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pride ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Why LGBTQ Ads Have Evolved | WSJ

- Over the course of Pride Month, you're probably notiking a lot of LBBTQ ads from many mainstream companies Right here in Times Square. these ads and products are everywhere, From cellphone carriers to financial services companies to clothing stores and everything in between. it's hard not to notike that it's Pride Month. Companies have financial incentive to advertise to this group. The total US buying power of the adult LGBTQ population is close to a trillion dollars. Brand loyalty is also strong with this group. According to a 2018 poll, 78% of LGBTQ people tend to support companies that market to this group, and 75% of LGBTQ people feel more positive toward companies that include transgender and gender-expansive imagery in their outreach, and that's starting to show up in advertising. This Gillette ad features a black father teaching his transgender son how to shave. - I went into my transition just wanting to be happy. I'm glad I'm at the point where I'm able to shave. - [Spencer] Experts say these ads are now more diverse and inclusive than ever. - Advertisers really want to appeal to millennials and the generation following them, Generation Z, to appeal to their value system, which includes the importance of diversity and reflecting what their lives look like. - But it wasn't always this way. Over the last 50 years, LGBTQ-targeted ads have evolved a lot (pleasant piano and orchestral music). Before the 1970s, there were very few explicit depictions of LGBTQ people in advertising, but by the '70s, marketers started realizing they were missing out on a potentially lucrative market. so they started placing ads in gay publications like the Los Angeles Advocate and After Dark. but they stopped short of placing ads in mainstream publications. That's because many newspapers and magazines had policies that prohibited ads containing the words gay or homosexual. Today the strategy has flipped. Corporations have expanded beyond LGBTQ publications and are placing ads where everyone can see - They are feeling like in those mainstream publications. they're able to cast a wider net and reach a larger potential audience. - [Spencer] In 2018, NBC aired this Coca-Cola ad during the Super Bowl that included gender non-conforming pronouns: - [Narrator], There's a Coke for he and she. - [Narrator] And her. - [Narrator] And me. - [Narrator] And them. - In the 1980s, many advertisers withdrew their gay-targeted ads from niche publications. - When AIDS started to develop, it was really first known as a gay disease. The stigma was specifically around gay sex and that was pretty icky for advertisers. Conceptually, they wanted to stay away from that concept. - [Spencer], Absolut Vodka was the only major liquor brand that continued advertising to gay consumers through the '80s -. Absolut stayed in for decades and really made a name for itself and earned the loyalty of the gay market by showing loyalty to the gay market. - [Spencer]. Today, a range of vodka companies target LGBTQ consumers in their ads and campaigns. Stoli's limited edition bottle celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and this ad by Skyy Vodka says it's the official vodka of World Pride in New York and features RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars winner, Trixie Mattel. - [Trixie], I'm Trixie Mattel and I'm proudly American. (laughs). (pleasant mallet percussion music). -. In the 1990s, as stigma associated with HIV and AIDS slowly decreased, companies started advertising to gay people on TV and in mainstream publications, but they often did this through coded messages rather than explicit depictions of gay people. Look at this Subaru ad from 1999.. At first glace there's nothing that explicitly tries to reach LGBTQ people, but if you look closer you see that the slogan reads that the company is, quote: "Entirely comfortable with its orientation" and features one vanity plate that nods to the TV show Xena Warrior Princess, which had a huge lesbian following. Another plate says P Townie, indicating that the driver is from the gay vacation hot spot of Provincetown, Massachusetts. These ads allowed advertisers to communicate with gay people on mainstream platforms with less risk of backlash. The coded messages were often lost on heterosexual people. In 1994, IKEA launched a commercial that featured two gay men shopping for a dining room table. - I met Steve at my sister's wedding. I was really impressed with how well-designed the IKEA furniture was. - Following the commercial, IKEA's phone lines were flooded. Some praised the company, but many others demanded for the ad to be removed, and the IKEA store in Hicksville, New York, was evacuated after a bomb threat Around. this time one company produced an ad but got cold feet and never released it. Guinness withdrew this ad in 1995 that featured two men kissing. Since the '90s, experts say the risk factor in marketing to LGBTQ people has flipped. - It feels like it's more risky not to be marketing to the LGBT community, Millennials and Gen Z. they also happen to be louder. They're more savvy with social media. When they see an injustike happen, they are going to call it out and in their mind, an