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Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!)

in this video, i'm going to show you five free ads websites that everyone who wants to start earning from 100 to 200 a day should know about. and also, i don't want to let you struggle with this free ads website, so i'm going to show example of the products and a unique angles that i would use if i would start promoting products on these free edge websites so you can start making money the fastest way possible. so you can make a mistake. and this is perfect way for every beginner, because you can do this for free and you don't need to have any experiences, any skills. all that you are putting in is your time, but you are getting out with super valuable experiences. and also, even before jumping straight into this video, i would like to notify that i have created for you in a free master class in which i'm going to teach you in the five simple steps that everyone who wants to go from zero to six figures need to do in order to build long-term, profitable online business. so if you would like to watch this free masterclass, you can find a link down below in the description. click there, and i'm looking forward to see you there as well. but now let's continue with the video. all right, and let's start with the very first free ads, optional free ad website, and this first one is called my midi ads. so on this website we can post in a new ad and all of this is 100 for free. so if you just check it out real quick, you can see that we can be posting and marketing at job ads, but as well, you can be sharing there, even as a company. so if you just grow this, this is in the professional social network for media, buyers and sellers. so what do you want to be? you want to be in a seller and you want to find these buyers there. so if you just scroll down, uh, you can see many companies is using this and what you can be doing. there is a post, your free ad, search for offers and many, many cool stuff. so you just scroll all the way up. now what i want to show you are these marketing ads and the job ad. so under the marketing ads you can see all of these different categories that you can find. so this is basically all the categories that, for example, you can find on a clickbank if you want to be promoting some offer in some niche, and as well, you can find in the sources and in a basis. so, cost per action, cost per click, etc. etc. all of these options. but what is the most important on the my media ads, or this job ads, because what can you do? you can be basically providing these people some job opportunity, and this is what most people are looking for on this website, on in my midi ads. they are not looking just, uh, to buy some stuff, some affiliate program, but they are looking for something on how to make money for some job opportunity, and this is something that we want to be doing as well. and if you go into this job ads, you can see that these ads are truly getting some views. so, 61 views, 14, 17. if you just scroll down, we can see, for example, even 209, uh, 235, 359. and if you are just saying yourself that this is not enough, this just one view, one of you three views- you can see that this is not actually an ad. this is just on spam. so if you create in a genuine ad on this website, it can definitely get in a click and many people will be able to see this. so now let's check how you can actually create a new ad. so for this. you just go to the post new ad. but even before that, we need to find a program or a product that we are going to promote. as i was telling you before, most people are looking on this website for a job opportunity. so what we are going to do, we are going to find a job opportunity over there. so we will just go to the e-business and e-marketing and one of the best job opportunities offers on clickbank at the moment are these: get paid to use facebook, twitter and youtube or live chat jobs or write app reviews or paid online writing jobs. so those are all of these. four are top converting in e-business and e-marketing niche and as well all of these are job opportunities. so these are helping people to make money online from their home. so what i would do, i would just pick one of these first. so let's just live chat jobs. i will click on a promote and i would just enter my nickname account. i would choose this default and i would just create my hop link will be actually my unique affiliate that i can start promoting on this website and then, when we will go back to the my midi ads, you can choose if you want to post marketing ad or a job ad. so what i recommend you is to go with a job ad and then you would just go to offer in a job, in a position you can just choose one of these and geo target. you can put there, for example, united states because you want to be united kingdom, and australia, because all these tier one countries, because those are most buyers in africa- marketing programs and in the subject you want to create something, for example, like a hiring- 25 to 30 dollars per hour, social media manager, chat chat bot or job up to 175 a day, facebook virtual assistant. so something that would take people's attention and as well into this message you want to write: there's some description about this product, what this is all about. you can find all the info if you open the afterlink and everything will be stated there. then, below this, just you just posted your after link and then this ad will go out and it can get 100, 200, 300, 400 views. but what's the best about is that you can be creating these ads over and over again. you can switch the product, you can switch description, you can switch, uh, the headline and you can be creating these ads over and over again, and this is one of the options that even my students were able to make money out of this, so i highly highly recommend this one. then the second free ad website that you can start using is called worldprofitcom. so, as you can see right there, this isn't a world profit and this is in a free membership for athlete marketers. uh, what's really important to say about this website? that this is not only free ads option, but as well they have some affiliate marketing trainings, but i have to admit that i don't really recommend them because i don't know about anyone who was able to make some profit out of this training. so what i recommend is website for is only the free ads or posting and a free ad. so what do you need to do? you just need to click on join our free membership and basically create your membership. so add your name, add your email and then when you sign in, you will end up- uh, not here, you will end up in this place, but there will be tons of ad, as you can see, jumping on it, so you want to go over it. what's cool about is that you can gather this guy toking to you, because he is kind of a some chatbot or a live business center, something like this. you can just tok with these guys if you want. if you- i don't know- feel alone or something like this. but what's important for us is that right there on the left side, you can click on the free classified ads and place ads for free and then you can post on a free ad. but even before this- this is something what they have changed recently- is that you need to view at least 10 classified ads to enter in a new one. so what do you need to do? you just need to go back, start checking out these uh ads that are there here and then you will get these credits to create your own ad. now what's really important? to say as well that these ads are seen only by a members on a world profit, so you are not getting any new members all around the internet. you are promoting products only to the members of the world profit. what's cool about is that those are basically buyers and people interested in affront marketing. so if you have the right offer for make money online and biz up and all of this stuff, you are able to even monetize these people already on the world profit. so what i recommend as a product is just go to the clickbank, and i would still keep with the e-business and e-marketing, and what i would take, for example, are offers like this: one click weld system, because those are not just some.

