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Post Thank You Videos Here!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Post Thank You Videos Here!!!

Post Thank You Videos Here!!!

hey guys King human here and I'm back
las vegas with my feathers a little
singed i'm still hungover but it was fun
it was cool fun i'm smiling on the
inside pain is pain anyway ah the cool
thing is i came back from vegas and i
got to cool videos too cool thank you
videos from people that received their
booby prizes in the mail and that was
really freaking cool I that really is
neat you know I love that kind of crap
so uh but I want to make a place where
people who send me a thank you video can
put them and all be in one place so that
people can come back to it and check and
see who got swagg who didn't get swag
who you know and none of these are phony
or made up but at least they'll be in
one central place because as it is now
they're buried somewhere in past videos
and one's different from the other in a
different place I can't even find them
myself sometimes so anyway everybody
that and I'm not telling you you have to
do this you don't have to send me a
thank you video I mean I don't care if
you do or I don't care if you don't it's
neat if you do but you don't have to but
it's really cool I get a kick out of it
and I'm sure other youtubers that are
really checking and following this would
like to see that people are getting swag
so if you do send a video of thank you
and showing what you got or whatever do
me a favor and send it and reply to this
video and i'll post them all here and
people can come back and check and see
what's what's really doing i also want
to say the prizes are going to start
getting better and better I got some
cool swag to give away and I mean I'm
toking cool swag we're toking iPods
and I don't want to support will spoil a
surprise I'm toking real cool stuff but
like you know I'm not going to get to
that stuff until we get to at least a
thousand subscribers and then we'll
start but the subscriber count is slowly
climbing you know thanks to about three
of the top people that are pimping me
out pune jande has the spaz and I forget
maybe am creme gosh I'm sorry guys I
didn't make notes these are just off the
top of my head like I say my head's
really fuzzy right now from Vegas soap
and vegas was cool i wish i would have
taken more videos while i was there but
it gets really hectik it's hard for me
to take a video and I
like to contain take these contrived set
up things you know I like it to be real
and spur the moment you know so all i
have is a video of my of the suite and
Mandalay Bay was really cool they gave
me a penthouse suite and it was pretty
cool it was pretty cool I got a safe so
check out mandalay bay because they're
cool and you know that's just me saying
this you know anyway guys more videos
this is just to let you know that prizes
are going out people are getting them oh
also on the prize deal nobody could
nobody claimed this cool tube with a
bullet going through it I mean what the
hell people aren't claiming their prizes
I got a stack of stuff i still got video
editing software to give away people are
claiming that i got a stack of prizes
ready to ship out right there and i'm
going to do a secret prize giveaway
because I've gone on so long in this
video this was only going to be a short
[ __ ] video and it's gone on forever
know how long now so here's a cool free
giveaway people that have stuck into the
video this long ate the first one two
three four five ah the first five people
to email me and say they want a freaky
cool gift or just a freaky gift free
email me with your and you have to be a
current subscriber you can't subscribe
and then email me this is for people
that have subscribed and have been
subscribed for you know at least a day
before this video came up email me and
say hey King you and I want I want
something send it to me I don't care
what it is I just want something three
tell me your email to your your mailing
address again do not give out your
mailing address if you do not want to I
will not use it for any malicious
purposes i'm not going to market [ __ ] to
you i'm not going to send you any kind
of spam or mail or anything like that
nobody is gonna see your address but me
and i forget it the minute I see it it's
gone i mean i got no in memory so who
cares but if you and you got to be over
18 and if you don't want your mailing
address known by me use a post office
box or use a friends mailing address
figure it out it's up to you but the
first five people who email me with
their address and say King human i've
subscribed yesterday i subscribed last
week or I subscribe 3 months ago I
subscribe 10 years ago but I want your
[ __ ] prize so send me something
they're gonna get something so there you
go secret giveaway incident let's do it
get on a people okay cooler prizes are
down the road so don't give up on okay

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