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Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

Title: How to Successfully Purchase Sneakers on a Shopify Website in 2021

2020 was a difficult year for everyone involved in trying to purchase a popular sneaker on a website powered by Shopify. However, there is good news - the perfect absolute best way to release a sneaker on a Shopify website has been revealed and it is now live and completely possible. In this article, we will outline exactly what you need to do to purchase a sneaker on a Shopify website and how to prepare for future releases.


- Check Instagram and the website of the retailer to get all the information about the release of the sneaker.

- At 10 minutes before the drop, the website will be closed and a password page will be added.

- Keep refreshing the website but just type in the actual URL of the site and not the backslash password.

- As soon as they remove the password, the website will be live.

- Click on the button to shop the shoe, which will take you to a brand new website.

- Add the product to your cart and click check out as quickly as possible.

- You will be hit with a captcha to prevent bots, so go through the question and captcha quickly.

- Go through the Shopify queue and wait to checkout.

- Use the autofill function to quickly fill out your information.

- Submit the order and wait a few seconds for confirmation.

The perfect formula for releasing sneakers on a Shopify website has been found. By using this release method, retailers can eliminate bots from being able to purchase the shoe and reward manual users. By following the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to purchase the sneakers you want on a Shopify website in 2021.

Build and Deploy Modern Nike Store ECommerce React js Web App | Tailwind Css | Redux Toolkit

Hello everyone, glad to have you here! Welcome back to another project video. This is Ahmed from JS Tech Developers, and in this one video, you will learn React JS's best advanced specs to store complex logics. You will build this entire project in React JS to manage the whole state of our application. We'll use React Redux and React Toolkit to simplify the complex logics of our store. As usual, we will use Tillman's CSS to design this web application.

Before we deep dive into the code, let's take a quick demo. And this is our project which I am talking about. NextDoor is a modern best-ever commerce web application you can currently find on the internet. By building this unique UI/UX design, I believe and I promise you can become a modern UI/UX developer or you can develop anything which you can imagine. Okay, so let's see how it works.

First, we have this animated hero section, which is indicating our store, and sticky nav at the top. Popular sales with beautiful hover effects, highlights top-rated sales, some featured products, and finally top-rated stories. You can read stories, explore products. As I promised, this is fully functional. Let's add to cart some products. Okay, also, this is fully functional. Go back to the cart and boom! This is our cart UI. Increase quantities, decrease quantities, and remove your products. Clear your cart completely. This is a completely fully functional commerce web application.

You might be wondering why we are not implementing checkout trades. If I hit buy now, this will immediately take me to the cart checkout. Guys, this button is still static in that video. Okay, I will implement this checkout functionalities in the upcoming video. Even we are storing this global state somewhere called local storage. I go to the application, I can see my local storage having my products as well. I can increase quantities, I can just add more products. Okay, so delete products from there, clear cart, this is completely empty. This is fully responsive for every device. It's a cross-browser platform web application. Look, that's amazing.

Okay, so let's dive into the code. Let's change our imagination into complete development. I just opened VS Code with a blank folder Nike Store Commas. Let's move to the terminal, choose your command prompt, and set up a practice environment. But first, we must have VS Code and Node JS in our system. If you don't have, don't worry, follow me step by step. Go to code.visualstudio.com and download the stable version of VS Code as per your system requirements. Also, go to nodejs.org and download the current version of Node JS. After downloading, install it in your system. After both installations, now let's check some configuration. Go there and type CMD, open your command prompt, and let's see what both have installed. Type npm -v and node -v. Configuration, our Node JS, note our engine, npm, our package manager, which helps to install packets, dependencies, and also check code -v and -configuration of VS Code. We have finally installed in our system. Now let's move to VJS dev.

With JS is the next-generation front-end tool, which has rich features, optimized builds, instant server start, fast performers. It will also initialize CRA track tab in our project instantly. Now, get started, and that's our guide. Okay, and if you come there, we have a command npm create white at latest. You can go through it. npm create white at latest, our project name dash dash template React. But as we are starting from scratch, let's copy this command, go back to VS Code, control V. What's your project name? As we have already selected Nike Store Commas, so do slash enter. Select framework, which is React JavaScript. Now, npm install. Music and see instantly, web JS has installed. That's the power of which JS npm from dev.

