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preview ads for next week target

Published on: January 25 2023 by pipiads


alright, guys, happy Saturday. this is your coupon insert preview for this week's inserts of October the 20th. so I grabbed my newspapers every Saturday. I grabbed an early edition at a store called Menards here in Illinois and I go through them, show you what coupons I got, and then I also go through a Target ad preview. so if you're here for the Target ad preview, check in the description box. I will put the time to which that preview does start. but let's go ahead and check out our inserts. so this week we did get two inserts: I got a smart source and a RetailMeNot. I'm actually gonna start with the RetailMeNot insert. there's a lot of beauty coupons that you guys are looking for. we've got some Maybelline here. mascara- the dollar does include the shadow product, so keep that in mind. they are a limit of 1. and then we have a $2.00 off of a new york face product and a $2.00 off of a lip product, excluding the baby lips. L'Oreal: we have a dollar-fifty coupon, that's dress, and we do have some makeup coupons here, so I'll go through those. here's the three off - loriell, Elvia, the limit of one great deal at CBS this week. and we have some L'Oreal hair color. here is that Garnier Fructis three dollars off of two. and then we have a hair color coupon. we have a $2.00 off of one Garnier skin active product. so it doesn't have to be the my solar water, as long as the product states skin active, you can use that. here's the new troe dry dog or cat food any size, three dollars off. we have some survey coupons: three off of one. these coupons are a limit of one as well. three off one on the healing ointment, four dollars on a baby products. Purdue chicken- a dollar off one. sometimes we get a $2.00 coupon, but this time we got a dollar coupon. nothing there. we've got Dollar General: 25 cents on quilted northern. now there were some northern up printable coupons guys. it was a $2.00 printable and a dollar printable. so if you haven't printed those, I will link them in the description box for you to go ahead and grab. here's a dollar fifty off of these seven ounce nudges, the coupon here. we have four dollars off of one. Gillette razor or blade refill coupon is a limit of two. now we have a two dollar Crest coupon, but it's on multi packs, guys. and we do have some new Burt's Bees: $2.00 on the adult, $0.50 on the kids, some candy and this coupon is: check it out. these are those really big bags there. they tend to be kind of expensive in my opinion, but this coupon is valid November first, so you can grab some of those after Halloween at 50% off sales using this coupon. so keep that in mind. usually they have it for just the 31st, but those are good and you'll remember. so that was the RetailMeNot. we had a lot of good hair care, some makeup coupons and other ones as well. we're just going to dive straight into the smart source insert and whacked in three dollars off. and then we have a seven off of two Revlon: buy two, get one free. so when you buy two boxes you're going to get the free. Rutte erase. this is a good coupon. I'm hoping we can score a deal. the Eric scented twin refills are: buy one, get one free up to 549. resolve. $1 off Fisherman's Friend firm rich. $1 off there and $2 off of the outs snacks must be something new here. we have some Welch's dollar off to $0.50 off of one. on the yogurt. a $0.50 Colgate coupon here. already, trust me and guys, normally these are in the retail me, not. these are in the smart source insert here. some more eye product coupons there. and we have the swab guys and a heads up. look at the suave professionals is a $2.00 coupon. so in the CVS ad it was showing that it was going to be three off of two. it's gonna be two off of two, so that's gonna adjust your price to I'm instead of $0.50 each of the swab to a dollar each. so keep that in mind. and for the men, if the swab men are included, you could go ahead and use two of these coupons with that CVS deal so that you can grab some products for you. and a lot of times the swab kids are included too. and we have dollar coupons- limit of two. so check that out. swab lotion for a dollar. so for every marked coupon that you redeem, swab is gonna donate $1 to support military families. so take advantage of the swab deal, guys. and it remember, if you're using two coupons, they're gonna donate $2. that is awesome. I think I'm gonna try and do the men's deal or the kids deal this week, just cos swab is doing that. so thank you, swab. that is a good thing. more farm rich. I look at they have a toy story for Nuggets there. or those like mozzarella shapes there. dolly: 25 on the mozzarella stiks and then $1 on those stiks there. here are the thin addictive. we have $1 off to on the chewy granola bars. there she comes. here we have Dollar General- wow, that's it. and then a dollar office evolution drink. so that's it. I did grab for newspapers this week. I would think with the coupons too would probably be fine. that would be my overall recommendation. so let's go ahead and check out a target ad preview. check your target, check your mail. target may be sending you some stuff in the mail. I got this dollar off any good and gathered product and then I also got a five off of fifteen. so if you haven't notiked in-store, they've brought this brand in so you can take advantage of it and hopefully get some good deals. I briefly previewed the ad, so we're gonna go ahead and go through