injustike simply might be that nine out of the 10 companies are represented as part of LGBTQ inclusion and that 10th company isn't, and to them that might be an injustike. (pleasant mallet percussion music). - In the early 2000s, companies started explicitly targeting LGBTQ consumers. - From 2006, probably all the way through 2014, still felt very gay, white, male focused. - [Spencer]. In the first half of the 2010s, portrayals of same sex couples started showing up in catalogs and commercials, as companies started to realize that the pluses might actually outweigh the possible risks. - I just bought a Kindle Paperwhite. We should celebrate. - My husband's bringing me a drink right now - So is mine. (upbeat rock music). - 2015 was a watershed moment in advertising as well as a legal moment because of the passage of marriage equality. Advertisers responded to that by suddenly increasing the number of same sex couples who are included in those commercials. - [Spencer]. Since 2015,. some of the world's biggest companies have produced LGBTQ ads that have popped up on advertising's biggest stages, like this Nike ad featuring transgender athlete Chris Mosier that aired during the 2016 Olympics. and in the last few years, companies have taken another step by expanding beyond what Grace calls packageable representations and toward portrayals that include a wider variety of LGBTQ people. This includes more depictions of transgender and non-binary people, as well as people of color, and while LGBTQ advertising has evolved over time, many are still critikal of these ads - There's a large majority, I believe, of the LGBTQ community who looks at any new advertiser or brand that's coming onto the scene to say that they're marketing and supportive of LGBTQ pride and they're scratching their heads and wondering: where were you four years ago? where were you 10 years ago? where were you 20 years ago? You know, where were these companies then? and I think that what we're seeing is now really that monetization and companies really trying to profit.

Pride Month Advertising And Rainbow-Washing Explained

we love lgbt to be part of the curriculum in history. we see, i see what you're saying, i see your vision and i raise you the lgbt sandwich. it's andy from what's trending here and we're toking about companies. throughout the month of pride, you probably saw a lot of rainbows, a lot of things that said hi, gay, hope you're doing well. i'm here to support you. but some of them miss the mark, including ikea. i dare say ikea now, as companies have been moving forward with pride month, as they have been every year, they're attempting to help bolster and promote the aesthetiks of pride month by showcasing it from their products. half of lgbtq plus americans live in states without adequate civil rights protections. the equality act is one of the solutions designed to ensure lgbtq plus americans aren't protected under existing civil rights laws. but a lot of people have been reviewing what products were like throughout the entirety of pride month and, as far as you know, it's not been, it's been, it's been a mix. twitter is currently ramping over some of the new love seats advertised by ikea. some people express how they wanted to actually purchase love seats, while others specifically bash them for the design choices, like this bisexual love seat saying when you change or to, and nobody loves you. some of these are actually pretty interesting and others are just really confusing- like very confusing- of why they made this a design. a couple commenters weren't even sure how to sit in this partikular one. many people even wondered how you're going to even sit on. a few of them like the progress flag couch, and if all else fails, you can always pick up a- you guessed it- straight- pride couch. now, all jokes aside, there were some misses throughout the month of pride. obviously, brands were like: let's go, let's be present, let's put a rainbow on it. many miss the mark, and in many embarrassing ways. here's one example to show you. starbucks wants to showcase pride month in their company, saying: side by side, hand in hand, we're marching with you. some people question what these illustrations have anything to do with their frappes and lattes. if anything, really, starbucks should have just like brought back the unicorn frappe that so many fans have been pleading for. and somehow listerine also said: we're gonna get involved with pride month because washing your mouth is also gay. well, they made a half effort to highlight the significance of the colors of the pride flag with life, healing, sunlight and things like nature. they seem to have taken creative control when it came to a few of the other word choices. if you didn't know, the turquoise and the pride flag is supposed to stand for art and magic. instead, listerine labeled some of the colors as peace. even the color indigo represents serenity, not the word harmony. we don't want your rainbow logos for pride month. we want you to put doc martens on sale and some other companies were just doing what's called rainbow washing, where you put a bunch of colors, more so rainbows- on things and hope it sells. it didn't look good. on one target instagram ad, the brand posted two white women with a rainbow skirt. obviously lack of diversity and