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Poshmark goes International + more news from Poshfest 2018

Published on: December 10 2022 by RockstarFlipper

Poshmark, the popular online fashion marketplace, has announced its plans to expand its services internationally. The news was revealed at the recent Poshfest 2018 event, where the company also shared its latest updates and developments.

Expansion Plans:

- Poshmark plans to launch its platform in Canada in the near future.

- The company is also exploring the possibility of expanding into other international markets.

- The move is part of Poshmark's efforts to increase its user base and revenue streams.

Updates and Developments:

- Poshmark has introduced new features such as Poshmark Stylist Match and Posh Protect.

- The company has also partnered with popular brands and influencers to offer exclusive collections.

- Poshmark's user base has grown significantly, with over 40 million registered users and over 75 million items listed for sale on the platform.


- The international expansion will provide new opportunities for both buyers and sellers on Poshmark.

- The platform's growing popularity and user base is a testament to its success in the online fashion marketplace industry.

- Poshmark's commitment to innovation and partnership is key to its continued growth and success.

Poshmark's international expansion plans and latest updates demonstrate the company's dedication to providing the best possible experience for its users. With its growing user base, innovative features, and partnerships with popular brands and influencers, Poshmark is poised for continued success in the online fashion marketplace industry.

Poshmark goes International + more news from Poshfest 2018

Hey there and welcome to the Rockstar Flipper YouTube channel! Thank you for joining me today. For those of you who follow me, you may know that I recently attended PoshFest 2018 in Dallas, Texas. This event is a conference for Poshmark sellers, where the CEO and employees announce changes coming to the platform. In this article, I will be sharing the three big announcements made by Manish, the CEO of Poshmark.

Announcement 1: Canadian Sales

- Poshmark is going international, starting with Canada

- An office has recently been opened in Vancouver

- Canadians will be able to buy and sell to American sellers, and vice versa

- Other countries, including Mexico, Europe, and Asia, may also be added in the future

Announcement 2: Drafts

- You can now create drafts on Poshmark

- This feature is particularly useful for those who have employees, VA's, or listers who can create drafts that can be finished later

Announcement 3: Filtered Newsfeed

- Poshmark will now allow you to filter your newsfeed

- You can sort through your newsfeed and see things that people shared in your size, new followers, and more

Overall, PoshFest 2018 was an exciting event, and these announcements will definitely have an impact on the Poshmark community. Canadian sales will expand the market for Poshmark sellers, drafts will make it easier to work with employees, and the filtered newsfeed will make it easier to navigate the app. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more updates and news like this!

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