Top 25 Sites to Advertise Rental Property | American Landlord

[Music]. both professional property managers and individual landlords often ask us: where is the best place to list my house for rent? our initial response has always been: just put a sign in the yard and it's free, and as long as there's a reasonable amount of traffic, you'll fill your vacancy. but for some properties, a sign cannot be placed in the ground or a window to spark interest. so in this episode of american landlord, we discuss the top 25 online marketplaces for property managers and landlords to advertise the rental property. this video is brought to you by ushomevaluecom, where real estate investors and homeowners can find out the value of almost any property throughout the united states. [Music]. while most online sites charge a listing fee, they're generally much less than, let's say, a tenant placement fee that you would pay an agent, which is usually equivalent to one month's rent. so we went ahead and compiled a list of the top 25 websites where rentals can be advertised, and here we go, beginning with the top five most popular ones. at number one, apartmentscom has millions of monthly unique visitors and is preferred by larger communities and property managers. so unless you have dozens and dozens of units, you'll probably skip this one. number two is zillow. zillow has a large network where small landlords are welcome. it also happens to own and operate trulia, where it shares its listing data. hotpads is number three and is ideal for higher end rentals. so if you're charging a premium because you have a higher end unit, that's a place to consider. now, coming in at number four is craigslist, which has billions of page views each and every month. the only issue with craigslist is that it has somewhat of a reputation for attracting some fraudulent activity. so you just have to be mindful of that and be very careful that you properly vet each and every applicant and don't transact exclusively through email. [Music]. and number five is the facebook marketplace. facebook has grown quite a bit with its marketplace. it's a great site as long as you have a facebook account and you can advertise not only your vacancies but many other products and services. and now here are the remaining 20 most commonly used websites for advertising rental property vacancies. apartment list- this is actually who powers the rental section of realtorcom. it's a very useful site. apartment finder, apartment home, living oodle, rentalscom, rentdiggscom, rentcom- this used to be one of our favorites. nextdoorcom by ownercom- yes, that's correct- by owner- also has rental listings and it's ideal for individual landlords because you can include dozens of photos. realrentalscom, rentaladescom, subletcom, airbnb- yes, that's for short-term rentals. walk score apartment guide- my new place, people with pets, that's convenient. rent cafe, rent hop and zumper. to learn more about managing your rental property, as well as screening tenants and investing in real estate, visit americanlandlordcom. [Music].

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How to Post Real Estate Ads on Craigslist | Real Estate Housing Ads CL Without Getting Flagged