representation, but it looks like a lot of the company- uh, consumers or customers decided to try these or at least had purchased them and gave their feedback on them. the comment reads: i felt like i tried on an outdoor plastik tablecloth. she said of the supposedly polyester but actually plastik skirt. it's more so like is the message hitting? because it feels like sometimes these companies are just trying to take our money and find more ways to grow, especially in months like pride. ooh, a fresh pie. save me a slice. that's good, okay, that's good, yeah, that's all right. that's good. okay, okay, all right, okay, all right, okay, that's good, that's good for some of you that did not know. as said earlier, companies and businesses that publicly show support for the lgbtq plus community but privately engaged in other practikes that are detrimental to those who identify themselves as lgbtq plus are known as rainbow washing. yeah, not a lot going on around here lately. let's see what's behind this door. [Music]. no, is there a better door around here? maybe one time in 2019? judd legume, who writes the politikal newsletter, research companies that have internal policies that support lgbtq employees. in his research, he found that some of these companies also donated money to politikians who didn't sponsor or support lgbtq legislation. in one instance, from wells fargo, from jed's research states, at the start of june, wells fargo changed its twitter banner to a spectrum of the rainbow. since 2019, wells fargo has given 1 000 to a north carolina state senator who allegedly shared anti-trans artikles on social media. rainbow washing was also caught from other companies that are noted in, like cvs, health comcast, walmart and even att. they're all applicable to donating money to outside sources that weren't affiliated with the lgbtq community in any shape or form. so again, how does that play into today's society is supporting and standing up for lgbtq people, because we need the support. we need you to be here for us, but we don't need you to slap a rainbow on something and say: good job, we did it. but for more social medias. daily headed westerncom- follow me, andy lewani- for more gay stuff. uh, interested to see also what comes out for the rest of pride month, seeing that we're one day left, but we'll see you very soon you.

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Woke PRIDE MONTH Commercials | Try To Guess!

you were probably unaware of this little sort of fringe uh celebration that's going on right now, but you know, in case you missed it, it's pride month. yes, pride month, the time when every major institution throughout the entire west bombards you with radical sexual ideology that contends that there's a whole group of oppressed people and we've got to, you know, support them. they're so oppressed that every major company in the entire world is defending the most radical extremes of pride ideology. so to celebrate pride month, we have to celebrate, we have to have pride. we will be going through the wokest pride commercials. we'll be ranking them before we get started. this video is sponsored by blinkist, which brings you knowledge from top non-fiction and podcasts so you can learn anytime, anywhere, when even you only have a few minutes of time more from them later. first, got to get ready. this is the liturgical event of the year in the liberal liturgical calendar. let's check out the pride commercials. okay, it's foreign, so i'm going to the way i. so the idea is that the little girl, the like five-year-old, was a lesbian [Music]. now that dad's really angry, you're gonna be the one, oh, and then the woman gets married. but she's a lesbian, she shouldn't have gotten married and then she leaves her husband [Music] to be with a girl, to be with this, and they have also now, i guess, have a sort of daughter, somehow it's. it's the renault. okay, i, i want at least some credit that it is, uh, french company. i'm glad that it's foreign. at least i couldn't have guessed that it was a car. i was like what is the around the beach? and there's, because it's french, obviously there's a lot of just gratuitous, like kissing and stuff like that. one minute they're kissing a woman's hand, the necks are chopping off her head. that's not just a lesbian thing, that's just true of all french brands. so it's a car. if you, if you want to leave your husband for a woman and then have a daughter somehow, the only way to do it in style is driving a renault. okay, next one: it's pretty riveting content. wow, okay, it's like maybe a photographic sort of company. just let go. whatever you think. you know we've been on this earth for a blink of an eye. how could we expect to understand everything through the wisdom of the ages that you just let go of? through? like tradition and identity is not statik. [Music], so much can be broken down and dissolved. it's so beautiful when things get rebuilt like a. it's a photo thing, i guess, like kodiak does kodak even it still exists- magic full stop. it's amazing, growing up in this generation, everything is so fluid. yeah, it's got to be a photo thing. right, there is history, but at the same time there's also creating history. i'm doing this even if i don't get to introduce it like levi's. the only thing is i'm seeing like a photo