it real quick. there's some products there like: if you use the dollar coupon for the almond milk, you could get it for a dollar eighty nine, which is a good price. candy treats there: buy one, get one, 50%. here we have a spent 30, save five dollars. there is an in AD coupon. I'll show you guys in just a second. it has a really cute little wreath there and here is that coupon you need to use. you can also find it in your target app as well. some more candy costumes. as my store is pretty well stacked still with Halloween costumes, I'm pretty surprised. I thought they would be pretty picked over by now. these are really cute PJs. you can see here they have the toddlers and the kids for 12 and then they have the adults for $20. we have 20% off here, exclusive games that are shelved, toys here- not too much as far as good toy deals. this week we have 20% off of select Legos. they're the classic Legos TVs and The Lion King is coming out on October 22nd. so far, not too much at Target, guys, it is. targets been kind of slow lately. I'm not going to deny it. it's been slow for sure. that's okay when the stores are slow. just take a break. there's always gonna be deals popping up. here are some apparel deals. they're not too much. so all the skin care is: spend 25, get a $5 Target Gift Cards. so I don't know what coupons we have if that's going to be make for some good deals. but I'll keep you guys posted. and then we do have select hair care: buy for, get a $5 Target gift card. NYX is: buy any to get a $5 gift card. and then we have the advil buy to get a $5 gift card by to get a $5 gift card. so a couple of gift card deals. I will have to see what's included. sometimes the cheaper priced products are included and you can get some good deals. so todd has spent 40, you get a $10 gift card. not a good deal. we get: spend 30, get a $10. so not a really good deal. buy three, get a $5 gift card. pretty slow guys. 15% off of all frozen single served entrees with target circle. we're gonna have to wait and see what kind of circle offers we get this week. and when I see circle it was formula, formally, formally, target cartwheel. there, there we go, somewhere couldn't gather products and that is it, guy. so slow week so far at target. but that is your ed preview in your target ad preview insert and ad preview as well. so I hope this video was helpful. I hope you enjoyed it. how many papers are you getting? let me know in the description box. are you taking a break? check back tomorrow morning. I will post any new printables that we do get, guys. so have a fantastik day.

Target Black Friday Ad Preview 2018

[Music]. hello everybody, welcome back to my channel. you guys know what it is. it is November 1st, so you're gonna start seeing ads leaked off for Black Friday. I love shopping Black Friday because it's nice. I've worked Black Friday. this will be probably my 15th or 16th year of working Black Friday, but I love it. but I'm here to share with you guys the target Black Friday and I just got an email for this. otherwise, if you guys are not sure, you just can type in a Black Friday and then figure out what store you want. but make sure you guys look at the dates because some ads are still out there from last year and I've seen people like wife on the add- no, it's last year. so make sure you guys pay attention to see what ad is what. but just wanna give you guys a heads up on that. but here is a Black Friday add now here. they got early Black Friday access for today only, so just kind of ignore some of this stuff. but I'm kind of disappointed in the Target ad because I like to get movies and I didn't see as much movies as I wanted to. I wanted to get a couple movies for Christmas. but let's just dig in and you guys can look around. otherwise just check out the sites yourself. but I'm gonna skip the November first because not everybody looks back on the November first ads. but it looks like there are some TVs. there's always TVs on sales, so I'm just gonna kind of let you guys just stare at it a little bit, let me zoom out. there we go. so actually I'm gonna shut the shade because the window is making it look all blurry. okay, there you guys can see the screen a little bit better. but TVs, TVs, TVs. I usually kind of save up. I bought a TV one year for Christmas. there got some iPhones on sale- iPhones. now it looks like his doors open at 5:00 pm but they're gonna be open til one o'clock in the morning and then they closed. so that's nice. it's not worth being open all night long. speakers: here they got. we got the Kindle Fire for that. they have it for $69.99. otherwise it looks like they got an Amazon fire tablet for $30 or an Amazon fire tablet for a hundred bucks. here they get a Samsung gallery tablet for a hundred and $59. now we're at the video games. I'm not, I don't play video games, but they got video games: $45, twenty-five, thirty-five, fifteen and thirty dollars. now you guys can go to the actual website and look at all these. these are available right on targetcom here. if you guys need to need a printer, they have a Canon for $29.99. I actually like a laser printer. I have a brother laser printer so that's what I use, if I note it's a little bit cheaper on ink and paper. now here they got movies. they got movies for four dollars, 9.6 dollars, 10/10. I really wanted to get Incredibles. I always buy the latest Disney movie, but I am not seeing it on this ad. I wanted The Incredibles to movie. I don't see it. so I'm not sure what they have. it looks like they do have Transylvania 