Let's open in the browser, and that's it. That's our read and react. Yes, now let's move to Tillman CSS com. It's a utility-first CSS framework with packed classes. You can rapidly build modern websites with great design. Good firmware, guys, choose your environment. So, in our case, we have with JS. Let's follow some step. We already created our project using React. In the second step, we have to install Tailwind CSS and also generate two files. Tailwind config JS, first config JS. Copy this command, go back to the terminal, control V, enter. It will install after a moment. Now again, hit enter. It will generate two files. Okay, that's our configuration file, tailwind config JS, and post config JS. Move back to Google. Here, we have step 3, configure your template paths. Copy the snippets, move back to VS Code, in the source folder, we have index CSS. Ctrl A, control V. Okay, I replace the code which I have rebuilt, and I prepared for you. It will help you a lot to build that project. We have creating themes, gradient buttons, and much more. Okay, and right here, at the top, we have Tillman directories. Even we have Google phones. Okay, otherwise, I will provide you a link in the description of my GitHub repo. You can fulfill, download, copy, and paste.


BOT SETUP OF A COOK GOD! Sneaker Botting Guide 2019 SHOPIFY

In this article, we will be discussing how to cop limited sneakers and streetwear. We will be joined by Nick, a certified cook god and owner of the cook group, Hype Wave. Nick will share his botting setup and insights on how to maximize your chances of copping limited items.

Factors to Consider:

- Proxies

- Servers

- Bots

- Delays

- Profiles

Nick's Setup:

- Fatal proxies

- Stable Chicago server provider

- Cyber Sole, Object Destroyer, The Kick Station, and Balco and Lemonade Bots

- Hard delays of 2500 on Cyber Sole and The Kick Station


If you are just starting out, we do not recommend investing thousands of dollars into bots and providers with the expectation of copying 20 pairs from every hyped sneaker release. Start with one or two bots and gradually increase your budget and resources as you gain a better understanding of how botting works.

To maximize your chances of copping limited items, it is important to stay informed and adapt quickly to changes in the botting landscape. Joining a specialized cook group like Hype Wave can provide exclusive release information, technical support, and optimal bot setups to help you take doubles. Keep your operating costs low and only stay in the groups that you find the most valuable to maximize your profit margin. Good luck and happy copping!

I Bought Every Seat On An Airplane!

- A man bought all the tickets on an airplane and opened his own airline for a vacation with the mafia.

Flight and Competition:

- The man spent $40,000 for a 40-minute flight and had his own flight attendant.

- The vacation was actually an extreme competition, and the losers were eliminated.

- One of the contestants had quit their job to participate.

- The first competition was tug of war, and the losers were eliminated.

- The winners continued to compete in a relay race, and the losers went tubing.

Online Business Competition:

- The remaining contestants had online businesses and were competing for a chance to shout out their website to the mafia.

- The losers were eliminated, and the winners continued to compete in a water race.

Final Challenge:

- The final challenge was a race to a club in Miami.

- The first person to get there would win the competition and have their life changed.

- The contestants split up into two groups, and some had advantages like golf carts or rides.

- The race was too close to call, and whoever won had to destroy the checkout page of the loser's website.

- The man thanked Shopify for sponsoring the video and empowering entrepreneurs.

- He also gave a shoutout to a contest winner and encouraged people to follow him on Instagram.

- The man hoped to reach 69 million followers by the end of the year.

$540,226 Dropshipping Golf Products! Shopify Store Review

Hey, what's going on, guys? Welcome back to another video! Today, we'll be reviewing a dropshipping store that made over half a million dollars by dropshipping golfing products from AliExpress. This is an excellent example of a business that has taken products from AliExpress, branded them as their own, and used user-generated content to advertise them on Facebook. So, let's dive in and learn from their success!

Bunkerless Golf is a dropshipping store that has been in business since May 2020 and has made over $500,000 in revenue. They sell golfing products that are dropshipped from AliExpress and have a monthly revenue of around $40,000 with an average monthly profit of $13,000. In this article, we will take a closer look at their business model, marketing strategies, and how they have achieved such success.

