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Powerful Political Radio Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In Lackawanna County, voters are gearing up for the upcoming state representative and sheriff elections. With multiple candidates vying for these positions, it can be difficult to determine the best candidate for the job.


1. Frank Farina: Farina is running for state representative in the 115th district and is not a traditional politician. He is known for his dedication to the people and is willing to go up against political power brokers. Farina has experience as a landscaper and put himself through school. He is committed to helping seniors and improving the community.

2. Mark McAndrew: McAndrew is running for sheriff of Lackawanna County. He has worked in law enforcement for over 23 years and has experience leading both the junior deputy and DARE programs for Scranton schools. McAndrew is committed to the safety and education of children and has a clean slate with no explaining to do.


1. Lack of Leadership: Lackawanna County has a history of political corruption, which has resulted in a lack of leadership in government. Many candidates are pitching their own candidates for state representative and sheriff, making it difficult for voters to determine who is the best candidate for the job.

2. Financial Issues: Many candidates have faced financial issues, such as unpaid bills and liens. This has led to concerns about their ability to effectively manage the county's finances if elected.

As the election approaches, Lackawanna County voters must carefully consider their options and choose candidates who are committed to improving the community and have a clean slate with no financial issues or political corruption. Frank Farina and Mark McAndrew are both strong candidates who have the experience and dedication needed to lead the county effectively.

The top 5 campaign ads of the 2016 election cycle

Jason Kander, a former army member and a supporter of the Second Amendment, is being attacked by Senator Blunt on his stance on guns. Kander, however, believes in responsible gun ownership and background checks to prevent terrorists from obtaining firearms.

Main Points:

- In the army, Kander learned to use and respect his rifle.

- In Afghanistan, Kander volunteered to be an extra gun in a convoy of armored SUVs.

- In the state legislature, Kander supported Second Amendment rights while also believing in background checks.

- Kander challenges Senator Blunt to do what he has done and support responsible gun ownership.

- Jerald, a politician running for re-election, has a low tax rate and is willing to help fix problems in his community.

- Kander believes in the right for women to defend themselves with guns and criticizes Hillary Clinton for not supporting that stance.

- Kander emphasizes the importance of women in leadership positions in politics and in communities.

- Kander shares the story of his Muslim American son who died in service and questions if he would have a place in Trump's America.

Kander's beliefs on responsible gun ownership, supporting the Second Amendment while also implementing background checks, and standing up for women and minority rights make him a strong candidate for political office. His personal experiences, such as serving in the army and losing his son in service, give him a unique perspective on important issues facing the country.

Political Radio Commercial Production

As the state representative election approaches, voters in different counties have the opportunity to choose their preferred candidate. The article highlights various candidates and their qualifications, political ideologies, and plans if elected.

Candidates and Their Platforms:

1. Ernie Mara - A conservative Republican with a strong Second Amendment support, committed to defending constitutional freedoms from state government infringement.

2. Andrew Lewis - A citizen legislator and small businessman who has served his country in the Armed Forces, running his drywall company and serving his community in various local civic groups.

3. Art Halverson - A principled limited government conservative with military experience who believes public service should be about sacrifice rather than self-service.

4. Deb Goldberg - A candidate for lieutenant governor committed to putting people first and shaking things up in Santa Fe.

5. Candi Spence - A leader in protecting shadows County's water rights in the race for House District 118.

6. Ben Harbin - A veteran legislator and chairman of the House Appropriations Committee with the experience, knowledge, and influence that makes a difference.

7. Dr. Chad Mathis - A doctor and former businessman who opposes amnesty and fighting to dismantle Obamacare, as he knows firsthand what government intrusion into our health system will do.

8. Joe Trillo - A true independent man for governor who will work to shut the image of Rhode Island being a sanctuary state, stop welcoming illegal immigrants that are costing taxpayers 272 million dollars a year, and reduce the size of government through attrition, cut taxes and reduce regulations that are killing our businesses.

As voters prepare to cast their ballots, they have various options and candidates to choose from. Each candidate has unique qualifications, political ideologies, and plans that resonate with different voters. Ultimately, voters will determine who the most qualified candidate is to represent them and their interests.

The greatest political ad of all time?

Political campaigns are notorious for their use of commercials and ads to sway voters one way or another. In Georgia's history, there have been many memorable campaigns, but one commercial stands out as the greatest political commercial ever made.