3, but I don't know. we'll see. we'll see what other deals that they have. but the address of world, the greatest showmen, Transylvania 3, oceans 8. they got the trolls holiday, one that's on Netflix that you guys can watch right now. but they do have some Disney movies for 10 bucks and they have TV shows for 10 bucks, but again, I don't see any Incredibles. so I'm on a hunt for that. they got toys. looks like some board games and puzzles will be 50% off, games up to 30% off, giant Ginga- lots of toy deals- what nah? [Music]? so yeah, I don't know. we're trying to cut back on toys with Ben this year. I kind of want to get them activities. so I'm just seeing if there's anything good. sorry if I go too fast. you guys could check these out on the website too. but they got. they got some stuff. don't worry, Buster's, I should get my husband and nerf God, he'd love that. so it looks like you guys can buy some stuff online for the black friday Ad bicycle- very tired, hey. they got some seats and some bedding and some blankets. clothes for dollar or girls leggings- it's three dollars. Tyler's as three. Tyler's T's or five. women's and men's tees- or $4. men's graphic tees are eight dollars. then they got some shoes and some jackets. I need to look at that. that needs a new winter jacket. so 20, 15 to 20 bucks. Target: lots of clothes. sweaters- I love sweaters- ten bucks. and then they have some holiday graphic shirts for the family. I always have an ugly sweater party. if you guys need mutt mittens, they got the text up: text touch gloves for a doll hair- look at my hat. ooh. fleece pants for five bucks- I'm totally gonna get those. I love fleece pants. just just sit and be a bum. kids pajamas- here they got some BOGO stuff. buy one, get one, 50% off- not the greatest deal, but cheats- $14. or their flannel sheets, I don't know. there's some other items. vacuum cleaners- man, a whole page of just vacuum cleaners, Thanks. I've always wanted a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. yes, then now we're on. the small plane says: here we got an air fryer for 50 bucks, a karat coffee machine for 50 bucks, some containers. now this is what I like is if you guys are ever in a new apartment, or you know somebody who's moving into a new apartment- these small appliances you got, uh, the George Foreman, you got these. this is a smaller crock pot. you got the toaster, a waffle coffee- was this? a rice cooker, a mixer- for ten bucks. that is a great, great deal. yes, now we got Christmas decorations and it looks like that is the last page. so nothing really that's really popping out at me. I may or may not go, it just depends. I'm going home for the holiday, so we'll see how it goes, but that is the target black friday Ad. just wanted to share with you guys and I'll see you guys all later. thanks for watching. bye, bye.

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alright, guys, hope you're having a great day. I thought I would go ahead and post an early target ad preview. this is for the week of April 14th through the 20th and this ad preview again is brought to you by free stuff finder calm. so I thought it would be interesting to go ahead and look through the ad, since this past week our deals were kind of slow. it was a slower week. it didn't feel that there were a lot of great savings, but hopefully this week we'll see. I have not previewed it at all so I have no idea if it's gonna be hot or flop. so let's go ahead and check through the deals. of course Easter. we are going to be seeing a whole bunch of Easter savings this upcoming week at pretty much all of our stores. those tulips are really pretty for $7.99 a bunch. we do have some single serve coffee pods. they're a buy one, get one 50% off. we also have berries- buy one, get one 50% off in stores. so that is a pretty good deal because we don't typically get too many good savings on food or fruit at Target. here are our food deals: we've got some cookies and crackers when you buy 3 on the Ritz, the Wheat Thins and the Triscuits there are two dollars a box, so that's not bad. if you buy them separate they're going to be two dollars and 50 cents. here we have Lacroix, three for ten dollars. the Gatorade at 12 packs are 629. when you purchase a 12-pack it looks like you get a free 32 ounce Gatorade. so hopefully in store that will be tagged in case you are picking it up, since it's kind of nice out now. I know sports and things are starting up, so sometimes it's good to stok up on that. coke and sprite: twelve packs are three for ten dollars. nothing too exciting. yet always the butter deals are at the end of the ad. so we have all Edwards pies: buy one, get one, 50% off. and here we have some baking goods as well. more candy basket bash under $10. so looks like they're showing a lot of different candies that you can purchase for your Easter baskets if you still need any. hopefully we'll get some cartwheel offers as well- last minute cartwheel deals to kind of thin out the candy deals. here are some little stoking stuffers. we have a Jurassic world bath bomb. that is a 2-pack for $2.99. we do have select DVDs for $8. so Peter Rabbit, boss, baby trolls sing, those are all $8. and Easter baskets, things like that. I have to click off that. alright. grass eggs- you get that cheap, right Dollar Tree, we're probably at Walmart too. all right, just some more decorating things for Easter eggs: crayons, if you don't want to do the colored eggs, but I love the traditional colored eggs, you guys still do those, we still do them with the little was it paws, the cheap old kit with the little tabs and the vinegar. old-school, that is the fun stuff. 