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price items for sale shopify

Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

Setting a sale price on products and variants is a great way to offer discounts to customers without the need for discount codes. This method displays both the original price and the sale price, allowing customers to see the price comparison and make an informed purchasing decision.

Steps to Set Sale Price on Products and Variants:

1. Setting the Sale Price on Single Variant Products:

- In the Shopify Admin, click on Products and select the product you want to set a sale price on.

- Scroll down to the Pricing section and enter the original price of the product in the Compare at Price field.

- Adjust the value in the Price field to show the new sale price.

- Save the changes and click on View to see how the product appears on your online store.

2. Adding a Sale Price to Products with Multiple Variants:

- Click on the product in the All Products tab and scroll down to the Variants section.

- Edit the first variant that needs a sale price and enter the original price in the Compare at Price field.

- Adjust the value in the Price field to show the new sale price and save the changes.

- Repeat the process for all other variants that need a sale price.

Additional Tips:

- Ensure that the Compare at Price value is higher than the Price value to show a sale.

- Check how the sale price displays on your online store as it depends on the theme you have published.

- Use Apps from the Shopify App store to add sale badges and increase visibility of sale products.

Setting a sale price on products and variants is an effective way to attract customers and increase sales. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily set sale prices on your products and variants, and see how they appear on your online store. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Shopify support team.

How To Set Sale Price On Shopify Products | How To Set Compare At Price On Shopify | Set SALE Prices

Hello guys, in this video, I will show you how to set sales prices for products and product variants on your Shopify store. It's important to know how to do this so you can offer discounts and attract more customers to your store. Let's get started!

Setting Sales Prices for Single Variant Products:

- Go to your Shopify dashboard and click on Products.

- Select the single variant product you want to set a sale price for.

- Scroll down to Pricing and enter your regular price.

- Enter the new sale price and add the previous regular price as the compare at price.

- Keep in mind that your profit is calculated based on the selling price, not the compare at price.

- Check the box to charge tax if necessary and click on Save.

- Your customers will only see the sale price, regular price, and compare at price.

Setting Sales Prices for Multi-Variant Products:

- Follow the same steps as before to select the product you want to set a sale price for.

- Check the box to select all variants and click on Bulk Edit.

- Enter the regular price and compare at price for each variant.

- Set the new sale price for each variant and click on Save.

- Your customers will see the sale price, regular price, and compare at price for each variant.

Now you know how to set sales prices for products and product variants on your Shopify store. Offering discounts is a great way to attract more customers and increase sales. Check out my channel for more Shopify videos and don't forget to subscribe!

Exclude Sale Items From Discount Codes Shopify 2021 Update - Quick, Easy and FREE

Hello everyone, welcome to Ecomsimplified! In this video, we will be discussing a quick and exciting update from Shopify that allows you to create an automatic collection based on the compare price field. This feature is a game-changer as it allows you to create a full price collection and apply a sale that only applies to full price products.

Benefits of Automatic Collection:

- Can finally make an automatic collection based on addition

- Can make a full price collection

- Sale can only apply to full price products

Steps to Create a Full Price Collection:

1. Check if a product has a compared price field

2. Make a new collection with the condition that compare price is empty

3. Name the collection as Full Price or whichever you prefer

4. Save the collection and make it not show in an online store

Steps to Apply a Sale to Full Price Products:

1. Go to the discounts tab and create a discount code

2. Apply the discount code to the full price collection

3. Add more requirements or eligibility if needed

4. Save the discount code

In conclusion, creating a collection that is full price and applying a sale that only applies to full price products is now easier than ever with Shopify's automatic collection feature. This allows you to prevent customers from double dipping on discounts and ruining your margins. If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe to the channel as it really helps us grow. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video!

How To Price Products For Shopify Dropshipping (Full Strategy)

In this article, we will discuss the importance of pricing strategy in Shopify drop shipping. We will cover the main mistake people make with pricing their products and how to avoid it. We will also reveal a full algorithm on how to price products and how to find the max price.

- Pricing is a crucial factor in drop shipping

- Many people overlook the importance of pricing

- Pricing strategy can make or break your business

Main Mistake with Pricing:

- Many people guess or use suggested prices

- Even small price differences can make a big impact

- Random prices can hurt your branding

Full Algorithm for Pricing:

- Start with the price on AliExpress

- Between 1 cent to 2 dollars: price between 7.95 to 7.99

- Between 2 dollars to 4.99: price between 9.95 to 9.99

- Between 5 dollars to 30 dollars: double the price

- Above 30 dollars: use a factor of 1.5 to 1.75

Finding the Max Price:

- Raise the price by 1 after 2 to 3 days of consistent sales

- Keep raising the price in small increments

- Look for peaks and drop-offs in sales

- Use a proper pricing strategy to ensure success

- Test products with the algorithm and find the max price

- Don't overlook the importance of pricing in drop shipping

How To Price Your Products For IDEAL Profit Margin (Shopify Dropshipping)

Product Pricing and Margin: Key Concepts for Product Research

In this article, we will discuss the importance of product pricing and margin in product research. Having the right pricing strategy and profit margins is essential for any successful business. In this article, we will explore how to achieve this and ensure that you make a profit while selling your products.

1. Pricing Strategy:

- Product pricing should be on point for successful product research.

- A large enough margin is necessary to take into account the cost of goods and advertising costs and leave some profit for the business owner.

- Selling a product for too little can be detrimental to profitability.

- Finding products with large margins is crucial for success.

- Aliexpress products should be sold for at least 30 dollars or more.

2. Psychological Pricing:

- Even pricing should be avoided.

- Prices should always end in 95, 97, or 99.

- Using odd prices creates a psychological impact on customers that can increase sales.

3. Target Average Order Value:

- Target average order value should be 50 dollars or more.

- Having a higher average order value allows for a larger budget for advertising and leaves room for profits.

In conclusion, understanding product pricing and margin is critical to the success of product research. By following the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that you have a profitable business and make the most out of your sales. Remember to focus on building large profit margins, using psychological pricing, and having a target average order value of 50 dollars or more.

How To Price Products on Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

Step 1: Determine Your Numbers

- Calculate the cost of goods sold and shipping costs to get a rough estimate of the starting price.

- Factor in the cost of Facebook ads and aim for a profit margin of 2.5 to 3 times the initial cost.

Step 2: Check Competitor Pricing

- Look at what similar products are selling for on Amazon or other sites to get a better idea of what customers are willing to pay.

- Consider the perceived value of your store and product in setting the final price.

FASTEST WAY to Bulk Edit Prices on Shopify!

Hey guys, in this video, I want to show you a quick and easy way to edit all the prices on your Shopify store. I've noticed that many people aren't doing it the fastest way possible, so I figured I'd share my method with you.


1. Open up your products and click on inventory.

2. Edit your titles to group similar items together.

3. Click on actions and then edit variants.

4. Open up all the prices.

5. Use the shortcut command/control + down arrow key to highlight everything on the left side.

6. Type in the discounted price.

7. Use the shortcut command/control + up arrow key to highlight everything on the right side.

8. Type in the price that you want to show.

9. Click on save and wait until everything is checked before closing the page.

10. Repeat for all the pages by opening up new tabs using the shortcut command/control + click.

Additional tips:

- If you're selling clothing, make sure to include the specific item in the title.

- If you're selling jewelry or accessories, group them by category.

- Don't close the page until everything is saved to avoid wasting time.

- Use the shortcut command/control + click to open new tabs and save time.

I hope this method helps you save time when editing the prices on your Shopify store. If you have any other tips or suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments. Don't forget to subscribe and drop a like for more dropshipping tips. Thanks for watching!

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