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post affiliate pro shopify

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, let's take a look at Post Affiliate Pro and see what it can do. First off, what is it? Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate program software that is ready to use right out of the box. All you have to do is sign up for an account with us and it's hosted in the cloud, so no need to configure any servers. You'll need to integrate our tracking software into your site, but we offer that for free in our trial. Let's take a tour of the software and see what it can do.

- Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate program software ready to use out of the box

- You just need to sign up for an account with us

- Hosted in the cloud, no need to configure any servers

- Need to integrate our tracking software into your site, but it's free in our trial

- Let's take a tour of the software and see what it can do

Merchant Panel:

- Home screen shows clicks, commissions, and impressions

- Total cost of transactions over the last 30 days

- Pending tasks and news from us

- Customizable theme and homepage

- Getting started guide

- Campaigns section to define ongoing campaigns

- Campaign categories and performance rewards sections

- Banners section to add promotional materials

- Affiliate manager section to see all affiliates who signed up for your program

- Affiliate tree section to see if they referred or signed up any sub-affiliates

- Transactions section to see all clicks and sales coming into the system

- Reports section with extensive reporting and exportable to CSV file

- Payouts section to see all commissions owed to affiliates and generate a mass-paying file for payment processor

- Email section with built-in email system to send emails to affiliates

Affiliate Panel:

- Customizable theme and homepage

- Getting started guide

- Promotion section to see all banners and links uploaded by merchant

- Report section to see overview, trends, commission list, clicks list, payouts, sub-affiliate sales stats, and tree of sub-affiliates

- Options to change profile, contact merchant, watch tutorial video, and more information about direct links and email notifications

- General affiliate link at the top of the screen to start promoting right away

Post Affiliate Pro is a complete affiliate program software that is easy to use and ready to go. It offers extensive reporting, customization options, and a built-in email system for easy communication with affiliates. Whether you're a merchant looking to start an affiliate program or an affiliate looking to promote products, Post Affiliate Pro has everything you need.

POST AFFILIATE PRO REVIEW & TUTORIAL (2022) : Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing, Free Trial

In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about Post Affiliate Pro. From the software's pricing to its features, we will cover it all. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced marketer, this post will help you understand the software better.

Post Affiliate Pro is an athlete tracking software that allows you to manage multiple affiliate programs, track affiliate performance, assign commissions, and issue payouts using a single platform. In this article, we will cover the software's pricing, features, and how to create an account on Post Affiliate Pro.


Post Affiliate Pro has a plethora of features, including banner rotators, discount coupons, flash banners, HTML banners, image banners, lightbox banners, and more. You can customize your affiliate program using the software exactly how you want it. The software is also beginner-friendly and easy to use.


Post Affiliate Pro has three pricing plans: the Pro plan, the Ultimate plan, and the Network plan. The Pro plan costs $97 a month and is best for creating a simple affiliate program. The Ultimate plan costs $197 a month and is ideal for creating a more elaborate affiliate program, while the Network plan costs $477 a month and is best for creating an affiliate network. All pricing plans come with unlimited affiliates, 24/7 technical support, and access to the knowledge base.

Pros and Cons:

Post Affiliate Pro's pros include its flexible configuration, free setup services, and beginner-friendly interface. Its cons include missing integrations with popular e-commerce tools and software.

Post Affiliate Pro is an excellent athlete tracking software that is ideal for managing multiple affiliate programs. Its features and pricing plans make it an attractive option for both beginners and experienced marketers. If you're interested in creating your own affiliate marketing program, be sure to check out Post Affiliate Pro.

GoAffPro Tutorial - Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Shopify

In this video, Marcus shows us how to use affiliate marketing on Shopify in a simple way. He walks us through the basic setup of the app, which only scratches the surface of what it can do.


1. Decide on commission: The first thing to do is to decide how much commission to give your affiliate for a successful referral. This is important to calculate how much profit your products will bring in after taxes.

2. Choose coupon options: You can also choose to give discount coupons to your affiliates to share with their followers.

3. Copy the affiliate program link: Open the shop's navigation menu and add the affiliate menu item to the menu.

4. Customize the FBA portal: Add a logo and change the brand color to make the portal look and feel a part of your store.

5. Test the app setup: Create a new affiliate account and test the referral link to make sure everything is set up correctly.