20% off, select games- although sometimes my kids like the crayons just to color and do some different eggs. so there's gonna be some Target store coupons. one is going to be $10 off of $50 or more in toys and games, and then the other is I: when you spend a hundred, you get $25 off. so if you are, you know summer's coming around, if you've got some birthdays planned, it might be a good time to go ahead and get the gifts out of the way and get that additional money off for yourself. we're going to go ahead and continue on again. the ad preview is from free stuff finder calm. so these fortnight toys are really expensive. if this is something, even for like Christmas, that the kids may want, it's a little early, kids change their minds, but sometimes they want these items. the 4-pack of figures are 39.99. they do have some other items as well. again, don't forget those toy coupons in the ad when you're making your toy purchases. so we have a little live rebels there, a little thing that reps on you. and here we have some more toys: the my look kits, disney princess dress up or down. we have some barbie items, their slime, good old slime legos. when you spend $50 or more you're gonna get a $10 Target gift card. so again, if you've got a birthday and good old Legos are on the requested gift- I love when Legos are on there because locals are so expensive- you either get like the $9.99 set- I think they have some $19.99- or have to get like $30 or over. so it's always hard to find a good Lego gift. we have some paw patrol toys. they're very cute. alright, a bubble's chalk, all of that good, look at how cute those little paw patrol. I think you've seen those at the register. those little hand things, little bubble blasts there, those are cute. we have a razor, a scooter for $24 and a bike there as well. my target does not carry many bikes. we did get the kids their bikes this year. they both need a Newton. they needed to stack up, step up. their bikes were getting pretty weak. there Walmart had a nice selection of bikes and some good prices. to my target does not carry a lot of bikes. I guess if you have one of those super targets, maybe they do. our store had a very small selection. there's some Easter books, so it looks like 20% off kids books shown here. so they have some Easter selections. their luggage for $69 and here we have some DVDs and blu-rays. more kids: there's a couple for $4. is that The Wizard of Oz for $4? that is crazy Curious. George Peter Cottontail. so they have 4, 10, 15 and 20 dollars. the newer selections there. all right, the Fuji, this camera here for 49.99 is a pretty decent deal. games: here: we have TVs- not too much going on so far, unless you need some Easter Goods. but even then Shack the Dollar Tree for those little filler. things can't beat a buck. okay, so they have. the folding tables are $29 and the folding chairs are nine dollars, especially with summer if you need to add on to what you have for barbecues, parties, things like that. cookware items here, and then we have some storage here. the six cube organizer is $50. doesn't seem like too much of a deal. got some outdoor stuff here. we have a coupon- this is an in a depart- when you buy $20 or more you get five dollars off lawn and garden. so everything there listed is included. here. we have some dresses and cardigans sales starting at $15. so they're not all going to be $15, but there are the cardigans there. we have some men's tees for $5- those go up to XXL, it looks like- and then some $8 polos. all right, let's get some good stuff. Target, come on, come on, I'm starting at $6. we have some cat inject clothes: love cat and Jack- very cute, especially with growing kids that grow out of clothes superfast. BOGO on family shoes: buy one, get one, 50% off. and we have swimwear starting at $14. more swimwear, kids swimwear, kid shirts, activewear- all right, I think we're getting on the last page from free stuff fighter comm, so I'm thinking more near the end here. babies, a 10% off shown here, not a big deal. here we go. we're gonna start getting into some of our deals. we have select digestive health by to get a $10 Target gift card. we'll have to see what is included and then select allergies by to get a $5 Target gift card. here we have some salon professional products. another buy three, get a $5 Target gift card, so not a great deal. here we have some razors: buy three, get a $5 Target gift card over here. so we have Venus razors and our PNG. we have Schick razors which are a limit of two, I think there was. I sent a target cartwheel app coupon- a manufacturer coupon, so that may bring us some good deals. I'll have to wait and see. I know we're getting some bit coupons. I think we're getting a four on the BIC flex three, so that could be a good deal. and then we have buy three, get a $5 Target gift card on some oral care items there. so it looks like Colgate is included. I can't quite tell what Colgate that is, but we are getting some $2 Colgate coupons. so if there are ones with $2 coupons and there buy three, get a $5 gift card, that could be a good deal. we have some skincare there. buy one, get one, 25% off. baby deals- a happy baby. I'm gonna have to check and see if we have any printable coupons. those are: when you buy 15, you get a 5 dollar Target gift card. and then we have diapers here. spend $75 or more on wipes, diapers, training pants and get a 15 at dollar Target gi.

