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Pricing Ads: Maximizing ROI

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Ryan discusses the different pricing packages for PPC services for Google Ads build and management. He also highlights the benefits of having these packages in place and how they can help you increase your agency's scalability and professionalism.

PPC Pricing Packages:

- The build side of things is a one-time expense to liquidate expenses for marketing and sales, account set up, and landing pages.

- Management is a recurring monthly fee that involves keyword optimization, bid adjustments, budget allocation, ad copy split testing, and maintenance and troubleshooting.

Features to Offer:

- Landing pages or straight to website

- Custom ad campaigns

- Conversion tracking setup

- Call recording setup

- Monthly reporting and analysis

- Customer service and communication

Expense Considerations:

- Software expenses for lead tracking and reporting, landing pages, and reporting

- Employee expenses for PPC specialist work, customer care, and management

Having clear pricing packages and defined features can increase your agency's professionalism and help you scale. Consider all expenses when setting your prices and communicate the value of your services to potential clients.

Different Pricing Models You can charge for Running Ads for Clients

In this article, we will be discussing the questions asked by Harsh Metamethod on how to reach clients for running ads, how to grow sales business through ads, and how much to charge for running ads for clients. These questions have already been answered in the 77 days Facebook ads course, which is highly recommended to enroll in.

Reaching Clients for Running Ads:

- Conduct webinars to educate local businesses about Facebook ads

- Check for websites running ads on Google without pixels installed and pitch them for Facebook ads

- List services on freelancer websites like Upwork, Freelancer.com, and Fiverr.com and bid for projects

Growing Sales Business Through Ads:

- Build sales funnels appropriate for the business

- Run ads conversion ads to the funnel

- Optimize the process by optimizing copywriting, average order value, and customer lifetime value

Charging for Running Ads:

- Charge 10% of the ad spend

- Charge a percentage of profit (e.g., 30%)

- Charge a fixed fee depending on social proof, testimonials, and past results

In conclusion, there are various ways to reach clients, grow sales business through ads, and charge for running ads. It is recommended to enroll in the 77 days Facebook ads course to learn more about these topics.

Is the bicycle industry changing their marketing model?

The traditional approach of bicycle manufacturers to keep their products limited to certain high-end magazines with quality content is changing. The advent of YouTube has allowed for smaller YouTubers to review and showcase new bikes and products from big bicycle manufacturers. However, this approach also meant that the narrative about these products was controlled by a few outlets. In this article, we will discuss a recent development in the industry that could bring a shift in how products are evaluated.

The Shift in Industry:

Hambini, a popular YouTuber known for using his technical expertise to highlight problems with bicycles and quality control in the industry, received a letter and some goodies from Cannondale. While receiving promotional material is not unusual, this move is significant as it signifies a shift in the industry. It could mean that manufacturers are willing to provide products to smaller YouTubers who are critical and can provide engineering insights into the quality of the products.

The Opportunity:

If Cannondale follows through with this approach, it could open up an opportunity for YouTubers like Hambini to provide engineering in-depth reviews of their products. It could mean that instead of focusing on how the product feels while riding, they could evaluate the manufacturing finish, the quality of bearings, the alignment, and whether the bike rides straight. This evaluation would be essential for top-tier bikes that cost around 20,000 USD.

The move by Cannondale could be the beginning of a change in the industry. Manufacturers could start providing their products to smaller YouTubers who are more critical and can provide engineering insights into the quality of their products. This change could result in more evaluations of how good the product is instead of just focusing on aesthetics. It is a shift that many in the industry would welcome and would be a win for consumers who want to make informed decisions before investing in top-tier bikes.

Google Ads Agency Pricing | Download Free Pricing Calculator

In this video, Luke Mead walks viewers through a Google Ad pricing calculator that he has set up using an Excel sheet. He explains how agency owners, subcontractors, and consultants can use this tool to calculate their pricing for Google Ads.

How the Google Ad Pricing Calculator Works:

- The calculator is a bit of a calculator that allows users to input their time, hourly rate, and ad spend budget to come up with a total price and subtotal for their Google Ads.

- The left-hand side of the calculator shows the breakdown of time spent on creating ads, targeting, monitoring and optimizing, and reporting.

- Users can adjust the time allocated to each breakdown based on their needs.

- Users can also adjust their hourly rate based on their location, industry, and market.

- The ad spend budget can be included in the total price if the agency is paying for it, or set to zero if the client is responsible for the ad spend budget.

- The calculator then provides a total price that agencies can charge their clients.

Benefits of Charging Hourly:

- Charging hourly is a transparent way of pricing services and allows agencies to break down their time fairly.