6. Edit the FBA portal: You can edit the landing page, affiliate dashboard, and creatives that you recommend for your affiliates to use.

7. Set up analytics: You can track sales, commissions, and analytics for your affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to promote your products and increase sales. By setting up a simple program on Shopify, you can easily give your affiliates the tools they need to promote your store and earn commission on successful referrals. So why not give it a try and see how it can benefit your business?

How To Start An Affiliate Program For Your Shopify Store (Full Tutorial)

In this video, Jake shows us how to set up an affiliate marketing program for your Shopify e-commerce store. Affiliate marketing is a potential traffic source that allows other people to promote your products on your store and earn a percentage of the sale when they successfully refer a customer.

Steps to Set up an Affiliate Marketing Program:

1. Install the Up Promote affiliate marketing app from the Shopify app store.

2. Use the Quick Start option to set up the affiliate program and upload your website logo.

3. Customize your affiliate registration form by adding benefits and changing colors to match your store branding.

4. Select your available payment method, and PayPal is the recommended option.

5. Add the affiliate program link to your store's footer or main menu.

6. Create a new affiliate program tier for special affiliates only.

7. Manage affiliates and approve them manually or automatically.

8. Give specific coupons to affiliates that customers can use to get a discount on their order.

Setting up an affiliate marketing program for your Shopify e-commerce store is a great way to drive traffic to your site and increase sales. With the Up Promote app and the steps outlined above, you can easily create a successful affiliate program that benefits both you and your affiliates.

How to Create a Successful Affiliate Program for Your Business

As you build your business, it's important to attract more customers in order to grow. While you may be working hard on sales, marketing, relationship building, and creating content for social media, you may not be taking advantage of the opportunity to let other people bring new customers to your store for you. That's where affiliate marketing comes in, one of the most effective ways to have an entire sales and marketing team of real people driving traffic to your online store without the upfront costs and complexities of hiring employees.

In this article, we'll discuss how to create a successful affiliate marketing program for your business.

Step 1: Designing the Program

- Create a program that is attractive and compelling for potential affiliates to sign up.

- Feature the highest earning products for them to promote.

- Provide communication materials that are easy to use and promote.

Step 2: Building the Commission Structure

- Determine the maximum percentage you can afford to offer your affiliates.

- Decide on the commission structure you'll offer them.

- Get creative with your commission structuring, such as creating a tiered system.

Step 3: Selecting an Affiliate Management Platform

- Choose an affiliate management company that allows you to define commission rates, select products, and track results.

- Pay attention to the pricing of these management apps and select one that suits your needs.

Step 4: Recruiting Affiliates

- Determine who you want to allow as an affiliate.

- Recruit affiliates through email, social media, on your store's website, or specialized affiliate network sites.

Step 5: Optimizing Your Program

- Provide your affiliates with support and resources to help them promote your products.

- Monitor your program's performance and make adjustments as needed.

- Celebrate your successes and continuously improve your program.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to have an entire sales and marketing team of real people driving traffic to your online store without the upfront costs and complexities of hiring employees. By following these steps, you can create a successful affiliate marketing program for your business and watch it grow.

Merchant Control Panel Tour | Post Affiliate Pro™

In this article, we will be discussing Post Affiliate Pro, which is an affiliate management software. We will provide you with a quick tour of the merchant panel and show you how to set up and manage your affiliate program.

Merchant Panel:

- Logging in: After successfully logging in, the system will provide you with 10 steps of advice on how to set up your affiliate program.

- Setting up your affiliate program: This gives you ideas for percentages and types of affiliate programs. You can simply click off each step as you go and when you finish, you can uncheck the box so it doesn't show up the next time you log in.

- To-do list: The home screen gives you a to-do list of things that are outstanding and need to be done.

- Stats: You can see the actual clicks and impressions. All these stats are also available in charts below it. It's a great place to come and see how your affiliate program is doing.

- Navigation: It's on the left side. When you click on the main options, a menu rolls out with other options that you have with Post Affiliate Pro.

- Campaign: This is where you set up your percentages, pay per sale, pay per click, etc. When you click overview, it gives you an idea of campaigns you have set up and it shows quick stats on those.

- Campaign Manager: This allows you to edit or set up campaigns. Some affiliates can have different percentages and commission than others.