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alright, guys, welcome to your coupon preview for this Saturday. um, these are the December 15th. yes, the 15th inserts- singular insert actually, because there's just a smart source insert this week, which was actually a surprise. so let's see if there's any surprise coupons. and I'm gonna go over the Target ad now. target has a plump ad this week because they're getting in the deals before Christmas. so I will time stamp in the description box below when the target ads starts. so let's get started. all right, smart source: so we have a 50 cent wonderful Halos coupon. here we have some luma phi2 dollars off four dollars on these. 7.5 dollar off three- not a big deal- dollar off three here on the refrigerated. this gets there. so it looks like targets gonna have quite a few products in promotion. 4x4: get a 5 dollar Target gift card. so we'll see what coupons we have to use with these products if we have any good deals. here we have the big ol, the Lipton iced tea, the 128 ounce, a 50 cent coupon. alkis also we have a $2 dollar and then some claritin- and I described to newspapers this week because from the preview it didn't look like there was much going on this week. miralax: we have a $5 coupon on a marowak's product: 20 count or larger. I'm not sure how much that is, but $5 does seem like a high-value coupon. it is a limit of four. great coupon on the one a day. $4 coupons are fantastik. the only exclusion is the 60 count tablets, but that is a really good coupon. alright, looks like they're giving us some more clarity and coupons there. Jurgens, we have a three dollars off one on the wet skin moisturizer and a dollar fifty off of the moisturizers there- those look pretty cool. and some coupons: a dollar 25 off of batteries or energizer flashlights. this is like the highest value battery coupon- a dollar 25. so get ready because if you're getting toys that need batteries, you might as well use a coupon and save a little. note ID coupons here. but there's gonna be a dollar on the pads and a dollar on the liquid. in certain regions it will be a regional coupon. Curel, we have a dollar fifty and then we have three dollars on the hydrotherapy Drano product. a dollar off. we have this magnesium supplement here, three dollars, looks like at CVS, which they show in AD. the chocolates are gonna be: buy one, get one free. on the Hershey's there are tears. three dollars. hauls: we have a dollar off too, which is a good coupon- 10-count or larger. so even at the Dollar Tree I know they have they're over ten count, so you could use this coupon at Dollar Tree and get them for 50 cents. all right, we have the Ferrero Rocher, the signature gallery. I'm not sure if these are on sale or not. still, I know they were two for seven for a while. 4.2 ounce dollar off. it doesn't state that it's by limit of one coupon per customer, so you should be able to go ahead and use two coupons. and this is good to the 14th of February, guys, so you can get your Valentine's Day chocolates with this coupon here. that's awesome. so you have 350 off of one of the Fresh Matik twin refills. sometimes target throws us a gift card deal on the airwick products, so this one is good. so the 29 airborne, alright. here's some more Airwick coupons of $3.00 on the mist starter kit, dollar fifty on the essential mist refill and we have up to 50% on anyone Air Wick twin refill. up to 275. so that's kind of an ADD coupon. I don't know when I've seen it. up to 25% off, I mean up to 50% off. hello, did I say 25, 50? yeah, a little bit strange, and a limit of two on that coupon. nature-made is a good $2 coupon limit. one coupon per customer so you can only use one coupon. that's it, guys. so, yeah, it's definitely a week that you're not going to hurt if you don't get newspaper inserts. they're words that the vitamin coupon was pretty good, that one a day for four dollars, but other than that there wasn't anything too exciting. so check back tomorrow and I'll share with you any printable coupons. you know that you can go ahead and print. but yeah, I grabbed two newspapers. I was definitely getting one, but I ended up grabbing two. let me know in the comments if you're getting any papers this week. alright, target time: we have hundreds of toys and video games up to 50% off. Nintendo switch to 99.99. you're gonna get a $30 Target gift card. it comes with the joy Khan controllers and more. Apple watch: 170, 9.99. air fryer- they're the cosmetik, and beauty and personal care sets are going to be 25% off. those are so cute. look at that. totally nailed it with a little nail polishes there. those are sweet. and then, Sunday only, you can take an extra 25% off kitchen appliances and cookware. so if you're thinking of grabbing this air fryer. Sunday would be the day to go ahead and grab it for sure. lots of gifts under $15. [Music]: just scroll through those family charades. that looks like fun. here we have some TVs. we have an Amazon fire seven for 39.99 and this is an Acer Chromebook for one- 49.99- save $50. it's got 12 hours of battery life. power beats all right with that Fujifilm camera. therefore, 49.99. we'd get it cheaper during Black Friday time, but again, you know, if you missed out on the sale, it's okay. if you're buying it at Target, definitely use your red card, guys. save 5%. there's the batteries there. we've got them for $8.99. you guys can use that dollar 25 coupon. we just saw our smart source. what do we have here? GoPro Hero 7- $30- saving. here we have the playstation ps4 bundle. it includes a jet black ps4 matching, Dual Shock for wireless controller and three free games. so there are the games. I don't know any of those games there, but to 49.99- $50. the nice thing is is you get that bonus. we have the Xbox one for three- 49.99. here are those Nintendo switch: lots of gaming stuff, some games there, a race. what do we have here? our phone deals: I phone 11- $150. gift card: $300 gift card with a Samsung Galaxy S 10, Wow. and we have a Fitbit versa. and then the verse of two is one: 29.95. so how are you guys with your holidays? are you ready? are you not ready? very excited, I love Christmas. here are some movies. it says starting at $5. so I'm not sure if they are $5 or some maybe more. starting at 10. I wish they had them grouped according to prices and then starting at 15, right books, we've got dog man, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants there. so it's a big ad, guys. I'm telling you, lol. surprise house 229. that just seems like a lot, I don't know. under five bucks. good old Lou, no, now, this is uno flip. so I'm not. we have good old. we have, you know, attack. that's what we have, the one where they shoot out of the machine. we love that, okay. so this is Melissa and Doug. oh my god, that looks so much fun, so much fun. 143, 99. and then here we have some. it looks like a baking set, so kind of play food for 50% off. sweet. I remember my play food. I had the fisher-price sets. they had like the four piece cake set. they had the ice cream set. the pizza said. does anybody remember those awesome? those were the good old days. barbie dreamhouse one- $69.99. and then the frozen house there for 160. good old paw Patrol transformers. my brother used to play with those. okay, hurry scooters, what is this one giving you a $10 Target gift card? this looks like fun. this ESPN air hockey table- save 39.99. oh, that could give me an idea for my son. he loved, he loves to play the- I'm toking low because he's in the other room, but he loves to play like air hockey games. when we go to you know the video game places, or if we stay overnight and go to them, 60 bucks isn't bad either. you can just keep that in the basement. that is so cute that Olaf blanket, Star Wars- all right, stoking stuffer, stoking stuffers, kinder boy. no, I hope you guys got those at Walgreens. 50 Cent's- oh my gosh, those look cute. the 7up, the crush in the A&W: three for five dollars. and then we have wrapping. get your wrapping stuff at Dollar Tree, guys. so much savings, all right. so don't forget, the kitchen appliances are 25% off, so you're gonna get 25% off. the Keurig mini and Sunday: these cups are so cute, with a little slot for the cookie. they're on sale for $4 again any of these.