welcome back with another video. we're gonna do another craiglist posting today. today we're gonna try to post in a different category. today we're gonna do real estate for sale by honor category. so let's post somewhere in california. let's choose los angeles to post. okay, so we are in the los angeles city. on craigslist, i already have created the account, same as always, so i'm gonna directly log into the account and show you there is nothing on the account as well. then we're gonna create the posting. so we're gonna hit my account. okay, so we're in the login page. so, as i mentioned, i already have the login and password. so here is my login and we're gonna use the password. okay, so let me put the password and i'm gonna hit login. okay, so, as you can see, there is no posting in there, nothing whatsoever. okay, so you're gonna post on the same cd, los angeles. okay, i'll hit go. okay, so you can choose any nearby area you feel comfortable with. so you're gonna choose any of them. that should be fine, okay. so? real estate for sale- housing offered. okay, now you're gonna choose real estate for sale by honor. okay. so, posting title: i already have the description, title, everything ready, so just gonna copy and paste it whatever i have, so i don't have to create again and again. so sell your house fast. also, we did not add any phone number for the ads, because this is dummy sample ads, so just gonna. you can choose pretty much any zip code while you are posting, so that should be fine and you can choose anything you want, like as a house or anything you feel comfortable. that should be fine as well. so once you are done so you can hit next or continue. okay. so now it will automatikally find you the map and then you can click continue again. okay. so image: i already have created an image, so i don't have to create now. so i haven't add any phone number or so ever. you can always add a phone number, uh for that. so that should be fine. so once it's uploaded, you can click done with image. okay, so now we are pretty much ready to publish the ads, so we're gonna just hit publish, have a look at the details and everything, so hit publish, okay. so we're gonna wait. as you can see, it's already live, but that means it's not still live on the subspace. so we need to look into our search page and to see if it's live or not, but we're gonna check the dashboard if it's live on there or not. so, as you can see on the dashboard, it's live. okay, so we're gonna come back after maybe a few minutes to check on that- uh, if it is really got live on the search page, because if it's not on the search page, that means it's flagged. okay, welcome back again. so we're gonna go to same city, california, los angeles. okay, so [Music] it's loading. okay, so we're gonna go to housing category and then real estate for sale. okay, now let's filter it and see if our ads went live or not. okay, so we're gonna hit post it today. there you go. the first one on the top that is our ad. we're gonna view it as well, just for you to see. okay, sell your house fast in any condition. you can see. we'll have a look at the id, the posting id and the content. everything is in there. if you need playlist posting service, feel free to contact us. we can definitely help you with the craigslist posting. feel free to call us 310-929-718 or email me. thanks, have a good day. bye.

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How to Post Free Ads on El Clasificado

greetings, ladies and gentlemen. my name is daria rodriguez and i'm the multimedia manager for ec hispanic media. in today's video, i wanted to tok to you about el clasificadocom and how you can be taking advantage of the website by posting ads on there for free for your business. we're currently getting just over 800 000 visitors- unique visitors- to the website on a monthly basis, with over 1.2 million visitors as well within that time frame. most people are visiting about seven pages within the website and spending an average of about five minutes on the site. we have about 36 categories to choose from and well over 400 subcategories to choose from as well, which is fantastik. give you an example of a category: automotive would be a category, and then ford and toyota and honda and so on would be a sub category. so if your business- uh, maybe a clinic, or maybe a banquet hall, or maybe an attorney, or may even be someone that's trying to sell a few products around the house, you can take advantage of this website as best possible. so i did want to point out- i have my phone here- that ninety percent of our traffic is coming from mobile devices. okay, so that's super important for you to think about as well when you're visiting the site and how it works through here, but what i am going to be doing is i'm going to be sharing on the screen how the website looks and how you can navigate through there by clicking on the different areas and being able to post your ad for free right off the bat. i'm going to, i'm going to share it with you in a second, but you can even see what i'm holding here: this big button right over here. i know this is where you would click on and then you