Business Model:

Bunkerless Golf's business model is simple. They use Shopify as their platform, and their expenses include the Shopify plan, virtual assistants for customer service and order fulfillment, and Facebook ads. They spend around $8,000 a month on Facebook ads, and their sales mainly come from Facebook.

Marketing Strategies:

Bunkerless Golf's Facebook page is critical to their success. They have created unique content that separates them from their competitors, such as custom images and videos. They also feature user-generated content from popular YouTube channels and Instagram accounts. By doing this, they have built a connection with their customers and gained their trust.

Product Analysis:

Bunkerless Golf's best-selling product is a pair of golfing shoes that they dropship from AliExpress. They have created custom content on their product page, such as customer reviews and checkmarks, to give their store a professional look. They sell the shoes for $80, which is a healthy profit margin considering they buy them for $40.

Bunkerless Golf is a great example of a successful dropshipping business. By branding products from AliExpress as their own, creating unique content, and using user-generated content to advertise on Facebook, they have made over half a million dollars in revenue. If you want to start a successful dropshipping business, learn from their strategies and implement them in your own business.

AI Powered Personalisation with Frankie

In this episode of Talking Shop with Zeiber, hosts Waldo and Leo are joined by M. Murphy and Bunty Agarwal, the CTOs and founders of Frankie AI. Frankie AI is an app that uses AI to provide personalized recommendations to customers based on their shopping intent and personal tastes. The founders explain that AI is a broad term that encompasses different subfields such as machine learning and natural language processing, which enable systems to perform repetitive tasks and make sense of the enormous amount of data generated daily. The discussion also touches on the Turing Test, deep fakes, and the use of AI in advertising campaigns such as Cadbury's AI version of Bollywood star Chakri Khan. The hosts also highlight the importance of personalization in e-commerce and the potential for AI to improve the customer experience. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into the world of AI and its role in the digital space.

Why I Use Shopify For My Shoetique | Shoemaniac| Ep.10 | 🛍💸

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! It's been a while since I last posted, a whole month to be exact, but today I'm back with another video for all my business owners or soon-to-be business owners. My name is Kiera Lavinia, and I'm the owner of Shoe Mania LLC, a shoe boutique that specializes in women's footwear sizes six through 11. If you want to check me out, head over to shoemaniac.com.

I want to take a moment to thank you all for getting me to 400 subscribers. I know I haven't been consistent with my videos, but I appreciate your support. Today's video is for all the upcoming business owners who might be lost, like I was when I first started. I want to share some tips and insights that could help you get started.

Topic: How to use Shopify to launch your dream business

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a commerce platform that allows you to quickly launch your dream business and start selling to your customers, whatever they may be. It's not just a store builder or a tool to sell your products. Shopify is built to be versatile and to grow with you, whether you need to get a simple store up and running today or build it from the ground up.

How to get started with Shopify?

To get started with Shopify, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial with no credit card required. Once your trial is over, Shopify offers three plans: Basic Shopify for $29.99 a month, Shopify for $79 a month, and Advanced Shopify for $299 a month. You can choose the plan that fits your needs and budget.

What comes with the Basic Shopify plan?

The Basic Shopify plan comes with a lot of features, including:

- Unlimited products

- Two staff accounts

- Sales channels

- Up to four inventory locations

- Manual order creation

- Discount codes

- Abandoned cart recovery

- Free reports

- Third-party calculated shipping rates

- Shipping labels

- Fraud analysis

- Shopify POS

You can also customize the look and feel of your store by changing your website template, uploading blog posts and courses, and selling products.

How to customize your Shopify store?

To customize your Shopify store, you can go to your website dashboard and choose a website template that suits your business. You can then customize the look and feel of your store by changing the colors, fonts, and images. You can also upload blog posts and courses, add products, and create collections.

What are Shopify integrations?

Shopify integrations are third-party apps that you can use to enhance your store's functionality. For example, you can integrate with QuadPay to offer buy now, pay later options to your customers. You can also integrate with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to sell your products.

Shopify is a great platform to launch your dream business and start selling to your customers. With its easy-to-use interface, customizable templates, and third-party integrations, Shopify can help you create a unique shopping experience for your customers. If you're a small business owner or a soon-to-be business owner, consider using Shopify to start your online store.

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