Target Black Friday PREVIEW Ad for Nov 8-14 | Kitchen Favorites & Floorcare

[Music]. well, hello everyone and welcome to shopping with shayna. so we are going to be checking out our target preview ad for week two of our black friday deals. um, that starts sunday, november 8th through saturday, november 14th and, of course, we're going to be looking at more of kitchen type of things, as we are in week two here. um, one small thing: if you are not following me on any kind of social media- so i have instagram, twitter and facebook. um, i am posting the target daily deals every single morning so that you know whether or not you want to get online in order or whether you want to go to the store and grab something that day. so make sure you're following me at least on one of those. if you go to the description box below, you'll see links to each one of those social media platforms. i'll take you right there and you can sign up or join me right there and you will have information every morning about what is going on. so make sure you do that, all right? so before we get going, hit that subscribe button, ring the notification bell, hit all and let's check out this new target black friday ad that is starting on sunday, november 8th in our our ad preview. i love the fact that target puts these up early so we can check these out and get a great idea. so at the very beginning of the ad: we are looking at the black friday deals. you're going to see that we have some dyson here. it says v8 motorhead origin cordless vacuum, normally priced 379.99. for black friday it's going to be 229.99. we have a deal on the keurig k mini single serve coffee maker- normally almost 90 dollars. we're looking at fifty dollars for black friday. um, also a deal on the power air fryer. so you're gonna save 50 bucks on this. this is almost 100, but it is 49.99 for black friday. we also have a deal on the rubbermaid 30 piece plastik food storage container sets that are, um, just 7.99. you're going to save 34.. that's pretty awesome deal if you are needing that, or you you need that as a gift. um, betting, so when you spend 50 on betting you're going to get, uh, save 20 here. so, um, some pretty awesome deals there. let's go over to the next page now. i'm not going to go through the entire preview ad because i'm just not going to. we're just looking at the black friday deals right now, and one other thing to note is that they are going to price match if it goes lower at target before december 25th. so if for some reason something drops lower, then you can go and price match it too. all right, so that's all that page is. i've skimmed it. i haven't looked it all the way through because i'm saving it for you, all right. so another black friday deal we have here is the uh cuisine art advantage 12 piece ceramic knife set. so these are normally 30, um, it looks like it's 15 at. i love the colors and i feel like i need a new knife set now. um. the next one is the uh power xl vortex. this is another air fryer, so this one is not quite as good it was. you're only saving 20 bucks here, so it was um. no, of course it says it's regularly 129.99, sale for 64.99, but black friday deal it's 39.99, so that's kind of misleading there. so it looks like it's a bigger savings than that. um. we also have a deal on this crock pot here only 30 bucks. you're gonna save ten dollars um black friday for the oyster microwave, so saving 40 bucks. it was regularly priced almost 90 and now you're looking at 49.99 and then going down here more on the bedding, bath and window treatment. so there's more than just bedding there. so some nine dollar tiles and some eleven dollar looks like rugs here. moving on, let's check out this page here. uh, so if you need some pots and pans, it looks like we've got a pretty decent deal here: um 149.99 normal priced for this, these pots and pans, but now you're looking at 90. all right, so this one right here, the soda stream, is regularly priced 100. it's on sale for 69.99, so you're going to save 30, and it looks like you get a 10 gift card to go with it, so it's actually going to be 59.99 after all is said and done. so that's pretty awesome. um, and then we have another a hundred dollars for our power xl airfryer. air fryer seem to be the thing. um, we actually won our air fryer, like two years ago. um, we- our names- were in a drawing. it got pulled out. i have no idea what it's worth, but i won one. so this is normally 150, so you're going to save 50 here. and more betting: it looks like more weighted blankets, those types of things, interesting, okay, more black friday deals here. so if you need coffee or coffee pot, this is the time to do it. so seventy dollars. basically, you're gonna save 30 here for this jonathan adler limited edition keurig, um 14.99. you're gonna save 15 on just a regular coffee, mr coffee, 12 cup pro programmable coffee maker. i know i said that wrong, but, um, another deal here. so this uh is normally 209 dollars, so you're gonna get it for a hundred and forty six dollars. you're gonna save sixty three dollars, but you're gonna get also a 25 gift card. so you, that's a really, really nice deal right there. so if you're wanting that deal, then the nespresso right there, that might be worth checking it out. um, of course you're gonna need coffee, so there, you're going to save when you buy two of these. so 12 there. then we also have the hamilton beach sure crisp airfryer and toaster oven: normally 80, we're down to 54.99. so let me know in