would start following the steps to post your ad for free. it is primarily in spanish, but what you can do is you can follow the steps in english to fill out your information, if you still choose to. so let's go ahead and take a look at the site a little bit deeper and hopefully be able to give you the exposure that you may be looking for for your business today. so here we are in the classificalcom home page. so what you do is you click on this publicara nuncio gratis section and as you click on that, you will have the option to continue following the steps in spanish or in english. we're going to go ahead and just click english for now, and we're going to continue as a guest of the site. if you want, you can create your own account and you'll be able to monitor all of the ads that you'll be posting through the account, but for now you're going to go ahead and continue as a guest. we are going to pick a partikular area of choice, which will be los angeles in this case, and then we're going to pick a category. i'm going to be selecting a client of mine who is actually running with us as we speak, so i'm going to be using some of his information to give you an idea of how a business would promote themselves. so this client is a limo rental service provider, so he is going to be in the party supplies category, or fiestas category, in classificationcom, in the limousine sub category, and so, as that information is going to be exposed, it will be specifically in the los angeles county party supply category, limousine sub category. click accept and then you start to fill out this information. what i've done is i've already kind of pre-filled it out to make it a little faster. so your headline is going to say: rent your dream limo. your text would say: beautiful limos for any occasion and of course you'd want to put special offers there, explain more about the types of limos that are available. if that was the business you're in, or whatever industry, you're going to elaborate on your product or service, right, and then you are going to put your contact information, how it's okay to be reached- through text, if you'd like, or whatsapp, of course they could call you directly. fill out your email and if you wanted to get emails about the ad and how it's performing, you would check that box there and then, of course, if you have an address for your business, you'd want to put it there and then you'd want to load up for photos. if you had video, you could also do that as well. my client does not have a video, unfortunately, but once we get him a video, we will definitely be adding that to his advertisement and then you can put the link of wherever you'd like people to visit. if that's the case, click continue. what you're going to see is the next section where you're going to verify your advertisement and the information that's in there. if everything looks the way you want it to, you're going to go ahead and click continue. if you would like to make changes or edit it, you can click on the edit ad and go back and do what you need to. here's where you can increase your exposure, if you wanted to, with a few of these options. so you could do wrinkle posts, you could do a premium position. you're paying a little bit extra for each of these, but it will give you the opportunity to expose yourself in a stronger fashion and if you, if the budget allows, you're more than welcome to do that. if you want to skip any of these options, oh, you can also add a background color, of course, or you could run an ad in our publication. but if you wanted to skip that, you can go to continue without highlighting my ad, and that's all you would do is just pass this up. then it says: congratulations, you successfully completed your ad. it's currently going to be reviewed and then, eventually, what will happen? it is, it will be uploaded onto uh. classificalcom can take a look. there should be another ad for my client over in the orange county area. so let's go and change the area and then we're gonna go ahead and do a search for renta de limosinas and we're going to see a variety of other folks advertising here. let's see his ads. obviously not up just yet, but here was another one that we had done a while ago for him, and so you could see that here that was posted, and that's all of his contact information there. so there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, a quick walkthrough of how you can post an ad on a classificalcom for free. we have over 160 locations in the united states alone, over 350 locations in the entire world, where you can post ads. as i mentioned, in the state of california, we have around 22 or 23, if i'm not mistaken, and so just in california alone. for those of you who advertise in this space, take advantage of those counties that are available, and all throughout the united states take advantage as well, and so if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, and i'm planning on leaving all of our contact information at the end of this video, and so thank you again for taking the time to watch this. i hope that it helps in some way, and we'll see you in the next video. take care for now.