The Nathan Deal Campaign of 1992:

- Nathan Deal was a state legislator running for Congress in 1992

- Tom Ramsey, another Democrat, was also running for the same seat

- Ramsey had enough campaign money to buy 30 minutes of airtime on a Chattanooga TV station before the primary runoff

- The plan was to air an infomercial where Ramsey would talk about why he should be in Congress instead of Deal

- Deal's media consultant came up with a brilliant idea

- They bought 30 seconds of commercial time that ran immediately before Ramsey's infomercial

- The commercial was just toning bars and gave the impression that the TV station was off the air

- It was a unique approach that diverted attention away from Ramsey's infomercial

- Deal went on to win the primary runoff and nine terms in Congress

Why This Commercial Was the Greatest:

- It was brilliantly simple and cold-blooded

- It undercut Deal's opponent without being mean or vindictive

- It didn't talk about personal lives or anything else of that nature

- It was a pretty darn good political trick that worked

- It was unique and memorable, even 25 years later

- It helped propel Nathan Deal's career in politics

Political commercials are a staple of modern campaigns, but the Nathan Deal campaign of 1992 created what may be the greatest political commercial ever. It was a brilliant approach that diverted attention away from the opponent's infomercial and helped Nathan Deal win the primary runoff and go on to a successful political career.

The Most Memorable Radio Advertisement Ever Produced

David Hoffman, a documentary filmmaker, shares his experience working with Tony Schwartz, a genius audio guy who revolutionized the world of advertising and radio spots. Through their collaborations, Hoffman learned the importance of mentors, critical moments in life, and the power of sound to convey a message.

Main Points:

- Tony Schwartz's impact on David Hoffman's life and career

- The significance of mentors in personal and professional growth

- The power of sound and radio spots to convey a message

- Examples of Tony Schwartz's famous radio spots, including the Daisy commercial and the fire safety spot

- Personal anecdotes and reflections on the impact of cancer and loss on Hoffman's life and relationships

- The importance of empathy and understanding in dealing with difficult situations and people

Through his experiences with Tony Schwartz and personal challenges, David Hoffman has learned the value of mentors, critical moments, and the power of sound to convey a message. He encourages listeners to approach difficult situations with empathy and understanding, and to never underestimate the impact of a single friend or mentor in one's life.

GONE VIRAL: The Political Ad Women Have Been Waiting For

Political Campaign Ads: Subverting Expectations and Speaking to the Moment

Political campaign ads have become a ubiquitous part of election season. They often feature the candidate with their family, discussing their faith and patriotism. However, occasionally a new ad comes out that subverts expectations and speaks to the moment in which we are living. Such was the case with Katie Darling's latest campaign ad.

The Ad:

Katie Darling, a Louisiana Democrat running for a seat in the House of Representatives, released an ad that speaks to the draconian abortion ban in Louisiana and the lack of support for poor pregnant women in the state. The ad features footage of Darling going through labor and speaks to her personal experience as a pregnant person in Louisiana.

Darling portrays herself as an outsider who has experienced the struggles of families in Louisiana firsthand. She also speaks to the need for more diverse representation in office, particularly from women who can speak to the current impact of legislation and provide resources for healthy families.


During an interview, Darling discusses her views on maternity leave and paid family leave. She notes that she did not have paid leave in her first pregnancy, and she had to go back to work too soon. She hopes her ad will resonate with voters and bring attention to these important issues.

Darling also discusses the need to put aside partisan politics and focus on what is best for Louisiana. She points out that her opponent, Congressman Steve Scalise, has been in office for 14 years, and Louisiana is still 50 out of 50 in quality of life. She hopes voters will look at his voting history and see how he has voted against their interests at home.

Katie Darling's ad is a prime example of a political campaign ad that subverts expectations and speaks to the moment. She speaks to the struggles of families in Louisiana and the need for more diverse representation in office. Her interview highlights important issues like maternity leave and paid family leave, as well as the need to put aside partisan politics and focus on what is best for Louisiana.

Inflammatory ads used in IL governor's race called into question

The race for governor in Illinois is heating up, with families impacted by violence in the city calling on GOP candidate Darren Bailey to better connect with brown and black communities. Meanwhile, a suburban paper has ended its business deal with the political pack after criticism from Governor Pritzker.

Paddock Publications, the company that owns the Daily Herald, was called out by the governor for doing business with a partisan group. The company has since stepped back from its deal with the pack.

The JB for Governor campaign has accused conservative activist Dan Proft of leading local government information services behind the mailings that have been printed by Paddock Publications. The campaign says these mailers are designed to mislead readers into thinking they are legitimate journalism when in reality they are unlabeled ads attacking political candidates.

Residents who received these mailers shared that they never subscribed to LGIS and had no interest in receiving them in the first place. Paddock Publications has made the decision to cancel commercial printing jobs with LGIS.

WGN TV analyst Paul Lisnek encourages people to do their research before believing the information in the papers. Meanwhile, Republican challenger Darren Bailey is getting heat from Father Pfleger and the organization Purpose Over Pain, a group of parents who lost children to violence.

The Bailey campaign isn't running any television ads, but Pfleger and others are disturbed by ads showing multiple acts of violence that are being run by the People Who Play by the Rules pack. The Bailey campaign says they have no communication with or control over this pack.

Governor Pritzker has turned his back on law enforcement and left these communities behind, according to the Bailey campaign. Bailey's focus is making Illinois safe and affordable for everyone.

Senior leaders with Paddock Publications have requested a meeting with Pritzker, but he was not available.

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