the comments if any of these are exciting. you, if you're going to be grabbing any of this. um, and looks like we've got an insta pot for 80 bucks, you're going to save 20 there. i'm just kind of skimming here that we may be out of the black friday part of the ad. now i know it's not all that long. yeah, it looks like we're. we're hitting some christmas things here, so we'll scan a few of them. i'm not going to go through. there's 45 pages here. i'm not going to go through all 45 pages. i don't know that you're all that interested in that, um, but uh, 20 off on some christmas things. oh, it does say black friday. so black friday, right here. eight dollars for some of your lights. okay, so we're still doing black friday. ah, here's some more. okay, so we have a deal on the dyson pure cool link air purifier, normally for almost four hundred dollars. you're looking at 250 for that. the dyson animal cordless vacuum: almost 500.. 349, you're going to save 150. i mean, if i was in the market for a really expensive vacuum, this would be the time to do it. good night, um, regularly priced 119.99. so the bissell clear view: it's going to be 169. you're going to save 50 bucks. um, so some other deals here. it looks like 50 off of your led bulb bundles. um, we have another vacuum. you're gonna save 150. normally 350 is now about 200 for the dyson slim ball: um, save 200 on this. this dyson ball animal 2, that is normally 500 bucks and it's down to 300. that's craziness, i'm not gonna lie. we are the kind of family that's gonna buy the fifty dollar one and have to buy another fifty dollar one the next year. we are cheap, can you imagine that? me? the cheap one, all right. and then it does say the three days of incredible deals now through sunday, november 8th, in stores: okay, interesting, interesting. and then it goes on with some more of your toy deals, um, which, like i said, i'm not going to go through all of these. the black friday: that should have ended the black friday deals here. i'll just kind of skim as i am toking at the end. um, obviously you can go to targetcom and find the complete ad. um, but i just wanted to give you the main deals here. i actually think my daughter would really like this one toy. i'm, you know, trying to figure out how i can maybe possibly buy that, but it doesn't seem like it's a huge savings. it says: save five dollars. all right, i am just not impressed with target this year as of now. so i'm not saying that the next couple weeks things won't pop out, but i did get one thing at target- if you haven't seen that video, i will link it in the description box below- of using my 25 off circle offer and if i have any more. the another way, like a little tip, is you just need another account. so like we opened one on my husband's ph.


all right, guys, it is time to go ahead and preview our coupon inserts for the week of December 8th. I got two inserts today in my newspaper. I'm gonna go through both of the inserts, clue you in on any deals that you need two pounds for this week and then I'm gonna let you know exactly how many newspapers I grabbed this week. and we're gonna go through a target ad preview this week. I will time stamp it in the description box. so if you're just here for the ad, there are some good deals coming up at Target, so let's go ahead and check it out. all right, so we are gonna go ahead and start with the RetailMeNot insert, its then insert. I haven't even checked them out yet, so I'm not sure what we're grabbing. oh my goodness. okay, this is a really good coupon. so we have a DiGiorno coupon. yes, I posted in my CVS in-store video a really great deal grabbing for pizzas and getting them for $3. well, now we can use the digital is a five off three, and since you're getting four, you can use one more of these, so it's gonna be even cheaper. that is an awesome coupon, guys. I hope it becomes printable. I will let you know. here are some coffee-mate creamers. we have the VG at seven off one product. that is a really good coupon. that's a surprise coupon. I don't think that was in our insert preview, so that was sweet. here we have some haircolor coupons on L'Oreal and we have a skin care product two dollars off. alright, good old eggnog. do you guys like eggnog? I am NOT an eggnog person, but we have some coupons if you are three dollars off. here's some nexium coupons, guys. and then here are Nivea coupons. so these are excluding trial travel. we have a dollar off and then we do have a three off of two. here we have our garden: a forty three dollars off of two. there. some more hair color coupons- nothing. there we have a five dollars. and now it's on the refills: only guys, five dollar coupon on the Gillette refills. so this is a thin insert, not a lot of coupons. so I you know a lot of times we get that DiGiorno is a printable. I really hope we do. for those of you that don't get the RetailMeNot, it looks like there's some gang coupons. my region did not grab them. so those are some coupons you can look out for in your region, and there's more. actually there's that dollar tide, simply so look out for those. here we have some more user in two off one, we have three off one and a five off of two, and we did get some aqua port here. so not a tie in here and just some cold and flu. so that is it for the smart source. I do like that, just or no. I think it was on like a 10 ounce, ten point, six ounce or larger. so keep that in mind. here we have those coupons there. five dollars off of one bio