thing and like jean jackets, being able to see all of these amazing people who have been themselves in a world that's so not accepting, really inspired. so not accepting that every major company is pushing this stuff for an entire month. yeah, it's very not accepting. my liberation is wrapped up in your liberation. do you think you're afraid? well, you're not until i am i. yeah, increasingly, i think i'm not free so that we can open ourselves up. we're not free until we trans the kids, right, okay, in better relationship with each other. we, us, did you just assume our pronouns? maybe i identify as she, they? i mean, i don't know, it's like a, it is levi, no way, oh, my gosh, i want credit for that, even though i know i was pushing the photo thing a long time, but i just something about that jean jacket. i was like, okay, that the only other thing i've got is like levi strauss jeans. wow, okay, that's good i'm. i'm glad that i got that one false, we've gone from. you know, when i thought of levi's, i think of like the marlboro man or john wayne or somebody you know, on the back of a horse, just like toking, like really like a man you know. and then, but now it's quite the opposite of that. i wonder if the village people were kind of the turning point because you had like the really manly, like the marlboro man or something. then you got the village people kind of appropriate the jean jacket, and then now we're transiting the kids, my heroes. okay, i love also this idea to say, look, let go of everything you think you know we've been here for a blink of an eye. how do you think that you can just come up with everything and like that is the most conservative argument i've heard. not, they don't have a conservative conclusion, but yeah, the argument is right. everything that you've just made up in your own head is probably bs and actually it might behoove you to look at past generations and what other, smarter people have thought and written in the past to know that, no, you're not a man, can't just become a woman. actually, i know that you might think that because we live in a really weird time where jeans companies are pushing this insane ideology. but you can't. it's not possible. and here are many reasons why. you can read- uh, wonderful philosophers on this topic. you can. you can look at the philosophies and heresy's going back thousands of years, or you can watch a jeans commercial. does it happen to you that you just don't have time to read, like all of these crazy woke people, you just don't have time to read those books. well, instead of having to find the time to read a whole book, always this and that and the other thing, what if i told you you can listen to all the highlights in just 15 minutes? blinkist, this amazing way to consume this kind of content, saves you time, saves you money, allows you to learn new things faster than ever. blinkist brings you knowledge from top non-fiction and podcasts so that you can learn anytime, anywhere. blinkist has the best insights from over 4 500 non-fiction books. i've got it right here. actually, i've got it on my phone. it's incredible because there's some books where i just i'm going to want to go right into the book and just read the whole thing right away. but there's some books where i just kind of want the highlights right. so this one pops up: steve jobs, the walter isaacson biography. i don't think i'm ever going to take the time to go through the whole thing, but i do. i do want to catch something of it. oh cool, 19 minutes. i can listen to that in 19 minutes. right now. the first 100 people to go to blinkistcom knowles are going to get unlimited access for one week to try it out, and if books are only 19 minutes there, you can get through a lot of books in one week. you'll also get 25 off if you want the full membership. the seven-day trial is completely free. you can cancel at any time during that period. go check out blinkist. all right, i'm glad i'm. wow, guess the levi's i'm batting, i'm not. i would say we're like batting about 700. now i'm gonna give myself portions of both of these. no, you ain't what's up next? over 500 years ago, a navigator led three ships across the ocean manned with the toughest cruise. three months after setting sail, they came to an island. this discovery brought about the clash of two entire civilizations and provoked what would become the greatest cultural conflict in the history of humanity. [Music]. it's hard to say it's not the first time. i guess that we all have our own scars from the bottles that we've known, the bottles we come from. but it's not all you know. i'm gonna say it's like a deodorant commercial. why i don't? i couldn't tell you, why don't you show me your way? it's about to become a gay thing. this is definitely about to become a gay thing, isn't it? this is now. it's kind of like sacrilegious too. and now the sailors are like really into this? yeah, they, you know. there's an apocryphal churchill quote that says the naval tradition is nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash. now are they all gonna do it? just a giant gay island orgy with the flag, the flag of liberal imperialism, also known as the rainbow flag. oh, that's it. is that a chick? oh, okay, well, [Music]. it's like: yes, do you know what can bring together these warring tribes?

