets know the water is safe and fresh

- Operates at 38dB, making it quiet enough to be in your bedroom

- Has a night light to avoid being knocked over in the dark

- Ideal height for most pets to drink comfortably and avoid spillage

- Easy to clean with a detachable design

- Filter can continuously filter and reliably filter out fur debris and sand

- Effectively removes odors and impurities, softens water, and helps promote good pet hygiene and increased hydration

Product 2: Cord Buddy Guitar Learning System

- Makes mastering guitar chords simple

- Develop one hand at a time, helping you learn the guitar easier

- Comes with a clip-on tuner with a triple color indicator for sharp, flat, and just right notes

- Comes with two guitar picks for a finer tune, better sound, harder strumming, and more volume

- Say goodbye to cramped hands and sore fingers with just one finger playing

- Remove one tab at a time to learn the chords yourself

- Songbook features keys of G, C, D, and M of over 100 songs of different genres

- Suitable for beginners, intermediates, teachers, seniors, people with joint problems, students with special needs, and even experts

Product 3: Mini Semi-Automatic Washing Machine for Home, Kids, Baby Clothes, and Undergarments

- Portable washing machine that allows you to simply load 4-5kg of clothes, fill it with water, set a timer, and start washing

- Energy-saving and environmental protection, saving water and electricity

- Single tub washing machine with spin dryer to help with laundry

- Load capacity of 4-5kg, suitable for small families

- Wash and spin power of 190W, with only one wash program

- Accommodates 5-6 adult clothing and 8-10 baby clothing

- Ergonomic design and delivers a powerful performance when it comes to washing clothes

- Perfect for washing small clothes like undergarments, socks, pillow covers, and more

- Great for energy and power conservation

These three products are winners in their respective markets and offer great features and benefits to their users. Whether you're a pet owner, a guitar enthusiast, or someone who wants an easy and efficient way to do laundry, these products are worth considering. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for more informative videos about product research and more.


Hey, welcome to Products for Sell. Here, I'm looking for new products to sell. So, if any of these products look interesting, let me know. Here are the top new products that I found today:

1. Shoe Washing Organizer:

- Evergreen product that falls under the household niche market

- Broad market base as everyone wants to keep their shoes clean

- Proven seller on Aliexpress with many orders

- Selling price is just under $27, while the product cost is only $2.77

- Shipping costs $1.03, giving a profit margin of 23.15%

2. Mini Book Light:

- Problem solver that falls under the reading gift niche market

- Broad market base as it's perfect for camping, traveling, and power outages

- Lightweight and compact, making it perfect for reading anywhere

- Similar products were huge winners before on the market

- Selling price is just under $20, while the product cost is only $9.15

- Shipping is completely free, giving a profit margin of 10.84%

3. Food Purifier:

- Cleans food by eliminating harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses

- High perceived value, making it perfect for a one-product store

- Falls under the cooking kitchen accessory niche market

- Selling price is just under $76, while the product cost is only $43.75

- Shipping is completely free, giving a profit margin of 32.24%

4. Baby Diaper Bag with Bed:

- Problem solver that has a wow effect and is designed for parents on the go

- Perfect size for storing all essentials while out and about with your little one

- Falls under the parentality pregnancy baby niche markets

- Selling price is just under $90, while the product cost is only $28.19

- Shipping is completely free, giving a profit margin of 61.78%

5. Dual Head Car Fan:

- Keeps you cool while you drive and can be used in any car

- Perfect for hot summer days where the car doesn't have air conditioning

- Falls under the car summer niche market

- Selling price is just under $28, while the product cost is only $19.13

- Shipping is completely free, giving a profit margin of 8.86%

6. Side Screen Car Windows:

- Cost-effective way to allow children to feel more comfortable and enjoy their rides

- Blocks most of the light from entering the car, making it perfect for reading, playing games, or doing homework

- Proven seller on Aliexpress with many orders

- Selling price is just under $23, while the product cost is only $4.16

- Shipping costs $5.17, giving a profit margin of 13.66%

7. Under Cabinet Hanger Rack:

- Perfect solution to your kitchen cabinet problems

- Can be installed on the inside of the cabinet and is perfect for hanging pots, pans, lids, and other kitchen utensils

- Proven seller on Aliexpress with many orders

- Selling price is just under $13, while the product cost is only $2.90

- Shipping costs $3.33, giving a profit margin of 6.75%

8. Towel Holder:

- Minimalistic and sleek design, making it the perfect addition to any modern bathroom

- Practical accessory for any home, helping to dry and keep the towels off the floor

- Easy to install, making it a quick and easy way to add functionality to your bathroom

- Selling price is just under $17, while the product cost is only $0.09

- Shipping is completely free, giving a profit margin of $14.09%

These are the top new products that I found today. All of these products have a high potential to sell and have a good profit margin. So, if you're looking for some new products to add to your store, consider adding one or more of these to your inventory.

Dropshipping Products 2021 | Shopify Dropshipping 2021 | Trending Products To Sell 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Fulfillman channel! If you're looking for some hot new and winning products, just tune in, because today I'm going to show you our top three products in the Fulfillman catalog. Let's get started!

In this article, we will be discussing the top three products in the Fulfillman catalog. These products are perfect for anyone looking to make their daily routine easier and more efficient. From a portable washing machine to a tennis chain and drill punch locator ruler tool, we've got you covered.

Product 1: Portable Washing Machine

- Tired of back-breaking work? The portable washing machine takes the hassle and strains out of everyday household chores.

- Rinse and wash with ease! It adopts an integrated mini-style wash, small, and compact design. It fits comfortably on countertops or tables that require less space.

- This powerful dishwasher has four stages cleaning: high-frequency vibration and cavitation, high-pressure water creates thousands of bubbles to burst into the water, which can easily clean dishes or clothes.

- The sonic sterilization produces micro-scale pressure bubbles to generate mechanical waves, causing stubborn dirt to disappear.

- It effectively cleans clothes, dishes, pesticides, and bacteria on all fruits and vegetables.

- It is rechargeable via USB and features bubble spray, 2D flow immersion cleaning, and ultrasonic waves.

Product 2: Sterling Tennis Chain

- Flash your enemies before flashing to victory with this product! This stunning pendant has been crafted with 925 sterling silver, encoded with 14k gold, hanging from a matching box chain.

- This impressive necklace is created for those who make proactive efforts to stand out in their lives and get ahead.

- Grip the racket, lock your aim, and precisely launch the ball to victory!

- Select which of the three charting styles you prefer the most.

Product 3: Drill Punch Locator Ruler Tool

- This tool removes the guesswork from drilling holes quickly. Identify where to drill your holes with this product!

- This convenient bilateral ruler will help you measure the exact distance and spacing on where you drill your holes.

- This ruler lets you speed up the time it takes to measure your holes as you can instantly mark and drill the holes while you measure.

- It uses a longitudinal and lateral measuring mechanism that lets you pinpoint the location on where to drill.

- It's ideal for drilling holes for cabinet handles, pool mobs, mounting brackets, frames, and so much more.

- Sufficiently accurate at getting you the right measurements for your holes. Made with durable ABS plastic and stainless steel.

Thank you for watching! If you liked the products mentioned, then visit us at Fulfillman.com and check out our other products in the product catalog. No need to worry about inventory because Fulfillman manages your production from inquiry to delivering it to your doorstep. We fulfill your items and keep you updated, so get yourself a free quote and please like, share, and subscribe to the Fulfillman channel. Watch out for our other videos for another set of hot new and winning products!

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