Tips for Advertising Your Apartment For Rent

hey guys, Cameron, girlfriend, since u21 all points Realty. I want to come to you guys to give you a few tips on how to properly market your rental property. so one only: what goodie is definitely the yard sign. the yard sign lets people that are driving by the property know that the property is for rent and you can put your, your contact information. you could put the price on the on the yard sign, so on and so forth. it is oldie but goodie for me. doesn't drive a whole lot of traffic, but there is some traffic there. another oldie but goodie is Craigslist. and it's kind of funny that I'm saying that it's an oldie but goodie because I mean it's still internet marketing and internet marketing is the way that you want to go. but for me, marketing here in the New Haven County area, um, Craigslist is just. it's just not what it used to be. I put a property on there and I make it. now I say three or four leads a week off of Craigslist, which back in the day it used to be. that was the place that I would go and get like a ton of leads. it just doesn't happen that way anymore. so you definitely want to have your property on Trulia com, Zillow, calm. I do get a decent amount of traffic from those websites, but my number one place that I get the most traffic from it's Facebook marketing. Facebook fix, Facebook marketplace, Facebook marketplace- it's a great resource. I do get a ton of traffic from Facebook marketplace. plus, you could actually go on on the the the person's profile, and see exactly how they live. that is great. it's a great thing for a landlord to see how a person is currently living and how they've lived in the past, so on and so forth, because it gives you a pretty good ending, a pretty good indication of how they're going to treat your apartment when you can see pictures and videos of how they were treating the old apartment. okay, you could also do some research as far as jobs. you know where are they working, are they working and so on and so forth, and obviously you can see their personality, you know what type of person they are, and so on and so forth. so so Facebook marketing is a great place, or Facebook marketplace is a great place to uh to advertise your rentals as well. another good idea is to market to your current tenants. okay, so I do a a pic: your neighbor or choose your neighbor program with my current tenants. so if, if it's complex or if it's a an apartment building or what have you, I'll let the current tenants know that that something is coming available and on the second floor, third floor, first floor, whatever the case may be, you use some, so it's a good idea to market that to the current tenants. that way they get to choose their neighbor and you can even do some type of incentive program or, as you say, if you find a qualified tenant, someone that I actually take on, then I'll knock off $100 off of your next month's rent or whatever the case is. so, with these marketing tips, you definitely want to make sure that you have great photos and great video. okay, to go along with your marketing. this is going to stop the person from continue to scroll when they when they're on the Zillow, when they're on the Facebook, when they're on the Trulia and so on and so forth. you want to get, you want to capture their attention and get them just to stop scrolling and actually pay some attention to your listing. okay, so you want great for this one great video to market your property. another thing that I do personally is I actually have a webpage that I dedicate to that property, so it could be 1, 2, 3 Main Street, calm, or sometimes I do it right on my website so it's camera Norfleet, calm / 1, 2, 3 Main Street, calm, or whatever. the case is okay, but that drives tenants or prospective tenants directly to your property listing alright, and that, and that's where you can have information as far as everything that's included in the in the rent, everything that's not included in the rent- what type of gas are you, or what type of heating are you using as a gas oil, so on. okay, so you can give them a lot of information on that webpage so that that way, when the perspective tenant is calling you, you can give that. you just give them the website and they'll go there and they'll get all the information that they're that they're looking for on that partikular property. so now, when you're taking these pictures in these videos, you want to have good lighting in the property. okay, so now you can find good lighting on Amazon. if your property is not naturally lit. with that said, it's good to open the window so you can get that natural light into the property and also, obviously, turn on all the lights, open the windows, open the blinds and so on and so forth, just as you, so that you can get that good natural light into the property. now for the pictures and the videos of the property. you want to use a good quality camera, don't use your cell phone. I'll actually drop a link to the cameras that I use in the description below, and I think this is a good start for you. it's not anything that's too crazy, too expensive, but it's a good start if you're gonna be marketing a lot of properties. another thing that you want to do is track your results, okay, so what I use for this is a software called air table. an air table allows me to put in any person that calls me or emails me or contact me on Facebook. I put their information in the air table so that later on I can contact them if the price changes or whatever, if something, if the property was under deposit, but now it's not- it's- it's no longer on deposit- I can contact everybody that has contacted me on the property and I can let them know the property's back on the market. so you definitely want to track your, your progress, track your marketing. you want to see where where your marketing is working. so if you're no longer getting good results on Craigslist, or you no longer getting good results on your yard sign or whatever. you're still marketing in the newspaper. you'll probably see that you're not getting good results there, but you definitely want to track your results. okay, so with air table, what I do is I put in the the prospective tenants name, email address, phone number and I get, and I also jot down where they contacted me from- okay, what website wasn't, and so on and so forth. so again, that's just just so that I know what is working. so these are just a few tips that I want to give you guys. if this hasn't been somewhat helpful, feel free to hit that like button. also subscribe if you want more educational real estate videos. but that's all I got for you guys for today. thank you for your time. I make it a great day.

How To Promote UNLIMITED Affiliate Products on CLASSIFIED ADS And Make Longterm Passive Income