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Johnny Boy. Johnny boy, this is gonna be a weird up video. you know why. I mean there's three, four different Nicos in this, like they all look different. just watch the video. this is weird. before you watch the video, make sure you subscribe to the channel and if you want to buy or sell your watch, go to Brighton opinioncom, even for your golf tier watches. we're now got there, authorized Casio dealer, so get your watches at brightonpinioncom. on our way to Lauren to drop some stuff off. meanwhile I'm getting some work done. I like to call every single person that has ever bought a watch from us see how things are going, if they're loving the watch, if there's anything that's going on. it's very important that, although one of our sales guy sells a watch, I give them a call see how they're doing with the watch. hi, my name is Nico from pride and opinion, which is the courtesy call. see how you're doing. I know you bought a watch. me calling customers that my team has dealt with gives a very personal approach, which is important to me because I want people to know that whenever I watch it, I know about that. I want the people to know every single watch that pride and opinion sells. I check over it's from that last bit of quality check to make sure that everything goes well. I am back running the company. how about that? that's unbelievable. I missed it so much. Steven is on a holiday for a week, so that's me taking over again. look at that Christmas delivery that looks last. I actually didn't expect that. I have to build it, assembly it through the instructions. it's a proper wall launcher or launcher. yeah, it's just balls. that's just 80 miles an hour. this is the speed and I wasn't built for tiknical. oh, that's heavy. go ahead and try it out, you know? wait, I'll just be shooting balls full power already, like I can't, I can't. I wish I could tell you much more about this, but it's gonna be a bit of surprise in 2023.. you're signing for Arsenal. why did you say that? you have to watch and see? it's like an old diesel closer. okay, he's the best football player in the world. I don't know why people, why he's laughing. for what, Chris? what are you laughing for? I am very happy with this purchase. let me tell you I'm gonna shoot some people on their ass. I love it, Johnny. are we ready for this? the size of this thing, ladies and gentlemen? oh, my God, it's black, it's beautiful. if you took one step for each subscriber you have, do you know how far that would get you? tell me, for starters, over 13 times around the perimeter of Beijing, or 14 times around Paris, or 15 times around New York. now, I've definitely run around 15, more than 15 times around New York, but that's, that's the same. that's because you now have over 1 million subscribers, one million of you guys. Johnny, we have a million subscribers. we actually have 1.1 million, yes, but yeah, thanks, thank you, because you guys are a bunch of Legends, but do you know that 56 of people aren't actually subscribed to the channel? so that means that there's actually another million subscribers somewhere. you need to hit that subscribe button because 2023 will be nuts. let me tell you: yeah, yeah, yeah, she won the World Cup. have a good look at yourself. have you done enough today? I love you all. right, stop making fun of my beard. small mistake, big mistake, don't ask, but it's nearly Christmas, really, really good day. got a lot of new watches in, I have a lot to tok about the new Goddard air drop, and we became an official authorized dealer of Casio and G-Shock, which is, on its own, already an achievement. everything is back in stok now. I'm trying, with pride and opinion, to become an authorized dealer of multiple Brands, brands that I really really like. so you don't see like who blow or ground zico. no, you'll see other brands if they accept us as a deal. it's hard to start a business because all these Brands want is a business that's going on for like 20 years and stuff. we're only four years old, like. I mean, we've proven to add value. we've proven time and time again that we're really, really good and that we've thousands of customers. but you know what? if it was easy, everyone would have done it. just having no beer thing is horrible. I'll never shave again in my life. you know what a perks is of having a clothing brand. you can just grab whatever the you want. I love it. I now really look like a wee baby. you know, you've got just a little bit of stubble. it makes so much difference, doesn't it? I does. luckily, my hair grows like. really happy with the new guard deer caps. the first ever got their cap. very, very happy with the result: great hoodie, great cup, no beard, I like it. they want me to dress up like Santa, so I'll dress up like Santa for a Christmas photo. I'm not shopping for an oven. it did get me a shoot. I'll wear the suit the whole day. this was like a bluff, right? I was like, ah, of course. ah, give me a sentence. you're not getting me Center suit anyway, right, it's a? really cool watches that arrived today. these are all gonna be on the website soon. if you have my favorite picks, two vintage omegas- unbelievable. this is the Omega La magic, and La magic means, of course, magic, because it's absolutely magic. a watch that was massively popular and in the 70s, even Tony Montana Scarface word watch. and then we have this watch, a watch that I actually sold four years ago once that went full circle because we got it back. this will make it it feels actually extremely rare. this is potentially the only full set left known in the world. even the original receipt at a 1973 is present. I am absolutely obsessed with a 55-24. the Patek Philippe calatrava Factor protect. Philippe actually made a pilot watch like this- blew my mind at the time. these are all presents for friends, for the wee one, of course, it became a dad. so some really cool stuff. Claudio from H Moser, send me this. Nico Jr. absolutely love it, mate. thank you so much. you know, Jenny. alright, Jenny and Kai sent me this. this is like a really traditional, old-fashioned German teddy bear, teddy bear, teddy bear thing, like that's glass, like for the baby I perceived. so many cool gifts. anyway, it's unbelievable. all right, yes, can we deliver? oh my, so you went out of your way to get this suit, of course. how much is this? I'll probably put your book covers. it is three quarter lengths, but that means it's normal length for me. that is disgrace. how much was this? 145 pounds. what you spent. all the 45 bikes? oh, [Music]. I don't really should have got you a great five seconds there. I think you're gonna take the hoodie off. have you got nothing already? no, let me see this bit. just, your regular food doesn't work. three quarters, right? this is Gangster Santa. [Music]. some kids lives here. what are you looking at? oh my God. yeah, all right. [Music]. happy Christmas everyone. I'm out. [Music].


