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Powering eCommerce: Kajabi & Shopify

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Music Kajabi is a powerful tool that centralizes all the required functionalities for music producers under one platform. However, sometimes integration with third-party apps like Zapier is necessary to make connections between different software applications. In this article, we will explore how to integrate Zapier into your Kajabi account and connect your apps to enable data exchange.

Using Zapier to Integrate Apps:

1. Zapier is a free software that allows connections between different applications through an API.

2. Kajabi offers certain if-then automations, but you need Zapier to create a form submission.

3. Select Kajabi as the app and choose a trigger event like new purchase, new form submission, or assessment completed.

4. Pick the Kajabi account, site, and promotional offer form to test the trigger and continue.

5. To connect Mailchimp to Kajabi, choose the app as Kajabi, create form submission, pick the email, site, and form fields like name and email.

6. Test and continue to successfully exchange data between the two apps.

Zapier is a valuable tool to integrate different software applications and enable data exchange. Music producers can use it to connect Kajabi with other apps like Mailchimp and simplify their workflows.

Kajabi Zapier Integration Tutorial - How to use Zapier with Kajabi

- Kajabi has released an integration with Zapier, making it easier to connect with other platforms.

- Previously, users had to build their own code or use Zapier web hooks, but now the integration makes it simpler.

- This article will explain how to use the new Kajabi-Zapier integration and how it can benefit users.

How to Use the Kajabi-Zapier Integration:

1. Enable the integration with Kajabi in Zapier.

2. Create a new Zap and choose Kajabi as the trigger app.

3. Select a trigger, either new purchase or new form submission.

4. Connect your Kajabi account with Zapier.

5. Choose the site ID and form ID you want to use.

6. Test the integration with a sample submission.

7. Choose what you want to do with the data, such as connecting it with other applications.

8. Repeat for other triggers as needed.

Benefits of the Kajabi-Zapier Integration:

- Saves time and effort compared to building custom code or using web hooks.

- Allows for easy integration with other platforms and applications.

- Provides flexibility to choose what to do with the data, such as connecting it with email marketing or project management tools.

- The new Kajabi-Zapier integration makes it easier to connect with other platforms and applications.

- By following the steps outlined in this article, users can quickly set up and test the integration.

- The integration provides flexibility and saves time and effort, making it a valuable tool for Kajabi users.

Sell Courses On Shopify! (App Review)

In this video, the presenter shows how to use an app called Courses on Shopify to start selling digital products, specifically online courses. The presenter highlights the limitations of Shopify when it comes to selling digital products and introduces the app as a solution. The app offers a free plan for up to five lessons and unlimited students, which is great for testing it out initially. The pricing plans for more than five lessons are reasonable, and the app provides unlimited courses and students.

How to Use the App:

1. Install the app from the Shopify app store.

2. Go to settings and checkout and make sure that accounts are required to check out.

3. Create a collection called courses and assign every product to this collection.

4. Create a new product for each course under the courses collection.

5. Add lessons to each course by going to the my courses tab and selecting add lesson.

6. Edit each lesson by adding text or videos using the built-in editor.

7. Customize the course page and preview it.

8. Test the checkout functionality by creating an account and purchasing a course.

9. Add the my courses button to the checkout page by pasting the code provided by the app in the additional scripts box.

The Courses app on Shopify is a great solution for selling online courses. It is easy to use and provides a clean and intuitive interface for creating courses and lessons. The free plan is excellent for testing it out initially, and the pricing plans for more than five lessons are reasonable. The app offers unlimited courses and students, which is a significant advantage over other platforms that limit the number of courses and students. Overall, the app is highly recommended for anyone looking to sell digital products on Shopify.

WordPress vs Squarespace vs Shopify vs Kajabi comparison. Which website platform is the best?