steel if you purchase that. cold stone coupons- nothing there. Boston Market: here's three dollars off of one glue Serna product. so good to go ahead and use with glue. Serna deals. we have a leave two dollars. this may become own, you know. actually it currently is actually printable if it's still a. I love garden coupons there. here we have some of these gift sets. lots of times we have rebates on these, so look out for these. there's the 350 on the adidas, another 989 or larger or more. here we have a Colgate and the Colgate- this is on the battery powered toothbrush. so, guys, this week I grabbed four newspapers. there's not a time that you would be missing out on. that's a 90 count and then the dollar is on any. there's really not a ton. and then look at, we have a store coupon too and that's eight dollars off of four. and here we have the mercy dollar off. it depends five off to two off of one. poised we have two off of one, yeah. so I did grab four newspapers. it's a social week. there's not a ton of coupons. if you don't need the products then you don't need to get extra newspapers. Allegra D: five dollars off. a little bit of a thicker insert here: buy one, get one free. so when you buy the dog food you get the free dog treats. had to read that one there. and then a couple of other coupons here, not bad. Fannie Mae- I don't know if anyone remembers any couponers out there who remember the Fannie Mae coupon. it used to be ten dollars off of a ten dollar purchase or more. I remember a couple times going in there and getting some holiday gifts, like little add-on gifts, completely free, because they'd have the coupon in every newspaper that I bought. and this was when I was getting like ten newspapers. so if you remember the Fannie Mae ten off of ten, let me know in the comments. that was a lot of fun using those coupons. of course, everything at Fannie Mae is quite expensive, but still I remember getting like the chocolate Santa's free. there's our covergirl coupons, but now it's 10 off of 35, so I think they caught on to that deal, but that was too good to be true. more hair color: we have cold-eeze getting near the end, guys. let me know if you're grabbing newspapers this week or if you're taking the week off. next week there are no inserts. I repeat, next week, there are no inserts, and the week after. so it's gonna be a nice little break. I'm all for a break. I think it's a good thing. I'm sure we'll get printables. I don't know if we'll get anything fantastik, so we'll just have to wait and see. here's dollar off - I'm blistex. and then here are our razor coupons. I think we have a disposable, or I thought we had at this one. oh, we already got the disposable, we already got that one. that is it, guys. so I grab cord newspapers. let me know in the comments what you're doing this week. are you getting newspapers? are you waiting for Sunday to see what becomes printable? I will definitely let you know. but let's jump into a target ad preview. alright, guys, target has some really good deals. check it out. save $10 when you spend 50 dollars in toys. spend 25 when you spend a 100. so they've really been having some great deals. 10% off on gift cards- Sunday- tomorrow only, guys. so if you want to grab your gift cards, sunday is the day to do it. if you're getting stuff from Target, or if you're going to Target to go ahead and do this toy deal, why not get a gift card? save 10% to stack your savings. that is the way to go. let's see what kind of toys they have here. cute little toy story. up there's four key driving the truck- way cute. so here are the coupons that you need, guys. there are coupons to check your app as well. they will be available there. [Applause]. oh, my goodness. so since I like to tok a lot, do your kids? while my daughter loves those mini brands, have you guys seen them? they're like mini products. they have Skippy peanut butter. they have. what else does my daughter have? dove, just all kinds. they are so stinking cute, but they are so hard to find and they're selling them online for ridiculous prices. so don't buy them for those crazy prices. here is: spend 50 in Legos, get a $10 gift card. we actually found them at one of our Walmart's. we went to a couple targets they didn't have on. those are so stinkin cute, love them. little snow tube there- this is really cute. that little turntable- love it. alright. buy two, get one free. on all kids of books: looks like they have another. Captain Underpants, their dog man: 20% off. back sets: 40% off some titles: they're thicker, add this week guys, thicker, thicker, add. there are some computers, TVs, I don't know. I'm kind of like all dealed out from, like all of the Black Friday sales and all of the ads and all that crazy stuff. that is a nice camera there, save four hundred and fifty dollars. an icon, nice, nice little deal there. all right, watches together. they're here. we have gifts for $15 and under. on the head dog is so cute. wonder shop, a pet PJs- all right. we have gift wrap: five dollars and under. here we have some cute little things here and some nice tableware for the holidays. that's a really pretty set. those mugs are super cute. that $50 gift card when you buy the Cuisinart fry airfryer toaster oven, a baked broiled toast and airfryer totes. close, 30% off men's sleepwear. oh my gosh, these sheets are just all together. there are some ugly Christmas sweaters. they're [Applause] very pretty little holiday dress there 19:59. that's a great deal.