so in today's video, i want to show you how you can use classified ads to promote affiliate products, and these are one of the best free traffic ads where you can promote affiliate links without any cost at all. there are so many classified ads online there, guys. you just have to look out for them all. you just need to just go to google and just type free classified ads and you're going to find a whole heap of free classified as the hundreds and hundreds of them from all over the world. but you especially want united states classified ads, okay, and most of these classified ads get massive amount of traffic. one of them is this one here that i've just shown you: the classified adscom. so if we go to this website called similar web, similar web allows you to see, you know, stats for different websites. so if you come in and type classified asscom and scroll down here, okay, come over here to engagement and the engagement. you have total visits. you can see they get over 1.6 million visitors every single month and you scroll down here, you can see most of the traffic where it's coming from. so this is what you want: united states traffic and gets 50 percent of the year's traffic. india is 29 percent. uk, four percent, canada, two percent. okay, and you can also see the visual representation of traffic here. another one is this one here. this one is called online marketing things. free classified sites list without registration for 2021.. now, this is a website that allows you to see you know sites: free classified sites for 2021 without registration. if you scroll down here, you can see a list of free classified ads. now we have the first one here for you: free classified ads. we have dell he one, two, three list. we have meetpackcom. all these are free classified ads- awake and post here free or your affiliate links for free. okay. another one is this one here. this one is called affiliateschannelvisioncom. it shows you 10 free online classes sites for your affiliate links. okay, so you can also come over here. so you have all these different sites which will allow you to post your affiliate links for free. so we have ears free ads. we have gumtreecom. some of them are local, like for your country, like sony's for my country, kijijicom, but most of them you'll find they're from the united states. okay. another one is this one here. this one is business ads for free. here you can also come and post your ads and it gives you different categories. you have ads by categories. now, if you come and click over here, you have affiliate marketing. you have, you know, business opportunities. they have drop shipping. they have all sorts of categories that you can use to post your ads for free- okay. another one is this one here. this one is called addclassifiedin. this also allows you to post free ads, but they also have a in a package for premium ads which you'll need to pay. okay, but when you're doing classified ads, you don't really need to pay for anything, because there are tons and tons of these free ads online, free classified ad sites. okay. another one is this one here. this one is called global free classified adscom. okay, so this one also has different categories. they have business opportunities, they have jobs, they have auto vehicles. so whatever, whatever niche or whatever category it is that you are on, you can just come over here and post your ad. usually they're going to be on the business opportunities, okay, so all these are just free classified ads. guys, these are just a few of them. they're like hundreds and hundreds of them. as you can see, these are just some of them in one of their sites, okay, and then you scroll down here you can even see more for different countries. they have top 30 for chennai, for india, germany, south africa, uae, bangalore. so so many of them, and i've actually used one of them, which is this one here. i've actually used classified asscom some time back and it was very, very effective because i made some good money from it. so all you need to do is just come over here. you can even log in if you want, but you just come over here and post an ad for free. then you want to select your category. okay, you can go to jobs. okay, you can select subcategory. you're going to click on this again. so you have business opportunities, you have creative jobs, you have educational jobs, financial. you want to click on business opportunities and then you go to entire city or a ziplock and just enter any city. uh, you really want to enter a city in the united states, so i'm going to enter here, maybe florida, okay, so now you can now select the recommended. okay, so i'm just i'll just go with any over here. um, let me just go with the first one here. so now you have the add title and you want to select a product from any affiliate network which you can use as your as your ad title. so i'm just going to go over to clickbank. okay, i'm going to scroll down here. now i can use any category here, from a business- education, employment- i'm just going to go with a business and the marketing. i'm going to scroll down here and i want to use this one here that says get paid to use facebook, twitter and youtube. okay, the conversion is 42, so i'm going to grab this title. i'm going to just copy this. all right, i'm going to come back to classified ads. i'm going to paste the title here. okay, now for the asking price. you just want to place here zero. okay, so let's play zero, zero, because they're not going to be charged anything. this is going to be a free ad, so that it's going to be a free for them to view. all right, now here the description. you want to come over here back to clickbank and you want to open the product itself. all right, so when i open the product, which will now take you to the product page or the sales page, that is okay. so you want to? um, you can use the first heading here as the description. so let me copy. let me just copy all this, okay, because this one says what it is: online social media jobs that pay 25 to 50 dollars per hour and experience required, work at home. okay, so we come back here and then just going to paste. okay, then paste again here, all right, so there we have our description. you can even make this bold. if you want, just to make it stand out, you can increase the font. font size is going to come over here. uh, maybe give it what? uh 22. okay, scroll down here. so now, here, you're just going to place your name. you're going to place your email. you're going to place the email again, your phone number: now you can create a different phone number. you can use your own phone number, but if you're going to use your own phone number, i recommend that you keep your phone private. you don't all sorts of people calling you, so you're going to keep this private. okay, so you have a city there. you have your zip code as report. you can just find, like, for florida zip code. you can just come over here to google, okay, so here you can just search florida zip code. all right, so you can use any of these zip codes here. all right, so i'm going to come back. let me just copy one here, like the first one here. i'll come back to a classified ads and then i just paste the zip code there. all right now. it also depends on how you want to, uh, when you want it to expire. you can have it expire in six months, in one week, nine months, it's all up to you. i recommend just leaving it at six months. just leave it at default if you're really not sure. okay, you're going to type in this captcha and then you're going to place an image. now you can place an image from the sales page. if the sales page has any kind of image, so maybe you can use this logo, even this. so let me see if this is, if this can be used. so save image, because usually you want to use something like a logo or just an image that represents the product. okay, so this is a web page. i can't really use this, but you don't really need to use the image, so you're just going to skip that, okay? so once that's done, you're just going to click on post this ad. okay, so now you're going to have your ad posted on classified ads. now, remember the hundreds of these classified ads. so you ju.