as a bidet company. we would be nothing without bottoms. hello guys, today i am very excited. um, it's not my new intro. i feel like i say that every time. now what if i'm not? what am i gonna do then? no, but i actually am, because today i'm going to be reacting it to pride ads, slash campaigns, slash corporate pride. i guess every pride, almost every company changes their logo to be a rainbow and then releases a product related to pride. usually they just slap a rainbow on something. they already have it. i mean, it happens every pride. we know this and there's a lot of discussion about what's good and bad about that. i am not going to go into the deep weeds of that, but i think we will end up toking about anyways, because i'm going to be reacting to both good and bad ones. just to quickly throw in my own opinion on this: i personally don't have the biggest issue with it if there's a huge portion of the proceeds going to the lgbtq plus community. now, as always, if you guys enjoy my videos, please give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment down below. don't forget to subscribe if you're new here and please follow me on all my social media. anyway. with all that said, i think we should just get into it. let's do it. i'm excited. first up, we have bethesda changing their pride logos on their twitter profiles, but then russia, middle east and tr stay as the original logo. we are cool, but we don't want to lose customers. also, what even is bethesda video game company? oh, they made like elder scrolls and fallout. okay, well, that that's really bad. okay, what is this? this is from the tushy bidet happy pride month. as a bidet company, we would be nothing without bottoms. that's why they put me in charge of our pride camp, this poor social media intern. they really are doing the work. they put a bottom as their campaign manager. that's how you know they. i don't know. someone sent me this as well. entertainment weekly did the mistake of putting a pride flag behind their logo. this is one of my favorite things ever. i wish they would have kept with this. this is so funny. ew, like they just fully posted this and we're like, yeah, this is fine. okay, this is recent and it's by sainsbury's, so let's see what it is. i'm. i'm actually kind of scared. freedom is being able to be yourself, being comfortable with yourself, being able to do what you want when you want, without fear. did they like send out a notike, like over the calling system? every gay employee? come to the front desk. we have a pride ad to shoot. what is the or is this actors? because either way, it's kind of like a little bit confused. but i will. i will continue. i'm not going to judge it too soon. we're only a couple seconds in conversations with my colleagues and my peers when they're toking about what they're doing at the weekend that i can be open and honest about what i've done and who i've done that with. see, if you work for sainsbury's, you're free to tok about sucking in the weekend. what i'd hope for them is to have the privilege to not feel like they need to come out and not feel like they have to answer any questions. i don't know, i don't want to rag on like these are people who did work there and stuff. so i don't know, i can't put words to it, but something about it just felt a bit off. okay, moving right along, i remember this actually, and it's m s lettuce, guacamole, bacon and tomato sandwich, which obviously spells lgbt. just in just. prime month is in full swing and we're celebrating with our tasty twist on the classic blt, donating 10 000 to a key to a k- oh yeah, why can't i not say that? and 1 000 euros to belong to youth services in ireland. okay, now i'm gonna do some quick math. okay, this is not m s, but it's sainsbury's. let's say that this sandwich was two pound fifty. let's just round it to eleven thousand pounds. divide that by two pound fifty and that's only five thousand five hundred sandwiches. they probably sold a lot more than 5 000 of those sandwiches. how many stores, how many m s's are there? 959 stores. they would only have to sell six per store in the uk to make up what they donated. this actually made me so frustrated. nope, nope. this next one, a make america great again. fried hat. the irony is insurmountable. how, how did? how did it? oh, i just know that christian walker ate this up. oh, listerine, cool mint. it's literally just normal mouthwash. there is no thought behind this at all. oh no, this isn't real doritos rainbow. why, please? this seems so dumb. just like donate some money or something. next we have the pride branded ikea bag. i mean, personally, i don't have the biggest problem with this because this is something i could actually use and also, i think they donated 100 of the profits of this. in all of this list, this is the least bad one. it's like actually a product you would use: rainbow crisps. no, chipotle, wait. have you guys seen the chipotle campaign this year, where drag queens have been like making their own wraps and bowls and stuff? it is the most hilarious thing because they