- Discussing the top website builders

- Reviewing Kajabi, Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress

- Sharing personal recommendations


- All-in-one system for selling courses

- Amazing tutorials and customer support

- Limited options and super expensive


- Subscription-based software for selling products

- Simple and requires no maintenance

- Limited options and only sells products


- All-in-one content management system with pre-made designs

- Hassle-free setup and easy to use

- Limited design choices and features, only good for simple websites


- Open-sourced with unbeatable collection of themes and plugins

- Easy to use with a learning curve

- Incredibly inexpensive and has complete control over your website

- Downsides include maintenance, security, and resources

- WordPress is the recommended platform due to its functionality and control

- Other platforms have their pros and cons and may be better for certain types of websites

- Encourage viewers to share their own experiences and recommendations

How to use Zapier to give access to your courses

Welcome to Fun Funnel Friday! In this article, we will discuss how to give purchasers access to your courses in third-party platforms. We will use ClickFunnels as our funnel builder and Thinkific to deliver the courses.

- Giving access to courses in third-party platforms

- Using ClickFunnels and Thinkific as an example

Creating Zaps:

- Front End Offer

- Order Bump

- Upsell 1

- Upsell 2

Front End Offer:

- Name your zap

- Choose ClickFunnels as the trigger

- Choose a new successful purchase as the activity

- Select your ClickFunnels account

- Choose the funnel and the correct funnel step

- Test the trigger

- Filter the product name to include the front end offer

- Choose Thinkific as the action

- Enroll the user into the course

- Pull the first name, last name (with dash), and email

- Continue and turn on the zap

Order Bump:

- Name your zap

- Choose ClickFunnels as the trigger

- Choose a new successful purchase as the activity

- Select your ClickFunnels account

- Choose the funnel and the correct funnel step

- Test the trigger

- Filter the product name to include the order bump

- Choose Thinkific as the action

- Enroll the user into the course

- Pull the first name, last name (with dash), and email

- Continue and turn on the zap

Upsell 1:

- Name your zap

- Choose ActiveCampaign as the trigger

- Choose a new contact added to a list as the activity

- Select your ActiveCampaign account

- Choose the list for Upsell 1

- Test the trigger

- Choose Thinkific as the action

- Enroll the user into the course

- Pull the first name, last name (with dash), and email

- Continue and turn on the zap

Upsell 2:

- Name your zap

- Choose ActiveCampaign as the trigger

Top 3 Shopify Alternatives - Cheaper and Better

Ba Thương Tử Spotify is not the Best: A Summary

Ba Thương Tử Spotify is not the Best is a confusing and seemingly nonsensical article. It appears to be a compilation of random phrases and words, strung together without any clear purpose or direction. The article jumps from topic to topic, with no apparent connection between them.

Some of the phrases used in the article include Touch the hand is within and Soul Somewhere My Heart resort file, Matiz Super Sports a file is not I want, and Shadow Fight Summer Time gone and investors articles in the world with comfortable in the People spend the warm as specified. These phrases are nonsensical and do not convey any clear meaning.

The article also includes phrases that are grammatically incorrect or awkwardly structured, such as certify that the Kill Shadow Fight Minnie batch file Used For The First Love and I called you see that she fast five people like you think they help protect your password.

Overall, it is unclear what the author intended to convey with this article. There is no clear introduction or conclusion, and the article appears to lack any coherent message or purpose.

Kajabi and Shopify Business Review From Gav Gavin William or Big G

- Greetings and welcome to another episode of G William Content

- Today's topic: business reviews on website building platforms

- Sharing personal opinions on successful platforms without code

Kajabi Review:

- Highly recommended platform for building modern online businesses

- Easy to use, link products and offers, and stay focused on content

- Success rate of 9.8 stars

- Personal success attributed to Kajabi usage

- Offers website building video course with strategies and focus techniques

Shopify Review:

- Ideal for businesses with multiple products and offers

- More offers, more success in modern online business

- Learning curve is a bit trickier than Kajabi, but still easy to use

- Successful experiences with Shopify and Kajabi

- Quick business review on Kajabi and Shopify

- Visit gavinwilliams.com for more information and updates

- Link and sources in the description

- Have a great day and see you in the next video!

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