- Banners: You have the ability to create image banners, flash banners, HTML banners, text links, coupons, PDFs, replicated sites, and so on.

- Affiliate section: This is where you manage your affiliates. You can see the list of all affiliates and click and get into their area, which shows you the details of their site, email, name, payouts, and tracking direct link URLs.

- Direct link URLs: This is one of Post Affiliate Pro's greatest benefits. It allows you to track sales coming from specific websites without using any affiliate codes. It's a great way for affiliates to link directly to your site without worrying about the tracking, etc.

- Transactions: This is where you can see rock clicks of your affiliates and commissions of your affiliates. You can actually see the sales in either manually or automatically approve or disapprove commissions.

- Reports: Post Affiliate Pro gives you a great amount of reports starting with the most comprehensive trends report ending with report for your keywords performance.

- Payouts: This is where you go to see and pay affiliates.

- Emails: This allows you to actually send an email to either all your affiliates or a specific group. What is nice about that is that you can see the history of sent emails in the mail outbox.

- Configuration: This is where you set everything up. What kind of currency, cookies tracking, what your affiliate control panel will look like, it's all in here.

- Tools: This is where you do your integration in other functionality for maintaining your site. For integration, you can actually set up clicks tracking and sales tracking. There are more than a hundred integration methods available, and they include the most popular shopping carts in payment processors.

- Offline sale: This is where you can verify your offline coupon codes.

- Help sections: This gives you step-by-step articles and answers for frequently asked questions.

- Features and plugins: This allows you to activate additional functionality and plugins with one click.

In conclusion, Post Affiliate Pro is a great affiliate management software that provides you with a lot of features and options to set up and manage your affiliate program effectively. If you have any questions or need help, you can always reach out to their support team via email or start a live chat conversation.

5 Best Affiliate Management Software In 2022 : Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Are you in search of the best affiliate management software for 2022? Look no further as we've got you covered. In this article, we'll be discussing the top five affiliate management software that you can use to create and launch your own affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing has become a popular strategy for businesses to boost their sales and attract new customers. It involves partnering with affiliates who promote your products or services and earn a commission for every sale made through their referral. To effectively manage your affiliate program, you need reliable affiliate management software.

1. Cartridge:

Cartridge is a one-stop-shop for marketers offering campaign development, web page building, email marketing, and affiliate management, among others. It allows you to customize your sign-up questionnaire for screening affiliates, set commission rates, and payment options. Cartridge's affiliate management program offers a two-week trial for just one dollar, and if you decide to continue, you can choose from four monthly subscription options.

2. Partner Stack:

Partner Stack is a platform that enables B2B companies to identify, recruit, and manage partners and influencers who generate revenue through customer referrals. It allows users to easily promote, manage, and scale their partner programs, automate partner onboarding, training, rewards payments, and track program performance and metrics. With Partner Stack, you can turn your existing customer base into a marketing team, manage the cost, and reward affiliates based on the quality of customers referred.

3. Rewardful:

Rewardful is a simple way for SaaS businesses to create and manage business affiliates and referral programs using Stripe. This tool enables you to engage customers and affiliates efficiently and turn your existing customer base into a marketing team. Users can create different segments for customer grouping, partner athletes, and more. Rewardful provides excellent SEO links on your website page and domains without needing third-party subdomains.

4. Post Affiliate Pro:

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate software used by e-commerce websites and online shops to boost sales and online traffic. It allows businesses to monitor, track, and analyze affiliate performance data, work closely with their affiliates, and improve their market offering. Post Affiliate Pro is affiliated with over 170 major content management systems and payment gateways, providing its clients with a greater level of trust and security.

5. Tapfiliate:

Tapfiliate is a cloud-based platform that enables the creation, monitoring, and optimizing of referral networks and affiliate marketing. It allows you to automate the bulk of your affiliate marketing tasks, including monitoring affiliate commissions, administration, and even multi-level marketing. The program aids in increasing social reach by connecting with affiliates and enables them to earn commissions on any sale they refer to your website.

Affiliate management software is essential for businesses that want to create and launch their own affiliate program. The top five affiliate management software we've discussed in this article are Cartridge, Partner Stack, Rewardful, Post Affiliate Pro, and Tapfiliate. These software options offer different features and pricing plans, so you can choose the one that best fits your business needs and budget.

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