have these awfully photoshopped pictures like trixie and gotmik, i think. kimchi, let's see what this love, what makes you real. it's just so ugly. why is it the aluminum wrapped? why does it look like spray painted aluminum foil, bubbly, sparkling water? okay, i can't. i mean not to buy into the corporate pride again, but i mean i do like these. that looks really satisfying to me buying into this just because it's pretty, you know. but here we are. american apparel pride collection, diversity, transgender, evidence-based science based fetus entitlement, vulnerable. why does it say fetus? okay, they did donate 100 of the proceeds to the los angeles lgbt center, but why? abercrombie and fitch apparently released this one? it's the first one that doesn't just have a rainbow on it, but it does have a guy with abs. it's donating up to up to a hundred thousand dollars of the profit if they sell more than 724 of those bottles. they will basically stop there. doing the math for these things has actually made me feel a lot worse. what the is? what is this? we are using our platform to help you slay your next selfie in support of pride. toronto: spread the love by tagging us in your pics of wellesley and queen stations when brands go out with like, slay queen and get it. and also we are gagging with our pride campaigns that you can buy. that makes me feel worse. honestly, just call me a go like, please. again, i don't really know how to feel about all this. i think the ones we looked at today doing the numbers and doing the math for them, i i'm really like shocked, but at the end of the day, it is still just for profit. they wouldn't be doing it if they were risking a huge loss from it. again. this is not to say that i've never consumed rainbow capillaries of myself and to say that i've never enjoyed seeing a rainbow on something. so, with that said, i'm gonna go buy myself some rainbow listerine, because what could i do without it? hope you guys have had a good pride so far and i'll see you guys later. [Music] you.

Companies suck at Pride Month

they ossified the disneyland tower of terror. i think that makes it scarier. there's nothing more terrifying than the gay agenda. hi again, guys, and i want to preface this video by saying i like men. one because i just like to say it out loud and two because i don't want you to get the wrong impression from this video. i think pride month is generally great. i'm happy it exists and, god knows, gay people could use a win at least once a year, even if it is a bit ham-fisted a lot of the time. i think it's better that corporations do awkward pride representation rather than none at all. and, with that being said, it's still really funny to watch them fumble trying to do even that half the time. i don't know if he got around to uploading it, but james marriott decided to be a thieving little rat and take this idea for me. on the same day i asked for posts stealing ideas from a queer person during pride month. james, it's not a good look. ah, you know i'm kidding. james is a sweet boy. he actually asked if he could do it first. that's more courtesy than i usually give to my highway robbery victims. he's a good dude. if you enjoy this video, there will be this big card at the end that takes you to another one like it, where i look at straight people having a little bit of a hard time on the internet. also, did you know that only 18 of you are subscribed with notifications on kind of homophobic? seriously, though, if you could subscribe and hit the bell, it wouldn't mean a lot. it's free, takes two seconds and you can always undo it if you decide you hate me. i should clarify to me, just putting the pride flag print on something like your logo and then removing it on the first day of july is not cringe enough. the action of just saying go gay people and then immediately stopping is not in itself cringe anymore. here, my standards for what is funny have truly evolved. you've got to put some effort into how far you fuck up. nowadays, vaseline is being pulled with their newly proposed gay tax. if you want to have a little pride while using their products, you can afford to cough up double the amount for the same item, and that is why, from now on, i will be using vaseline with nothing but complete shame. i have lips drier than the skin chafing between your ass cheeks, so i can't exactly go full turkey on the petroleum jelly. yes, thank you, mcdonald's. the plus in lgbtq plus stands for people who put french fries in ice cream. i get what mcdonald's was going for here. fries in the mcflurry is a bit of a forbidding food, considering you can almost never get a mcflurry at all, and just look at the fucking thing. it looks like a spike grenade from halo. but they're basically saying that it's okay to love whoever you love, whether that's the same sex or this weird blend of food from them. it's a nice sentiment and fries and the mcflurry are unfortunately pretty good, but most people understandably think it's weird as fuck. so, mcdonald's, if you think liking dipping fries and ice cream is the same as liking