- It helps build better relationships with clients by providing them with a clear understanding of what they are paying for.

- Hourly pricing allows agencies to adjust their rates as their business grows and their needs change.

The Google Ad pricing calculator is a useful tool for agency owners, subcontractors, and consultants looking to price their Google Ads services. By charging hourly, agencies can provide transparency and adjust their pricing as their business grows. The calculator is available for download in the video description, and viewers are encouraged to use it and leave feedback.

Facebook Ads Agency Pricing | Download my Free Pricing Calculator

Facebook Ads Pricing for Agencies: A Transparent Approach

In this video, I will walk you through how I do my Facebook Ads pricing as an agency. I use an Excel sheet to break down the pricing formula and ensure transparency in my pricing approach.

Pricing Formula Breakdown:

1. Creating the Ad (time spent on designing the ad)

2. Setting up and targeting the ad (time spent on choosing the target audience)

3. Monitoring and optimizing the ad (time spent on ensuring the ad is performing well)

4. Reporting ad results and data (time spent on communicating with clients)

Using an editable Excel sheet, I adjust the time spent on each aspect of the Facebook Ad and calculate the total cost. I charge per hour to ensure transparency and adjust my hourly rate depending on the client I am serving. I also adjust the ad spend budget and the formula spits out the total price to charge the client.

Benefits of Transparency:

Using this pricing approach helps build a relationship with clients that is built on understanding and gives them an understanding of the hours spent on their ad campaign. If they do not understand or do not want to pay, then it is not a good fit for working together.

As a general rule of thumb, I aim to charge about $100 per hour in Australia. This Excel sheet can be used by both agencies and freelancers to calculate their pricing approach. Transparency is key in building a successful agency-client relationship.

Google Ads Cost Calculator to Estimate Keyword Pricing & Monthly Budget

- This article covers the Google AdWords cost calculating tool, which is free to use assuming you are set up with the standard version of Google Adwords.

- The tool helps determine how much to spend on a keyword in your industry and gives an estimated budget for the month.

Steps to use the tool:

1. Sign up for Google AdWords and switch over to expert mode.

2. Click on the wrench in the top right corner and switch over to the keyword planning tool.

3. Choose the option to get search volume forecast.

4. Enter the keyword(s) you want to target and select the location you want to target.

5. Set a maximum cost per click for your keywords.

6. Set a conversion rate percentage to estimate how many clicks will turn into a conversion.

7. See how many conversions you will get at your max CPC and how much you will pay for each conversion.


- Use the historical metrics feature to see seasonality trends for your targeted keywords.

- Add more locations to target if needed.

- Use the keyword planning tool to get more ideas for what to target.

- The Google AdWords cost calculating tool is a useful tool for determining how much to spend on a keyword in your industry and estimating your monthly budget.

- By setting a max CPC and conversion rate percentage, you can see how many conversions you will get and how much you will pay for each conversion.

- Use the tool to get ideas for keywords to target and see seasonality trends for your targeted keywords.

How Facebook Ads Pricing Works | Reduce Facebook Ad Costs Like This

Are you interested in advertising your business on Facebook? If so, you may be wondering how Facebook ads pricing works and how much it costs to get started. In this article, we'll explore the basics of Facebook advertising and how you can start promoting your business on this popular platform.

1. Facebook Ads Manager:

- Facebook has a platform called Ads Manager where you can create ads to advertise your business.

- As a dropshipper, you can advertise your products on Facebook by creating images or videos and telling Facebook where to show them.

2. Campaigns and Ad Sets:

- Facebook's advertising structure includes campaigns and ad sets.

- On the ad set level, you tell Facebook who you want to show the ads to and set your budget.

- Inside the ad level, you create your image or video and other details, such as your data feed.

3. Objectives and Conversions:

- When setting up your campaign, you need to choose an objective, such as conversions, which means you want customers to come to your store and purchase.

- Facebook already knows people on its platform who are buying from online stores, so you can tell Facebook to send you those people.

- You can also narrow down your targeting by knowing your customer's demographics and interests.

4. Budgeting and Bidding:

- You can start off with a minimum of $3 per day for testing a product.

- Facebook will charge you for your ad, whether you get sales or not, and show your ad on the news feed depending on how much you're spending and how much your competitors are spending.

- Running multiple ad sets can help you split your targeting and budget.

Facebook ads pricing works based on your budget and bidding, and you can start advertising your business on Facebook with a minimum of $3 per day. By choosing the right objective and targeting, you can narrow down your audience and increase your chances of making a sale. Start with a small budget and test your products before scaling up your ads. Good luck with your Facebook advertising!

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