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Prevent Facebook Business Manager Bans

Published on: November 21 2023 by The School of Digital Marketing

Prevent Facebook Business Manager Bans

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Reason behind Facebook Bans
  3. Ideal Structure for Facebook Business Manager
    • Two Business Managers
    • Profiles on Business Managers
    • Agency Ad Accounts
    • Pages
    • Using Several Profiles on the Same Computer and IP Address
  4. Setting Up the Ideal Structure
    • Acquiring Profiles
    • Using Anti-Detect Browsers
    • Residencial Proxies
  5. Recovering a Restricted Account
    • Appealing the Restriction
    • Insider Services for Account Recovery
  6. Conclusion

Is Your Facebook Business Manager Getting Banned Frequently? Here's How to Protect It

Facebook bands have become a common issue for many advertisers. Despite following all the advertising policies diligently, some users still face restrictions and bans. The reason behind this is the presence of scams, sketchy offers, and suspicious activities that have negatively impacted users. In this article, we will address the issue of Facebook bans and provide solutions on how to protect your Facebook Business Manager effectively.

The Reason behind Facebook Bans

Facebook prioritizes user experience over advertiser revenue. Due to the prevalence of scams and unethical practices, Facebook has tightened its policies, leading to more stringent restrictions. The platform's algorithm detects suspicious patterns and behaviors that may harm users, resulting in accounts getting banned or restricted. These patterns include multiple profiles associated with the same IP or cookies, simultaneous access from different countries, and relaunching ads with the same domain after a ban. Understanding these patterns is crucial for a successful Facebook advertising experience.

Ideal Structure for Facebook Business Manager

To mitigate the risk of getting banned, it is recommended to have two separate business managers: one for running ads and another for hosting the pixel. This structure helps in minimizing risks and maintaining account stability. Additionally, using multiple profiles within each business manager is advantageous. Allocating at least three profiles for running ads, including a main and backup admin profile, along with an employee profile, ensures continuity even if one profile gets restricted. Furthermore, utilizing aged or reinstated profiles from trusted suppliers adds an extra layer of security.

Setting Up the Ideal Structure

When setting up the ideal structure for your Facebook Business Manager, it is essential to acquire profiles either from trusted sources or through reinstatement. However, using these profiles on the same computer without an anti-detect browser can increase the chances of getting banned. Anti-detect browsers help in creating unique virtual machines and residential IP addresses for each profile, enhancing security and reducing the risk of detection. Additionally, investing in reliable residential proxies from reputable providers like Bright Data or Private Proxy.me ensures smooth operations.

Recovering a Restricted Account

If your account gets restricted, it is crucial to appeal the decision. When appealing, choose "Other" as the reason and provide a detailed explanation of why you believe your page was restricted. This approach increases the chances of getting reviewed by a human instead of an automated system, improving the possibility of recovery. If the appeal fails, there are insider services available that specialize in recovering banned accounts. Although expensive, these services can be worthwhile, especially for users with substantial assets.


Protecting your Facebook Business Manager from bans requires proactive measures and a solid understanding of the platform's policies and algorithms. By following the recommended ideal structure, utilizing anti-detect browsers, and appealing restrictions strategically, you can minimize the risk of bans and enjoy a seamless Facebook advertising experience. Remember to stay cautious of scams and always prioritize the security of your accounts.

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