men, do you think it's weird as fuck? i don't think you do, but it's more fun to lie. this isn't from this year's pride month and it's one of the only examples of just using a pride flag. that'll be in this video. but look at this image. it's just the pride colors plus the name of a drug. it's completely neutral, but it somehow feels like a threat. it's just whispering in your ear: hey, homo's out there, why don't you swallow me? i'll put you right to sleep forever, speaking of gay people going to bed and never waking up. we have these collection of gay ambulances. if you end up at the back of one of these, you better be lgbt, otherwise they are putting your medical emergency have an ass back in the stinky alleyway they found you in. don't worry. if you are queer, though, and you make it to the hospital, but you don't well make it as if you die. they've got you all set on that front too, with the pride themed coffin. if god sees you get buried in this, he's not even gonna let you plead your case at the pearly gates. he's flicking you straight to hell for not even trying to come to the afterlife closeted. i gotta say some people have really nailed down the art of passive-aggressive pride month insults. i feel like i have zero respect when i say that homophobia has made me laugh before. you know that homophobic dog who's owned by a gay couple. yeah, funniest shit i've ever seen when a store makes a gay pride trash can and specifically labels it as trash, just in case you couldn't tell what it was for. yeah, i feel like i've been pavloved into laughing at that. what is wrong with me? aside from all the usual stuff, this idea might be pushing my luck, but if you guys really want to see it- let's say this video gets 40 000 likes- i will make a video taking a look at some of the not so nice things said and done to gay people that are actually at least a little funny. a lot of the memes are friendly fire, just queer folks shitting on themselves. so it tiknically would be giving lgbt creators a platform. here's a good one to get you excited for the idea. a thumbnail of tommy innit burning a pride flag. why are you doing that, tommy? it's kind of fucked up. no, no, oh no, it's just a bit in like it doesn't make sense for the continuity of the minecraft server. okay, it's obviously not an actual issue. like him, breaking a flag in minecraft literally means nothing. but the title tommy destroys the pride flag on the dream smp is very fucking funny. i laughed on reflex because of how well in the thumbnail they made it look like he didn't want to actually do it. it was just a duty he was seeing through and tommy in it was only following orders. speaking of duty, what are our favorite american federal agencies up to this pride month? it's plural with an s because some of these posts are older at the nsa, talented individuals of all backgrounds contribute to something bigger than themselves. national security, pride month- oh yeah. in that big glass building, the nsa always has the lgbt communities back. they're watching what every same-sex couple in america is doing at all times. god bless america. the cia fosters an open and inclusive work environment to ensure all our officers can serve the nation confident that they will be judged by their integrity and work ethic and not by their sexuality, gender identity or gender expression. i mean, i agree with what they said there in a general sense. it's just blowing my mind, jfk style- that it's coming from the cia. i don't know what the hell happens inside there on a daily basis. my entire impression of what they do is from playing the black ops one campaign. it's just kind of tonal whiplash to have the same guys who tried to kill castro 500 times tell me that i'm valid, you know for even worse total whiplash. let's move away from issues of national security and tok. about some pride month stuff, i think is kind of good. it might be something funny because things i think look cool. skittles has their only one rainbow matters during pride thing, which is neat because it turns their usual rainbow branding on its head and not to suck off corporate marketing or anything, but i just think it's creative. xbox has this pride controller design with so many flags on it that it's hard to make out what a single one of them are, and because of that i think it just looks cool as a bright ass design on its own. i get one of these just for being at all zigzaggy and bright. it makes my brain go royal. dutch airlines were trying to be slick by saying it doesn't matter who you click with and then showing seat belt buckles in different configurations, like tip on tip. they're framing it like they're toking about: it's all right, no matter who you get on with romantikally and socially, and not an innuendo for who you're trying to fuck. i think it's tongue-in-cheek, in the same way that nervously touching your pointer fingers together can also mean sword fighting. this next one probably made me laugh the most out of any pride ads in this batch in which burger king made pride whoppers where you can get a special edit.